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The Recap: Owning your Morning or is your Morning Owning You | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

My hope is every single morning, we can go through a book, or a chapter, and give you something to think about to help you on your health journey. Not just recipes, not just keto tips and tricks, but really help you understand that if your mindset is right, then your health will probably get better. You're going to make better choices, and you're going to feel better about yourself.

Points to Ponder:

00:37 Get Your Mindset Right

01:06 Make Better Choices

02:19 A Recap on Past Books

03:03 Taking Action

03:39 Owning Your Mornings

03:58 Plan Your Week

05:04 Take the Next Step

06:18 Systems in Place

07:36 One Thing You Need To Do

Full Episode Transcript

Good morning! Happy Monday, welcome to the Keto om page. My name is Stephanie, and how are you doing? We have been going through books since May, and I have all of them in front of me. We are going to start recapping them, and I really want to know where you're at, on your journey mindset wise. If you've been tuning in here on the mornings, I'd love to know which book you're on. Because as we're going through books, it's really just a guide to help you get up, to read, get your mindset right, and to help you on your health and fitness journey. Some of you might be going, we read a lot on this page. My hope is every single morning, we can go through a book, or a chapter, give you something to think about to help you on your health journey.

Not just recipes, not just keto tips and tricks, but really help you understand that if your mindset is right, then your health will probably get better. You're going to make better choices, you're going to feel better about yourself.
A recap on all the great books we've read

So hopefully, a lot of you finish this book, and if you did not finish this book, it's okay. You go through it at your own pace. The last chapter was all about perspective. This book "Winning the War in your Mind" by Craig Groeschel I loved. It was a lot of story, a little bit of science, and he just gave you different things to talk about. We are going to be going through "Dream It. Pin It. Live It." by Terri Savelle Foy in September...

By the way we have four daughters, and we have four dogs. We have a couple cousins over, we are getting ready for volleyball tryouts, and we have lots of things going on this week so it's a little crazy. Going back, this is the book that we're going to be doing in September "Dream It. Pin It. Live It." by Terri Savelle Foy. If you want to grab the book, you can actually go to her website, and it's You can go to the menu, and then it says shops or books. All you have to do is go there and grab the book from the author, which I prefer.

So here's what I want you to know... We have gone through the "Miracle Morning", "Atomic Habits", and a book called "The Travelers Gift". The Travelers Gift was a lot like "Winning the War in your Mind" , it was perspective, it was story based, it was great.

I want to review two things this morning for you. First of all, you can still be on the "Miracle Morning", the point isn't to read as fast as I probably go through these books. We can even take them slower. We can take the "Dream It. Pin It. Live It." a lot slower and make it last all of September. I read fast, and I've also read these books before. But I also understand the power of getting it into your mind and then taking action. So I want to revisit "Miracle Morning" by Hal Elrod, real quick. If you're brand new, and you're wondering what in the world are they doing? The point is I want you to read at least one page a day. So "Miracle Morning" is incredible, I love this book because he talks about owning your mornings. So the question I have for you is "Who's intentional with their morning?" I'd love to know. What does that look like for you? Do you get up and work out right away?

It pays off to plan your week ahead
If you watched my stories yesterday, I talked about how it's super important to plan your week.

Did you plan your week? Do you have your meals planned for this week?. Or if you're already at work, did you bring a lunch? Do you have something planned, so that you're not driving through the drive thru. Maybe you have a busy week like we do coming up, we've got sports starting and lots of things coming up. Are you owning your morning, or are you letting your morning own you? And so Hal Elrod, the author, says "If you want your life to be different, you have to be willing to do something different first"... Everything that we read, I want you to take, I want you to highlight, and I want you to put action behind it. You're going to hear me say this often, whether I'm teaching you about net carbs or total carbs, or try this sugar replacement or doing this. Anything that you learn has to be put into action. You can't just learn a whole bunch of stuff and then say "Okay, now it's going to work, let's see what happens"...

That's not how it works, you have to take the next step. Maybe it's owning your morning, maybe it's planning, maybe it's moving your body, going for a walk, or whatever it is.

If you're brand new to the page, I would say, this book should be one of the first ones that you need to read. Because it's going to help you own your morning, the first hour of your day. And if you can do that, and get your mindset right, then you're going to find yourself making better choices for the rest of your day. Now, we went through "Atomic Habits" by James Clear. One of my favorite quotes from this book is "You don't rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems'. My husband says that a lot. Meaning you've got a goal, and let's say everybody on here has the same goal. Let's say everybody has the goal of fat loss... I'd love to know what your goals are, to finish off this month and going into next month. What are your goals for the rest of the year?... Okay, so let's say everybody on here has the exact same goal. Our goal is right here, but not everybody's going to hit that goal. Why? Because not everybody has the systems in place from where you are today. And here's your goals, and what's going to get you here is this little gap. And the gap is your systems...

Get your mindset right and Take Action
Are you getting up in the morning? Are you planning your meals? Are you being mindful? Are you being intentional? Are you getting up when your alarm clock goes off? Are you reading? Are you getting your mindset right?... You can't just have a goal of fat loss and not have the systems in place to hit those goals.

That is what "Atomic Habits" is about, super Amazing. I think these books go great together... Owning your morning, and creating systems. The other books that we went through are about Perspective. So I just want you to be aware... Anything that you're learning, whether it's from me, or other keto people, other books, or the things you're watching, you have to take the action. So, what is something you know you need to do today? I'll say this last thing, and I'll let you go for the morning. If you want fat loss right now, my guess is, you know what one thing you have to do? What is one thing you need to do? And I bet if you didn't have anybody else to learn from or any other information given to you, you could do it.

You know what to do, you just have to have the discipline to do it. You know, you shouldn't eat the doughnut, not every single day or multiple. You know, you shouldn't drink as much pop, and probably should drink more water. You should go for a walk, and you know the certain things that you should be watching and putting in your mouth. So with that said, "What is one action step you're going to take today to be better?", "What is one thing that you can do?"... I'd love to know. All right, with that I hope you have an incredible morning. If you have not read the books, I would encourage you to grab one of the books, otherwise join us in September for "Dream It. Pin It. Live It.". We're going to continue to piece apart these books and I might pull out some of my other favorite books and just give you some highlights from those. So I hope you guys have an incredible morning. Thanks for hopping on, and message me with any questions that you have and we'll talk to you later.

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