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"MIRACLE MORNING" (Day 4) "Let's Make Major Decisions" | Keto Mom Book Club

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Keto Mom here!

Here is the key to anything, whether you're learning from me, or reading a different book, or watching somebody else online or listening to a podcast. The key to learning and gathering information is to take action on at least one thing. So if you hear something, write it down, and then put it into action or write it down and put it someplace where you can read it, so it reminds you to make those better choices.

Points to Ponder:

01:17 The key to learning

01:51 "The ninety five percent reality check"

02:25 What's wrong with being average

03:14 What can I do to be a better person

04:12 Regret

04:38 Being average means to settle

05:22 One percent better every single day

06:13 My past does not equal my future

06:54 Draw a line in the sand

07:27 We let ourselves off the hook

08:37 You are your own worst enemy

08:56 Discipline creates your lifestyle

10:54 How you do anything is how you do everything

11:17 Easy isn't right

12:24 You become like the five people that you're around

13:43 Ask yourself the hard questions

14:09 Misery loves company

15:03 People don't want to see you succeed

16:20 "Someday" mentality

17:11 Alarm clocks

18:57 Plan and prepare

Full Episode Transcript

Good morning! Welcome to the Keto mom page, and we are diving in to the "Miracle Morning". Chapter three talks about the ninety five percent reality check. It might not be a feel good, but it's going to make you think for the rest of your day. So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from... We're going to give you a little gut check, but it's a good gut check. It's really good chapter, so if you're brand new, post new below. If you have been here for a while, you know that we're going through books. My hope is to always go through a book with you, to help you understand the power of your mindset and to help you understand the power of being grateful and thankful in reading.

Welcome to Day 4 of our Book 2 session

Because if you get your mindset right, other things that you're working towards, you'll make better choices. So we are diving in on chapter three, some of you are going through it with us or right along with me. And some of you are just hopping on here to listen, and hopefully you take a golden nugget away. Here is the key to anything, whether you're learning from me, or you're reading a different book, or you're watching somebody else online or listening to a podcast. The key to learning and gathering information is to take action on at least one thing. So if you hear something, write it down, and then put it into action or write it down and put it someplace where you can read it, so it reminds you so that you make those better choices.

The book is incredible, and I'd like to go through it faster. But I also know that it's important to go through it chapter by chapter, and to actually take that one action step to put into place. Okay, "The ninety five percent reality check". In this chapter, he talks about some statistics, and he lays out the average person. I actually don't like to say that, and maybe some people don't like to hear it, because it almost makes you go "Am I average, is average bad"... I don't want to feel like I have to go after better, I should be thankful. I think from my mindset for the longest time, I would hear average, and I would go "Well, what's wrong with being average?"... I can be thankful and grateful that I'm alive. I'm here and I'm breathing, so I think you just have to think about it differently. He talks about ninety fiver percent of society settles for far less than what they want in their life. And it's not being selfish, it's just looking at it like utilizing everything that I have to my full potential.

So don't think about it like being average as a bad thing. I think about it as, am I utilizing everything that I have within me, my gifts and my talents, and am I going after the things that I want from my family. Not in a selfish way, but like, what can I do to be a better person and inspire others. So if that little like word "Average" makes you go "I don't like that"... Think about it like, maybe it'll help. So he says, "What can we do now to ensure that we don't end up in struggle for the rest of our life, like 95% of majority of people do". In the beginning, he talks about people in their jobs and their finances and their relationships, and how they just don't go after better. They don't work on making it better. The whole thing is good, I probably have a majority of this chapter underlined.

Being average is not something bad

So I'm not going to read the whole thing to you... He says "We must embrace the fact that if we don't commit to thinking and living differently than most people do today, we are setting ourselves up to endure a life of mediocrity, struggle, failure and regret". I think the biggest word for me is regret. I don't ever want to regret not trying something or going after something or "I could have, I should have, why didn't I do this right". Just like most people realizing that this will include our own friends, families and fears. If we don't do something about it now and set an example of what's possible, when we commit to fulfilling our potential.

Being average means to settle for less than what we truly want and that we are capable of and struggle for the rest of our life.

And so he talks about different things in your life, he goes over the power of how many people are obese and they just feel like they can't fix it. Or mentally and emotionally, like how many people just settle for being on medication, when they don't work on their mindset. He talks about relationships and finances, and how sometimes we just get in this rut of being okay with okay. It takes hard work, and it does take discipline.

He's going to talk about, if you can find a peer group, and accountability, and if you can just do one percent better every single day. It might just be getting up and reading one page, maybe you're not on chapter three, all you can do is all you can do. But if you're doing the best that you can, and you do one percent, better every single day, you will get to be using your potential, using your talents, and you're going to feel better, but you've got to put in a little bit of effort. So he talks about so many things like don't live in the rear view mirror. He says, "If you are to move forward and beyond your past, and you are in the limitations you've set for yourself, you must stop living out your rear view mirror image of your life. My past does not equal my future". So this whole book is good, even if you're not going through it with me. I would encourage you to get the book and go through it for yourself. Have the book with you, because I have the whole book highlighted, and it's really an incredible book.

"Always remember, where you are is a result of who you were, but where you are going depends entirely on the choices that you make from this moment forward".

It's time to commit to ourselves

So maybe today you've already hit the snooze button, maybe you already grabbed the donut, or maybe you just need to draw a line in the sand. He talks about this "Draw a line in the sand", and you're going to have to determine and decide, are you going to go after better? What does that look like? Are you going to stop lying to yourself? He talks about most of the time, if a friend called you and they said "Hey, I'd like to have coffee with you", "I'd like to go have a girls night", or if your kids are like "Mom, can we go on a date?". You've got a date night planned then.

We don't often cancel with friends, family and commitments that we have set for other people, but we let ourselves off the hook.

So do you cancel on yourself when you're going to work out, and then you hit the snooze button or "I'm going to eat better", but you grab the donut. Isn't it interesting how we can cancel dates with ourselves, expectations with ourselves or commitments to ourselves at a drop of a hat. But you would never do that to a friend or family, if they were set on seeing you. If you had it in the calendar, you wouldn't cancel it unless you had to or something came up. But how often can we hit the snooze button, cancel our gym time, and make the excuse to go through the fast food line, because for whatever reason, you're not committed to yourself. So today, your action step is... I have to be committed to myself, I have to work on me, I've got to get up. I'm going to choose to get up because I get to, I'm going to choose to make better choices because I get to, because I'm committed to me. It's in the calendar, it's in the book, the alarm clock is set, no more canceling on yourself.

You are your own worst enemy, and you can be your best friend. But you've got to commit to you, you've got to commit to it. So he talks about lack of purpose, sometimes most people just don't have a purpose of why to get up.

This is really good, so I'm going to read this little part to you. He talks about how discipline creates your lifestyle. Alright, he says "We must realize that the real impact and consequences of each of our choices and actions is real, and even our thoughts are real. Every single thought, choice and action is determining who you are becoming, which will ultimately determine the quality of our lives". How's your morning going? It's Friday, I feel like I just got done with a weekend and it's a new weekend. I did just get done working out, and if you tune into my lives in the morning, let me just pre frame this. I'm always going to look like this. I'll put a hat on, I did just finish my workout that when I put my hair down, maybe I didn't look like such a sweaty mess. And I got my reading done this morning, the point of reading books like this, is to help you create systems so that you can own your day. My goal is to help you own your day, so I get up with a determination to work out, to read, to get my mindset right and to be grateful to do all the things in the morning that I want to do to set my day up for success. Usually, before my kids wake up, although our youngest has been waking up a lot earlier, but I don't have babies in the house anymore, so it's a lot different for me. Okay, so I want you to hear this phrase

"How you do anything is how you do everything". If there's one thing that you focus on today, you should write that down and think about what that looks like in your life.

Doing the Easy thing is not always Right

"How you do anything is how you do everything". That could be good or bad, every time you choose to do the easy thing, instead of the right thing, you are shaping your identity. Becoming the type of person who does what easy is, rather than what is right. It's easier to hit the alarm, the snooze button, it's easier to just go through the fast food line. Easy isn't right.

It does take some discipline and it does take some choices, but you're creating the discipline and the systems in your life. You're either choosing easier or you're choosing right, which one is it. And that ultimately is going to give you the one percent better, or the one percent worse through the course of your entire year. On the other hand, when you do choose to do what's right, the right things will follow through, with your commitments, especially when you don't feel like it. You are developing an extraordinary discipline. Discipline creates lifestyle. Why did you wake up this morning, and why are you doing what you want to do?.

The next chapter, he's going to talk about your why. He says "Realize that everything that we do affects who we are becoming, which is determining the life that we will ultimately create". That's your life that you're creating, everything that you do is going to determine who you're becoming right or wrong.

The whole book is so good, I wish I could read the whole thing to you. So then he talks about having an accountability partner, he talks about the circle of influence that you around. You become like the five people that you're around, so if you're looking at your friends, I'm not to say that you're going to unfriend people. But if you don't have friends, family members or peer groups that pushes you, and you're all sitting around, watching movies, not going to the gym, not pushing each other, not striving for better, then you might have to find some new people that motivates you and inspires you. And maybe it's not people physically around you, but like online here. Anybody that's on here, I'm just going to assume, wants better, wants to feel better, wants to do better in any area of their life.

Why are you here, what are your goals?

So I hope that this is an accountability for you, I hope that you're checking in every single day. I'd love to know why you are here, what does your morning looking like, and are you reading. I could truly ask you some hard questions. And you might not like me for a while, but if I asked "Did you hit the snooze button today, or are you hitting the snooze button every day?" And if you are, then why are you here, what do you want? Are you here just to feel good, or are you here to take action?

"Miracle Morning" is the book that I'm reading. It's a super simple book, and I would encourage all of you to get it and go through it. Ask yourself the hard questions and then you actually have to put action behind it. Or sit back and know that you might not reach your full potential if you're not going to go after those things and have the discipline that you want. Okay so he talks about your circle of influence, talks about finding people that inspire you.

This is a good one "Misery loves company"... Have you ever been around somebody who's like "Just eat the doughnut", "Eat the pizza". or "Stop it, you can skip your workout, it's not a big deal". Misery loves company, and it might be family members.

Because as soon as you're going after better, as soon as you are striving after something, you're going to have people that go "You're better than me?, Sorry, you can't eat the doughnut", or "You're going to the gym?". It makes people have a gut check, because they know they probably should be working on themselves. Misery loves company, and sometimes people don't want to see you succeed. It's really hard to choke that down if they're your best friend, a family member, a sister or parent. But you have to have that discipline to go "No, I'm working on myself". And even if they're rude to you, even if they say something mean to you, the longer you go after better, the longer you strive to be better, the better. The longer you make those better choices, you will inspire them, you will. Even if they don't say it, you have no idea how you're going to help them like "Maybe I should do that", "I want to feel better", "She's playing with her kids", "Oh, he looks really happy, what are they doing?", or "I want that". Don't join the misery, don't do it.

All of us should have a sense of urgency

He talks about lack of personal development, that's what you're doing right now. All of you on here are developing yourself, you're reading, you're growing and the lack of development or personal development is going to keep you where you are today.

That's why it's so important to read, listen to podcasts, find people that inspire you, strive after better, learn, grow, take action, and talks about lack of urgency.

How often do we put ourselves in that "Someday"... Someday I'm going to do it, someday I'll get up it's not a big deal. Human Nature is to live with a "Someday mentality" like, I'll do it tomorrow, it's fine. There is a part of urgency of taking action on what you want.

Remember this, "Now matters more than any other time in your life, because it's what you are doing today, that is determining who you are going to become. And who you're becoming will always determine the quality and direction of your life". There is a part of urgency of doing it right now, and drawing a line in the sand. So that's the next part, he says "Draw a line in the sand, make a decision as to what you are going to start doing today". Maybe you're going to order the book, maybe you're going to set an alarm clock in your phone and you're going to drink water every hour. I know that sounds silly, but it is a one percent better choice. I've got to drink more water, today I'm going to take the action and put an alarm clock in my phone every hour to say drink water. "Hey, Stephanie, drink water", "Did you drink your water?"... I have an alarm clock every morning at five thirty, to get up so I can work out. to do a live, to create a system to remind myself to talk to you.

I have an alarm clock to read, or for anything that I want to remind myself of so I can create those systems every single day. I have a lot of alarm clocks set in my phone. My phone's ringing all the time, "What am I doing?", "What am I supposed to be doing?...

Try to give yourself affirmations everyday

Affirmations, do you affirm yourself?. Maybe you should set an alarm clock every day, every three hours that says you are worthy. You can do this, maybe thirty minutes before each meal, like in the morning at eleven thirty, and at four thirty, you say "What is your best option, choose your best option", "Stephanie, don't go for easy go for right", "You are worthy". How would you feel if your phone kept telling you today "You are worthy", "You can do it", "Drink your water Stephanie, make the better choice". What if I had an alarm clock that said "Are you hungry?". Figure out your trigger points of when you find yourself snacking. Have your phone say "Hey Stephanie, are you hungry?".

Because we often eat out of boredom or emotions or habit. We don't need to let food control less, you don't need to let food control you. But you're going to have to take the discipline and the action, to stop it. Draw a line in the sand, get your booty off that couch, grab a book, go for a walk, make the better choice. Don't go in the employee lounge, don't go to the vending machine, don't go through McDonald's.

You have to plan and prepare, and you can do it. It will be hard for a couple of weeks, but it be worth it. Alright, I really do want to read the whole thing to you, but the reality is that if you don't change now, your life won't change. If you don't get better, our life won't get better. If you don't consistently invest time into yourself and self improvement our life will never improve.

Yet most of us wake up every day and stay the same, ninety percent of people stay the same, because they're not willing to do the hard work. They live in that "Tomorrow mentality", so my question to you is are you going to draw a line in the sand or are you going to set the alarm clock? Are you going to figure out what you want to go after, are you going to order the book, maybe tune in here every single day. Or maybe you've been wanting to reach out to me and say "Hey, here's where I'm at. I need some help, where do I start?" If you've got questions message me if you need help with food, message me. If you just need accountability, or if you want to be around people and you don't have them in your life, hop on here every single day.

Maybe befriend some of these people because clearly everybody that's on here is going after better. And so my action step is "Are you going to choose today to work on yourself, or are you going to live in that average life?" That might be a stinger to you, but it's a gut check. So, that's all I got for you today. Super good, one percent better every day or one percent worse. So message me with your questions and continue to tune in here. I'd love for you to press the share button because sharing is caring, and I really think a lot of people need accountability.

Whether it's just checking in here, phoning a friend and going "Hey, I need accountability partner, will you be my accountability partner. Let's do this together. Let's go for a walk. Let's make better choices. Let's meal prep together"... Whatever you need, grab the book because it's super great. We're really gonna dive into some action steps, and he's going to give you some very specific things of what you need to work on, to create systems. So I hope you guys have an incredible day.

I'm always here to help. We'll talk to you soon. Bye, everybody.

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