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Five minute Keto Dinner - Some quick tips for busy days | Keto Mom

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

Keto Mom here!

Giving you some tips and advices on how to start and maintain your Keto Lifestyle. I said, "Oh, one of my friends said that Kwik Trip already has pre shredded chicken". So this is what we are having for dinner, Buffalo Chicken Dip. Or you can make your own chips, so grab your own tortilla like your own low carb tortillas. You can spray it with some like olive oil or you can put a teeny little bit of butter and sprinkle some salt. Bake these so then I cut it with a pizza cutter before I bake it. So put these in the oven with a little bit of oil or butter. Sprinkle some salt, throw it in at 400 degrees for like 10 minutes.

Common Questions answered by Keto Mom

00:38 What a TYPICAL day looks like

01:48 Planning Dinner

02:02 Chicken Dips for a quick dinner

03:05 What can you eat with Buffalo chicken dip

04:42 Do you measure ingredients while cooking?

05:18 Don't mess up GOOD for PERFECT

05:35 Share your ideas for DINNER

06:13 New Flavor for My MOM fuel

06:51 Chauffer Fuel (Mom fuel)

08:03 Sharing the Product with you

08:14 What are your goals

08:45 What questions do you have

09:04 My favorite kitchen appliance "the Airfryer"

Full Episode Transcript

Hey, everybody! I hope you're having a wonderful day. I'm going to hop on here real quick because I wanted to show you something. I often have people go,

"How do you have everything planned?" and "Looks like your life runs flawlessly?" No.

But as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? I'm going to share a piece of our day and what I made for dinner and it was made in five minutes. Just because I don't want to go through a drive thru. So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? What are you making for dinner? I think it's still kind of early for dinner. But we were having dinner early, because we've got church in an hour, we've got volleyball practice. To be honest with you, I'm like a day ahead of myself. So I looked at my schedule this morning, and I was like, "Okay, we've got this". We've got... I had something this morning and then we had school and then we have piano practice. And then I had to do a lot, I had a live scheduled and then I had some zooms in there. And I knew I had a call while I was driving somebody to piano. Like I had this whole day mapped out, super jam packed. I didn't have supper ready yet, but I thought "I'll find something".

And then our whole day was thrown upside down because we had some guests that knocked on our door. That took two hours of our time... all fine, "A.Q. (Adaptability Quotient)".

We talked about in our family, "How is your A.Q.? So today, everything got shifted. We didn't get a lot of stuff done. We had high A.Q., and now we're fine. And I had to put together dinner, so in between piano lessons and the orthodontist appointment I showed up for and they said, "Hey! it's not today it's tomorrow". So all of the crazy things, right? I said, "Oh! you know what? Kwik Trip!"... Because I was trying to plan dinner in my head as I'm driving our kids all over the place and showing up for appointments that aren't until tomorrow. I said, "Oh, one of my friends said that Kwik Trip already has pre shredded chicken".

I could make chicken dips, so I'm going through my fridge just to get me to do this. I'm like I think I've got ranch dip, we've got buffalo dip. What else did I need cream cheese we can make really quick "Buffalo", or what do we make, "Buffalo Chicken dip". So this is what we are having for dinner.

Buffalo Chicken Dip

This and just some chicken and my husband is having an air fryer steak. So it's in the air fryer, and I made this. I came home I grabbed the chicken from the gas station, because we have a cool gas station. Anybody have a Kwik Trip, where they actually make food. So they had a whole bunch of shredded chicken I could buy in a big tub. And I dumped it in a pan, mixed it all together, threw it in my oven, did a live with one of my friends, chatted on the phone. Like all of the things and this is what it came out to be... so easy. So if you're ever in a pinch, go to your gas station and grab some chicken. No your gas station might not have it, but I am so thankful that ours does.

So what are you having for dinner? My kids are eating an early dinner because we were headed to church in an hour. And what do you eat Buffalo chicken dip with? You can do celery, veggies, I wish we had asparagus. Because it's really good with just a side of veggies, but I don't have that. Or you can make your own chips, so grab your own tortilla like your own low carb tortillas. Whether it is a mission one or these...

Or whatever you want to use and you can make your own chips and all you do is put this on a pan. You can spray it with some like olive oil or you can put a teeny little bit of butter and sprinkle some salt. Bake these so then I cut it with a pizza cutter before I bake it. So put these in the oven with a little bit of oil or butter. Sprinkle some salt, throw it in at 400 degrees for like 10 minutes. Super easy, just watch it when it gets a little crispy and light brown take them out. So easy.

My daughters were laughing at me because I was like, I legitimately had five minutes to mix this up. So I was... I threw the chicken in the pan, threw some cream cheese, squirted some ranch, squirted some buffalo sauce, and my daughter was like... Well, here's the deal, I don't like to taste anything as I'm making it. So I'm like, "Can somebody taste this for me to see if it's too spicy?" And my oldest is like, "Why don't you just get the measurements so that you know how spicy you want it and then you can always measure it out". It's not how I roll here, I don't know how you roll. But I am very much a person that if I have, if I know what's going on a recipe. I just dump and pour and dump and then she tastes it because I don't like cold food. And then she'll say "Yes! More buffalo sauce. No, it's spicy enough".

Do you guys measure out your stuff? I don't and for those of you who asked me for macros and all of our recipes... Don't hate me, that's what Pinterest is for. I don't have any macros.

For the last six years I've been dumping and pouring and trialing and airing. And some things are great some things are not, but we use Low Carb keto ingredients.

So I do not have the measurements, I do not have the macros on this Buffalo chicken. I just know it's incredible, you can eat it with celery, if you want to have less calories or carbs you can have a low carb wrap. Which would be a little bit more have it with some asparagus, which is super yummy. So we like to say "Don't mess up good for perfect". It would have been really, really easy for us to go through a drive thru tonight. But it was great that our gas station had shredded chicken already shredded for me. So I'm super thankful.

So what are you having for dinner? And I love to say "Sharing is caring". So share below what you're having for dinner. Why? Because it gives other people ideas, right?. And so I'm one that can eat the same meal all the time. A lot, I can really stick to like five meals and I'm completely fine. Other people feel like they need a plethora of a whole menu or recipe. So if that's you, if you share below, other people will share with you what they are having. And then you can have a whole bunch of ideas.

Lastly, for those of you who are watching my stories...

You've already messaged me about the new flavor of mom fuel. Today, I was calling it chauffeur fuel due to the fact that I felt like I was running kids all over the place.

But there is a new flavor coming very very soon. You and I know it taste like? It tastes like... Do you guys, do your kids ever get those? Well, I don't like slushies, but from the gas station. Those blue raspberry slushy things, you know how it's like foamy. It tastes like that, but it's good for you. So for those of you who are already drinking ketones be watching for the new flavor to be available. For those of you who've just been asking me about Mom fuel or today I'm calling it "chauffeur" fuel to keep me on my toes, because our day has been crazy. Just post "Ketones" below, and I will share with you a super cool way to get started. So you can try a variety of flavors, give it a shot, and see what you think.

So it's pretty incredible, this is where our story started almost six years ago. And I was joking with a mom today I was like, "For real, even if I told you down to the very detail of what our day looked like and how it was completely shifted? I not once thought that I needed a nap today". And I love ketones because not even just the energy, I joke about it being my Mom fuel because I feel like I can keep up with my entire day. But the energy, the appetite control the cravings. I was on my way out at three o'clock and I was like "Oh my goodness, I don't think I ate lunch". So I grabbed a bar that I've... I don't love keto bars but I grabbed a bar real quick, so it just helps you get through your day.

Whether it's your energy or your craving control or your maybe you're sitting in the office and you need some mental clarity doesn't matter what it is.

The product is incredible, so if you just want to know more post "Ketones" below or "Mom fuel" and we will chat, because I'll share this with you. I'm going to show you some videos and things just to learn more about it. I'd love to know what your goals are, what you're focused on for this month. We gave some books away a couple days ago, so if you're checking in for this month on your goals? check in below. What day is it for you? What goal Are you focused on this month? How are you feeling? How are you doing? or What questions do you have? How can I help? So whether you've got questions on how to get started, I've got a whole foods list and an entire video of how to get started. Or if you've got specific questions on breakfast or lunch or dinner.

Whatever it is... Ask your questions below and I will answer them for you. So I hope you guys have a great day I'm going to go finish feeding my kids. I've got to get the air fryer steak out, we use the airfryer everyday number one kitchen. Let me ask you this, my husband's got lots of kitchen appliances that he loves. But my favorite is the airfryer and I use it every single day, every day. Whether it's in the morning for sausages for the girls for breakfast, or something for lunch, I cook my salmon in the airfryer there's a steak in the air fryer, I can put this tortilla make some chips in the air fryer. I'm telling you hands down best kitchen appliance sits on my counter. I don't even care that it doesn't even look pretty because it is very highly used, I actually two of them on there. And if you're asking me about which airfryer I don't even know, I went to Costco and bought one and then we bought a black one off Amazon.

Not even fancy, just try to find the biggest one that you can get. So with that, I hope you guys have an incredible day. We'll talk to you soon. Share what you're having below. And that's it, have a good evening, everybody.

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