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Keto vs. Low carb - How to save money | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

Strict Keto is you have to eat approximately eighty percent (80%) fat, fifteen percent (15%) protein, five percent (5%) carbs. And making sure that you know, if you eat too much protein, if you eat too many carbs, if you eat too much of something, it'll not get to Ketosis.

Points to Ponder

00:36 Strict Keto

00:53 Eating too much

01:07 Low carb

01:29 Do not keep treats

01:48 Can I do the reboot without being Keto

02:04 Keto as a Lifestyle approach

02:39 Getting the JUNK out of your diet

03:17 Saving money (NO eat outs, EAT at home)

03:38 Options in Pinterest

03:49 My Caesar salad

04:16 Plan your meals

04:27 Stock up your fridge at work

04:47 Preparation is key

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody! I hope you're having a great afternoon, it is lunch time at our house. I'm going to walk you through what we're eating for lunch. But I wanted to answer this question real quick, because I've gotten it three or four times today. The question is,

You can drink Ketones without eating Keto
"What is the difference between Keto and low carb? Can I just do low carb? Is it okay to do that?"

And so here's just kind of a quick answer again I'm not a nutritionist, I'm not an expert. Well, I'm a trained expert as far as school goes, but we have been around this for three years. And so some may say, I kind of know what I'm talking about. I feel like our family has learned a lot. And so this is the difference in just a very easy explanation for you.

Eating strict Keto is tracking... You don't have to track your food if you don't want to, but if you want to get into Ketosis you have to eat the Ketogenic diet or drink the product that I talk about in a lot of my videos.

But you have to eat approximately eighty percent (80%) fat, fifteen percent (15%) protein, five percent (5%) carbs.

And making sure that you know, if you eat too much protein, if you eat too many carbs, if you eat too much of something, it'll not get to Ketosis. Ketones are made in your body, they're a fuel source.

Keep the Snacks and Treats away

And so the difference between strict Keto and Low carb is...

Low carb is taking the bubs off the burgers, the croutons off the salad, lettuce wraps, things like that.

You can do that but the difference is this, Ketones are a fuel source. So when you're eating low carb, you won't have those Ketones to help with that long sustained energy, the mental clarity, the appetite control, but low carb is still great. You just have to drink a lot of water and make sure I tell everybody, regardless of how you're eating, do not keep those treats that cause you to maybe stumble, or at nine or ten o'clock at night you go to the cupboard and grab those.

Those things that you're like, "Hey, I caved into the cravings", those things cannot be in your cupboard. And that's it, and so there's Keto and there's Low carb.

Now I've actually had this question again today and yesterday is "Can I do the Keto reboot without being Keto?". Yes. "Can I drink the Ketones without being super strict Keto?" Yes. "Will it hurt me?", Absolutely not, I'll show you.

I actually have more women that eat low carb and take the product and don't eat strict Keto. Because they don't want to, they want to do a lifestyle approach. They want to eat the best they can, but they don't want to be restricted.

They don't have time to track things, or here's the deal you make time for what you make time for. But they don't want to track their food, they don't want to be stuck to a rigid diet, but they want the Ketones. So it will not hurt you to do low carb and take the product, it will not hurt you to eat low carb and do the reboot. It's actually great for you, It'll reset your system. So just so you know that Keto the diet and low carb, they're both great. One produces Ketones, one you're going to do low carb and you still will have some benefits and you'll still feel great.

Eating healthy changes your taste buds

Think about it this way, either way you eat you're getting the junk out of your diet, right? You're getting the Debbie snacks and the chips and the pizza, I mean I still love all that. It doesn't mean that I don't eat them, it's just a snack and it's not in my house, I don't think I've bought Debbie snacks in three years. Actually, I'll tell you a funny story. My mom thought I loved them, I think she bought them for me a year and a half ago, Christmas time. And I tried one I was like, "Ugh! what is this, it tastes like plastic".

It's funny how when you start eating better, your taste buds change.

And so I'll tell you one more thing I wanted to come on here, so I hope that helps explain the difference between Keto and low carb. And then also how to save some money on eating this way.

The simplest way to save money with your grocery bill in anything is not going out to eat and eating at home. So I'll show you I just made a Caesar salad, and I had avocados, it's just lettuce, Caesar dressing. Everybody asks how I make my Caesar dressing, I don't make it because I choose not to. You can go to Pinterest and type in Keto dressings and there's lots of them, or you can just go buy a Maria's one in the store. I always just look for the lowest carb, lowest sugar one that you can. Don't mess up good for perfect. I put avocados, hard boiled eggs and some bacon in here, so this would cost you, and we have leftover salmon from supper last night that I'll probably put on there. And that would cost you anywhere from like fifteen to twenty to twenty two dollars at a restaurant.

It is way more expensive to go out to eat it is way more expensive to not pack your lunch when you go to work. It is way more expensive with any of that. So if you're trying to save money, but you want to eat better, then you have to plan your meals.

You've got to prep, you got to go to the grocery store and bring your meals to work. Even if your friends go out, even if your coworker go out to eat, bring your bag lunch. Go "Hey, I'll go with you I'd love to chat", and bring your own food. If you've got a refrigerator stock it up for the week at the office, you can put eggs and pickles and cream cheese and meat and even put lots of things in there that you can make. It's just a little preparation, but in that preparation you'll set yourself really ahead, and you'll go further faster. So we made a salad, we've got leftover salmon, we eat leftovers all the time. Don't waste those that will save you money and preparation is key, that will save you a ton of money.

So I hope that is helpful. If you've got any other questions, let me know and I think that's it. So I just wanted to come on here and clarify. You can take pure therapeutic Ketones, the Keto max without doing the strict Keto diet, most of you do low carb. If you want to do super strict Keto and take the product you can, it gets your millimolar up, higher. What does that mean? It gets your blood Ketone levels up higher, it helps you have better energy better focus more appetite control. So either way, it's fine it will not hurt you. So have a great day. The reboot is still for sale at, if you want to try it.

I think that's it, so we'll talk to you soon.

Enjoy your lunch.

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