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  So how often do we do that? We just don't want to do whatever task is in front of us. Whether it's school, work, or laundry. We mindlessly walk into the kitchen, the employee lounge, our friend's office, or our candy drawer and we just grab something to munch on. We need to control our portions, and another way you could say it is "Don't eat, if you're not hungry", or "Stop over-dishing yourself and just eat"... It's okay if you go through a line more than once, and you go back for seconds if you truly are hungry. Sometimes we have this mentality that if I don't get it right now, I'm not going to get any more. And so the bottom line is you can overeat good food.

Points to Ponder:

01:25 Flavor of the day: Strawberry Peach

01:30 Winners: Le Ann Burley and Sharon Capps

01:44 Portion Control

02:32 Sides With Our Main Meal

03:17 My Mom Fuel

03:46 Benefits of Ketones

04:06 Use A Smaller Plate

05:22 Track Your Food

05:52 My Fitness Pal or Carb Counter

06:35 Read Labels

07:40 Be Aware of the Servings

07:49 Overeating Good Food

08:08 My Daughter Amelia

09:20 Finding Excuses

09:39 Don't Eat, if You're Not Hungry

11:27 Learn More About Ketones

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Keto mom page. We are diving into our two o'clock tasting and a Keto tip. Oh, shoot! It's three o'clock! Three o'clock tasting and a Keto tip. Oh dear, where did the day go? The day went to homeschooling and life. I dropped two kids off at volleyball, I've got one that's going to ballet very soon. Then going to watch a volleyball game, going back to ballet, and all of those things. That's why I came here a little late, but I did not miss it. So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from?

I have two winners for my Mom Fuel, I will show you those names. And then we're going to talk about "Portion Control", and what that looks like...
Welcome to another Tasting and Keto Tip!

We have some winners of Mom Fuel, and I'm going to shake one of these packets up. You are going to win one of these packets. So those of you who shared the last couple of days, my daughter's and I put the names in and grabbed two names. You will get the opportunity to learn about ketones, and you'll get three different flavors. Super great! So the way that you can be entered for tomorrow is just to press the share button. Sharing is caring! Your name will go in, and it'll be great. I'm actually going to shake this one up today, Strawberry Peach...

We have the winners, Leanne Burley and Sharon Caps. You are the two winners! So I need your address, you won Mom Fuel. Congratulations!

Okay! As I'm shaking this up, we're going to talk about portion control, and what does that look like?... I'll give you an example, I've talked about this in the past. How many of you feel like when you make dinner, lunch, or a meal, you have to have a main dish and two sides? There's like this weird, "I got to have two sides", or "I've got to have something with my main dish"... I share that because a while ago, I posted a picture of a steak. I was having steak for lunch, and somebody said "Awesome! What are you having with it?". And I answered, "Nothing, I'm actually completely full with just the steak". So I thought that day how funny it was that we, out of habit, need to have sides with our main meals. If you've got chicken, you've got a veggie and a steak. And it's to get your greens in, I get it. But how often do you think sometimes we overeat? Or maybe we eat so much because it's on our plate, so we feel like we have to eat it... So a couple of tips to help you. I don't want to say eat less, because that sounds bad.

But oftentimes people eat because it's on their plate. Even if they're not hungry, they're full, they still dish up too much food. Whatever the case may be, how do we stay within portions? How do we eat so we're not overly stuffed, but we're satisfied. So a couple of tips...
Winners: Le Ann Burley and Sharon Capps

But before that, I'm going to break this packet open real quick. If you've been watching, these are the exact same just packaged differently. So different flavors, same product, different packaging. If you want to know more about my Mom Fuel, post five in the comments. I've been drinking it for a long time, and it's pretty simple. Put it in a shaker bottle, you shake it up, and you drink it. I always say drink it under an hour, but within thirty minutes, you've got ketones in your system and you will feel incredible.

It is a tool that puts you in Ketosis in under an hour, or it puts ketones in your system. You will have better energy, focus, and it helps with fat loss. It is incredible, and that's why I love them. They helped me become a way better mom for sure, as far as brain focus and energy.

Okay! So this flavor is so delicious... But going back to Portion sizes, number one... Your first portion tip is to use a smaller plate. So when you're at your home and you're dishing up, how often is it to fill up this big plate with all of the food? This is a half plate, for some reason the set came like that, but it's supposed to be like a smaller plate. I actually use these a lot. So one simple portion tip is to use a smaller plate, and you might find yourself not dishing up as much food, therefore not eating as much. I'm not trying to tell you to eat less food, but oftentimes we over dish up. We say dish up here in Minnesota. Sometimes we have friends over all summer, we live in a lake and I'll yell outside "It's time to eat". And then all the kids are inside, and I'd say "Dish up"... When we lived down south people will be like "Dish up", or "Get your food, dish up, dish up"... Do you guys say that? Anyway, use a smaller plate, and you probably won't eat as much. Because how often do we get to the end of our big plate, and you probably weren't even that hungry for all of it. So that is one...

Smaller plates prevent overeating
Tip number two is to track your food. I know a lot of people don't like tracking their food. I actually hate tracking my food in a tracker, but I did it a long time ago to visually understand how much food I was eating.

So if you feel like you're overeating, or you don't have your portions under control... I'm not going to do it for you. You'd be shocked at how many people messaged me asking how many calories etc. Nope! I'm not going to enter all of your information. Go to my fitness pal, or go to a carb counter, and put in your information. So it's your gender, your age, your activity level, your weight, your height, and then it will suggest calories. But if you track it, at the end of the day it might also say you did pretty good, or that you ate a lot of food, and you had no idea how much you were eating. It's a good visual for a little bit, so you'll understand and can see food on a plate, and also see how much food you should be eating...

So number one was to use smaller plates. Number two, track your food. And number three is read labels.
Be aware of what's on the labels, the tip is to Flip

So if you flip things over, oftentimes, I'll talk about some Almonds. You'll grab the bag and stick your hand in, and you're grabbing more and you're eating out of the nut jar. But if you flip it around, I'll use this bag as an example because I have this in here. So if you flip the bag around, and you actually look at the serving size, you could easily eat this whole bag of cookies. I don't like them, they were used for a different demonstration, so they're still on my floor. If you saw my bedroom, you would laugh. It's set up like a little studio, but it's a mess. It's always loud in my kitchen, you'd think I'd be able to record in there, but no...

Okay! So if you take this, and you feel like this is a serving, so it's totally fine, it's great, and you're going to eat all of them, and easily munch on them. But if you look at the back, it actually has two servings in it, so this is usually equivalent to two. So if you look at it, there are only five carbs, but technically ten because you ate the whole bag. I'm just saying be aware of the servings. If you're eating nuts, measure them out. If you're having a Keto snack, flip it over and look at it. Just be aware. Oftentimes people overeat good food.

I was telling my daughter today after she just ate lunch, we got some of that keto bread from Costco. I actually hate bread, even keto bread. I just don't like the sponginess of it. I'd rather have the meat and cheese by itself. But anyway, she had a sandwich and some strawberries. She was munching on a carrot or something. She went to sit down to do her school, and then she got back up and she was in the kitchen. And so I asked, "What are you doing?". She's said 'I'm hungry". And I said "Whoa! Really? Are you hungry?" She said, "I think I'm hungry". And I so told her, "Amelia, you just ate a pretty amazing sandwich that I saw you made, and you had a whole bowl of strawberries. You also had whatever veggies you were munching on. I'm not saying that you're not hungry"...

Don't Eat, if You're not Hungry!
I'm not putting a complex into my kid's brains. I promise you. I've got four daughters, and I totally get it. I never talk about being fat, and I'm not on a diet. But I will call them out when they are snacking all day long. We homeschool, we're home all the time. So it's very easy to go into our kitchen, grab something, and snack all day long.

So I asked again, "Are you really hungry?". And she said, "Yeah, I'm hungry". I'm like "You're not hungry. There's no way you're hungry when you just ate a great meal". I said, "Okay! If you're hungry, I want you to drink some water, go sit down, and work on some school. Then get back up and have a snack if you're really hungry". And within five minutes she's like "Yeah! I'm not hungry. I think I just didn't want to do school"... So how often do we do that? We just don't want to do whatever task is in front of us. Whether it's school, work, or laundry. We mindlessly walk into the kitchen, the employee lounge, our friend's office, or our candy drawer and we just grab something to munch on. We need to control our portions, and another way you could say it is "Don't eat, if you're not hungry", or "Stop over-dishing yourself food and just eat"...

It's okay if you go through a line more than once, and you go back for seconds if you truly are hungry. Sometimes we have this mentality that if I don't get it right now, I'm not going to get any more. And so the bottom line is you can overeat good food. "What? I thought I could use as much fat as I want to?", "I could eat as much keto food as I want to". But it's still calories, and it's still food in your system. Your body can only digest and handle so much before it's going to start storing it, even good food. So the tip today was simply to pay attention to how much you're eating.

Reach out if you want to learn more about Ketones

Even if you have a main dish, you don't have to have two sides. I think that the restaurants did that to us, "I would like to steak!". "Yeah, what two sides would you like?". And then you obviously want to eat all of your food because you paid for it.

So just pay attention, smaller plates, track your food, make sure you check the serving size.

That's it! If you have any amazing tips that you use to help you stay within a good portion, or about portion control, or something that helped you not to overeat and really works, then let us know... Otherwise, I'm going to drink my Mom Fuel, we're going to drop a daughter off for ballet, pick one up for volleyball practice, and then go to a volleyball game. Because that's how we roll in this house... And for those of you who are just tuning in, here are the winners for my mom fuel. We have Le Ann and Sharon. You're both going to win a pack of my Mom Fuel, so I need your addresses. If you want to learn more about ketones, it's pretty incredible, plus it looks pretty, and it tastes amazing.

Post five in the comments, and I will send you a message. I'd love to know what your goals are, what you're hoping to achieve on keto or low carb? Which by the way, you do not have to be doing strict keto with this product. Most people are eating low carb, and most people are eating better. I've got people that are vegan, whole thirty, and whatever their healthy is, and this is their fuel. This keeps them on track, curbs their appetite, and it just helps with all of those things. So if you want to know more, post five in the comments. If you want a trial pack, I've got a variety of flavors, so just post five below and I will get back to you. We do PayPal or Venmo, and you can grab five or ten. If you press the share button, let me know that you shared and your name will go into the drawing for tomorrow's two o'clock tasting and a Keto tip... Anyways, I hope you guys have a great day. I hope your keto tip was helpful. I'm always here to help, I'll send you an answer with any questions that you have. And that's it! I'm out of here! I've got mom duties to do. I appreciate you all, I'm always here to help, and have a wonderful day.

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