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Mind Shift: Change Your Mind (Mind Shift by Erwin McManus)

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Hello, everybody! Welcome to the Keto Mom page. We're going to go through this book, Mind Shift by Erwin McManus, together. Why are we doing it on the Keto mom page? Because a couple years ago, something that my husband and I realized was, I can help people. I can give you all of the recipes you want and all the keto, low carb tips, but what I realized a few years ago was people were not working on their mindset. They weren't even believing they could lose the weight they wanted to lose. People were just setting goals and not achieving them. And so that's why we started diving into books together for two years now.

I've been waiting for this book, Mind Shift by Erwin McManus, to come out. Erwin McManus is one of mine and my husband's mentors, and we actually joined something called "The Arena" where we get to hop on a zoom and meet with him and learn from him. I'm so excited! Mondays are one of my most favorite days. I love Mondays in general because I feel like it's a new week.

So, before we dive into Mind Shift by Erwin McManus, I want you to answer this question. "What is one thing that makes you happy?". Let's get your mindset focused on what makes you happy.

All right! So, I'm not going to physically read the entire book but I'm just going to choose some of the highlights of each chapter and we're going to talk about it together. We also encourage our children to go through the books that we're reading as adults. There's something that we need to be teaching our kids, and it's the power of personal development or self-development, and understanding their mindset. There are things that they need to understand about their mindset, how to communicate, and also EQ, or how to handle their emotions. If we can teach that to our children, they're going to exceed as adults and they're going to be set up for success. It's going to help them in any area of their lives if they can understand their mindset, how to control it, or how to get it working for them.

Alright! So the highlights is called "Mind shift Number Zero". He's got 12 mind shifts or 12 chapters, and this one is called "Change your mind". I've already listened to almost the entire book on Audible, so if you don't have time to read, audible is incredible. I think I'm at the last couple pages. So go and listen to it, you can make it "Drive Time University", as you're going home, doing your makeup, or getting ready in the morning. Whether it's 5, 15, or 30 minutes, you can listen to it. The key to any of this is applying it.

"Some people are simply structured for failure".

Have you ever heard other people say "They're just lucky", "They were born in a family that succeeds", "Our family is a family that doesn't succeed"... I'm sure you've heard something like that. So Erwin heard that phrase and he told a story, I'm not going to go into the story but it was the story of boxers or fighters. He talked about how the broadcaster said, "Some people are just simply structured to fail".

Let's break this down because oftentimes people say "I'm a failure", but most of the time, it's really just yourself telling yourself that...

"If my mind can be structured for failure, then it also can be structured for success. This is the premise of every chapter in this book. This is what the book is about. To help you understand there's mental structures that not only shape your thinking, but it's going to shape you".

The entire book is about how to shift your mind, how to take some thoughts captive, it's going to give you an incredible awareness. Your life is a result of how you are thinking or the things that you believe.

"If you believe that people never change, you will never change. If you believe that you can't succeed, you will fail. Research has even found that the level of physical pain you can endure is mostly in your head".

Your mindset is so important.

If you believe that you can lose the weight, eventually you will.

If you believe you're always going to be overweight, it's in your family, it's something that's hereditary, then guess you're going to get what you believe.

On the opposite end, if you believe that you can shift it then it starts with your mindset.

"Your mental structures can unlock untapped potential and unleash unimaginable capabilities".

I want you to go through this book, not only thinking about losing some weight just because you're in the Keto Mom page. I'm going to guess that most of you have things that you want to achieve in your life that have been put on the back burner maybe 20 years ago, that you wanted to achieve. Things that you just let go, things that are deep down in your heart that you think you never could do because you're too old, or it's too late. Well then guess what? It's not.

"There's an ancient proverb that tells us that you become your thoughts. Your thoughts are the roadmap to your future. If you transform your thinking, you will transform your life".

I would love to help change your mind, I think about that all the time when I'm talking on the Keto Mom page. If I could just do it for you, if I could just like slap your hand and tell you to put that doughnut down, get you off the couch and push you towards the gym or go for a walk. If I could shove a bottle of water in your hand and take the Pepsi out of your hands. But I can't do it for you, nobody can do it for you. I can't change people's minds, but I can give you a tool to help you do the work...

"What can I see now that I couldn't see, in my younger days?"

"I've learned that unfortunately, most of us not only avoid near-death experiences, most people avoid near-life experiences. Most of the time, it's not near-death that people are trying to stay away from, it's avoiding near-life experiences. We've almost risk for love. We almost pursue our dreams. We almost overcome our fears. We almost live the life we longed for. We almost make the decisions that would have changed everything. And then we get to the end of our lives, and we realized that we were so close, except we were always just one choice away".

So as we're going through this chapter and continue to go through the book, ask yourself that question. What is one thing that you're scared to do or could be great at, but people always say that you're too old, it's too late, you need a lot of money to do that, there's no way you could accomplish that, or it's going to take you years to achieve.

Well, guess what? It's okay. My friend took eight years to accomplish the dream that she had, and she didn't quit.

So we're going to dive into helping you with your mindset, to shift it so that you can go after those things you want, regardless of what other people say.

"Life is unpredictable and a beautiful journey filled with both adventures and dangers. If you choose life rather than existence, life doesn't just happen. If your life is happening by accident, you are only existing. We don't want to exist, we want to be in control of our lives. For most of us, the tension is not between good choices and bad choices. The real battle is between easy good, and the hard best".


We get this all the time...

Why did you leave that beautiful lake?

Why did you choose something different?

We were super comfortable, if you looked at our life in Minnesota, we've got all your family, great friends, and we were super comfortable. Things were going great, so why would we do that? Why do you keep pursuing better? Shouldn't you just be content with life? I actually don't agree with that. I'm content, everything is great.

The real battle is between easy, good and the hard, great. And our family is choosing to pursue greatness. Not just for me and Steve, but for our four girls. And to pursue that we had to leave the easy good, to pursue the hard great.

Was this move easy? Absolutely not. Did we have to get over some barriers and still work towards some things that we want to climb over? 100%! I had some really great friends in Minnesota, but this isn't about me and Steve, this is about our girls to push them way above what we have done in life. It's not easy, it's going to be a hard, but great. It's what our family has chosen. Did we leave a 40 acre lake that people would love to have? Yes. But we also have gained the ocean.

That's just something that our family is working towards. It's an adventure. It's a challenge. It's super exciting.

"The journey begins in your mind. That's why you are here. This is where the battle is fought and where the battle is won. For anything to change, the first thing that must change is your mindset. The future is waiting for those who have the courage to create it. My goal is to help others become the best versions of themselves".

It's something that we say with our company all the time. I want to help you become the best version of you. I want to become the best version of me. I want my children to become the best version of them. And how do we do that? We do that by working on our mindset and having an awareness of the the world around us, the things that we can control and we can't control. We're going to do it together.

"The future is waiting for those with the courage to create it".

So there are 12 mind shifts, or 12 things that's going to help you realize what you're called to do, and that you've got greatness inside of you. I need you to control your mindset and just be aware of what you're thinking, the things you can control the things you can't control. What can you see now that you couldn't see in your younger days? The real battle is between easy good, and hard great.

Thank you for being on here, have an amazing day. I will see you tomorrow.

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