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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 13): "How to do Low Cost Keto" | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

You don't need six meals a day. If you're drinking more water and not buying soda or things in the vending machines, you're saving money. If you're not going through the fast food restaurants or you're not buying the extra doughnut, all of these little things can save you money. It's just a shift.

Points to Ponder:

00:46 What did you have for Lunch?

01:37 The Power of Our Words

01:52 My Mom Fuel

02:21 Benefits of Ketones

02:36 Flavor of the day: Hibiscus Lemonade

03:20 Trail Packs

03:45 Saving Money while on Low Carb or Keto

04:08 We Made One Meal

04:34 Make a Better Option

05:26 A Better Version For You

05:50 Use Costco or Buy from a Local Farmer

07:04 You Shouldn't be Snacking All Day

08:10 Get Resourceful

09:20 Little Things that you're Taking Out

09:32 Tips to Save more money

Full Episode Transcript

Hey! Welcome to the Keto Mom page, and to your two o'clock tasting and your Keto tip. All right! We're going to dive into the conversation... I often get asked this question "Groceries cost so much money when I'm doing keto. How do I keep the grocery costs low?"... I always say it boils down to how most the time, people are making more than one meal for their family and so it can feel like it costs more.

So we're going to dive into how do we keep costs lower and maybe give you a little bit more perspective on eating low carb or Keto, but making it work for everybody in your home.
Repeat Flavor: Hibiscus Lemonade

First of all, as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? What did you have for lunch? My kids had leftover roast from the crock pot yesterday from dinner. We often have leftovers for lunch, or it's something super simple like a low carb wrap, or a lettuce wrap. I want to know what you had for lunch because it gives other people ideas as they hop on. They can scroll through and maybe they've gotten bored of their meals. I have a whole different topic on boredom and food, but I will not talk about that at the moment. So what did you have for lunch? It also gives me ideas... I'd love to know, how is your day going? I talked earlier this morning, on my morning live where we go over a book. We're talking about mindset, about visions, dreams and creating a vision board.

Today, we talked about the power of our words. If you did not see that live, go back and watch it. I did it this morning at seven o'clock. I encourage everybody to share one thing they're thankful for. What are you thankful for? I'd love to know so share below. Okay! I'm shaking up my mom fuel. I drink this every single day and I love it. I'm not shaking it, I'm stirring it, but normally you can shake it. For those who have been asking over this last week. You can put as much or as little water as you want. I use about sixteen ounces and my husband uses twenty four ounces.

You shake it up, you can drink it in under an hour. I probably drink it in twenty minutes, but under an hour is best to get the maximum of Ketones in your system. So they can do all of the things, give you energy, focus, helps with appetite control, helps with fat loss, cravings, mindset is huge and it helps people even in sleep.

Ketones are incredible! It is a tool, not a magic pill and it tastes great. Today's flavor is so good "Hibiscus Lemonade". It's one of my favorites, although I think I say that about every one of the Ketones.. If you are already drinking Ketones, and you're one of my customers, what's your favorite flavor? So good!

All right! If you want to know more about my mom fuel post five in the comments. Post five in the comments if you're on TikTok. Go to so you can get a trial pack.

Mom Fuel, because I'm a mom. Although my husband drinks them and he also calls it his Dad Fuel. It's not just for moms, you can be a mom, a dog mom, want to be a mom, a dad, a boss or an athlete. It doesn't really matter, Ketones are incredible. So go to or if you're on Facebook, post five in the comments. All right! The conversation is around saving money while on Low Carb or Keto and what do we do if we are cooking for a family.

So I'm going to need your help! I'm going to need some collaboration on this one, because I'd love to know how you save money eating Low Carb or Keto.

I'm going to be the very first one to tell you this, we don't cook two meals in our home and we never have. When we were first started eating this way and for years, we made one meal. Which means our kids had to eat the broccoli and cauliflower. The girls tried the asparagus and we all try the avocado together. Because if you know my story, six years ago I'd never eaten anything green in my life. Nothing, no vegetables, no lettuce and I didn't even know how to cut open an avocado. Now! I want to encourage you, if you are the only one in your family doing this, just make a better option. Every single meal you can do Low Carb or Ketofy your meals. If you've got tacos, use a low carb wrap. If you want to do a lasagna, you can just make some extra sauce, put it on the side. You can put your sauce and meat, meat and sauce over some broccoli and cauliflower or make your own zucchini noodles. Right now there's a ton of different low carb noodles that you can get and everybody will like them. We grill a lot of burgers and hotdogs, but just don't use the bun and add some veggies.

Be creative, be resourceful in creating your meals

So I would really challenge you to think. There isn't too many meals that you cannot make a low carb option, like you can have a side salad and your family can have the potatoes or whatever you're going to do. If the situation is like "My kids won't eat this way" or "My spouse wants this", then just make an extra side. Yesterday we just talked about not eating so many sides, but you know what I mean.

Whatever the meal is, how can you make it a better version for you?

Like often I'll make some meat. My husband doesn't love red sauce. So he says it gives him heartburn. So if I'm making a whole bunch of hamburger, I will set off some hamburger on the side so it doesn't have red sauce with it, things like that. What can you do to make it, so it's a better option for you? That's number one. Number two, "How do we save money eating this way?" We use Costco! I know it seems like a lot of money upfront, but things are cheaper if you buy them in bulk.

A second option is buy from a local farmer. So we just got connected to a lady that has eggs. We'll be buying farm fresh eggs that are better for us in general and cheaper than the grocery store. Also, we are buying a whole bunch of cow meat to put in our freezer for the winter, from a farmer who's butchering the cow. I think is even cheaper.

Well, I know it's grass fed, but it's an incredible cow. So if you look at it from what we're buying, it the same as the store. So this is what I want your collaboration on. I want to know what are you doing? What have you done in the past to save money?... If you intermittent fast, you don't eat breakfast. If you are following the rule of "Don't eat if you're not hungry", then you shouldn't eat a ton of snacks. So for you only, if you're doing Low Carb or Keto, you might find yourself buying more vegetables and things like avocados. But you shouldn't be snacking all day and you don't need six meals a day. If you're not having breakfast, then that's one meal that you're not eating. If you're drinking more water and not buying soda or things in the vending machines, you're saving money. If you're not going through the fast food restaurants or you're not buying the extra doughnut, all of these little things can save you money. It's just a shift.

Buying in bulk, and taking out the small things can save you money

We buy in bulk, and we buy from local farmers, when the farmers market is around. Farmers markets are great, we have that in town every Saturday. You can go buy fresh vegetables and different things downtown where we live. So what do you do to save money or to help on groceries? I want you to share below so that other people can look, learn and gather some wisdom and knowledge from not just me but you. Does this make sense?

Don't feel like you've got to cook two meals, that's too much, and also you're spending money on an extra meal. Get resourceful!

Who has a farm around you? Plus that meat and those vegetables are a lot better. You could grow your own next year! If you're like "I should really have my own garden". Then maybe start planning now, have some ideas, learn from Pinterest about all of the garden things. So next year, you can grow your own garden.

We tried that in the past, but we weren't great gardeners. I definitely think that we could do it, if we learn. We could totally do a garden, because I think we have a better mindset now than when we did it a couple of years ago.

So with all of that said, some of you are asking what flavor I'm drinking. I'm drinking the Hibiscus Lemonade of my Mom Fuel. I don't take a nap ever, I don't need a nap ever, except for sometimes when my kids are reading to me, but I think it's just because they're reading to me. We have four daughters, we homeschool by choice. And when you have a second grader and a fourth grader reading, not because I'm tired but when I'm listening to them read over and over again. That's great!

So remember... It's little things that you're taking out, that is also going to save you money. The extra disgusting energy drinks, the extra snacks, going through Starbucks coffee every single day. Replace that with Ketones for sure, drink more water and stop snacking if you're not hungry. Be aware of the food that you're eating and not just the timeframes. Have your kids try the food that you're making...
Feel free to reach out to me anytime, I'm here to help

You want to know something so funny? Our kids actually eat better than I do. They were excited when we bought vegetables years ago and they liked them faster than I did. I was the one that would rather have the mac and cheese.

But I've learned and my palate has grown immensely in six years. It's a process...

So we're talking about saving money! Share below, I'd love to see what you and your family do. Otherwise, post five in the comments for more information on my Mom Fuel. If you're on TIKTOK, because we're doing Facebook and TIKTOK at the same time, go to

You can check out my mom fuel for sure, or send me a message on Facebook. Just got to Keto Mom on Facebook, and reach out with any questions you have. I'm here to help every single day. Send me a message of your goals, what you're working towards and I'll give you a foods list. Whatever it is, let me know, I'm here to help. I have to do my two o'clock a little early because we have a super crazy afternoon. We have four daughters, who are all in different sports and it's so much fun. I actually really do enjoy it. I just get to be a taxi for a little bit. So I hope you guys have an incredible day.

Reach out and share below your tips and tricks on saving money. Have a great day! Bye, everybody!

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