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The power of Reading powerful books - Mind setting with my Daughters | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

And today you are going to hear an incredible message from my daughters. So what I want to talk to you about today is the power of mindset. If you don't believe that you can do it, if you don't believe that you can conquer your goals, if you don't believe in yourself... You're going to get right back here next year, and you're going to be in the same place that you started.

Points to Ponder

01:20 Getting your mind ready (Did you read today)

01:54 John Maxwell

02:06 The power of reading powerful books

03:39 The Miracle Morning book

03:47 Your goals will not work if you don't have your mind ready

04:42 Atomic Habits

05:59 Amelia's Presentation

06:30 Social Media

07:36 Discipline creates Lifestyle

08:28 Accountability

09:11 You snooze you lose

10:28 Take responsibility

11:12 Controlling your Habits

11:42 Motivation

14:02 Emery's Presentation (Rhinoceros Success)

14:32 A Cow vs. A Rhino

15:42 You reap what you sow

16:18 Nothing good comes easy

19:17 Eliza's learnings

20:28 Annie's learnings

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody, how are you doing? I hope you're having a great day. Welcome to the Keto Mom page, my name is Stephanie. And today you are going to hear an incredible message from my daughters. So what I want to talk to you about today is the power of mindset.

"You have to get your mindset right"

You might be going, "Oh, Stephanie is on her mindset kick". But I want you to know something, if you are here for whatever reason you're here for... some of you are here for fat loss, I would say probably 95% of you are here for fat loss. Or you just want to feel better, or you want to take your life back in order, you want to be able to play with your kids, you just want to have the energy, whatever that is.

It all revolves and boils down to your mindset of "Do you believe that you can do it, Do you have to do it, Do you get to do it? What do your habits look like?"

And that's what we're going to talk about today. So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? I'm tuning in from the beautiful Minnesota, it is a rainy day and we get to have a great day.

Did you hear that? We get to have a great day, we get to choose to work out, I get to choose to make healthier meals or better choices. I get, to it's not I have to, I get to. So a couple things I need you to do. As you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? And I have a serious question for you. Did you read or listen to a podcast? Or did you listen to something or read something today that got your mindset right, to get your mindset focus in a positive direction that you're going to have a great day? Did you do it? Raise your hand, let me know.

Did you do anything today to get your mindset on track to help you go "I can conquer today".

So something that we've been doing in our family, it is all because my husband is awesome. We homeschool by the way we've got four daughters, my husband's incredible.

And has anybody ever read John Maxwell? Do you guys know who john Maxwell is? He's an author, and something that we learned from him years ago,

and we said we would implement it into our daughters when they were ready... It was the power of reading powerful books.

So John Maxwell is an incredible author, has tons of incredible leadership, self development books, and his dad growing up said, "Hey John, I'm not going to pay you to do chores, I'm not going to pay you to be a part of this family. I'm going to pay you to learn". Super, super, super powerful, and I remember listening to that going "Man... that is something that we could do for our girls when they're ready". Guess what, they are ready. So if you've been watching at any point in time, if you follow us on our stories whether it's on Instagram or Facebook, maybe you've seen over this last week, my oldest daughter Amelia read a book last week and she read a book... "What was your first book that you read Amelia?"... "The magic of thinking big", and we just shared a little teeny tiny story of what she learned.

So we homeschool, so we can give them different books to read ideas of things they can do. And then they're going to present it to just our family, right? So it's a great speaking, taking notes, bullet points, and then telling us what they learned.

My eldest daughter Ameila

So today, Amelia gave us a presentation on the Miracle Morning book. If you have not read this book, she is going to tell you why you should read the book, she's going to give you some pointers on this. Our second daughter Emery read the book "Rhinoceros Success", she gave us some notes and some pointers on this book. And she's going to tell you even one thing, right? Of what this book meant to her. If you were like "I need something to help me with my habits", because here's the deal, I can tell you what to eat, I can tell you how to eat, I can tell you how to track your macros and how to move your body and "Don't eat the donut but eat the hard boiled egg". I can give you all of these different tools, but if you don't have this ready, and if you don't have this straight and if you are not on track with getting your mindset right, then guess what all of the things that I teach you or anything else that you watch from anybody else on social media, it's not gonna work.

If you don't believe that you can do it, if you don't believe that you can conquer your goals, if you don't believe in yourself... You're going to get right back here next year, and you're going to be in the same place that you started.

Is this making sense? So Amelia, I'm going to invite my daughter and here's what I need you guys to do. I want you to engage, like tell me if this makes sense what she's teaching you. So here's a book that I talked about a lot, if you don't have this book, it's powerful. I'm not teaching on this book today, it's called "Atomic Habits". My husband has an incredible... well it says this in the book but he always says if, "Hey babe, what's that saying?". "You don't rise to the level of your goals you fall to the level of your systems right?". You have goals everybody on here has a goal, right? You don't rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems. And your systems or your habits every single day that gets you to where you want to go, good or bad. So this book is powerful, I encourage you to read it but Amelia... want to come in, tell us what you learned. You guys this is incredible, incredible.

Talking about "The Miracle Morning"

So this is my daughter, I think she's incredible, she's thirteen. I need you to give her some love, she's going to tell you what she learned in this book. And there's no secret, the last time that you shared I had a lot of parents go, "I want to do that for my kids". What do you do? We give them a valuable book that we think is important to read. We ask them to read it and take notes, right? Yes. And then they give us a presentation as a family. There's not a secret to it, you just have to tell your kids to do it. I don't mind fantasy books...

but I want our kids to read things that are going to stretch them, to grow them to feel their mind.

So do you want to give us your little cliff notes of what you read? Okay, so you reach success by waking up early in the morning and having a good routine. The level of success rarely exceeds the level of your personal development. I would be taking notes, I would be taking notes because this is super good. It's all in this book. Because success is something you attract by the person you become. If you want to be happy you have to do the work so it doesn't just come...

Oh! Wait! What do you mean, you have to do the work? So like people on here sometimes, and you know this because we let her be on social media, we're super cautious of who she follows and likes. But do you feel like social media is a perfect picture of somebody's life? Yeah, it's a highlight real, so a lot of people compare what's going on on social media, because they have the edits, they have the filters, they have everything that you could do to change what you want to become, so people compare what they actually are than what people are not. So it just is a big comparison... I mean, there's real, highlight reals like... Right, so as a teen... if you have kids first of all, I'd love for you to share this video so press the share button.

Second of all, even as an adult, like don't compare your health journey to somebody else's, because you see it before and better picture you don't know if it took somebody three years to get to where they want to go, right?
"Discipline creates Lifestyle"

So where you are as a result of who you were, but where you are going as a result on who you choose to be from this very moment. So who do you want to be?

You have to choose it, you have to believe it, you've got to read things to fill your mind right. You're not who you are in the past.

Where are you going? That's the question, where are you going? Discipline creates lifestyle. So you have to have discipline, because if you can just do something for like a week is great. But over a life, it's habits so you need to have good habits. Which is great, and if you're looking on how to create habits it's going to be stacking habits. But this is a great book, it's a great book.

Everything we do affects who we are becoming, which is determining the life you want to live. So your choices depict your life. Good or bad? Yes. "Donut or not donut ", and the only reason I'm saying that is because you're on my Keto Mom page, right?. So she realizes most people are here for fat loss, but I think she also realizes we're coaching so many people in their mindset. Because if you don't have it here, you're not going to be apt to listen to what you're putting in your mouth. It all is correlated together. You have to get your mindset right in order to have success in anything that you do. Yes, so another good thing is accountability. Get yourself an accountability partner, and you are like the five people you are around. So identify who you are around because it will ultimately shape you. That's good, which she's just started doing. And she has been super prayerful about friendships and things like that, which is awesome.

Right? Even as a team. Yep.

So find people to be around that will encourage and believe in you because what you do now matters more than what you will do. Now matters more than any other time in your life because it is what you are doing today that matters that will determine your future. That's good, so the choices you make today determines your future.
"You snooze, you Lose"

So another good thing, since it is called Miracle Morning is you snooze, you lose. So a lot of people wake up and press the snooze button. Is anybody press the snooze button. We both do that, I used to be better. You're doing good. I'm gonna be better. Yes, she's gonna give you a tip on how to not press the snooze button to dominate your morning. So what is your tip? Okay, so a lot of people put their phone right by their bedside, which makes them roll over and press the snooze button. So a way in a helpful tip is to place your phone across the room to actually have to get up and press stop. Who wants to hear the snooze button going off? So you're telling me that I need to get out of bed to put my phone across the room. Yes. So I'm out of my bed. Another thing that also is helpful if you do put it by your bed is to put a sticky note on your phone (mine's upstairs), but like put something encouraging, like "Do you really want to press snooze?", "Choices habits". Like write yourself a note.

Write yourself an encouraging note, like "Get up" or like your "Why". Why are you getting up in the morning? Get up! right? Lazy people don't go after their goals, whatever it is maybe write your goal on a sticky note, put it right next to your bed. So right when you want to hit snooze, you don't because you remember your why.

Yes. So the moment you accept responsibility for everything in your life, is the moment you claim the power to change anything in your life. So to change anything, you have to take responsibility for what you did so that you can move on and create better. That's good. So successful people are born that way. A lot of people think that people are just born successful, it's not true. So you're saying successful people aren't born that way? Successful people are not born to... (like we aren't all just born successful) Everybody's

born baby, you get to choose what happens from there.

So they become successful by establishing the habits. The habits of doing what unsuccessful people do not want to do. So you have to have habits, like everything in life revolves around your habits, because the quality of your life is created by the quality of our habits. "If you do not control your habits, they will control you".

Oh my goodness! I hope you guys wrote that down. It's so good, "If you do not control your habits, your habits control you". I hope you're taking notes and if not, you better share this video because it'll go to your page and then you can go back and watch it later and take some notes because it's pretty incredible. So the last two things are motivation is what gets you started. So your goal... everything was what gets you started to do why (so this might motivate somebody) Yes. But if you don't take action and you don't create the habits, if you don't create the discipline that you want to do, that you need to do to get to your goal done, then it's not gonna happen. Because you can't just sit on the couch and wish for ABS, you have to get in the work. Is it easy? No. It takes habits and it takes time, and a lot of people just misconceive they're like... Oh! Because we live in an instant society. Yes. So you have to get off your butt, and you have to do the work. Especially kids, kiddos. teens, you have adults, you have to do the work. Yes.

So let today be the day you give up your old life of how you've been to where you want to go. Because it's all about your habit, so start now. Don't say "I'll start tomorrow, start next week, start at the beginning of the month". Sorry, Now.

"She earned it"

I love it! Did you guys love it? She did so good. And we pay her to do this, so yes, we are paying her $25. And this is how our children are earning money is my husband said "I'll pay you to read". She's got a whole bunch of notes, she presents it to our family. And then if she does a LIVE with me or on her own page, she earns an extra $5 to teach other people because it builds a skill. Okay, you're amazing! Okay, I hear you guys. I have one more you guys want to hear from our second daughter? She read this book, it is amazing. Here, let's do a fun little contest. If you share the video, post share below. If you shared, I'm going to put your name in a drawing. I've got five more books of these, five books that I can do a drawing and I'm going to send you this "Rhinoceros Success" book. So press the share button, when you do let me know that you shared and I'm going to draw a name and we'll do that tomorrow. And I'll let you know who wins these books.

Our second daughter Emery

So Emery, how are you? Good. So Emery just read this book, she earned her $20 and she's gonna give you... (you don't have to do a lot). We're just learning on being in front of the camera, right? She did a great job. Do you want to read from your notebook and you want to tell them what you learned from the Rhinoceros Success book. Look if they're giving you a lot of hearts. So one thing that I learned is...

Success is there for anyone who will get off their butts and charge after what they believe in.

Success is there for somebody to get off their booty and charge like a rhino, right? Yes. So I thought was really good.

And do you want to tell them the difference between a Cow and a Rhino.

A cow is somebody who's lazy and doesn't want to charge after what they want, and a Rhino charges after what they want to get their goals.

They talk in the book about a rhino has thick skin a cow kind of wallows in a herd, their heads down. They're eating and wallowing each other's poo. They're not chasing after goals, right? Not to say a cow is bad, it's just an analogy of "Do you want to be a cow or do you want to be a rhino?". Okay, what else did you learn from the book?

Also... It is better to attempt something great and fail, than to attempt nothing and succeed. But if you attempt something great and fail, you learn something off it.
"If you don't attempt anything you will not succeed"

And if you attempt something, like if you don't attempt anything and then succeed it's just... Well you wouldn't succeed. If you don't attempt anything at all, guess what? You don't get anything, right? So it's better to attempt and fail because the only way you failed, you know what the answer is, the only way you fail is if you quit. The only way you fail is if you quit. What else? Yes.

What I thought was really good is what you sow, you reap.

So if you sow just bad things, you'll reap the bad things. Good things, you'll reap good things. So that was a good point that I thought. Also, there was a good Bible verse it was Mark 10:27... "For with God, all things are possible". Yes, for with God, all things are possible. And never let your dreams go. Never let your dreams go. It's so good. Anything else you want to share. And nothing good comes easy. And that's what Amelia talked about too, it's not easy, it takes discipline and habits, right?. I love it! Good job! Dad owes you money.

You should tell them, a little bit of your story of how reading was not easy and how far you've came over the last two years. Do you want to share? Sure. So with anything in life, it doesn't matter if it's your diet, or if it's relationships or money or school, right? You have to work hard. Yesterday, we had a little bit of a hard day. Because she has to work harder at school, right? Yeah. But do you feel like... how long has it taken you to get to where you are today, do you know? Four years, at least four years with reading. When she was younger, what do we have to do? I vision therapy. We had to do vision eye therapy for 18 months. So from like six, almost seven to eight, we didn't even touch reading, all we had to do was vision eye therapy. And then from eight to 10, and even recently we had to do something called what? Lexercise? Lexercise, where she has to learn differently, right?.

Emery has come a long way

And oftentimes even people on here Emery, people get frustrated because they compare their journey to everybody else's. Like they get frustrated because their body is different than somebody else's. And so their comparing their journey.

They're getting frustrated, they quit and Emery... have you had some frustrating moments? Yes, I have. Because you compare yourself to who? My sisters. Right? But you've come a long way, right? Can you read the same today as you did four or five years ago? "No, I can read way better".

And it's still a process, but are you going to quit? Nope. No, you're not going to quit and you're going to keep going. I love it. Anything else you wanna share? No. You're amazing! Go get your money from dad. So I hope that was helpful. You guys, reading is so so so powerful. And I would say whether you're reading or listening to a book, or listening to a podcast, or even the music and the movies, and the things that you watch, are going to ultimately depict how you feel about yourself. It's so so, so important.

And so whether I hope that was helpful. Again if you're watching, press the share button because if you do, I'm going to do a drawing tomorrow. I think we've got about five books left that we can give away. What is your favorite book post below if there's something that you're like, "Oh my goodness, everybody should read this". Eliza, do you have one thing from the book you're reading that you want to share? Is there anything that it's taught you? Can you think?

Meet our third daughter Eliza

So our third daughter Eliza, she's nine. She's reading the book," The Dream giver". It's incredible, and actually what they're doing is they're listening to the audible, and they're writing notes and then they're sharing it with us. Do you want to share one thing from "The Dream giver" that you are learning? Let me pick you up so they can see you. Okay, what are you learning from the dream giver?

That never give up on your dreams, even if it's like hard. And if there's somebody trying to push you away from your dreams, you can always keep moving.

You keep moving! I love that. Anything else? You can share when you're all done if you want. She's taking notes. So when she's done, she'll share her highlight notes with you next time. I love it. Okay Annie, do you want to share anything? No. Do you want to come and show them the book that you're reading? Sure.

So I hope this was helpful. I know some of you were like, "Excuse me, tell me about net carbs and total carbs". Awesome tune in every single day, I'll give you recipes tell you the fats that are good, the fats that are bad. Things that are meal replacements, I can I share all of that with you, right? Don't eat if you're not hungry. There's so many things, but I'm telling you the mindset is important.

And our youngest Annie

So Annie's reading the book, "The Energy bus". Super great, if you're looking for a fun kids book, and so we're going to be reading this and when she's done, you can give an idea of what you read.

Is there anything that you want to share with anybody about goals and dreams and visions? "Don't give up".

Anything else? No. Okay. Okay everybody, I hope you have a great day, press the share button. I'll do a drawing tomorrow, and we'll talk to you soon.

I hope you loved it. Bye, everybody.

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