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The power of Planning - Quick Keto Tips | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

So I thought I would give you three tips to help you this week, if you're not a planner. If you're not somebody that preps, if you're not somebody who likes to have all your ducks in a row but you want to be better. So I want you to get up in the morning and I want you to start your day off with a glass or two of water.

Points to Ponder

01:24 Starting Keto is hard

01:47 It's not a one size fits all

02:05 Keto Mom is all about Freedom

02:32 Three tips for Non planners

02:38 Start your day with two glasses of water

02:55 Work on your water intake

03:07 Focus on your breakfast

04:24 Green People

04:44 Buns off the burgers, Croutons off the salad and Lettuce wraps

05:34 My salad order

06:48 Share your tips

06:58 Fat coffee

07:38 Other options for Meat

07:54 Pinterest finds

Full Episode Transcript

Hey, Everybody! How are you doing? I wanted to hop on here real quick because I do know the power of planning. So you get to Sunday, I love Sundays I love to prep and plan. My girlfriend popped over here earlier today and she said, "Hey, I'm planning out my meals and prepping everything. I just thought I'd stop by and chat with you while I'm planning". And so I thought, "Awesome". She's like, "What are your meals?" And I was like, "Oh, I mean I have it all in my freezer I didn't plan it, I just kind of have it in there".

"I've got three tips for you today"

So it also made me realize that there are a lot of planners out there that get their week ready, and the more you prep and the more you get things ready on Sunday, I feel like Sunday's are a great day to get things ready for your week.

There are a lot of people who don't prep, there a lot of people who feel super overwhelmed. There's a lot of people who just can't get it on paper.

So I thought I would give you three tips to help you this week, if you're not a planner. If you're not somebody that preps, if you're not somebody who likes to have all your ducks in a row but you want to be better.

One of my favorite messages I got this week was a lady who sent me a video on messenger and she said, "I just want to let you know that I want to thank you. I'm in so many other groups, so many other groups". And if you don't have everything exactly right, (the Ketogenic diet) to a tee, you're failing.

And you have to be able to cut it all out, you have to be able to be this disciplined. And for a majority of people, that is hard.
"There's No One Size Fits All"

For a majority of people to dive right into the Ketogenic space, to dive right into the Ketogenic diet with eating... it's not impossible, It's very hard. People get overwhelmed, and not all of everybody's macros match up. And it's not a one size fits all. So if you are watching other pages, sometimes it can seem overwhelming, and this lady was so sweet she just sent me a video and she said, "I want to thank you for the fact that you gave me freedom". And I thought, "That's what this page is about, it's freedom". It's freedom to help you succeed at your own pace, because what your journey looks different than somebody else's. And some people can dive right in and go after it, and they can have it all nailed out, everything mapped out.

But most people can't or they don't want to, or they get frustrated and they fall off and they don't want to feel bad about themselves.

You have to get back up and keep going, and so for all of you who don't prep and for all of you who don't plan, these are your three tips real quick, and I won't keep you long. So I want you to get up in the morning and I want you to start your day off with a glass or two of water. I have a hard time doing two glasses of water right away and my husband always says "Two glasses of water Stephanie". And so I try but water gets you hydrated right away in the morning, get up and drink two glasses of water and then try to drink water throughout your day. So your first tip is and for this week, "Work on your water intake". Okay, I like to drink out of a straw, I drink better if I drink out of a straw. So get up in the morning, drink two glasses of water. The next tip, tip number two.

Tip number two is I want you to focus on your breakfast. So we're going to focus on the cereal, the bagels, donuts out.
"Avoid cereals, bagels and Donuts"

So if you don't like breakfast, and you just like your coffee, that's fine. Or if you do fat coffee, that's great. Or if you do something called intermittent fasting, that's fine. But if you are a breakfast person, I love breakfast, I love eggs, I love bacon, I love sausage. I don't do them all every single day, sometimes I'll just have a couple strips of bacon. Sometimes I'll just have some sausage. today even tonight, we had an omelet.

Your breakfast, grab an avocado with it but I want you to work on just going "Oh, Stephanie said no cereal, bagels, donuts".

Can you do that? Let's focus on breakfast one meal at a time. Okay, so water intake when you get up in the morning.

If you're going to eat, don't eat the doughnuts, don't grab the doughnuts, don't grab the bagels or the cereal. Give me a thumbs up if you can do this, you can do it. Breakfast! You've got this you've got this. Okay! Last tip... For all of you who don't prep and plan which is totally fine because I'm not a planner but I've learned, my husband is. We call those people green, so everybody has a color. The people that love to be organized and detailed are green people. I'm not a green, I'm a blue, I'm more fun. We should talk about color sometime.

"Buns OFF the Burgers"

Lastly, tip number three... All I want you to do is if you go out to eat, if you go to a friend's house, if you are at the office, if you're packing your lunch, remember this

"Buns off the burgers, Croutons off the salad and Lettuce wraps".

So buns off the burgers, easy if you're going out even in an office with the friends or with your co workers like "Hey, I'd love a cheeseburger, extra bacon. I'd love an egg on it, hey no fries, hold the bun". Everybody understand? Easy, buns off the burgers. Hey, I'd love a Caesar salad, don't mess up good for perfect. If you're out and about, guess what? The Caesar dressing might not be 100% organic. Or the blue cheese might not be 100% organic, but it's better than most options, right?

We're going for better, doesn't have to be perfect. Don't mess up, go for perfect.

So, buns off the burgers, croutons off the salad. I always go, "Hey, this is how I order my Caesar salad". They all know me at Applebee's when I go, I think it's quite hilarious but I'm like, "I need a Caesar salad please. No croutons, you can put the dressing on the side. I like the crunchy lettuce, I know it's funny I don't like the big long leafy lettuces. I need the crunchy lettuce with bacon on top". I do it every time.

So if you're out to eat or if other places they make your food for you, or if you go someplace whether they've got sandwiches or lettuce wraps like "Hey, I'm at Subway. Oh! Lettuce wrap please or Jimmy John's I think Oh! Let us wrap please". Or if you're going to the office and packing your own lunch, just take off the red. Roll up the meat put it in your bag and grab some pickles grab some vegetables.

"Don't mess up Good for Perfect"

Easy, so we're gonna review this real quick. Your tips if you do not plan is... Drink more water, drink water right away when you get up in the morning tip number one. Tip number two is we're gonna work on breakfast. Getting the cereals, doughnuts and bagels out, eat something that's better for you if you're breakfast eater. Omelets, eggs bacon sausage. Tip number three, say this when you go out to eat "Buns off the burgers, croutons off the salad, Lettuce wrap please, hold the fries".

Got it? Everybody got it?. So here's the deal... If you have a tip to help people throughout the week, something that really works for you to help you achieve your goals. You should share your tip below because I think any tip can help anybody. And so I just wanted to hop on here tonight. I hope you guys are all having a great Sunday evening.

I will scroll through and "How do you make bulletproof or fat coffee?" So my husband, I'll answer that real quick, used to put his coffee in a blender... and you can just Google it just Google fat coffee. It has to do with MCT oil, coconut oil butter, put it in a blender blend it up. Sometimes people use heavy whipping cream, some stevia drops. So that's a good way to drink fat coffee, we drink something called... well I don't drink coffee, but my husband drinks Keto cream in his coffee. And so that's great, or some people just drink a Black... Just try not to add all the sugary stuff to your coffee so that's super helpful as well.

And if you have any other questions, I can always comment back, I'm just looking to see if I know of any new thing. "What do you do and you're tired of meat?" Oh, that's a good question. I love salads, I'm not super picky. I really honestly don't get sick of food, I really don't. I could eat the same thing for the next three days, it doesn't bother me. But for those of you who get sick of meat or sick of meals or sick of ideas... Pinterest is great. Type in meat free Keto meals, or vegetarian Keto meals or dairy free Keto meals. Pinterest can be your best friend doesn't have to turn out and look like Pinterest meals because mine rarely looks like it but always tastes good. So utilize Pinterest, look for different ideas. And I think that's it. Okay, everybody! I hope you're having a great night, I didn't want to keep you long. I've never felt better, so if you have questions... I love eating this way, I love feeding my family this way. I hope the tips are helpful. Share your tips below of how you prep for your week, maybe just one tip at a time so people don't get overwhelmed. For those people who are not greens, we're going to talk about color sometime this week because I think it's fun.

And we'll talk to you later. Have a great night.

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