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When you are about to Give up | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

On top of everything, this should be the time that you can go, "You know what I'm going to work on my health, and I'm going to work on being the best version of me". But it's not perfect, because if you go for perfection, that only lasts so long. That will last you a short amount of time until you get to where you want to go or until you get fed up or emotional or something happens and somebody yells at you because you were eating that Keto snack that has a teeny bit of cane sugar in it.

Points to Ponder

00:19 I Quit

01:06 Don't mess up good for perfect

02:25 This takes time

03:01 Eating the best that you can

03:45 Better Options

05:25 Choose better with snacks, food & your life

05:51 Best version of yourself

05:54 Nothing's perfect

06:06 Getting fed up

06:49 Flip it over

06:54 Portion Control

07:07 Nuts

07:41 Don't get frustrated

08:03 Don't eat of you're not hungry

09:20 Simple meals when you're having guests

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody! I hope you're having a great day, I'm sitting outside of my children's ballet class and I'm going to give you a super short LIVE of just something to think about. As I've had some conversations today about a handful of people just throwing up their hands going, "I quit". Makes me so sad, but the conversations today have been around "I'm quitting, this is too hard". Bear with me I'm gonna walk you through how long they've been doing it, or the conversation around the most recent post that I shared with you about the keto snack and there's some cane sugar in it.

Never Mess up Good for Perfect

And we're gonna talk about perfection for a second, so this isn't going to be a long LIVE. Hop on, where are you tuning in from, how are you doing, how is your week? And I just want to give you one little nugget to think about, the nugget is simply this... "Don't mess up good for perfect".

First of all my name is Stephanie, if you're brand new I am a mom, I have four girls. If you are new, I would love to meet you post "New" below, and I'm not a fluffer what that means to me is I'm very much a "Get to the point, I'm going to tell you as it is, I'm going to tell you what I think hopefully it's correct". I'm not a feel good person, I don't feel like that at least... If you ask me a question, I'm going to give you a straightforward answer. If you don't ask me a question, I'm going to give you a straightforward answer. Sometimes that works great for me, sometimes it does not.

But I want to give you a phrase to think about and the phrase is "Don't mess up good for perfect". And what I mean by that is this, one of the messages out of many that I get on a daily basis was, "Hey it's been day two, I feel like crap, I'm gonna quit. This isn't for me". Day two, I often get "Hey, it's been two weeks, I've been doing this for a month, I haven't seen the scale move, I'm going to quit".

And I just want to give you an understanding of something, first of all... Remember, you did not get to where you are today, overnight, in two days, in four weeks, so it takes time.

We talk about that all the time, but I just want to give you an understanding of when you're trying to be perfect in everything that you do, in your food, making sure it is 100% strict keto which I commend you if you do that. Please hear me on this, there are some people that will eat a very strict keto diet period, no ounce of anything, and that's awesome.

Always choose the better option
A majority of people that I'm working with are eating the best they can... Buns off burgers, croutons off the salad, they're grabbing a lettuce wrap, they're drinking more water, they're going for walks.

They're flipping it out, they're flipping over whatever they have, they're looking at the ingredients and they're going, "Four carbs or not a lot of sugar". They're choosing the best they can, so I just want to give somebody a peace of mind that if somebody chooses to have something like the snack that I shared earlier, these keto coconut things that are from Costco... Are they labeled Keto?