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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 22): "Sugar Replacements"| Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

I want you to share with me your favorite sugar replacement, that is the the tip of the day. Here's mine, I use Monk Fruit. Why I use monk fruit? Because it's the sugar replacement that leaves the least amount of aftertaste. I used to use Swerve, but it's got such a strong cooling effect that I didn't love it. So when I bake Low Carb and Keto, I use milk fruit. What is your favorite sugar replacement?

Points to Ponder:

00:43 Fried Pickles

01:28 Bonus Tip: "Shred your own Cheese"

02:27 Tip of the Day: Sugar Replacement

02:35 Monk Fruit

04:08 Pickles with Shredded Cheese

04:55 The Fried Pickle Recipe

05:58 TIPS for the day

06:53 My Mom Fuel

07:53 Benefits of Ketones

08:29 Better Options

09:12 Flavor of the day: Blueberry Acai

09:47 Are my kids Keto?

09:55 My Goals for my Children

Full Episode Transcript

Hey! Welcome to the Keto Mom page and to the two o'clock tasting and your Keto tip. Basically, I'm going to show you a recipe that we tried. It may not have worked the greatest, but we're going to try it anyways. I'm going to tell you what we did, I think that we could make it better next time and it'll be just fine. We're going to try some Mom Fuel and I'm going to share my favorite Keto, Low carb sweetener with you, because that was the question of the day. So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? Here's what we just made, I'll show you. They look really pretty but I don't know what they're gonna taste like. Well, it really shouldn't taste bad because it's pretty basic.

We love Fried Pickles for our snacks!

Who likes fried pickles? We tried a different recipe, we have a fried pickle recipe on the Keto Mon page, but I saw somebody else do this. I didn't quite follow the recipe 100% because I didn't spray the pan, which therefore we have an issue. But they look pretty, and great. They look like a fried pickle. So here's what I'm going to tell you, there are lots of recipes that I've tried that look great online but they don't work. Okay, so we tried a pickle and all we did is shred our own cheese...

Which by the way here's a quick Keto tip for you today day. It's a bonus tip "Shred your own cheese". Why? Because the bag cheese has fillers in, some people say sawdust. I can't remember what it exactly says on the back of it.

Okay! This is what we're doing, my kids are going to come and tell you what they think of their little pickles. So tip number One is "Shred your own cheese". Tip number two, "It's okay if recipes don't turn out pretty picture Pinterest worthy. A lot of mine don't but they actually just taste fine". And tip number three "I want you to press the share button". Because we're going to do a little giveaway... Before I shake up my Mom Fuel, the girls are scraping the pickles, they taste good. Here's what I actually need you to do, I want you to press the share button. And I want you to share with me your favorite sugar replacement, that is the the tip of the day. Here's mine, I use Monk Fruit. Why I use monk fruit is because it's the sugar replacement that leaves the least amount of aftertaste. I used to use Swerve, but it's got such a strong cooling effect that I didn't love it. So when I bake Low Carb and Keto, I use milk fruit.

I love Monk fruit for baking Keto or Low carb
What is your favorite sugar replacement? And when you press the share button let me know, because all of the people that share this video you're going to go into a drawing for some Mom Fuel. I'm going to give a few of these Ketones away, and I have one more water bottle. It's just a fun little water bottle. So I'll give this away and I'm going to give some Mom Fuel away.

You first have to share what your favorite sugar replacement is, because other people want some ideas of what you use. Then you have to press the share button. Here's what we just made and it was so easy. The key will be spraying your pan, we did not spray our pan. Okay tell them what you think of what we just made... "It's delicious!".

So we tried to make a fried pickle without using things pork rinds and different things. We shredded our own cheese, that was your tip. Don't buy the bag cheese if you can help it, but if you do it's not a big deal. If you have the extra time and you want it try this, it actually tastes good. Pickles with shredded cheese. So I shredded my cheese in a food processor, it's a very old one. All we did is take a little cupcake pan, put some cheese on the bottom, put the pickle in the middle and cheese on top. I baked it at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes. We like fried pickles and they are so easy...
It does not look perfect, but they taste delicious!

But here's the deal, I'll show you something that's not pretty. You guys I'm not a Pinterest mom at all, but I am a "Take Action Mom". It means the outcome might not look pretty but it gets done. Here's our pan, I didn't spray it but there was cheese on all the pickles. It was a little crispy, we could have made it a little bit crispier. So I just baked it at 400 degrees, I might actually do 425 with a little bit more cheese on top and bottom. Spray the pan, fifteen minutes in the oven or until it's crispy. Easy, peasy, done! Alright! So the tip is spray your pan. Second of all... You can put pepperonis on it! That's way better! Oh my goodness, my fourteen year old daughter is so smart. Why don't you come and tell them what you think they should do with the pickles. We actually do make cucumber, we cut up a cucumber and put sauce, pepperoni, cheese and make like little mini pizzas.

Well, I think it's easy to take the cookie sheet, put parchment paper and then put cheese, pickle and then cheese. So parchment paper, little spot of cheese, pickled and cheese. Then you could take them right off without digging them out of a cupcake holder.

I'm going to do that. I don't like that cupcake holder anyways. Okay! This is my Mom Fuel, because I always do a two o'clock tasting and a Keto tip. I've given you lots of tips. spray your pan, make some cheesy pickles, shred your own cheese. And the sweetener that I use is Monk Fruit. What sweetener do you use? Post below and press the share button. Make sure you tell me that you shared it because your name is going into a drawing for some Mom Fuel and a water bottle. I'll do the drawing on Monday at two o'clock. Monday, two o'clock works in my schedule. We have four daughters if you did not notice, we have lots of sports going on. We've got two volleyball players and we actually have a volleyball game this evening. It's a traveling volleyball team. We have two girls starting tennis on Monday, we have horse lessons and we ballet. Yes, Annie is starting tennis.

My Daughter giving some tips for the next pickle snacks

So here is how you shake up mom fuel, it comes in two different types of packets. Sometimes it's a little tube, you put it in some water, twelve to sixteen ounces. I prefer sixteen, my husband prefers twenty four. It could look like this, or it could look like this. They're exactly the same just packed up differently, so don't be confused. So you put it in some water and you drink it, and in under an hour your body's in Ketosis.

You do not have to be doing a Strict Keto diet. If you want more information on my mom fuel, or about trials... or "Hey, I want to work with you", "Help me with my goals", "Hey, I want to see some science behind this"... I want you to post five in the comments because I'll give it to you.

All right! So you shake it up, you drink it, you feel incredible and it tastes great. That's why I had trial packs so that you can try them first before you commit to a box. So this is what I drink every day, and I've been drinking it for six years. I love it! It gives you better energy, I haven't taken a nap in six years and I'm not kidding. I don't have time for naps, I don't like naps. I know some of you love them. I don't and I've got life to do.

So it helps you with energy. I don't drink coffee. I don't drink energy drinks. I drink Ketones, it's a long sustained energy and better focus. Your brain prefers Ketones, so your body uptakes them your brain uses them and it helps with fat loss.
These Ketones have different sizes but it's the same thing

I've helped thousands of people have incredible success of fat loss. And probably 95% of them are not doing Strict Keto, but most of them are doing low carb or eating better. Like having pickles for a snack instead of Skittles, drinking more water instead of soda. Intermittent fasting instead of eating cereal or doughnut and all of these little things you can tweak.

I've got people that are vegan, whole thirty, paleo and whatever their healthy is. But they drink Ketones and this is a fuel source. It's incredible! I drink one or two everyday, it just depends on my day.

So today we've got volleyball till 9:30 this evening and we have to drive an hour, which I'm not complaining. I know it looks like a complaining face, but I actually love it. I love watching the girls play, I don't care that we have to drive, I really don't. Anybody else have kids in sports? What sports do your kids play?... Going back to my Mom Fuel, this is a Blueberry Acai. Perfection! Kidding, there's no such thing as perfect, but it tastes good. You should see my sweet girls, you guys want to see them? This is my this is my family, girls say hi! They are amazing, I'm blessed to be their mom.

Are my kids Keto? No! My kids, I always say they eat better, preferably low carb. I don't track their food. My goal isn't fat loss for them, my goal is to help my children eat healthy. My goal is to help my children get to be an adult and to actually have a good relationship with food. That's it!
Post five in the comments, and you and I will chat

So I drink these and if you want to know more about my mom fuel they come in tons of flavors. I would love to connect with you and just help you on your goal. So post five down below... If you want to know more about these little pickles that looked like a crazy mess, we'll make them better next time. It's legitimately pickles and cheese. Your bonus tip today was shred your own cheese. This is the sweetener that I prefer, and press the share button. Let me know that you shared it because I'll do a drawing on Monday at two o'clock. I promise I won't be late because I don't have to do to volleyball till three. So Monday, two o'clock, I'll do a drawing for some Mom Fuel.

Otherwise, if you want to connect with me before then, post five in the comments. I hope that tip was helpful. We've got Monk Fruit, it does not have a cooling effect. I love this one for baking low carb or Keto. We have our pickles for our snack instead of Skittles... So I get to go be a mom because I'm a mom of four girls and I think we need to go shopping. They want to go shopping so we're going to go hit the town. Dad's gone working in a tractor and we're going to go shopping for nothing. Just kidding! Okay! I hope you guys have a great day. Let me know how I can help and that's it. So I'll do the drawing on Monday, post five if you just want to know more about my Mom Fuel. Otherwise go make yourself some pickles, parchment paper, shred your own cheese, pickles and cheese. Bake at 400 degrees for about 15 minutes, let them cool and then eat them.

That's it! I hope you have a great day. Bye everybody!

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