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"THINK and GROW RICH" (Chapter 4) "Not Quitting, but Making a Pivot" | Keto Mom Book Club

Keto Mom here!

It's not that we're quitting, because I'm not going to quit the so-called keto mom book club or this mindset morning. But we're going to make a pivot. I'm going to find a different book. I don't believe that you should just quit something. I'm not going to quit the live videos, I'm not going to quit reading, but sometimes things aren't working. And sometimes there are things that are not for me and you. So it's okay to make a pivot and try something a little different.

Points to Ponder:

00:28 "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill

00:54 I Just Need to Pivot

02:53 Comparable to Reading the King James Bible

03:59 Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill

04:22 Overview of the 13 Principles to Success

04:48 Not Quitting, But Making a Pivot

05:38 A Preview to Our Life

07:12 Out Of Heart, The Mouth Speaks

08:28 Missing the Heart Aspect

09:15 Doing a Different Book

10:23 Try Something Different

Full Episode Transcript:

Good morning! Welcome to the Keto Mom page. My name is Stephanie, and we're going to talk about pivoting. Sometimes you have to pivot, and sometimes you might feel like you don't know if this is working. But it doesn't mean that you're quitting, sometimes you just have to make a teeny tiny change. What does that mean? What does that look like? We're going to talk about this book, "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. But we're also going to talk about not reading the book... So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? How was your morning? It's a little bit late here, mainly because I was reading the book.

Welcome to Day 9 of our Book 7 session
Do you ever do something and then you feel like you don't know if this is exactly right? It doesn't mean that I'm on the wrong path, I just need to pivot, like a centimeter over.

So here's the deal, here's why I was a little bit late. I think this book is great when I first read it, but what I realized is I actually listened to the audible many times in the last six and a half years. I think the audible, and the book are great... Now stay with me for a second, first of all, how are you doing? Did any of you see the morning the picture that I posted this morning?. I didn't take the picture, but my husband did. So he took a gorgeous picture over our lake, and it was so beautiful. This morning we worked out, we were reading, and I wanted to shower first. So that's why it's a little bit late this morning. By the way, it's raining, it's fine but I'm really cold.

So as I was reading the book this morning, I was telling my husband, "I am not enjoying this book, although I have in the past"... There are seasons when you read things, I think all of the books that we have done have been great. They have been simpler to do a live video on, and to communicate back and forth. I say all of that because I feel like this book, while it's great, it's a better audible.

But it depends on the season that you're in. It's kind of like reading the King James Bible version. If you know what that means. I'm not saying that's wrong, I'm just saying there are different versions. If you understand the Bible, sometimes I feel like "I don't know what that means, I'm going to go look in this version", "I don't know what that means, I'm going to go look at a different version to make sure I understand it"... The problem is, there's no commentary or a different version for this book.

We are not Quitting, but if things are not working, take a Pivot
I have decided while I was talking to my husband, he's like "Don't read it". So here's what we're going to do... This book is great, but I'm not going to be doing live videos on this book anymore. If you have the book, I would still encourage you to go through it and read it in your own timeframe.

Actually, I would encourage you to get the audible book and listen to it. It's just a different read, and I'm going to give you an overview of the 13 Principles. Basically, Napoleon Hill, just so you know, he wrote another book that is one of my favorite books. It's called Outwitting the Devil, so if you want a book that's going to shake your mindset in life, go get the other book that he wrote. It's Outwitting the Devil, and it's incredible...

Going back, a lot of this book is about riches. I had said you can take anything that he talks about, and apply it to any area of success that you want in your life. So he talked about having a burning Desire, Faith, Auto-suggestion, Knowledge, using your Imagination, Organized Planning, Taking Action, Making Decisions, and being Persistent. Mastering your mind, your health, your subconscious, and talking about your brain. He also talks about your sixth sense...

It's not that we're quitting, because I'm not going to quit the so-called keto mom book club or this mindset morning. But we're going to make a pivot. I'm going to find a different book, you don't have to get the book, but you can tune in. I'm going to find a book that is different.
Out of the heart, the mouth speaks

So with all that said, if you have the book "Think and Grow Rich", it's a great book. I would tell you to continue to read it as fast, or as low as you want to. Grab the audible, and I'm going to find a different book. There's so much that you can teach people.

So this is the last thing I'm going to say about health, fitness, mindset, and then I'm going to find another book.

Our family has been blessed to be around lots of different types of people. My husband used to work in a church, so we have been in the church world. We lived in Oklahoma for five years. We have been in the church realm, the business realm, and everything in between. We've worked in many different places, with a lot of different types of people. And I have been blessed to see people living paycheck to paycheck and in poverty. What does this have to do with your health? A lot, just hold tight.

I have been blessed to be around people who have had more than you could ever imagine. And I've learned a lot of lessons in any area that we've lived at, and every job that we've been around. My husband said I can teach people mindset, about their health and fitness. I can tell people exactly how to eat, what to drink, and how much water to drink. I can tell you to work on your mindset. If you don't have the right mindset, if you're thinking negatively versus positively, then you're going to get what you look for.

There's a key component... It doesn't matter how poor or rich you are, it doesn't matter how healthy or unhealthy you are, it doesn't matter what you have. But if your heart isn't in the right place... Have you ever heard "Out of the heart, the mouth speaks?"...
I will still be here every morning to help with your mindset

It doesn't take long to figure out where somebody is at in life, because all you have to do is listen to them speak. You can tell where their mindset is, you can tell if they're a positive person or a negative person. You can tell if they're having a bad day or a good day. And in general, and this is something that we've noticed over the last ten years. If you don't have faith, if you don't have a relationship with God, then you are missing everything this world has to offer.

We have seen it, we have been around it, and we have watched people crumble even when they have everything. They understand how to use the mindset. They under