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Two o'clock Tasting & Keto Tip (Day 10): "Electrolytes" | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

The Keto Tip of the Day is simply about Electrolytes. If your body's in Ketosis, either your body's making Ketones or you're drinking them. You're flushing out Sodium, Magnesium, and Potassium. Electrolytes are important. However you get them in, put the salt in your hand and lick it off, put it in your water, drink some pickle juice. It doesn't really matter how, but it's super important...

Points to Ponder:

00:21 Flavor of the day: Berry Blue

00:51 What did you have for Lunch?

01:56 My Mom Fuel

02:21 Ketones

02:34 Benefits of Ketones

02:48 Keto Tip of the Day: Electrolytes

03:22 Signs of Ketosis

04:20 Options for Electrolytes

04:56 Salt is a source of Electrolytes

05:34 Pickle juice works as an Electrolyte

06:08 Most People are Dehydrated

07:06 Mom Fuel Trial Packs

Full Episode Transcript

All right! It's time for your two o'clock tasting and your Keto tip. Today we are going to talk about Electrolytes. Why you need them? How do you know you need them? What are some electrolytes that you can use? And I don't have another flavor at the moment. So we're going to revisit this Berry Blue, which is one of my favorites. So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? How is your day? We are going to shake this up. I hope your day is incredible. I'm going to have you share with me your electrolytes and we'll just chat back and forth...

Revisiting Berry Blue, while new shipment is coming
What did you have for lunch? I like to ask that question. So that when other people hop on, they can get some other ideas of what your lunch looks like...

We're also celebrating a birthday in our home. Our eldest daughter just turned fourteen. So that's super fun, and today's lunch was a hodgepodge of stuff. Whatever was in the refrigerator, we pretty much got rid of all of the leftovers. So we went out for breakfast. Some of us chose to eat better than others, which should be the parents and the kids had a waffle. They had a birthday waffle and my husband and I had omelets. Anyways, what did you have for lunch?

We had leftover taco salad. Some of the girls had an actual salad. Has anybody tried that dill pickle salad from Costco? That's what they had. Some of us had eggs and sausage, just a mixture of everything. Because the refrigerator needs to get cleaned out to prepare for the weekend and the rest of next week...
I've been drinking Ketones for Six years now

I am shaking up my mom fuel for those who had asked and I drink this every single day. I've been drinking it for the last six years. We tried this flavor earlier this month and we're trying it again, because I'm still waiting for another shipment to come in. Once it comes I will share some other flavors with you. Normally, I put it in a shaker bottle but I love to drink out of a straw. I call it my Mom Fuel, but it could also be Dad Fuel, or whatever people feel.

It's Ketones, your body can make Ketones or you can drink them. And it puts your body in Ketosis in under an hour. So once I drink all of this I'll have Ketones in my system. It helps you with your energy, your focus, your appetite control, better mood, better sleep, muscle preservation, and so much more.

The product is just incredible and I'm going to talk a little bit more about this at the end. If you want to know more, post five in the comments and we'll chat. Alright! The Keto Tip of the Day is simply this, we're going to talk about Electrolytes. If your body's in Ketosis, or if your body's making Ketones or you're drinking them. Your body's actually flushing out Sodium, Magnesium, and Potassium. Your body's flushing out those electrolytes... So oftentimes people ask "Why do you have so much salt when Ketones are a salt solution?", or "Why do some Keto foods have so much salt?"... It's because your body's flushing it out.

This is a super awesome source of Electrolytes! MITO PLEX

When you're in Ketosis, and you will know that if you have leg cramps, like if your legs get cramped up. If you have a slight headache, or if you just kind of feel off, and you know you've been doing the Keto diet. Or maybe you've been really low carb and drinking Ketones for a while, you might just kind of feel off or you had terrible leg cramps.

Every time we travel, I don't keep up on my water and I need to get better at that. Also I for whatever reason, I just don't always use my electrolytes. I will then get up in the middle of the night, screaming because I have leg cramps or charley horses, some of you may call it. Because I'm deficient, I am dehydrated and I need electrolytes. I have felt it way too many times. So when you're Ketosis, or you're on the Keto diet or lifestyle, even low carb, just be aware.

Here are some options for you... Along with this Keto Nat Ketones I drink every day, we also have an Electrolyte called MITO PLEX. This is awesome and there's different flavors. I sometimes mix it with my Ketones or as I'm drinking my water throughout the day. Because you should be drinking about half your body weight in ounces of water. I will pour one of these in, it tastes delicious because it's flavored.

So this is what I drink for electrolytes. But if you don't have any of this, you can use Himalayan salt, we love Real Salt. You can either put a little bit of salt in your water and drink it throughout the day...

There have been times where I am walking around the house screaming because my legs have cramps and I will put salt in my hand and lick it right off. However you want to do it, get some real salt, some Himalayan salt. Get some pickle juice, pickle juice is great. Which by the way, if you've never tried these pickles from Costco, they are absolutely delicious, they're so good. So pickle juice works as an electrolyte.

Himalayan salt, Real Salt, Pickle Juice are also good sources
Whatever you need to do to get them in, even if you're not feeling a slight headache, or even if you don't feel cramps. These are really great, I drink at least one of these electrolytes, every day. I throw it in my water and I usually do it in the evenings, so I don't get cramps at night.

That is why you would want to have electrolytes, because your body's flushing out all of them, and you have to replenish them along with water. Most people find themselves snacking in the afternoons, but most people are actually dehydrated. If you go potty, take a little sneak peek when you're done. If it's quite yellow, then you should get your booty back to the kitchen sink and drink some more water. It should be very light yellow, or no yellow. You just need to make sure that you're hydrated.

So, that's hydration and electrolytes. I would say Ketones, choose the best foods possible and you are going to feel great.
Message me if you want to try out my Trial packs

Alright! Short, sweet and to the point. Electrolytes are super important. However you get them in, put the salt in your hand and lick it off, put it in your water, drink some pickle juice. It doesn't really matter how, but it's super important...

If you want to know more about my mom fuel, let me know. It's pretty amazing, and Berry Blue is one of my favorites, it reminds me of being a kid. And a couple people have asked, yes they do come in caffeine and caffeine free. There's different ways that you can trial them, I have trial packs, and we can chat.

Otherwise continue to tune into the page for all the different Keto tips, tricks, recipes, and all the fun for you. Have an incredible day! We have a birthday to celebrate here, we have a volleyball tournament this weekend, we have an end of the year horse tournament or a horse show for one of our daughters. We have lots of fun things coming up. So enjoy your day and reach out, ask any questions that you have. I'm always here to help and we'll talk to you soon.

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