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Your 1% Factor (Your Divine Fingerprint by Pastor Keith Craft)

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

    "So your greatness is your it factor. It's your 1%. What sets you apart is the greatness that you possess, which makes you more valuable to anyone and everyone around you with everything that you are". ~Keith Craft 

Welcome to the Keto Mom page, my name is Stephanie Mielke. We're going through "Your Divine Fingerprint" by Pastor Keith Craft.


We're going to be talking about your 1% factor, what makes you great, or the gifts and talents that you have to offer to other people. What is it that you value?

We're going to go through this book pretty slowly because I've realized that I need to take things slower. You can always go to and click on Book Club for any books we've done in the past or this book we're currently doing right now. We keep uploading them on our website, and we share them on Instagram (Ketomomsecrets), Facebook (Keto Mom), and YouTube (Keto Mom). We also have a podcast called (ketomomsecrets).

I'm going to give you one thing to think about today, as we go through this book. We're at the beginning of chapter 2 and I'm going to give you the highlights. The book is all about your divine fingerprint.

𝗬𝗼𝘂 𝗮𝗿𝗲 𝗺𝗮𝗱𝗲 𝗳𝗼𝗿 𝗴𝗿𝗲𝗮𝘁𝗻𝗲𝘀𝘀.

What makes you, you?

What do you have to offer to other people?

What are your gifts, talents, and values?

"I want you to Think, Be, Do".

He's talking about your mindset, developing your gifts and talents, and taking action. Yesterday, I talked about the power of knowing what to do or having the awareness and the discipline to take the action. I love this book because it's going to help develop even more of who you are, or who you are called to be.

"I hope to help you discover who you are, why you are how you are, why you are sometimes a particular way versus another way, and how you can begin to shape the future that you want. Because as you think, as you be, and as you do, in all areas of your life, your uniqueness, your 1% factor will become clear".

So oftentimes people will ask, "How does my mindset help? What does it have to do with my fat loss?"... There's actually more to your life than just fat loss. You have your own unique fingerprint, you have greatness inside of you, and you have gifts and talents that the world needs. You are created on purpose, for purpose, to affect the people around you.

You are great!

Maybe nobody has told you how great you are, or you haven't had anybody in your life talk to you in a positive way, or encourage you...

  • These are the gifts I see in you.

  • These are the things that you have to offer.

  • You have value.

This book is to help you realize there's more to life than what you actually realize. There's more to life than just existing, getting up, going to work, eating some food, and going to bed.

You're not here by accident.

"Some people get hung up on this thought of having greatness".

If you physically don't believe that you have greatness inside of you, the rest of the book isn't going to make sense. You have to have this realization that you have something to offer. You have things you're excited about, and you have value to add.

You might not have people in your life right now that encourage you in that, but like it or not you have to decide if you're going to accept that thought and take action on that. It's all up to you, it's your choices, thought process, or mindset.

Regardless if other people in your sphere of influence believe that or not, I need you to believe it.

"Some people get hung up on the thought of having greatness. But being unique also means that you have value. What value do I bring to anything that I value?"

"The more value you bring to your job, the greater your role. The greater your role, the more valuable you are. The more value you bring to a relationship, the greater the relationship will be. So in the end, value breeds greatness, and greatness breeds value".

"So your greatness is your it factor. It's your 1%. What sets you apart is the greatness that you possess, which makes you more valuable to anyone and everyone around you with everything that you are".

Some of you've got this. You know what you are great at. Just like my sister, she knows that she's great. She knows the things that she's good at, and she operates at a high level in those spots. She's incredible at fashion, incredible at seeing things and making them beautiful. She's unbelievable with redoing my whole house in her mind.

Well, those are my weaknesses. But I do have greatness. I'm incredible at hosting and I love to encourage people. I actually love talking to people and sharing about mindset, reading, and other people's greatness.

I've positioned myself in that spot. I also feel like I'm a great parent to teens. I love giving insights about how to help raise teenagers, specifically girls. I love to talk about anything that has to do with your spiritual growth and parenting. I really think that my husband and I have a great marriage.

𝗪𝗵𝗮𝘁 𝗶𝘀 𝘆𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗽𝗮𝘀𝘀𝗶𝗼𝗻 𝗶𝗻 𝗹𝗶𝗳𝗲?

Those are the things that I have a burning desire to talk about. What is something that you want to learn more about it, or a burning desire in you? Your 1% factor is the things that make you happy.

I sat at the top of the hallway that overlooked our main rooms. Our house has had at least 20 people in it every day for this last week. And while it can be a little stressful, we have all been very adaptable.

This may have not started out exactly how I wanted our year to start, but I sat up there for a second the other day, looked over, and said, "Lord, thank you that we get to do this. Thank you that makes me happy that we can bring people together, and they can sit at a home where it's peaceful. We can feed them, add value to them, ask questions, and encourage them.

I know you have your own 1% factor, and there are things that are in you that people need. But first, you need to believe that there's greatness inside of you. Even if it's 1% believing that you can add value to people's lives.

Look at yourself in the mirror today and say...

  • I do have value to add.

  • I have greatness inside of me.

  • I believe that I am great.

It's not arrogant to say that because you will have to work through it. And as you work on your mindset, you will eventually feel confident to say those words... Some people might say that's arrogant, but I would say no. It's actually something you've worked on for a long time. It's realizing that you have value and greatness to add to other people, and they have the same to add to you.

It's not arrogance! Why in the world do we feel like that? Why can't we all operate in our gifts and talents, encourage each other, and be happy for each other?

I'll tell you why, because we have this selfish mentality. I learned an important word from Jay Shetty. He said, "It's interesting in America that you don't have a word that expresses outwardly to somebody that you're solely so happy for them". The word is "MUDITA"... I'm looking at my sister and I feel true "Mudita" or true (100%) joy. I'm looking at her without any jealousy, but instead, I feel true joy, encouragement, excitement, and an outward expression of how incredible she is.

Understand your greatness and operate in your greatness. That is your 1% factor, you have to realize the value of the gifts that you have, and operate on that. When you do, other people should be watching you with "Mudita" or pure joy.

My husband asked my sister if she can just redecorate our whole house for us, and I wasn't offended. It's not my gift. Sure I could work on it, but why work on something that really strains my brain so much when I could just lean on somebody that's incredible at it?

That's my sister's gift, her 1% factor, the value she has to offer the world. You have the same, you just have to get in and figure it out.

So today, I want you to tell yourself that you're great. Start writing things down and journaling the things that are in your heart so you don't forget and you can look back and start remembering. So start writing things down that are in your heart, the things that you're excited about, and what brings you joy.

Look at other people's gifts too, and have true "Mudita" for them and the value they have to offer you and the world. I love this topic and I love the word "Mudita"... The word is incredible because as soon as you can value other people with that sense of excitement and honor, you can then teach them to do the same and they'll do it for you too.

So for today, start looking at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself "I am great". You were created by greatness for greatness.

I want you to get out of your comfort zone. We're going to do this together and I will do my very best to help you. I hope you guys have an incredible day. I truly appreciate you, your presence matters. Bye, everybody!

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