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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 8) "Get off the Scale": | Keto Mom

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Keto Mom here!

Tell yourself Food is Fuel, my scale is not the defining factor of what's going on. I've got inches lost, which means there's fat loss. I'm going to keep going, I'm going to consistently keep going. I'm going to give this a good amount of time because I did not get here overnight.

Points to Ponder:

00:20 Flavor of the day: Cotton Candy

01:58 What did you have for Lunch?

02:39 Recap on Flavors

03:10 All about Ketones

03:42 Women lack protein

04:17 I Drink Ketones

05:03 Trial Packs

05:32 All about Cotton Candy

06:16 Benefits of Ketones

06:41 Tip of the day: Get off the Scale

08:09 Awareness

09:00 Things to Pay Attention to

10:51 Make Better Choices

11:05 Things Women have to Deal with

12:11 Keto Lifestyle

12:42 Some more Keto Tips

13:03 Food is Fuel

Full Episode Transcript

Welcome to the Keto Mom page! Time for your two o'clock tasting and your Keto tip. It's a great day. All right! Welcome to the two o'clock tasting of a new flavor of my mom fuel. Today we're trying cotton candy. I'll shake this up for you, and today's tip is going to be all around fat loss and how to measure that. What does that look like? I will be real honest with you. I hear about this pesky little scale every single day. I do know, and I'm very well aware that this scale can bring great joy or it can bring a lot of tears. But this is not the only way that I want you to measure your success. Can this be helpful? 100%! Can this be harmful? 100%!. So your keto tip is going to be different ways to have measurable success, or to measure your health success.

Flavor of the day: Cotton Candy

Alright! So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? I have a shaker bottle today. My husband, when he shakes up his Ketones, he uses a huge bottle, like twenty four ounces. But I like it more sweet, so I shake it up in sixteen ounces. So I'm shaking up my mom fuel, and I want to know what did you have for lunch? If you follow me on my stories, my stories should be on Facebook and Instagram. Today we had some of those healthy noodles, those noodles that are not really noodles but they are from Costco and they're kind of slimy. I have two girls who wanted some butter noodles with some garlic so I just made some noodles. What did you have for lunch? I'd like to know, post it in the comments so everybody can get some ideas. What did you have, or maybe you haven't eaten yet? Maybe your omad and you eat one meal a day. All right!

So I'm shaking up my mom fuel, I drink this every day. I have, for the last six years and we've been trying lots of different flavors all month. We've tried "Berry Blue", "Kiwi", "Maui", and we've tried "Blueberry Acai"...

By the way I am a mom, if you don't know, we have four daughters and we homeschool by choice. We just got done with school, one is finishing up her I English right now, she'll be done soon. Our oldest one has a lot more school, she's still going, but the younger ones are done. So I have been drinking this for six years and I tell people I haven't taken an app in six years. I call it my mom fuel, but it's not just for moms. It's for dads and and everybody else because the product puts you in Ketosis. I need you to understand that your body can make Ketones if you do a Keto diet very strictly, for a certain period of time. Your body will make Ketones hopefully, but not everybody's does. You can also drink Ketones or you can do both. I drink them, I probably eat too much protein. But my goal isn't fat loss anymore. My goal is actually to build muscle. Most women actually don't eat enough protein, and I should probably talk about that sometime. But even on a Keto diet, you might hear women say "My hair's falling out"... What I have learned, by the way I'm not a doctor or a nutritionist by certificate. But I have learned from other doctors in the Keto space that women don't eat enough protein.

The scale is not the only measurement of Success
So I actually hammered on the protein, mainly because my goal is to build muscle. I don't care if my body is making Ketones consistently all the time itself, because I drink them. I feel great, I eat good foods, and I make good choices. I don't eat if I'm not hungry and I only drink Ketones and water.

My food isn't perfect, it's good and I have different goals. Now! If your goal is fat loss, it's different. Everybody's Keto diet looks different. If you are dealing with the hair loss, that's something we can talk about later. But I do know that one of the things that women don't get enough of, is protein. But protein cannot get you into Ketosis, that's just something to be aware of. So going back, I drink Ketones because it's a fuel source. Some of you drink lots of coffee or energy drinks, but I have been drinking Ketones for six years.

If you want a trial pack, if you want to know more, if you want to give it a shot of different flavors, post five in the comments for me. You can get them from me, I have trial packs, I want to give you some videos to learn from, and I actually want to connect with you personally. So if you message me or post five in the comments, I'm going to send you a direct message. I want to know your goals, where you're at, how's your food, what are you working towards, and are you tracking your food? We're going to chat, so post five in the comments... Today's flavor is cotton candy and you want to know something, who likes cotton candy, like actually the candy? I think it's the most disgusting thing in the whole world. I actually wasn't excited when they made this flavor, because I'm pretty much a routine girl. I will pick one flavor and drink it for the rest of my life. But I drink all of them because I like to share them with my customers, and I actually fell in love with this Cotton Candy flavor. It's super light! I love the flavors that they're making. So Cotton Candy is delicious, it tastes like a yummy, delicious, sweet treat and it's not overpowering. I think I don't like the gooeyness of the actual cotton candy, plus, it's not good for you.

Tip of the day: Get off the Scale

But this flavor is delicious, and it helps you with your energy, your focus, your fat loss, your better mood, and your sleep. You and I are going to talk about your goals, but Ketones is what I drink every day. And it helps me, it's not a magic pill, but it's a tool.

Now, this is what we're talking about right now real quick. Maybe you're on your lunch hour, or you've got a break. Maybe you're sneaking in watching me while you're supposed to be working, it's okay.

So the goal is "Get Off the Scale"...

What do I mean by that? I want to make sure that when you dive into eating keto, low carb or whatever you want to call it... That you are paying attention to inches lost, how your clothes are fitting, how you are feeling, and how does your brain feel as far as being alert and focused.

There's so many variables. So stepping on the scale is fine. If you step on the scale, do it once a week or even once every other week, because with fat loss you might not see the scale move for a little bit.

But if the scale doesn't move, it does not mean you're not losing fat. Because I've had countless number of people that will say "I took my inches and I've lost six inches here and four inches there. I can walk further, I feel better, and I'm sleeping better. But I'm so frustrated because the scale is not moving, so it's not working" And I have to say "It is working"... I need to give you a thought process. "Have you changed the way you eat?" Yes!, "Have you stopped going out to eat as much?" Yeah!, "Have you dropped some of the pop or the sugary drinks?" Yep!, "Are you working out, or moving your body?" Yeah!, "Have you stopped eating all the sugar cookies, the doughnuts and the snacks?" Yep!... "I've been eating the salads, and I've been doing the best I can"... So just by that awareness alone, or by being fully aware that you're eating better and you're fueling your body better. You've taken out some of the junk, added more water, and just by switching your foods, your body will like you more. Just taking a step back and going "Clearly I'm fueling my body, and I'm not overeating because I don't eat if I'm not hungry"... If you're saying you're not over eating good food. Women have to pay a little bit more attention to dairy than men because women can overdo dairy, which can cause you to feel bloated.

Pay attention to other variables that affect Fat loss
But if you have made a better decision, you're making better choices, started drinking more water and you're being conscious, I also need you to pay attention to measurements. Pay attention to things like are you sleeping better or when you work out, do you feel like you can lift heavier weights? Are you walking farther, do you play with your kids and you're not running out of breath? Do you feel like when you're at work, you're focused, or you're homeschooling your kids or whatever you're doing, your brain switch is turned on.

Food is Fuel, God or Bad... And so you might notice inches lost and your clothes fitting differently. You can walk further and ketones preserve muscle, so you're not losing muscle mass. Therefore, you can have your scale go up or down a couple pounds, in any given day. Inches loss is actually fat loss. And you will see the scale move, it will move, but it might not move in the exact time that you want it to... But if you've made better decisions, you're moving your body, and you are drinking more water, then don't get frustrated.

Common sense would say "It will work if I consistently put in the work over time. Because I did not get to where I am overnight"... You did not gain the fifty pounds overnight, and you're not gonna see it gone overnight.

You may have gained thirty pounds over the last year, I keep hearing people say "I've gained thirty pounds this year"... All right! What do you think it's going to take for you to lose it? Not in thirty days. I once heard a saying, it was like giving yourself so many months for every so many pounds. So just be aware, you made certain choices which got you to where you are today. Which means you've got to make better choices to get to where you want to go tomorrow. That's it! So the scale is not the defining factor. If you've made better choices, it will work over time and it will come off, you just have to keep going. I realize there are things that women have to deal with. There's hormones, and also some would say "I've been doing this for a year", "I've done all of the things like tracked everything perfectly. Yes, I feel better, but I'm not seeing the fat loss"...

This Keto diet, can turn into a Keto Lifestyle if you want it to

So then these are reasons to go in and see a doctor or a nutritionist. If you feel like you've been doing this for a really long time and and you're doing everything right, then it might be the right time to just go get a physical check up. I went and got my blood drawn, I think we did it two weeks ago. I just had them call me back this last week, and I wanted to see all the markers.

I said "Do the best blood panel that you can do"... The lady called me and she said "I think you're the healthiest person I've ever called to read back your blood panel". And I said "Yeah!"...

I am not perfect Keto., I do more low carb and usually more protein. Sometimes I'm more strict Keto, but a lot of the times I've made this a lifestyle where I'm drinking water, and eating more protein and veggies. Just making healthier choices and it's been six years. So for those who asked "Is this healthy, long term?"... Most people aren't going to be in Ketosis long term. People's bodies make Ketones, but it's not easy. And most people do it for medical reasons that do it for a long period of their life. But most people can make a low carb lifestyle, long term.

Making better choices. Don't mess up good for perfect. Do not eat if you're not hungry, move your body, and get your mindset right. It can work! It's great, you will feel great. Have you ever noticed sometimes when a person looks so healthy, you can see it in their skin. You can even see it the way they hold themselves. Food is Fuel. Tell yourself Food is Fuel, my scale is not the defining factor of what's going on. I've got inches lost, which means there's fat loss. I'm going to keep going, I'm going to consistently keep going. I'm going to give this a good amount of time because I did not get here overnight. All of those things you have to tell yourself. So that is your two o'clock tasting and your Keto tip. We tried mom fuel, Ketones, Cotton Candy. Otherwise, if you've got specific questions, send me a message. Reach out, I'd love to help you on your goals. The tip of the day was get off the scale. Pay attention to all those things that we already talked about, and I'm here to help.

So I hope you have an incredible afternoon, and I will talk to you soon. Bye, everybody!

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