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Tips To Stop Snacking All Day!

    This is your friendly reminder to be aware of how much food you're eating, why you're snacking, and that you don't need to be eating all day long. Eat your meals, drink your water, be aware, have some self-discipline, and you will reach your goals with consistent action over time. 

Welcome to the Keto Mom page, my name is Stephanie. What did you have for lunch? I want to know what you're eating because it gives me ideas.

I'm sitting in my car because it's piano lesson time. I actually drove through the crazy snow. My husband was asking if I was going to drive through this snow to piano lessons. Yeah! I was born and raised in the snow, which put me in a snowstorm and I'm going to drive because I know how to drive safely and slowly.

  • I have piano lessons today.

  • I'm going to CrossFit.

  • I need to go to the grocery store.

I'm going to talk about snacking and how not to snack so much. It's about eating when you're hungry, and not when you're bored or just because you have the snacks in front of you.

Are you a snacker?

We're going to talk about snacking real quick because I hear it all the time...

  • I snack

  • I like to snack

  • I find myself snacking

  • How do I stop snacking?


1. Out Of Sight Out Of Mind.

Get the food off the counters, out of your office desk drawer, or wherever the food and the snacks are. Get them out!

2. Chewing gum.

Chew some gum, it'll help you immensely.

3. Drink more water.

There are little things that can help you. It comes down to just having an awareness of why you're eating when just ate lunch, or why you're eating when you don't need to eat because you're going to eat dinner here in a couple of hours.

4. Brush your teeth and use mouthwash.

I promise you this works. If you have a crazy sweet tooth it will take the sugar cravings away.

5. Eat a pickle.

All of those things for help, and also having the awareness why you're eating when you don't need to eat because you're not hungry. It's not like rocket science, but it's super helpful.

6. Drinking Ketones.

I'm currently drinking Keto Up at the moment, mainly because I really like them and this is one of my favorites. Drinking ketones help with cravings and help with snacking. It's not rocket science, video, or even probably anything that you don't know.

You have goals and you want to meet those goals. You know you don't need to be eating all day. It's really just having an awareness and self-discipline.

Sometimes I wish I could come here and give you some great, insightful information, but then most people already know what to do. It's in the knowing and the doing.

That's your friendly reminder if you're snacking all day long. You've got fat loss goals or any type of goals. I can help you, and you can help yourself. Do not eat the snacks and have an awareness. Go chew some gum, drink some ketones, move your body, do some jumping jacks. Get your mind out of the state of needing to eat.

I drink ketones every day.