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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 41) "The TIP is to FLIP" | Keto Mom

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	For example, this bag of Highkey Mini Cookies. It may seem very cute and great for traveling, but it is not a serving size. There are actually two servings in here, so that's approximately fourteen cookies. If you don't look at it, you wouldn't know and you might eat the entire bag. But if you're really trying to stay focused, then look at the serving size and you can also scroll down and look at the carbs.	

Points To Ponder:

00:14 What Are You Thankful For

01:12 Common Question: "Can I Eat This?"

01:27 The Tip Is To Flip

03:08 Sugar Replacements

04:02 Look At The Serving Size

04:52 Look At The Ingredients

05:31 Learn How To Read The Back Of the Bag

06:24 "The 5 Second Rule" by Mel Robbins

06:41 Tools You Need

08:06 Grab A Trial Pack

09:01 A Serious Conversation: Life Lessons

09:28 Are You A Person of Action?

10:09 Making Better Choices

Full Episode Transcript:

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Keto Mom page. My name is Stephanie and we're going to dive into a Keto tip and shake up some ketones. As you're tuning in, I need you to share one thing you're thankful for. "What are you thankful for today?"... So if you're watching this live video, it's a Monday and it's a new week. I hope your week is going well and I hope you had an incredible weekend. If you're not watching, then it's totally fine. I'm sitting on the edge of my couch, and I'm actually leaving super soon to go be with my mom and help her do some shopping.

The Common Question: "Can I Eat This?"

So as you're tuning in, what are you thankful for? Where are you tuning in from? I live in Minnesota and I think we're expected to have snow tomorrow. It's really cold and really windy, I think it feels like below zero today. It's very cold out... Here's a quick tip for you. I often get asked this question, "Hey, can I eat this?" or "What do you think about this?"... All day long, I have people asking and I love it. I would answer, "Yes", "No", or "It depends on your goals", "Have you looked at the back of the bag?"...

The most common question is, "Can I eat this?" And I always say, "Well, you can do anything you want". It's not a matter of "If you can eat it", but it is a matter of "Should you eat it?", or "Does it align with your goals?"...

By the way, here's the flavor we're shaking up. It's called "Berryblue", it's one of my favorite flavors of my Mom Fuel. The tip that I'm going to give to you today, sounds simple, and it is simple, but it just needs to be used. "The tip is to flip"... It can be used every time you have a question about food, throughout the grocery store, or even at your home. Somebody asked me, and I had a lot of people that text messaged me because they don't use social media. She asked, "Can I have canned green beans?"... I told her about something my husband taught me. He said, "You can give people answers, or you can teach them what to look for". It's like the saying, "You can give them fish, or teach them how to fish".

So I said, "Why don't you flip the can over and tell me what it says on the can". Depending on your goals, if you're strict keto, or low carb. Do you want to eat the canned beans or fresh green beans? She said, "There are two grams of sugar in this canned beans and four extra carbs"... It's just having an awareness and taking a couple minutes to flip it over and understanding what it says...
The Tip Is To Flip: Read the Serving Size

So here's my example for you today, the Highkey mini cookies. Who has tried these before? I think you can get them at Target or online. I actually don't like any pre-packaged cookies. You want to know why? Because a lot of them use a ridiculous amount of Erythritol, and I prefer Monk fruit when baking. Let me ask you, when you bake keto or low carb, what kind of sugar replacement do you use? I have a lot of people that use Swerve but I prefer Monk fruit.

A lot of these snacks, while they are a better option and some of you love them, it's a personal choice that I do not like the cooling effect of these snacks. You just know when you take a bite, there's a lot of a Erythritol in there. But I still have some friends that love them... So anyway, if you look at the back here's what I want you to do, the tip is to flip. I want you to look at the serving size.

For example, this bag of Highkey Mini Cookies. It may seem very cute and great for traveling, but it is not a serving size. There's actually two servings in here, so that's approximately fourteen cookies. If you don't look at it, you wouldn't know and you might eat the entire bag. But if you're really trying to stay focused, then look at the serving size and you can also scroll down and look at the carbs. For the container, there are eighteen grams of carbs in here. If you were to do total carbs, that's how you do it. Now, if you're doing Net carbs, you can subtract dietary fiber and sugar alcohol. We're going to subtract four and subtract twelve, which leaves you a Net carb of two. Two Net carbs for the whole bag, and that would be per sereving. So if you're doing Net carbs, you'd probably feel like, "This is fine, it's two net carbs, and only one net carb if I'm eating seven of them"...

Sugar Replacements: I like Monk Fruit

Also, I usually look at the ingredients. There's erythritol, which I can taste 100%, and you can also look at the fat grams. Another great point to look into, is at the back of the bag. I just briefly look at what's in it because sometimes there are hidden sugars. If you're eating something and the ingredients listed at the back are quite long, then it's probably not a great option.

Just have an awareness of what you're eating. If you're going to ask, "Hey, can I eat this?". I'll probably say, "It's a fine option, It's a better option, but it's not a great option. Flip it over and look"... Learn how to read the back and you willl see that it's a way better option than going through the drive-thru and grabbing a dozen McDonald's cookies. The tip is to flip.

By the way, does any of you like these cookies? My kids actually like them. I'm more of a chocolate chip cookie person. Anyway, I'm going to drink my ketones, and I'm going shopping with my mom. It's going to be so much fun.For those of you who've been asking, I actually posted a picture today on my stories. I've got some packages going out in the mail today. I'm going to be packing more tonight, to send out trial packs. If you want to know more about my Ketones, I started drinking them six and a half years ago and they are a tool.

If you follow me in the mornings, we've been going through "The 5 Second Rule" by Mel Robbins. Every morning I do a live video, and we talk about the book, a thought or something to help you with your mindset. "The 5 Second Rule" is a tool. If you've never read the book, I recommend you read it. If you haven't been watching, you can scroll back all week, and you can watch all the morning live videos... There are tools in your tool belt to help you on your journey. Most people would say, "Keto diet is too hard", "I don't know how to do this", "I keep falling into cravings" or "I can't do this"... I would usually ask, "What tools do you have?"

Another tool: "The 5 Second Rule" by Mel Robbins
A tool would be, being able to drink a lot more water when I have a straw, or understanding The 5 Second Rule. A tool would be anything that's going to help you, like the crock pot. I actually had been using that more, and also the airfryer to me is a tool. It helps me make food without thinking. Breakfast, sausage, and different things to keep me, you or other people stay on track. The Ketones are a tool, it's not a magic pill.

When you drink Ketones, there are lots of different flavors, and it puts you in ketosis in under an hour. It helps with your energy, focus, appetite control, mood, your sleep and your muscle preservation. That is why my muscles are so big. I just don't show you because I always wear sweatshirts. I joke about having big muscles. I don't lift heavy enough weights, but I'm going to have big muscles by the summer. We're trying something new for a workout, and you guys will be shocked at how large my muscles are by June. Plus I'm attending a wedding in August so my shoulders need to look really good...

Alright! Here's the deal. If you want to know more, if you want to grab a trial pack, I've got lots of them going out tomorrow. I can make you one, just post "Five" in the comments. If you want to know about my Mom Fuel, don't wait till January. You and I can chat about your goals, we can figure out how to get you set up. To make better choices and work on your lifestyle approach. You've got twenty-five days. I'll give you an example, do any of you have a New year's resolutions? Or did anyone work on their vision boards? We did that earlier this year and we're going to do it again in January... Today, we sat our kids down, and we talked about character and what you want other people to say about you. We talked about our character, our values, and we talked about the things we feel that our girls need to learn, before they leave our home, like life lessons. We had a long conversation, and we have it all written on the whiteboard. What character traits do we want? What character traits do we need to work on? So I said, "I don't want to wait till January".

Are You A Person of Action?
There's a saying that goes, "Are you a watcher, or a person of action?". I want to be a person of action, and I actually am. Like if I learn something, I'm going to put it into play right now. I've been wanting to do this kind of character building, value vision casting, with our kids for a while now. I felt like today's the day we are getting the board out, we are writing it down, and I'm not waiting till January...

I would also say that to you with your fat loss, your weight loss and your goals. You don't have to dive in and be crazy strict Keto. You don't have to wait twenty-five days, almost three weeks is a long time. You can establish a couple of new habits, whether it's the five second rule, getting up without hitting the snooze button, drinking more water, or possibly moving your body a little bit more. Making better choices overall in your food, or drinking ketones. There are a lot of things that you can do to get the ball rolling. So that when January comes you will be ahead of the game...

Alright! If you have questions, I'm here to help. If you want to know more, if you need to start, if you need a basic foods list, or just how to get started. I did a video a while ago, I'll give you eight steps of how I started and some food ideas. If you want the foods list, post "Food" in the comments. If you want to know more about Ketones, post "Five" in the comments, and we are going to chat. Remember, the tip is to flip, and be aware of what you're eating... I hope you guys have an incredible day, I'm going to go shopping now. Have a great evening and message me with your questions. Just scroll through the page to look for different recipes, tips and tricks to help you on your journey. We'll talk to you soon. Goodbye!

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