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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 4): "Don't Do it by Yourself" | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

My Keto tip for you today is "If You are on a Journey to get Healthy, Don't Do it by Yourself"... Especially if you have kids or teens in your home, because this isn't meant to be a diet, but this is about being healthy.

Points to Ponder:

00:43 Costco Run

01:07 Drawing of some Mom Fuel

01:46 Ketones

02:10 Benefits of Ketones

02:27 Eat Better Foods

02:40 Different Ketone Flavors

04:32 Keto Tip for Today

05:56 Teach your Kids a Healthy Lifestyle

07:10 Share your "Because"

08:20 Teenage Girls

09:12 Be Aware of Your Words

Full Episode Transcript

Welcome to the Keto Mom page! It's time for your, two o'clock tasting and your Keto tip! I really should find a better tune, but until I do, we are going to do a two o'clock tasting of my mom fuel and a Keto tip for you. So as you're tuning in, how is your day going? We just got done with a volleyball tournament. Our daughter still ha one or two more games, it's later this evening. So we had volleyball all morning, and it was really fun to watch the girls. They're doing great! We also did a really quick Costco run. So if you want to play a fun game, check out the post before this live. Just go back one post before this Live video and take a guess on my Costco Haul.

I'll be sharing with you My mom fuel and Keto tips daily
It wasn't a normal Costco trip, it was really quick. It was go in, grab some things and leave kind of Costco Trip. If you go take a guess and you're super close to the amount, the ones that are the closest we'll go into a drawing of some Mom Fuel.

You could win some if you make a good guess, so make sure you go guess. Otherwise, where are you tuning in from? I am tuning in from Minnesota. I would say Today's a little bit warmer, it's probably going to be in the 70's until it snows. And then probably very soon it will drop, and it very well could snow in October here. So depending on where you're from, if you've never seen snow, we get a lot of it. And when we get it, it usually doesn't go away until April, but we're ready though, so don't worry.

I'm shaking up my Ketones, and if you've never tried these, I call it my Mom Fuel, but it's Ketones. Your body can make Ketones and you can also drink them. Usually I would use a shaker bottle, but I like to use a straw. I just think it's fun to shake it up or stir it up. So your body can make Ketones or you can drink them. I've been drinking them for six years, it puts your body in Ketosis in under an hour. It helps with your energy, your focus, your fat loss, your mood, your sleep, all of those things. It is not a magic pill but it is a tool, and depending on your goals, I want to help you on your journey. Most of you want fat loss, that's awesome! We're going to start with that, and then you're going to realize how great you feel when you've decided to eat better foods. You'll feel incredible and you won't have to make this a diet, but you'll make it a lifestyle. That is the goal! So I'm shaking up my mom fuel, I'm shaking up a new flavor. So far, we've tried Berry Blue, Kiwi Lime, and Maui Punch.

Today is "Hibiscus Lemonade"... Six years ago, we only had one flavor but today we have lots of flavors, they're all amazing and they taste great.
Awesome Hibiscus Lemonade Flavor

All of the benefits are incredible to where you stay, because if you drink it every day you will feel great. So for those of you who have specific questions on ketones, what they do and what they are, post your questions in the comments and I will send you a message back when we're done. Second of all, the Keto Tip of the Day is a little different. Recently, we've talked about drinking more water, paying attention to what's in your drinks, like sugary drinks. Dropping the sugar, and we've talked about not eating if you're not hungry.

Today is a little different, because I want you to think about this... Raise your hand if you are on a Keto diet, or low carb, I want to know. I want you to think about this for two seconds. Our daughter is almost fourteen, she'll be fourteen this month. She had a young girl reach out to her and said "Can you help me get healthier?", "Can you help me on my journey?", "I see that you work out, your family's health conscious, can you help me?"... We have four daughters, we've got four dogs. Our girls watch us make better choices, and they hear us talk about Ketones. They hear me coach people all day long, and some people would say "Do you think that gives you girls a complex?" And I would say No!

My Keto tip for you today is "If You are on a Journey to get Healthy, Don't Do it by Yourself"... Especially if you have kids or teens in your home, because this isn't meant to be a diet.

This should not be a diet to where you decide you're going to go on a diet for six weeks because you want to get to the vacation, the wedding, the swimsuit season or whatever the case may be. This is about being healthy and I don't think it's a secret that our country, our world and people in general, there's just a lot of unhealthiness. Here's what usually happens... A mom, a dad, or somebody goes on a diet and they start eating all these vegetables and salads. And then the kids decide they're not going to eat it, because you're telling them things like "I'm fat", "I'm on a diet", "This is mom's food", "This is dad's food", or "I can't eat that I'm on a diet"...

Be aware of the words you speak, words are powerful
What if instead of you focusing so much on just yourself and your diet, what if you took your kids along with you?

It doesn't matter how old they are. What if they try the vegetables that you're eating? What if they try the salad? Is it okay for a kid to take the bun off the burger? Yes! One hundred percent! Buns are disgusting anyways, and it wrecks the burger. Add the peanut butter instead and you'll be just fine. For real, if you can teach your kids a healthy lifestyle, like not buying the juice anymore. We don't need to drink any sugar, we're ready to drink some water and let's get some fun cups from Costco. Mine are great, they came in a pack of twelve and they're super fun. You can drink more water with a straw, it's been proven. I don't know what it really is, but I say it's true.

Our kids know, we have unsweetened original almond milk in the house if they want to have some shakes, we have some water, we have some ketones, we have sparkling water. That is what we have in our home. So which by the way, this Hibiscus Lemonade, I really hope becomes a mainstay because it is amazing. That's what I'm tasting for our tasting and our keto tip, it's incredible. If you want to know more about my Mom Fuel, post five in the comments, and I will send you a message. Now back to the Tip real quick, I don't want you doing this by yourself. If you feel like you are, my encouragement to you is, even if your kids, your spouse, your employees or people at your office think that you're crazy. And you're like "I brought my baked lunch", "I am on a healthy journey", "I'm going to get healthy because"...

Share your "because", I want to play with my kids, because I want to be a grandmother who can play with my kids, or a grandpa, or I want to go hiking, I want to feel good, I want to live a healthy long life.
Encourage your kids, and the people around you

What if you shared your "Because" with the people around you, and your kids. I don't talk to my girls about being fat, they will never hear me say I was fat or I am fat or I'm on a diet. We talk about choosing better options, drinking more water, working out because it's good for us. We talk about things of why we do it, we've done this journey for six years together. If we tried a new vegetable, we all would try it. If we would try something new, we all would try it.

So my tip to you today is simply "Don't do this by yourself"...

And if you feel like people don't want to join you, at least share what you're doing. Your kids are watching you. You can't tell them "Don't eat that it'll make you fat". A lot of you have daughters, I don't know where they're at physically, especially teenage girls, but they're very self conscious.

So if they're talking about being fat, or they're trying to be on a diet. If these girls decide they want to talk about it, they clearly need to be coached on it.

And you should be that coach, encourage them, give them some ideas. They don't need to eat if they're not hungry, they don't need to eat if they're emotional. They don't need to eat just because all the girls at the volleyball team are eating. Which I will tell you, our world does not set our kids up for success. Because we were just at this event or a tournament, and you the only healthy snack there was to grab was a cheese stick. And there was probably twenty six other snacks to grab at the concession stand, that was garbage. We brought our own snacks, but our kids still did get a snack, it was not a healthy snack. But they also got a healthy snack from us.

I encourage you to have your family join you on this lifestyle
So just be aware of your words and stop calling yourself fat. Say you're on a lifestyle, and include the people around you. If you've got kids, I would encourage you to have them join you and "We are all going on a healthy journey together", "I want us all to eat better", "I want us to move our bodies", "We're going to focus on drinking more water so that we can all feel great"...

You want to know what else is it's going to help your kids with? School! Don't think that if your kids can't focus, they're acting up or they're not doing well, it's not because of food. I would honestly pay attention to what you feed them in the mornings. If it's full of sugar, and they're not sitting, they're not paying attention or they're not wanting to learn, revisit what you fed them. You might be shocked! So that is my tip of the day, anybody that's around you, encourage them to join or go on a healthy lifestyle with your entire family. Otherwise, Hibiscus Lemonade was the taste of the day. It is incredible, post five in the comments, and let me know what questions you have.

I hope you have an incredible afternoon and we'll talk to you soon

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