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"ATOMIC HABITS" (Chapter 20): Final Chapter & The Secret to Reading | Keto Mom Book Club

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Keto Mom here!

It's this constant pursuit of better. I look at reading, reflecting or being aware of what we're doing and then asking what could I do better, or what could I change up to make it? If it's not working, what do I need to pivot? The secret to any of this reading, is to have an awareness of what you're doing, and then put action to what they're telling you to do.

Points to Ponder

00:26 "Atomic Habits" by James Clear

01:22 Your mindset

02:07 Reading is powerful

04:11 You go on autopilot

05:07 An endless process of learning

05:45 Reflect back on this year

06:35 Constant pursuit of better

07:04 Being better isn't bad

07:43 The key is taking action

08:19 Not to mess up good for perfect

09:02 "The Traveler's Gift" by Andy Andrews

Full Episode Transcript

Good morning! Welcome to the Keto Mom page, my name is Stephanie, I just finished working out. I put my hair down and put a hat on, so you didn't have to see my sweaty mess. I was reading all morning, and I'm a little late to the live, but I am here. So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? We have our last chapter of "Atomic Habits" by James Clear. But before we dive into the last chapter, I'm also going to share with you some books that I've been looking at and going over in the future, I want you to know something... I've actually been chatting with a lot of you about reading and why we do this, some of you are saying I'm behind. I want you to know, I am not doing this every morning for you to constantly keep up with me and I don't ever want somebody to feel like they're behind, I can't do this, or I haven't read books since high school and now I'm not keeping up with you.

Welcome to the last Chapter of our book 3 session
That is not the point of this, I've always been a reader, and the reason I have come on here is for a couple of reasons. To give you awareness, that a majority of you are here for fat loss, or to feel better, but a lot of it has to do with your mindset.

Most people don't understand, they eat out of habit, they eat because the clock says to eat, they eat out of boredom, they eat out of mindless eating. Most people are where they're at today, just out of habits that were created when they were young, or their parents did it or it's always been that way. If you don't learn to be aware, if you don't learn that you can fuel your mind right. If you don't learn how to be thankful and grateful, if you're not constantly paying attention to the things that you're reading and listening to, then it's easy to get into this negative mindset of that will never be me and it's always somebody else, or I will always look this way. Reading is powerful, or listening to podcasts or listening to books, because if you're in that mindset of it's always me, I'm never going to be that somebody else or it's always been this way, then it will always be that way for you.

Reading is important, and I want to share it with you, whether you just watch here online, and you take a little nugget, or you're going through the book at your own pace. I didn't get to where I am today, overnight.

I've been reading since forever, I've loved reading. I haven't read more self development books or things that fuel my mind, since I've been an adult. In high school, I read a lot of like mystery books, but I've always had a love of reading. I say all that because you don't have to be on the last chapter. You don't have to even be on this book, maybe you're still going through the Miracle Morning, which we went through in the beginning of June. I want you to work at this at your own pace, but I want you to just tune in here, maybe for accountability. Maybe one book resonates with you, another book doesn't... I never want this to make you feel like you can't keep up or you are not good enough, or it's just another thing you can't do. So With all of that said, how is your morning? Do you feel like you've been able to create a habit, or a new system to help you get to where you want to go.

All I want to say is chapter twenty is a pretty basic understanding of the downside of creating good habits.
You have to have awareness in your life

Remember this book is about science, data, experiments of what's working and then stories and then he gives you an action. And I'm going to give you the basic overview of this chapter. He says, when you create habits and systems, sometimes you go on autopilot. And you've got some good systems going and then we don't think about it. Here's what you want to do with anything in life, you want to go back to what you've been doing, whether it's six months or a year, and review the new habits and the new systems that you put in place. This is to make sure that what you're doing is right, having an awareness or you don't get on to these good systems and habits and you don't review what you've been doing, and feel like you could push a little bit more. So he basically just says "You stop thinking about the habits that you do"... And so you just get into autopilot, it's not bad, but could you do more, or could you do better or should you switch things up? And so he tells lots of stories. He talks about mastery he says "Each habit unlocks the next level of your performance"...

So creating systems and habits should be like an endless process of learning and growing.

He says at the end of every year, you know how most people we get to the beginning or at the end of the year, and we think about the new habits that we want to create or we think about the new year's resolutions. But what if you work on those, and you didn't stop in February, but even today you pick something new like I want to drink more water, I want to work out, I want to eat healthier, I want to play with my kids, or I want to go on a date with my spouse once a week. Whatever it is that you're working on, he said instead of recreating those new ones, what if we reflect back on this year... What if you reflect back on June, and here's what I did, here's the awareness that I have, here's where I want to go. And at the end of this year, if you focus on all of these action steps you can say I created these new systems, I created these new habits, where could I make them better, or how did it go? So he basically just gives you questions to ask yourself... "What went well, this year, what didn't go well, this year, and what did I learn? And then he also says he does this every six month, it's an integrity check in

"What are the core values that drive my life and work? How, how am I living and working with integrity right now, and how can I set higher standards in the future?"...
We should always try to be better

It's this constant pursuit of better. I look at reading, reflecting or being aware of what we're doing and then asking what could I do better, or what could I change up to make it? If it's not working, what do I need to pivot? And so I think oftentimes, you can go, I'm thankful, I don't want to not be thankful, I don't want to not pursue. There's this like ebb and flow of like, I want to be grateful, but I want to be better.

Being better isn't bad, it's just not being arrogant, it's not being entitled, but where can I be better and show up better for myself and for my family, and for my employees and for my spouse.

So basically, he's just saying, I want you to have an awareness of what you're doing. I want you to go back to the book and create habits, and I want you to reflect whether it's monthly, six months, or a year of what's working, and how can I pivot to make it better. That's it, so that's the book.

And even if you're on chapter four, chapter three, or you have to go back to the first chapter, work through it and implement, the key is taking action. The secret to any of this reading, is to have an awareness of what you're doing, and then put action to what they're telling you to do.

I'm going to go through the conclusion for the rest of this week, and just review the basic steps so you can continue to tune in. But we finished the book, we went through it pretty quickly. If there's anything that you took out of this book, or the book in June, in April, or May, is the simple fact of I'm going to have an awareness of what I'm doing every single day, is it helping or hurting? That's it not to mess up good for perfect, or not to do anything because it's not perfect. But is this one action step helping me, like is going to the gym helping, or is getting up early to read and renew my mindset helping? Yes. Is hitting the alarm clock, three times, helping? No, it's hurting. Is always driving past the donut shop helping or hurting?... It's just the awareness, and then taking one thing at a time and putting it into play. So if you've not read the book, it's an incredible book, continue to tune in for the next few days.

"The Traveler's Gift" by Andy Andrews
On Monday, we are going to talk about this "The Travelers Gift" by Andy Andrews. I went through chapters one, two and three, because chapter Three is where you're going to start getting the awareness.

And so if you can make it through this, I'm going to go through chapters one through three on Monday. You don't have to follow along to a tee if you want to tune in. I will tell you the basic understanding of the three chapters, and then I've had a lot of people ask "What are we reading, or What are we reading in August, in September and October?"... I want help from you, I have a ton of books that I could read. I have lots and lots I could share, and I'm going to share a couple of them. But if somebody was forcing you to read or maybe I'm forcing you to do it, what kind of books would you like to read through? I'm going to share with you some that I have read and I would love to go back through.

I will tell you a lot of the books that I read, they're always self development books. A lot of them have a biblical aspect to them, and they're incredible. There is a book called "Winning the war in your mind" by Craig Rochelle, he's a pastor in Oklahoma. My husband actually used to work at that church for five years, it's called Life Church. Here's one of my all time favorite books, it's called "The last arrow". So what we can do is we can go through a book that's more like "Atomic Habits". We can go through a book that's more systematic, I can look for something that's like this book, or you can go through a book that is all about perspective. So we're going to go through "The Traveler's Gift", for the rest of the month. It's storytelling, perspective wise to make you think about your life. So there's two different ways that we can go. "The last arrow" is incredible, I think I've read it probably twenty five times, and I would read it again.

These are a list of my favorite books

I would love for everybody to go through this book, but this one's really hard to find. It's not in print anymore, it's called "The Pursuit". This one, I'd have to read this to you, so maybe we could do this one together. This is another book by Andy Andrews, it's called "The Noticer"... and then this one, it's not what you think, and it's going to help you with everything in your life. Whether it's business relationships, and I didn't read it because I didn't love the title. And then our CEO said, you need to read the book. So it's called "Think and Grow Rich", it's incredible.

So I would just love to know, is there a book that maybe you have in your Amazon cart? Is there something that you've been wanting to read? What are you hoping to get out of watching in the mornings? Do you prefer just to watch or do you actually want to read along? There's no shortage of books that I could walk you through. But these are just some of them. If there's one that you feel looks great, we should do that in August. I would love just to hear below.

If you have a book that you want to go back through, we haven't made it all the way through post and I'd love to look at it.

Maybe that's the one that we'll do, but I hope you're enjoying it. I hope it's helping you grow your mindset, your awareness for things in life. We finished the book, and I'll continue to wrap this up until Monday. So anyways, I hope it's helpful. I hope you guys have an incredible day. That's it, and then maybe I'll do a little poll on my stories about some books that we should go through and see what everybody votes. Go check the polls, go vote. Otherwise, I will see you back here tomorrow. I would love to know your biggest takeaways. We are starting on Monday, every day every time you're watching live or the replay the next day. Well, I don't know if we'll do, but we're going to give away mom fuel. So we're going to give away this as people check in and share their takeaways. I hope that you tune in.

I hope you guys have an incredible day. I'll let you go, and we'll talk to you soon.

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