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Quick Keto Tips! Let's Talk About Your Health.

I'm tuning in from the Bahamas, it's beautiful here. And I want to start giving you tips in under five minutes, so you can listen, learn, implement, take action, and then dominate your day.

I want to tell you a quick story, and then I want you to take action. I want you to think about what your health is worth, and what are the things you're spending your money on.

If you don't feel good, and you're here for fat loss, to feel better, or get stronger, whatever the case may be, you can join us here or send me a message.

Most people want to feel better, and I'm surrounded by people in the Bahamas. We are actually here with our company (PRUVIT) and with people who have taken back their health, and now feel incredible. I'm also hearing a lot of incredible stories.


𝗧𝗮𝗸𝗲 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗵𝗲𝗮𝗹𝘁𝗵 𝗯𝗮𝗰𝗸, 𝘁𝗮𝗸𝗲 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗹𝗶𝗳𝗲 𝗯𝗮𝗰𝗸!

I just listened to a man named Tony, we were chatting by the pool this morning. He said that he was overweight and he didn't feel good. He would sit on his recliner and yell at his wife to get his shoes and put them on for him. His wife was standing next to him and she goes, "Stephanie, do you want to know what my husband was like?"...

By the way, the reason why I'm here in the Bahamas is because of our company, PRUVIT. We have an incredible community and product that I drink every single day.

I also help people do a low-carb lifestyle, or eat better, have awareness of drinking more water, moving their bodies, using the ketones as a fuel, and eating the best that they can.


So going back to Tony, he said that he didn't realize how mean he had turned just because he didn't feel good. He said, "I didn't feel good so I took it out on my wife and my family". And his wife said, "When my husband started drinking ketones he also started making better choices. Instead of fries, he had vegetables, proteins, and salads"...

She said that the things we discussed on the Keto Mom page, made her husband less of a jerk so she could stand him. She said that all they did was drink ketones and make better choices. They got up and just started walking.

It was just so cool to hear their story, and they're an older couple. I'm not saying that's a bad thing. Tony said that he was not a big social media person, but he what this has done for his life is made him value his health.


So as you're striving to eat better, get stronger, and make better choices, ask yourself if you want to be a happy grandpa like Tony who's smiling and who feels great. He's walking around the Bahamas, he's up early with his wife, and his wife wants to be around him. He's someone who feels like he's got his life back. He can be a better grandpa, a better dad to his kids, and a better husband. And all because he chose to listen to one of his friends.


He tried a packet of ketones, chose better on his food, and drank more water. He physically moved his body, went for walks, and now he's down over 100 pounds.

He's also helped so many other people do the same.

I'm going to wrap this up real quick. What is your health worth and what are you spending money on that's not making you feel better? I have a tool and something that can help you 100%.

I've talked to hundreds of people every single day here in the Bahamas. They have the same type of story, they're drinking ketones and it puts them in ketosis. It gives them the energy to focus, appetite control turns their brains on, and they feel incredible.

We will also help you eat better, move your body, and work on your mindset to get around like-minded people.

You can also send me a message or visit our blog at You can click on recipes, tips on how to get started, or even the Book club. I can share some personal stories with you, or stories of people here with me.

I've got science and research for you too if you want to hear from some doctors. I actually did a couple of interviews about ketones and the keto diet with some doctors. Let me know if you want to watch it and I'll send that to you. If you need help with food and how to get started, post "food" in the comments. If you've never tried my mom fuel (ketones), it's not just for moms but for everyone.

I haven't taken a nap in almost eight years. I'm stronger than I ever was before. I'm going to turn 40 in 20 days, but I feel like I'm stronger at 40 than I was in my 20s. I feel incredible! My mind is focused and I really want to help you feel the same way.

I'm going to help give you an understanding of some simple steps to help you on your journey. I'll give you a whole bunch of great information about trying the best ketone supplement to put you in ketosis in under an hour.

You would not have to fight those crazy cravings and you can get them under control. You won't be sleeping all day, you won't be crabby with your spouse, and you'll be a better mom, a better dad, a better parent, a better spouse, or whatever it is that you're looking for.

I want to help you on your journey because we've been able to achieve it with our product, our company, simple tips, and our community. It's unbelievable! If you want to know why I'm traveling so much, and you need a business opportunity.

This also offers that we have an incredible community, where people are able to take their families on vacation or pay off debt, have a spouse, and stay home with their kids because they wanted to stay home and raise their children.

So if you're looking for an opportunity, a community, a company, a business, or something to do on the side with me. I would love to chat with you and share more of my story. I hope you guys have a great day and we'll talk to you soon. Bye, everybody!

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