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Thirsty Thursday - All about Ketones and My Mom Fuel | Keto Mom

Updated: Mar 10, 2022

Keto Mom here!

But the Ketones give me the energy, the focus, the appetite control, the fat loss, the better mood, helping with sleep, and so it's incredible. But I'm not just going to hand you a packet to try and then leave you alone. I'm going to help you with your food, are you moving your body, drinking enough water. We're going to talk back and forth the entire time you're trialing it.

Points to Ponder:

00:32 Keto NAT

00:43 Our Keto history

01:22 My first Ketones

02:54 Why drink Ketones

03:37 Changing people's lives

04:20 Naturally fermented Ketone

04:57 Benefits of drinking Ketones

05:50 Your goals

06:14 I'm here to coach you

06:28 Trial pack

06:58 My first year of Drinking Ketones

07:31 How many should I drink

08:42 Keto Academy

11:13 Welcome to Keto Mom Page

Full Episode Transcript

Good morning! I hope you're having a good day. Welcome to the Keto Mom page, as promised, I am coming on here solely to talk about Ketones and drinking Ketones. I call them my Mom Fuel... "Why I drink them, what they are, how to use them". So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? I just did a Q&A, all about the Keto diet. All of the Keto questions yesterday, go check that live out. But today, this is what we're talking about, we're talking about Keto NAT, it's a naturally fermented ketone. I'm going to keep it pretty short and sweet and I'm going to show you what I'm doing.

This is Keto NAT, a.k.a My Mom Fuel

My husband started the diet eight years ago, and I remember watching him and I'm like "What are you doing?". I used to live off bread, pasta, potatoes and I said "You know what? That's awesome, why don't you do that?".

We have four girls, they were all babies at the time and it seems super overwhelming, so I did not join him.

I joined him one day, when he found something online. I had no idea that you could drink ketones, no idea. So he said "Stephanie, I want you to drink this". And I said "I don't really want to, but I will drink it to support my husband". And so I took the packet reluctantly, and I said, "Okay, I'll drink a packet. I'll try it, but babe, I probably won't like it". And I wasn't looking for anything, I'm an optimistic person. I've got energy, I always needed a nap every single day at two thirty or three, but I thought that was to be expected, I'm a mom. We've got four girls. So I remember taking this little packet, I went away to a homeschool conference that day.

My first Ketones, it was amazing!

And I shook it up, I'm going to show you what I did. I took it, I put it in a water bottle. I shook it up, and I drank it. I kept sneaking into the bathroom. I was peeing on these little strips. Which the pee strips are not accurate, but they give you peace of mind of Ketones in your system. And I was like, "Okay, the pee strip is purple".

And I went throughout the day and about two thirty or three, when I normally would hit a wall, I didn't hit a wall. And I snuck away to the bathroom and said, every other mom looks like they're falling asleep, but I feel incredible.

And I said "I don't know what these ketones are, but you better make sure you've got some more for me when I went home". Fast forward six years, people go "Why do you drink Ketones if your body can make them?". I love to say I drink them, because they're an incredible fuel source, not a magic pill. So as I'm talking and as I'm sharing more with you... If you want to know more about the trial that we have, I'll walk you through it. Post three in the comments if you want to know more, I'm going to show you some fun videos that explain what it is. But I'm going to tell you my story... Because I drank the product, I felt incredible.

And I remember my husband saying "Stephanie, if this works"... because he'd been doing the diet for two years prior. He goes "If the product actually works, and it's good for you, and it actually puts Ketones in your system. It's going to change thousands of people's lives for the rest of their lives".
Ketones changed our Lives

And so we have the opportunity to get to know more about Ketones, I drink them every day. I call it my Mom Fuel, they tastes incredible, we're going to start so good. But I want you to understand something because people usually say your body can make Ketones. Yes it can, you don't have to live off pots of coffee, or a Keto energy drink. Most people are using something to feel better. Not all Ketones are created equal. We have the only naturally fermented Ketone on the market that legitimately matches what your body creates.

You can do a Keto diet, and you can drink them alongside of it, and it will help amplify what you're doing.

That was my husband, he would test his blood, and his Ketones would go from a 1.2. He couldn't get them higher than that to like a 2.5, he would just feel better. Or maybe you want to do low carb, maybe your body isn't making Ketones for whatever reason. Maybe you don't want to be strict but you want the Ketones. Once you drink these, you've got them in your system and then your body goes I've got ketones what do I use them for. Here are the benefits... Energy, I was cleaning and scrubbing my house last night, dusting at ten thirty, I had worked out prior that morning at six A.M. I had life in between with our girls and homeschooling and everything else, and I feel amazing.

It doesn't give you a high energy but it's a long sustained energy all day. It's not a magic pill, it is a helper. The energy is unbelievable, I will never go a day without drinking it. The focus to homeschool my girls, it helps with fat loss, I was able to lose the last 10 pounds of baby weight years ago. And now I'm working on building muscle, It helps athletic performance. Or somebody who's sitting at the office that really doesn't move a lot, it helps with their mindset and appetite control, to not grab all the snacks in the office. The benefits are incredible, and then you can choose to eat how you want to eat. If you're looking for a large amount of fat loss, I would encourage you to eat Keto or low carb. If your goal is to gain muscle, you're going to eat a little bit different. I've got people that are vegan and whole thirty and just eating better.

You can start from here, our trial pack
But the Ketones give them the energy, the focus, the appetite control, the fat loss, the better mood, helping with sleep, and so it's incredible. But I'm not just going to hand you a packet to try and then leave you alone. I'm going to help you with your food, are you moving your body, drinking enough water. We're going to talk back and forth the entire time you're trialing it.

So this is what it looks like, and it is a three pack and there's instructions in it. You get to try three variety of flavors, to give it a shot. And all you're going to do with this is, you are going to test your energy, your focus and your appetite control. And then we're going to talk about Ketones long term "What do they do with fat loss, how do they work, how you can drink them every single day?". People usually ask "Do you drink one or two a day?". For the first year, I drank one packet. So I get up in the morning, I ate bacon and eggs or sausage and eggs or just sausage in the morning, because I didn't intermittent fast back then, this was six years ago. I would drink my pocket at about ten thirty in the morning, and I'd feel great all day. But I didn't work out, I was a mom of babies back then.

So about a year later, I was like "I probably could join a gym". So I started working out, I got up really early. So now I drink one early in the morning at like five thirty, and then I drink another one at like one or two. It's up to you, you can do one a day, you can do two a day. You can eat Keto, you don't have to eat Keto. I will help you on your journey, it's incredible. But this is what I drink every day, if you are going "You don't have to drink Ketones"...

You don't have to drink ketones, but they're helpful for me, and the fact that I've been drinking them six years is incredible. And I will never not drink them. I'm not a coffee drinker, I'm not an energy drinker, I love the product, it's my helper, I call it my Mom Fuel.

It gives me sustainable energy everyday

I tell everybody I just feel good. So whatever you're drinking, think about is it working for you? Does it give you a high and then a crash, that's not what this does. So it's pretty incredible, post three in the comments, I'm going to send some videos for you to watch and we're going to chat. Lastly, coming up very soon, for those of you who were "You drink ketones everyday and you fast?". We have a super cool 24 hour fast, what I love about the company and the product is we lead with education.

Which by the way, this is super important, some of you really want to know the science behind this. And so we have an awesome virtual event coming up called Keto Academy. And it's a three day event, but it starts in the evening. You'll already be home from work, it's a couple hours, and you get to hear from doctors and scientists all over the world. And you can tune in, it's a $37 ticket, it's a three day virtual event that you can tune in and you can learn what Ketones are, how they're made, what they do in the body. Very detailed, it's incredible, and these people give their lives to Ketone research. If you want that information, if you want to join me for the event, just post "Event" in the comments and I'll get you some information about the ticket. It will be unbelievable. What I love about this company (Pruvit) is most people go it's a product, she's selling one of those things... And I want to say "You know what, the company is different.

They actually do research all the time on what makes it most effective. How do we make it better, how do we make it last longer".

Let's all join the Keto Academy

The taste is incredible, but we lead with education, the company does and I love that they're always pouring into us, to help us understand more about Ketones. And everything else, we have some supportive products to a low carb or Keto lifestyle. Whether it's electrolytes, they educate us on the power of Fasting, which they'll talk about in that Keto Academy event.

Why you fast and what it does for your body. I love everything, they use crazy words like metabolic reset, and mitochondria.

And I've learned things over the years. I actually could talk a lot more science than you think, I just don't like to, because I don't have to be the expert. I am the mom that drinks Ketones, that feels incredible, and I get to share it with you.

And so if you want to just know about the product, post three in the comments. If you want to follow me for food, and recipes and tips and tricks, stay on the page. I'm here to help you with all of those, every single day. If you decide to grab the Ketones, I want you to private message me and you and I are going to chat about what it looks like and your own goals and how to drink them, and how to use them most effectively. And then if you want to join me for the event, it is going to be May 16th, 17th and 18th. That's going to be in the evenings, it starts at 6 P.M. Eastern, and you and I are going to watch the event together on a LIVE zoom, it's going to be amazing. So wherever you want to join me, I would say get in where you fit in. That means Welcome to the Keto Mom page, grab some recipes, love the recipes. Tune in, I'm here to help. Grab some Ketones, I love them. Join me for the event, I'd love to see you there or just ask any questions that you have. So I'm going to keep it pretty short and sweet. All of my girls just woke up, and so we're going to have a great day. Wherever you're at, I am here to help.

It is about to get really loud in here between dogs and kids. We've got curlers in hair, we're going to have an incredible day. I think we're going to go fishing. If you follow me on Instagram, watch my stories, you might see us catch a big fish. Otherwise, that's it. So have a great day, I really want you to ask me any questions that you have because these have changed my life and I have so much to share.

So have a great day and we'll talk to you soon.

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