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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 27) "Don't Mess Up Good For Perfect" | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

    "You are not what you do!". It depends on  your predictable patterns, behaviors, and habits. Just because something happens one time does not mean you should label yourself. That's basically was what I wanted to say this morning. 

Points to Ponder:

01:35 An Off Day Doesn't Define You As A Person

01:54 You Are Not What You Do

02:54 Predictable Patterns, Behaviors, and Habits

04:09 Recognize and Change It

05:02 Winner: Amber Short

05:27 Flavor of the Day: Fueled by Female

06:15 Benefits of Ketones

07:44 If You Messed Up Once, Don't Make It An Excuse

08:02 Be Adaptable

08:29 The Only Way You Fail, Is If You Quit

08:52 Don't Mess Up Good For Perfect!

09:54 Food After the Reboot

Full Episode Transcript

Everybody! Welcome to the Keto Mom page. My name is Stephanie and I hope this is working. I'm doing something completely different, and I don't know if this video is working because it just kicked me off, so somebody should let me know. Okay! I'm on my computer because I went to upgrade my phone, and now it's been upgrading for three hours, I think it's working. Alright! Where are you tuning in from? I'm tuning in from Minnesota and it snowed last night, I think it's supposed to snow today or tomorrow too. I slept in this morning! Does that mean that I identify with a person that sleeps in all the time? I heard something today, and I'm going to share that with you because it's such a good quote... Welcome to your three o'clock tasting and a Keto tip, we're going to shake up some ketones. I'm going to talk about me sleeping in and still getting the stuff done that I wanted to.

Time for your Keto Tip and Keto Tasting!

Why did I sleep in? I want you to know something... Let's say the day doesn't go your way, maybe you hit the snooze button, you slept in, or you didn't make the right choices. One of the many keto tips I want you to realize is, "Just because you have an off day, an off meal, or you just didn't do what you wanted to do, doesn't define the rest of your day or define you as a person"...

And so I heard this saying today and you have to tell me what you think. I heard it on the radio as I was dropping one of my daughters off, "You are not what you do". I thought, "What does that mean?"... You are not what you do. Oftentimes I think people identify themselves as the actions that they take. Like if I failed at something, or I failed to get up this morning, am I a failure? What I'm saying is, people, take their actions and label themselves as that's who they are.

So, I just heard the saying and I liked it. "You are not what you do!". It depends on your predictable patterns, behaviors, and habits. Just because something happens one time does not mean you should label yourself. That's basically was what I wanted to say this morning. I'm not saying that I don't always sleep, nor am I saying that I do always sleep in.

If You Messed Up Once, Don't Make It An Excuse
I only slept in this morning because of a couple of reasons. One of my husband's friends that comes and works out with us every single morning, didn't come. So our accountability was gone, number two, I can sleep and it was Friday. Number three, I work from home, and we homeschool. So I have a bit more flexibility, and I still got up, I still read, and I still did my workout. It was all just pushed a little bit later than I wanted it to be, but it was fine...

I want you to know that if somebody messes up, I will usually hear them say, "I'll start back on Monday", or "I always do this"... We do have to figure out what the predictable pattern is. Your words are powerful, you tend to internalize them and make them who you are. Like "It's just me", "It's always me", "I always do that". No, stop it! You recognize it and now we have to change it, and so I slept in this morning. By the way, if my video is glitchy it could be the internet. All right! I'm going to shake up my ketones, and we're going to do the rest of the afternoon because we've got a birthday party to go to. What are you doing this Friday evening? I'm shaking up something new. It's a new flavor and a new look. It's my Mom Fuel, it's very much the same. And by the way, I do have a winner from yesterday's share. If you pressed the share button, let me know that you shared in the comments, and I'll put your name into the drawing.

Anyways the winner is Amber Short! Congratulations! You won some Mom Fuel. Here's what it looks like, look at what you get to try. I need your address, so we can chat, you're going to love this... Okay! Why do I drink Mom Fuel or Ketones? My husband drinks it too, so it's not Mom Fuel for him. But this is called "Fueled by Female", it's the same and a little different. They added some more vitamins, vitamin C, D, E, B, and there's something called folate.

Flavor of the Day: Fueled by Female

When this is released, I will let you see a video that explains it. This flavor will be coming later, but I want to try it for you and we'll see what it tastes like. I actually already tasted it a little while ago, but I'm going to taste it for you again. I can't even explain what it tastes like. So I get my Mom Fuel every single day, and I've been drinking it for six and a half years. You can shake it, stir it, you can use twelve ounces or twenty-four ounces of water.

This product puts you in Ketosis in under an hour. You will have the benefits of energy, focus, and appetite control. It's amazing, and it's fun that I get to share a brand new flavor with you, but it's not available at the moment. When it becomes available, I will tell you all about it. Why is it named "Fueled by Female?". There are different vitamins and stuff that's in it, and I will have a video for you when it is available. If you want to know more about my Mom Fuel or Ketones, post "Five" in the comments.

Otherwise, to Amber Short you won! And for everybody, press that share button and let me know that you shared, so I can put your name into the drawing... Alright! Yes, there are two different colored boxes. If you have seen them, there's a purple and a yellow box, but they taste exactly the same. It's just a fun way to get it so that the packages will come in different colorings, but it's the same flavor. This is what it looks like, it's incredible, and it's very pretty. But I still can't tell you what it tastes like. Oh wait, it actually kind of tastes like a mixture of a teeny, tiny hint of grapefruit. It's like a bare hint of grapefruit, more of a Berry, but it's very different than anything I've ever tasted. It's very delicious!...

Congratulations to the Winner! Amber Short
With that, your Keto tip today is simply this thought... Just because you messed up during a meal, slept in like I did, chose not to work out, or whatever the case may be. If you feel like you've messed up in any part of your day, it does not need to be an excuse for you to just restart on Monday. Because it doesn't mess up your entire day.

I didn't let it mess up my day, I just got up and I felt like I should read, I should do my workout, my kids need to get up, and we need to get some school done. We had lots of things we needed to do, and we still got to do it. I just kept moving. If you got up late and you had to go to work, you can do your workout later. I want you to know, just because you slipped up once, doesn't mean it wrecks your whole day or a whole week. "The only way you fail is if you quit", somebody needs to hear that. "The only way you fail is if you quit", and that would make you a quitter. Quitters never prosper.

Alright everybody, "Don't mess up good for perfect!". I'm here to help, and the Keto Mom page is full of keto tips, low carb tips, keto recipes, and tons of visuals.

I get a lot of questions about net carbs and total carbs, it's probably the number one question. There's an incredible visual that I shared yesterday, try to scroll through the page. We have been posting as a family since 2015. This means there is a ridiculous number of videos and recipes. There is no shortage of information here, and you can always send me a message. Send me a private message, ask any questions, let me know where you're at, and what your goals are. I'll answer those for you because I would love to help... Oh! Some of you have been going through the reboot, a question just came up. "What's my first meal coming out of the reboot?"... For those of you who are doing the reboot, or who are going to be doing the reboot starting this Sunday, I usually have eggs or sausage, something simple. I eat that a lot, and it's super basic.

Some of you feel like you'd need to have a ton of different meals and recipes. We made a lot of recipes in the past, and we've tried a lot of new things. But I can very much eat the same meal for a very long time. I don't get bored of it, I like it simple so that we can keep on moving with our day, and that's how we work.

So if you're looking for some more recipes, go to There's a ton of recipes there, going all the way back for years and years...

Otherwise, if you have been looking to do the reboot, we start the reboot this coming Sunday. We'll do it all together as a group, so make sure that you're in the private reboot group. Again, message me with your of your questions, I'm always here to help. I hope you have an incredible Friday and have a great weekend. Let me know if you have any questions about my Mom Fuel or Ketones in general. Post "Five" in the comments, and we'll talk to you very soon. Have a great day!

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