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Mind Shift: You Can't Take Everyone With You (Mind Shift by Erwin McManus)

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Welcome to the Keto Mom page, my name is Stephanie and we are going through the Mind Shift by Erwin McManus. I'm not reading the entire book to you, but I would love to take your thoughts captive. I want to help you understand that your mindset is super important if you really want to achieve your goals without living a life of regret.

I love to go through books to give you a thought or help you become a forward moving person. I know there's greatness inside of you and things you want to achieve. But I need you to understand that it starts with your mind.

As I Think, so I Feel

As I Feel, so I Do

And as I Do, so I Have

Majority of people message me because they want to lose weight, get healthy, or take control of their eating to feel better. And here are some of the things I'd tell these people...

Are you reading?

Do you listen to podcasts?

What are you watching and listening to?

How much water are you drinking?

Are you walking?

Are you drinking ketones?

Are you doing intermittent fasting?

Are you eating when you're hungry, and not when you're bored?

There are simple little habits you can incorporate every single day and I will help you with, one of them is "Thinking". So this is your reminder "As I think so I feel". My thoughts create feelings, good or bad. "As I feel so I do". Your feelings create an action. "As I do so I have". So, if you reverse engineer your day today, it goes back to your actions, goes back to your feelings, and then goes back to your thoughts.


This chapter is pretty short, sweet. This book will give you mind shifts, like different things for you to think about. It will help you have a new awareness of how you think. How you think creates a feeling or an action, and that's what you have today. Your life today is created from your actions, feelings, and from your thoughts.

"You can't take everybody with you".

Let me give you an example, when Steve and I started this Keto Mom page, I simply wanted to share recipes and my husband was also on a fat loss journey. This page also started with drinking ketones. It kind of started because my husband was doing the diet and he found a product that legitimately changed my life. We started helping other people who were looking for help. And when we started doing that, there were also other people that were watching Steve and I. And they were saying things like...

"Why would you do that?"

"I can't believe that you believe in a product"

"I can't believe that you would share this online"

"Oh, you think you're better than us?"

For a couple of years, our family and our girls were very strict keto because we had some health stuff we were working on. And there were a handful of people that were rude and disrespectful. They would try to get me because I had goals for our kids and there was a specific thing we were battling. But people would often say, "I can't believe you didn't give your kids that ice cream" etc... In your life, you're going to have people who will support you, or don't.

You can't take everyone with you. I think that's the hardest pill to swallow sometimes.

"Some of your most defining moments will be when you bring much clarity that people know whether they are in or out. In the process, you help them define their values, they may not choose to move forward with you, but they may be choosing to move forward with their own lives".

Usually, people say that they're working on getting healthy but their friend group don't support them. They've been working on eating better, but when they're around certain people, all they want is to shove a doughnut in their face. Some people say that they can never be good enough for this person...

I'm talking about coworkers, best friends, or it might even be you. When focus on something and decide to not sit here anymore, move forward, and do what's best for your family, there might be people that do not want to go with you because they're comfortable where they are, and you have to be okay with that.

"Even though I can understand this, losing people has never been easy. You will lose people you never wanted to lose. But in that process, you will gain people that have a focus. This is why it's so important to choose the people in whom you do life with"


You are like the top five people you hang around, good or bad. If you're around people that encourage, elevate, and cheering you on when you're winning. You're actually going to do the same for other people. Think about the top five people you were around with, majority of your day, and it could be outside of your family.

Are they encouraging?

Are they dreamers with you?

Do they have a vision?

Do they have values?

Are they encouraging you all along the way?

Are you doing the same for them, or are they making excuses?

Are they trying to pull you down?

It's going to play a big factor on whether you hit your goals, or do the things that the Lord has put in your life. If you feel that you don't have anybody outside of your home, then go online because it is incredible. You can watch other people's live videos and listen to podcasts.

If you don't have anybody outside of your home, I encourage you to think about where those people might be in your surrounding area. Is there something you're super passionate about, like arts and craft, music, church, or a specific organization or group? You're going to have to get "uncomfortable" and find out where your people are. Where are the people that are aligned with you?

I have been praying for an opportunity to meet some business women and to find people in our local area that we just moved to. In order for me to do that I had to get uncomfortable. I had to go to a meeting. I had to join the Chamber of Commerce. I got to go to the meeting. I got to sit at the table with some new people. And I now get to go to these meetings monthly, because I've chosen to join and meet new people that I know who are business minded, forward focus, who are excited about building their business and providing for their families.

"Always make room for people to go with you into your future. You never sacrifice your future for those who want to stay exactly where they're at. You need people in your life who will cheer you on and who will risk and who will grow. Don't spend your time trying to lead people who don't want to go with you".

I will be that person for you. You can connect with people online, it's amazing. I also believe face to face is important. My husband and I are leaving in about 20 minutes to meet with people on our team, face to face. It doesn't just build our business, but it also builds the relationships with these people in our team. We've created friendships out of business, and we're going to go meet with each other, dream together, and help each other out.


There might be people whom you thought would do life with you forever, but all of a sudden they could be gone. Don't let it get you down because that's their choice. I don't get to choose everybody that stays on my bus or in my circle. Sometimes people have to leave for a reason, but we have to keep moving forward. I've made new friends and found new business partners and it's been great.

Some people will stay forever.

Some people will stay for a season.

Some people will stay even for just a couple of days.

The internet is also incredible, the fact that I can talk to somebody on the other side of the world, like my friends Liz, Abbey and Jhun. They all live in the Philippines, but I talk to them almost every single day, and we love them. They're our friends and our business partners. I've never met them in person, but I love their families, and I love them.

I would encourage you to find some of those people in your community and meet with them, face to face. We're going to do that right now. We're going to connect with people on our team, talk about where the business is going, dream together, encourage and help each other out. And that's something we're super excited about.

We'll continue to go through the Mind Shift by Erwin McManus. It's super powerful. So, thank you for tuning in, ask questions below. Your presence matters, and I look forward to helping so many of you on your journey. We'll talk to you very soon. Bye everybody!

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