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After a 60 hour REBOOT - Quick Keto Lunch Tips | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

We're going to talk about just a couple quick lunch tips for you, whether you just came off the reboot, whether you're eating keto or low carb...if you're not hungry you don't have to force yourself to eat. The tip is this, grab the smaller plate instead of a larger plate... If you're going out to eat, take the buns off the burgers the croutons off the salad or grab a lettuce wrap.

Points to Ponder

00:51 Do I have to eat if I'm not hungry

01:37 If you're not hungry don't eat

02:25 Portion control

02:55 Drink plenty of water (Quick tips)

03:36 Grab a smaller plate

04:09 Big plate VS. Small plate

05:18 Tips when eating out

05:54 Keeping prepped meals at the office

06:12 Ordering salads

06:47 Drink water and Ketones

07:44 Food is Fuel

07:57 Rotate your meals

08:23 Enjoy your food and keep going

09:06 Feeding project in the community

09:19 Teach your children to give back

Full Episode Transcript

Hey, everybody! Hope you're having an absolutely amazing afternoon. I'm going to pop on here and we're going to talk about two things. What do I do if I'm not hungry, do I still eat? And we're going to talk about just a couple quick lunch tips for you, because that's a lot of questions that people have been asking.

"Don't Eat if you are not hungry"

So if you did the reboot, and you finished the reboot and you're feeling great, Congratulations and that's awesome! There are so many people that have been sending messages in and I love seeing them. And so I've been posting some fun little snippets of what people are saying about the Sixty hour Keto reboot over on the Keto mom online Instagram, just on the stories if you want to read them. So really quick, a couple tips for lunch... First of all, what are you having for lunch? We finished up the Keto reboot, and so I had some eggs and sausage this morning. But the question was asked a lot this morning, and the question was... "Do I have to eat if I'm not hungry?". What's different about eating low carb or Keto, coming out of the Sixty hour Keto reboot is this...

You might not be hungry, and you don't ever want to force yourself to eat.

And that's where a lot of people get into this, like "Hey, I've reached a plateau where I don't see the fat loss that I want". Hi, everybody. I hope you guys are having a great day. Thanks for tuning in, where are you tuning in from. We're in Minnesota, it's actually really nice here. So it's beautiful outside the snows kind of melting, but it's like a perfect winter day. And so I just wanted to come on here real quick and give you a couple tips. Whether you just came off the reboot, whether you're eating keto or low carb... you might hear my daughter singing in the background, we're on recess lunch break from school.

So a couple things, if you're not hungry you don't have to force yourself to eat. A lot of people have this mindset of, "I have to eat six meals a day, every two hours. I've got to get my metabolism up". You hear that all the time but when people are transitioning into eating low carb Keto, or whatever it is for you after the reboot, they feel like I've got to eat. Here's the deal, we've been so ingrained on eating every two hours. Or we have this picture of what food needs to look like for us, and it's the portion size, right? So when you go out to eat, which a lot of people do over the lunchtime, we're going to talk about a couple ideas of what to keep in mind when you're out for lunch with your co workers or you're grabbing something quick while you're going back to work. (Annie, Annie sing in a whisper) It's beautiful, she's playing Babies right over there.

"Portion control is super helpful"

So we have this massive plate, and if you have a massive plate or if you're going out to eat, we're so used to eating massive portions that we just feel like we either need to want to eat a lot, or we need more food.

But in reality after coming off of a reboot, your stomach is going to be a little bit more shrunk, you're not going to have to eat if you're not hungry.

I've had people finish the sixty hours wake up today and go I'm not hungry, "I don't want to eat". So they wait until lunchtime or supper time tonight, your body will tell you when you're hungry. And so I would say drink plenty of water, eat when you're hungry and if you're tracking your food, here's a really quick tip, a lot of people will track their fats and their proteins and their carbs. And they'll get to the end of the day, maybe tonight and they'll go, "Oh my goodness, I didn't reach my fat content, I need to eat more" and they'll start stuffing their face with fat bombs. That is a great way to get yourself to where you're not going to see the fat loss that you want, and that's a great way to get where you're going to stay here and not go to here.

Don't eat if you're not hungry, don't shove your face full of fat bombs if you're not hungry, listen to your body and see what it's saying.

I would say a really quick tip if you're eating at home or eating at somebody's house, if you're at the office is to grab a smaller plate.

And I'm super self conscious about my nails right now, I never paint my nails. And then people keep saying "Hey you should". It's so funny, the things that people pick out side note, I'm going to take this off. Mom life but also I don't have any fingernail polish remover, but I notice it all the time when I'm talking to you so imperfect nails. So anyways, I know super silly but I honestly hear about it, people messaged me and they're like, "You should redo your nails", it's not funny.

"Which One should You choose?"

So let's compare, we're gonna talk about plate sizes. When you grab a big plate, you fill the big plate. But you'll realize if you grab this (smaller plate), you won't grab as much, you don't eat as fast you won't eat as much. And then if you want second helpings, you can always go back. I mean crazy idea, right? You can always go back and grab more if you're truly hungry, but I think that you'll find that we don't need as big a portions as we're used to having. So we really use these smaller plates all the time, for lunch the girls are having some leftovers.

We've got leftover tacos, we've got leftover crack chicken that we've been eating so I had some of that from what the girl's had last night. And I just put a small amount in here and I've been kind of munching on it. I wasn't super hungry, but I just had a little bit, I had a little bit more than this but I ate some of it. But it made me realize how much the portion size really plays into effect, because you don't dish yourself up as much and when you eat it all you'll go "Oh I'm actually not hungry". I wonder if the Opie's leaving, there's Amazon boxes here my husband loves Amazon prime. So anyways the tip is this, grabbing smaller plate instead of a larger plate.

If you're out to eat here's the deal, and I always keep this in mind if you are trying to transition into eating this way or if you're constantly on the go say this to yourself take the buns off the burgers the croutons off the salad or grab a lettuce wrap.

All three of those things you should be able to find wherever you go, so grab a burger instead of grabbing the fries grab some vegetables, I promise the burger tastes better that way anyways. If you're out with some co workers there should be a place where you can grab a lettuce wrap or ask for it to be in a lettuce wrap. Grab a burger ask for the lettuce instead of the bun, just vegetables or just take off the fries just don't get them.

"You can always rotate your meals"

You can always keep stuff at the office too, if you've got a fridge... phenomenal. I tell people

"If you've got a fridge accessible for you prep on a Sunday and bring yourself some pickles and some deli meat some hard boiled eggs like leftovers from home and you're set".

Or if you're ordering a salad here's a couple tips for you, the Caesar salads are great, I always say I order a Caesar salad with the dressing on the side. Take the croutons off, I usually add bacon and avocado to it and some chicken or salmon. So don't mess up good for perfect. If you were eating out to eat, there are some better options, the dressing might not be perfect but it is a better option than grabbing a French fry and a burger and a bun.

I hope that's making sense, so I said there's Good, Better and Best.

If you're going out to eat you either choose the best option you can or you're going to take a big nosedive because you're going to stuff your face with fries. So I hope that's helpful I wanted to give you a couple Quick tips, for all of you who did the reboot I know you're feeling amazing. Some of you were like "I'm not hungry", don't eat if you're not hungry you'll be just fine, drink a lot of water. So I finished my Ketones this morning and then I always make myself drink one or two of these before I have another one because I usually drink two Keto max every day. So I drink another one or two because I love it and it helps push me through the rest of my day. And then grab smaller portion sizes or if you're going out to eat buns off burgers croutons off the salad grab a lettuce wrap. I hope that's helpful, "What are you doing for lunch today?". Share below, people love to see other people's choices because it gives them ideas.

"Don't forget your water or Ketones"

And then also know that a tip for lunches... it is okay to bring your lunch to work you have to prep a little bit, but also you don't need seven, eight, nine different ideas.

It'll be okay and I promise you will survive if you rotate like three or four different ideas throughout your week.

Some people go "I'm bored", look at Food as Fuel. If your goal is to feel better, to look better, to be better in 2019 you have to get over this fact of like "I need thirty different meal options". You actually really don't, and if you look at food as fuel, and you find some of your favorite meals... Maybe tonight I'll go over some of our favorite meals that I think that we'll probably just start rotating on a regular basis during this Winter Fall, Fall Winter season. They're warm like crock pot meals, soups different things like that that are super easy to make and I never think about when is the last time I ate this. I think about today I'm feeling my body, I love this burger, I love this crack chicken, or I love the tacos on my lettuce wrap, it doesn't matter what it is enjoy the food and keep going.

Okay I hope you guys have a great day, share below what you were having for lunch because again people love to see different ideas so they can have their own ideas. And I think that's it, so we're going to go finish lunch at our house and then we're going to go finish school and then "Do know what we're doing?". Really quick, we are really trying to get involved in any community locally, and we started this in the Bahamas with Pruvit.

We actually went out and we teamed up with hands for hunger in the Bahamas last week and we went and got groceries and helped feed people on the island

and I thought "We're in Minnesota and every place you go there is either going to be a soup kitchen there is going to be a food shelf or plate that need to be stocked" and so the girls had said "Why don't we do that in the town that we live in". So today with a couple of our friends we're going grocery shopping and we called our food shelf here in our local area and said "What do you need?".

And so the girls are going to go pick out canned foods and personal items and so I would say this to you, if you want to teach your children how to give back, if you want to teach your children that there are other people even in your local community that are not as fortunate as you are. Take them, go to the grocery store give them the money or have them help them pick out and say "Hey these are the list of things that we need" and then go deliver them. So that's what we're doing today and so the girls are super excited, we're super fortunate, we're super blessed and there's a lot of people around us that need it. Especially during this holiday season I would challenge you to do the same.

So have a great day, have a good afternoon enjoy your lunch and we'll talk to you soon

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