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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 13) "Ask Me Your Keto Questions" | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

   I would love to know specific questions that you have. Any keto question, any low carb, or it could have to do with exercise, water, carbs, fat, whatever questions you have. And then all of the questions that you ask today, I'm going to answer tomorrow. It's not going to be a one Keto tip, but I'm going to say "Hey! Here are the top 20 questions, and here are the top answers that I have, from my point of view"... 

Points to Ponder:

00:29 Flavor of the day: Blueberry Acai

00:42 60 Hour Keto Reboot

02:00 What's for Lunch?

02:38 One Mess Up Doesn't Define Your Day

03:14 What Are Your Keto Questions?

04:17 E.Q. is Respond versus React

05:30 Ketones: My Mom Fuel

06:00 Winners: Sandra Nettles & Deb Santoli

06:36 Benefits of Ketones

07:53 There Is No Invalid Question

08:42 Keto Tip: Listen to Your Body

09:21 Electrolytes

10:24 Pay Attention to the Little Things

11:18 60 Hr Reboot Kit:

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Keto Mom page. My name is Stephanie and we're going to dive into three o'clock tasting and a Keto tip. Except for today, I am going to ask you all of your keto questions. We're going to do it a little bit differently today, and then tomorrow we will have a "Bing, Bam, Boom!", all questions answered. So here's what we're going to do... As I'm shaking up my ketones, I'm going to shake up a Blueberry Acai. It's one of my favorites, I do say that about all of them. I'm going to put in some electrolytes with it today. For those of you who are rebooting, if you've ever done a reboot or you are doing it, there's a 60-hour keto reboot that I'm doing with a lot of other people. Hundreds, if not thousands of other people. So I already know I'm going to get asked a question " Do you drink two caffeine ketones?" and I like to say "Yeah! I do"... Caffeine doesn't keep me awake.

Welcome! We are doing the 60 HR Reboot!
So if you're doing the reboot, continue to follow along, and make sure you're in the reboot group. This is what we're doing right now... It's 60 hours, you follow the kit, and it helps rest and reset your metabolism. It's super great! You drink broth for lunch and dinner, drink ketones throughout the day, you've got electrolytes, and it's just great. That's what I'm doing.

Make sure you're in the reboot group for those doing the reboot, and you're not in the group yet. For those who are asking, you can swap out any flavors of ketones that you want. I'm drinking a caffeine one, and then I put my electrolytes right in with my ketones. You can have extra electrolytes, it's completely up to you. So this is what I'm making right now, and then dinner, a broth, it's like a soup. So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from?

Let me ask you a question... If you are not rebooting, and you made yourself lunch, what did you make for lunch today? My kids had low-carb tortillas, they kind of had a hodgepodge of things.

It's a Monday, hopefully, you packed your lunch. Hopefully, for lunch today you had a plan. Hopefully, you were so prepared this weekend, you planned your meals, you went and got your groceries, and you packed your lunch. And hopefully, you did not find yourself going through the drive-thru. But if you did, hopefully, you took the bun off your burger. If you didn't, and you feel like I caught you, then you want to know what I hope you did? I hope that you know that one mess up does not define the rest of your day. So here's what we're going to do... First I have some winners from last week's last video. If you share what you had for lunch, you can scroll through and get some ideas from other people. And then this is what I actually need because your presence matters. So I need your questions, and I can come on here every day and give you a tip. And I was like, "What could the tip be today?" I feel like I've given all of the tips for the last few months.

Flavor of the day: Blueberry Acai with Electrolytes

And so I would love to know specific questions that you have, any keto question, any low carb, or anything. It could have to do with exercise, water, carbs, fat, whatever questions you have. And then I'm going to come here, and all of the questions that you ask today, I'm going to answer tomorrow.

It's not going to be a one Keto tip, but I'm going to say "Hey! Here are the top 20 questions, and here are the top answers that I have, from my point of view"...

So I would love to know any questions that you have. For those who are just tuning in, every single day I do a morning mindset video where we go through a book. Today, we don't have the book that we're going to start next week. One of the biggest "Aha!" moments that I learned in my life was something that taught me how to "Respond versus React".

I learned about something called E.Q., about six years ago and it changed the way that I responded to people. I'm not perfect, but it was an incredible tool that I learned, and I shared it with you this morning. I put the link to that video in the header. So if you did not watch the live video from this morning, I think the information is valuable because it has stuck with me this long. And I still, to this day, say to myself "E.Q.", or I'll tell my kids "You better check your E.Q."...

So if you're looking for something to inspire you, or to just bring some different awareness, check out the link in the header of this video, or go to the video I did this morning. For those of you who are just tuning in, I want to know all of your keto questions on keto foods, low carb foods, how to do this, where to start, ketone questions, or if you've got questions about ketones. And then tomorrow, it might be a bit of a longer live video, but I want to know what you're curious about...

Congratulations Sandra Nettles & Deb Santoli

This lifestyle wasn't overnight for us. It was one day at a time, one meal at a time, and that's what we did so. For those who are curious about my Mom Fuel, I shake it up every day. I stick to the same flavors, but we have lots of different flavors. So I shake it up every day, and I love it! I've been drinking it for six and a half years, and it's always so good. I always also give some away. So if you press the share button, let me know that you shared. Some of you already did, your name will go into a drawing...

We've got Sandra Nettles & Deb Santoli! You're the winners of my Mom Fuel! It looks like this, but it comes in three packs. So here are the winners, Congratulations!

I need your address. Send me your address, Sandra and Deb. You are both the winners of my Mom Fuel. What is it? It's ketones, you drink it. It's a tool, not a magic pill. It puts ketones in your system. Your body can make ketones, and you can also drink them. It's incredible! I tell people, it's my favorite Mom Fuel. It gives me the energy to keep up with my kids, I don't hit that three o'clock wall. It helps with my appetite and my cravings. It is a tool that helps with fat loss, focus, energy, appetite, better mood, better sleep, and all of those things.

So if you want to know more, just post a five in the comments, and I will walk you through what a trial pack looks like. I'd love to know what your goals are, post five in the comments and we are going to chat. Also, if you press that share button, let me know that you did, and your name will go into a drawing... I'm just having you guys post a lot today. I need you to also ask all of your Keto questions. I can't read them right now, if I could, I would answer them right away. But I'm going to write them down, make sure I have all the answers and I will answer them tomorrow...

Aske me your questions! No question is invalid unless it's a mean one

Let me think of my tomorrow real quick. I actually can come on if you want to watch the live video. I should be able to come on tomorrow right away at two o'clock because our kids have volleyball games tonight and tomorrow's our last day of volleyball. And so two o'clock, that should work. Two o'clock Central tomorrow, live video. I will be coming on here and answering all of the questions that you asked today. So there is no invalid question unless it's a mean question. Then I'll just delete you and it's okay. I have to do that sometimes, and I used to feel bad but I don't anymore. I just figured that you can go bother somebody else.

Anyways, it's E.Q., so I could either freak out on somebody, or I could accept that you clearly don't want to be my friend. And then I'll just let you go on with your life with not me in it.

Okay! I'm done. But let me know what questions you have, I'm excited to answer them tomorrow. I guess I could give you one keto tip today. So if there's something that I had to tell you, to go into your day, to feel like you learn something.

My Keto tip would be "Listen to your body". Don't listen to somebody else's body.

Don't look at somebody else and go "I should probably do it that way" if your body doesn't like that. So if you are exhausted, you need a certain type of fuel to fuel your body. You might be lacking water, or you might be lacking electrolytes. Those are the questions when somebody says "I don't feel right". I'll ask, "How's your water intake, and are you drinking electrolytes?". You might be shocked at how electrolytes help you. I'll give you an example, and I'll let you go. The other day, I think it was Thursday or Friday of last week. I felt off, and so I told my husband I was like "Man, I don't feel great". Not sick, but I know that my electrolytes are low when we travel because I don't drink enough water and I get cramps in my legs. So I was like "I'm just going to go slam some electrolytes and see how I feel". Within less than an hour, I felt way better.

Keto Tip: Listen to Your Body
It's weird, like if you just sit back and just let your body tell you. "Are you hungry?" You'll know you're hungry because your stomach is growling. Or if you find yourself wandering around and you think you need a snack, you might actually need some water. Your body might be saying "Excuse me, I need some water". If you feel kind of off, or have a slight headache, and you're doing keto or low carb, grab some electrolytes.

If you have not been sleeping, well, your body will tell you that, so you should probably go to bed early tonight. It's little things. If you just pay attention to things like, Are you hungry? Are you thirsty? Are you tired? Is your body stressed out? Your body will tell you if you're stressed out. Like if your hair is falling out, that's a big indicator of "Hello, I'm stressed out". Or it might even show on your skin. I've either eaten too much sugar or I am stressed out, it could show in your skin.

So just pay attention to little things like that. You might be shocked that your body's reacting this way, because you're not eating right, or you didn't drink enough water, not sleeping, or you're stressed. So the tip is to pay attention to what your body's telling you...

Otherwise, I look forward to coming on tomorrow. If you are interested in the reboot, I'll share more in the stories. If you want to try the 60 HR Reboot kit, you can grab it. You can go to or just post-reboot below and I can send you a message. Let me know any questions that you have, and continue to follow along. I look forward to answering all of your questions tomorrow. Have a wonderful afternoon. I'm going to go through my ketones and get ready for some volleyball games. We'll talk to you later! Bye-bye!

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