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Mind Shift: They Won't Get It Until You Do (Mind Shift by Erwin McManus)

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Hey everybody, Welcome to the Keto Mom page, my name is Stephanie and we are diving into the Mind Shift by Erwin McManus. My hope is to inspire and help you realize that you can achieve your goals, it all starts in your mind.


At the very beginning, there's a story about a man speaking in Hindi, and he said "Never be the first one to eat the mushroom".

He shared some examples of why, and the analogy is from an ancient village where they always had one person assigned to try the mushrooms that they found for the rest of the villagers. If that person eats it, and he lives, then the mushrooms are safe. If that person eats the mushrooms, and he doesn't make it, he saves the rest of the village.

"Never be the one who goes first".

Now, there's also an opposite end of that concept. There's a book that I was reading by Jamie Kern Lima. She talked about how she started a makeup company, and created different types of makeup, like contouring, before it was ever a thing. People made fun of her for years, and she ended up selling her company that she started from scratch.

"I created something and I was the first to create it. People didn't accept it until right now".

So, some people would say you should never go first and just let somebody else go first. You will then learn the lessons from them, so that you can go further faster. On the flip end of that...

What if nobody ever goes first?

What happens if nobody ever does it?

What happens if nobody takes the first step?

If no one goes first, there's no future.

If no one goes first, we all die.

The world is changed by the mushroom eaters.

Is there something that you are passionate about but you're scared of how people might think of you? You might have this crazy idea, but nobody's ever done this before and you don't think that your family or friends will support you.

Do you want to be the one that sits back and waits to see how somebody else does? Or are you going to be the person that goes first?

"The world is changed by mushroom eaters, too many of us play The Imitation Game. We spend too much of our lives making decisions that we believe others want us to make. Sometimes, our motivations are really close to home, we're trying to become the son that our father wanted us to be. You're trying to become the daughter that your parents really felt like they deserved. You're trying to live up to your name or the hopes of those closest to you".

"Our lives are not created in a vacuum. They were born into a world of expectations. A huge part of self leadership. A huge part of you leading yourself is breaking away from the gravitational pull of the opinions of others and finding the courage to become the most unique version of you".

You eat the mushroom

You go first

You take the first step

You get to do it.

Or are you believing what you're told without actually taking a step back and realizing that you actually don't have to live under the words and expectations of what people already put upon you.

"When you share your vision or your dream with those around you? Don't be surprised if they try to discourage you from pursuing such insanity. Although you will want them to see the possibility of your dreams".

We all want people to believe that our ideas are so amazing. It will change our family's lives and our lives. You might be so excited about it but you're always going to have somebody say "Why would you do that?", "That's not going to work". "No way! That's impossible!".

You want people to encourage you, we all do. It feels good to be encouraged and validated. And yet, most people, at least in the very beginning, not everybody but a lot of them will say, "It's not going to work you shouldn't waste your time".

"You may begin to wonder if you are out of your mind. Others will ask you why can't you just be satisfied with the life you have?"


I've actually been asked that before...

"Why don't you just be thankful for what you have?"

"Why do you have to constantly talk about pursuing better?"

"Can't you just be thankful for the life you have?"

"You have a healthy family, healthy kids, and your family seem to have everything that you need".

I believe a majority of people who are mushroom eaters are going first and working on their uniqueness. I would say that's true for my family. These are people who are pursuing the best versions of themselves, because they also want to help other people do the same.

The Lord has blessed us 100%! We work hard, and it's not perfect! You don't see all the hardships, the challenges that we work through and get past. But there are reasons that we show up for our teams, for our kids, and for our promoters. My hope is that, my family and I, can inspire you and other people to get out of your own way, and do the things that you know that you're called to do.

If I could just plant this seed of encouragement, awareness, and understanding in your mind, so that you can open up and realize that there are books, mentors, and other people in this world that want to actually help and encourage you. The reason that our family will never quit pursuing better is because there are so many people out there that need help, who need other people for guidance. And then they need to take their first mushroom step.

We all have different callings and different things that are in our own hearts. Hopefully you will be inspired to take those steps.

"You must choose between acceptance and uniqueness".

My family is quite unique. Starting the Keto Mom page, my husband quitting his job and doing this company, sharing ketones, traveling, and homeschooling our kids. We actually received a lot of grief about that, because people thought we were weird. We had people saying things like...

"I can't believe that you're doing that".

"Why would your husband do that?"

"Why do you guys think that being an entrepreneur or pursuing a business will work?"

"Working from home? How do you think that's going to work?"

"That's a terrible idea, don't do it!"

But there was this tiny mustard seed in our hearts that knew that it was going to work, but we had to do the work. And every time somebody would try to plant a seed of doubt in my heart, I would have to go back to the tiny little mustard seed and just believe that it's going to work.

We knew that we can build this business together. We knew that we have value to add to other people's lives in the world. So we ate the mushroom! We drank the ketones and we started sharing.

"Never surrender your uniqueness for acceptance. On your journey to becoming who you were meant to be. No one can eat the mushroom for you, you must choose to go first. You must choose to take the risk. You must choose to break away from the gravitational pull of expectations. And if you are required to be anyone except yourself to be accepted? That price is too high".

"Take the time to figure out who you want to become. Don't wait for the crowds to cheer you on. Don't wait for the applause. Don't wait for anyone else to understand what you're doing. Just go eat the mushroom. Eventually when everyone else is sitting around enjoying their salads, they will thank you for the for the Shiitakes.

This book is hopefully, shifting your mind. This book is meant to give you 12 mind shifts, to give you a new perspective. There are people who want to pursue better and are excited about life. Those are the people you need to be around.

The book is called Mind Shift by Erwin McManus. Thank you for tuning in, I hope you have an amazing day. I look forward to talking to so many of you. We'll talk to you soon. Bye everybody!

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