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The Keto Lifestyle - Eating all this Fat | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

Fats keep you fuller longer but we don't need to eat if we're not hungry, we don't need to eat to fill in the circles on our tracker. And if you are not eating pretty low carb, you are not going to eat eighty percent fat. If you're eating low carb, it's great to add in an avocado or have some eggs, but you're not going to gorge on a whole pound of bacon.

Points to Ponder

01:49 Check in for accountability

02:20 Why do I have to eat all this fat

02:39 Do not eat if you're not hungry

03:00 Fat keeps you fuller longer

03:49 You don't need to snack

05:15 You can only eat fat if you are strict Keto

06:26 Listen to your body

06:59 Avoid overeating

07:52 What makes it happen

07:58 Take Action

08:35 Don't mess up good for perfect

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody! I hope you're having a wonderful evening. My name is Stephanie, welcome to the Keto mom page. If you're brand new, post new below, I would love to get to know you. As you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from, I'm tuning in from Minnesota. We can say Minnesnowta, which we love, and it's super fun, so as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from... And the question of the day is this "Why do I have to eat all of this fat". And I will tell you this which I think is super interesting, I'm finding more and more people are finding this page, but have no idea what Keto or Ketones mean, or somehow have done here and they're like, "I don't even know what low carb eating looks like".

What is Keto & Ketones

So I'm gonna make sure that we cover those things over this next week, just very simple Keto basics. Tonight, we're going to keep it short and sweet, so if you are not new, you are going through a 30 day challenge with us. Some of you are, if you are new I just said, Hey, I'm going to post something in the morning, either post something at night, or do alive at night.

But I'm just going to come on here for your accountability, pick something that you are going to focus on for these next 30 days and check in. And then we're just going to give prizes, and I'm giving away books...

I'm Sorry, I did not pick the winners from yesterday's check in. So I've got a couple days to pick and I will do it tomorrow, I promise I will pick up books. So maybe your name will be picked, if you are going through the challenge. If you were just here to hold yourself accountable, what day are you on? Maybe this is your day three or your day five, some of you it's your day seven. What are you going after this month, so check in and I will put your name in for a drawing of a book or I'm giving away some mom fuel. I will do that tomorrow, I promise we'll draw extra names tomorrow. Okay, so make sure you post below and then I'll go back from the last two days and pick some names from that too.

So the question of the day is this, "Why do I have to eat all this fat?". I want you to know something, for those of you who messaged me throughout the day and go, "I'm tracking my food or I got to the end of the day and I have this many fat grams, I can still eat"

Fat Keeps you Fuller Longer
I always will come back to you and say no matter what, whether you're lazy keto or low carb or strict keto, I'm gonna say do not eat if you're not hungry. You don't eat to fill in those little circles on your pie chart, if you're tracking your food. The reason Keto, or somebody that's even low carb adds in some good fats to their lifestyle, adds into good fats to your food, your meals, is because fat keeps you fuller longer.

So let's say you drink a fat coffee in the morning, let's say that you're intermittent fasting, but you drink a coffee that has coconut oil or MC teas or some butter, we have keto cream that we drink that we put in coffee, and my husband does. Fat keeps you full longer so that you can stretch out your intermittent fasting or you can go throughout the morning and it's kind of a meal in itself but it helps to satiety. So for example you get to lunch, and let's say you have some scrambled eggs, or you have a burger with no bun and you add a little bit of avocado, which is a really good fat, it keeps you fuller longer so you don't have to snack throughout the day. If you're eating some good solid meals, you really don't need to snack and if you are going to snack a handful of almonds, or a hard boiled egg or a pickle with a slice of cheese, depending on your body really should be sufficient.

So we're not going for extremely full or stuffed, you're going for satisfied. And as you're learning and as you're listening to your body and as you're going, you should go "Oh I'm actually not stuffed but I'm not hungry, I actually feel good". "Oh, I get to the end of the day, my macro chart is not filled in". I don't track my food in My Fitness Pal anymore or into like a carb counter, but if I got to the end of the day and I still had ten fat grams, I'm not going to go shove my face with fat bombs because I'm not hungry.

Avoid eating when you are not hungry
I'm going to go drink some water and I'm going to go read a book or I'm going to shut the lights out in the kitchen. I'm going to go brush my teeth and I'm going to be done eating.

So good fats are to keep you full throughout the day. They are to add into your meals and the only way you are going to eat eighty percent fat in your diet, which would be considered a true strict keto diet, which most people truly don't do.

Most people are low carb, they're eating the best they can, lazy keto, low carb... But you should only be eating all of that fat if you are truly eating five percent carbs, like under twenty carbs a day. You do not get to eat as much fat as you want, if you are eating low carb or lazy keto, because then you're probably like sixty, seventy or seventy five carbs or under. So you don't get to eat anything that you want if you are not truly strict Keto. So hear me on this, sometimes people will go "I've got to fill in all of my circles, I've got to eat all of this fat". But then they kind of slip up, this is only for strict keto, then they eat a little bit more carbs but it's fine because I have to go eat all this fat. I joke with people and I'll say it's kind of like going to a party or maybe you went to like a buffet, and it's full of bacon and cheese and omelets and you're just gorging yourself with it but it's fine because it's Keto.

There's a point of eating the fat because it keeps you full, lowering your carbs, but also listening to your body... Are you thirsty, are you bored, are you really hungry, do you really need to snack, can you wait till supper or you just need something to eat?
The Key to Success is Taking Action

So does that make sense, Fats keep you full longer. We don't need to eat if we're not hungry, we don't need to eat to fill in the circles on our tracker. And if you are not eating pretty low carb, you are not going to eat 80% fat. If you're eating low carb, it's great to add in an avocado or have some eggs, but you're not going to gorge on a whole pound of bacon. You're not going to just go keep grabbing cheese stick after cheese stick or fat bomb after fat bomb, this is also about what is your body saying. So I hope that was helpful, continue to tune in. There's more recipes we're sharing tomorrow, and I've got a couple of new ones coming out soon, I just have to get them ready. And then I'll be drawing for some more books tomorrow, so check in below, press the share button because sharing is caring. And I think that's it, so I hope you guys have a wonderful evening. I love seeing consistently the names come on because my hope is... I was just doing a zoom with our team, and so that's a business conversation, so we were teaching our team that you can gather a lot of information, but what what makes it happen. What moves your business or what moves you to do something, it's the action that you take.

So over in our business conversation, we were talking about taking action, you can gather all of this information, and you can know it, and then you've got to put it into action. Same with everybody on here, and it's fun to see name after name because I know that you're here and I talk to you every day and you message me and we go back and forth about your goals. But if you're just listening to me, and then you're listening to somebody else on social media, and you're reading all these keto books, and you're not putting it into action, then it's not going to work.

So the key is, take what you've learned, don't mess up good for perfect, put it into action, and you will see results. You've got this whole year, we're going to take a thirty day chunk.

So I hope you guys have an incredible night, I appreciate you all thank you for sharing the video. Thank you for always coming in and tuning in and we'll give some more books away tomorrow. So have a great night, last day for the reboot is tomorrow. If you want to join me for Reboot, post reboot below, it's a 60 hour we're going to rest your body. Not eat for 60 hours. I'm going to do it and you can do it with me.

So otherwise we'll talk to you soon. Have a good night.

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