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Is your environment set up for success | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

Go create an environment that makes you want to move your body. Set up your office to where it motivates you, declutter a little bit, figure out what you need to make you feel great in your kitchen or in your home, it's going to help you move forward and your goals.

Points to Ponder:

01:27 Your Environment

02:00 Things I have to do

03:23 What does your kitchen look like

04:33 Set up the environment to succeed

05:39 Don't get overwhelmed

06:17 Priorities are never in conflict

07:17 Create an environment

07:29 Helpful Quotes

08:42 Dinner Plans

09:57 What are your questions

10:50 Hide your snacks

Full Episode Transcript

Hi! How is everybody doing? Happy Tuesday, maybe it's Wednesday, wherever you're tuning in from. Welcome to the Keto Mom page, my name is Stephanie. I'm sitting in the car, it is going to be a real quick, random conversation but I seriously think is super important. As you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from... I am sitting outside of ballet because I'm not allowed to stay inside. I live in Minnesota, and I'll be here for just a little bit. So as I shake up my Ketones, I am having a second one today, sometimes I have one a day, sometimes I have two. Today is a two a day, I have a lot of stuff to do. It's a little bit later than I wanted to, but it's been a crazy day.

How was your day? So I want to talk about something that I don't think a lot of people think about. But if you think about it, you might go "Yes, oh, yes". So thank you for tuning into the Keto Mom page, here's what we're going to talk about real quick. We're going to talk about this question, I want you to answer it. And as you go throughout the rest of your day, maybe you're at the office, maybe you're not at home, I want you to think to yourself, I want you to take action on this... "Is your environment, wherever you are at a majority of your day, set up for success?". Is your environment set up for success. And you might be going "What does that mean?"... So I was in a conversation with a couple of my friends today, we hold each other accountable. We talk all day long, every day, we just chat about lots of things.

Change your environment to your advantage

And one of the things that came up was the difference between having to get things done that are needs and wants and "Oh, I have to do this".

I like to say I get to do it, I look at things in life that I have to do, which would be laundry, feeding my kids, taking care of my husband, all of the things that we are blessed to do.

Sometimes we look at it and go, "Ugh!, I have to do that". I get to do that, but there's also things that I want to do. I want to work out, I want to... I don't get to work out. There's lots of things I want to do, but as we were talking and as we were reflecting... I said, "Okay, you want to clean your house, you want to get more organized", those things don't necessarily fall in the needs list. But I'm going to guess that if you got those done, you would feel more productive. And it just made me realize how important your environment is, because she couldn't get focused on all of the things that she wanted to do because she had to do these things, and then she just was overwhelmed. I don't know if like me, you can look at a mess in the house and then I just get demotivated. But a lot of you work from home, probably over the last year and a half a lot more of you work from home. Some of you homeschool, we've always homeschooled. So this pandemic did not teach us to homeschool, we've always been homeschooling which I love.

But I just want to give you perspective, when you are at home what does your kitchen look like? Do you have snacks all over the counter, is it something that when you walk in you're like "Oh yes! This is great, I feel empowered, I feel like I could make a better choice".

And the only reason I say that is if you don't feel empowered walking into your kitchen, your closet or your home... All I want you to think about today is "What can I do to make my environment more appealing for me to make a better choice".

It might be your office, maybe you have a candy drawer, and you know that if that candy drawer went away, it would ultimately help you on your goals. So for example, maybe some of you have a workout room, so we used to go to the gym, we used to go to CrossFit. I don't like to work out in a mask, so we stopped going to the gym until they decided to lift the mandate in our state. But we work out in our home, we set up the environment to succeed. It's not a mess, we put everything away when we're done.

Hide all your snacks, you'll feel better

But my question is if you have an "At home gym" and you keep telling yourself I want to work out, but when you walk into the gym, the garage or the basement and it's a clothes hanger instead of a treadmill, does that entice you to work out? No different than what I tell people, this snack thing comes up a lot with kids... "Oh my goodness, I just snack on my kids snacks all the time". And I always say, walk into your kitchen and whatever you can see in your counters, you're going to grab.

So you set up your environment, so you don't grab it. My kids snacks are below in a cupboard, that I have to bend down and look under, and I just don't do it. So put them where it's an inconvenience for you. 

Same with the office, if you're sitting in an office... You don't need to keep snacks in your drawers, set yourself up so you don't walk in the employee lounge. Or you don't put dollar bills in your purse that you can't go through to the vending machine. "Are you set up for success?"... And if you're not, don't get overwhelmed.

So my sweet friend and I have been chatting and we both took a picture of a corner of our house that we wanted to clean. I just said, "Oh, I have a big pile right in the corner of just junk and clutter, and it frustrates me". And I always tell myself, I'm going to do it, so we both took a picture. We both sent it to each other and we said, we're going to get it done by tonight.

So I said, you have to prioritize. Here's a phrase that we have heard and we have been taught in our business, and we implement it into our life. "Priorities are never in conflict"... Have you ever heard that phrase "Priorities are never in conflict". So I was walking her through this, I said "Remember! we get to do things". I get to make dinner, or my kids are learning how or my husband can sometimes but like "I get to". I get to go do some laundry, there are things that you have to do every day to to help your life function. And that pile that is sitting in my kitchen, that is not appealing to me at all, was not a get to do and it was not a have to do, it has been compiling to where it's I need to do it.