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Mind Shift: You Don't Need An Audience (Mind Shift by Erwin McManus)

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Hello, welcome to the Keto Mom page. My name is Stephanie. And we are going through the book called Mind Shift by Erwin McManus. My hope is to give you a thought daily to help you with your mindset. The chapter that we're going to talk about today ties right up into what happened in the last 24 hours of my life and I'm super excited to share it with you.

Here on the Keto Mom page, I want to help you understand awareness and your mindset. If you believe that you can, you will. If you believe that you can't, then you're right. Oftentimes I'm coaching people on what to eat, how much to eat, and all of these keto things. But if you're not in the right frame of mind, or if your mindset is not ready to actually achieve the goals that you want, if you don't believe that you can, if you're constantly running these negative narratives in your mind, you will not hit the goal.


In the very beginning, Erwin McManus tells a story about not needing an audience. He basically walks you through his life of where he is today, and how one opportunity, one decision to say yes, one moment in time, set the rest of the course up to where he is today. He runs a church in LA, he's an author, he's a coach, and he's a speaker.

There was this one thing that happened in his life where he went to a conference to help his wife. He had never spoken to a huge crowd of youth before. He was used to speaking one on one with smaller groups in smaller settings. So what happened was the key speaker didn't show up, and he was asked to get up and speak in front of 20,000 plus youth. And so if somebody were to say, "Think about something that you're passionate about, and if you were asked to take it to the next level, would you be prepared?"...

"You don't need an audience. Prepare for the unexpected. Prepare to bring your best at any moment's notice. Prepare for the impossible. Prepare for your purpose".

What you do every single day or the things that you're doing today, are preparing you for an opportunity in the future. He talked about speaking to smaller crowds, and all of the things that he did that he had no idea was preparing him for that one moment that opened up a door and completely changed his life to speak in front of 20,000 young adults or teenagers.

Oftentimes people think that success comes to people who are born in a specific area. But success or opportunities aren't just for people who are born in specific areas or certain environments. Whether you're in a village in Africa, South America, somewhere across Europe or Asia, here are the simple things in life...

Keep your promises, both to yourself and others.

Make very few promises and replace them with commitments.

Finish what you started, only start what you were willing to finish.

Be trustworthy.

Be grateful.

Be humble.

Take responsibility.

He's coaching people on what it means to be successful and healthy and it doesn't just come to those who are born in specific parts of the world. These are great principles for everybody. As you're pursuing to be the best version of you, keep your promises, make yourself commitments, finish what you started, be trustworthy, be grateful, be humble and be responsible. That's what's going to help people be the best versions of themselves.

Oftentimes, people don't want to keep going after the best versions of themselves. People often feel like they don't have an audience, or who am I doing this for? But there might be a time where you've got to think that you're doing this for the audience of one, and maybe that audience is you.

It's the day in and day out consistent routines that you're doing and you feel like nobody is noticing you. But you are actually physically doing something that's going to change your body. You might not be getting any of that acknowledgement, but you don't need somebody else to say good job, you have to.

"Are you doing it for you? Or are you doing it just because you're trying to capture an audience? Are you capturing an audience? Or is the audience capturing you?"

What are you doing and why are you doing it? Maybe you have big hopes and dreams for your business, or for a nonprofit that you want to start, or whatever you're passionate about. You need to go after it with everything that you have because it will prepare you, even when nobody's watching. It's being okay with not having an audience yet because you're still preparing. So when the Lord opens the door, you will be prepared to walk through it.

"I've learned that you don't need an audience to prepare for the biggest moment of your life. Commit to greatness when you have no audience. Discipline yourself and prepare yourself to be the best of what you do. Live as if today, you may be given the greatest opportunity of your life. Be ready to step up when the call comes. Don't try to keep up with all of those who use all of your energy to pursue fame. You need to play the long game. Stay the course, greatness takes time. And in its early stages, it looks like practice".

It's you being the best version of you and doing the things when nobody's watching. It's when you're eating well and taking care of your body, going to the gym, and working on your mindset. You're preparing yourself, so that when an opportunity opens, you get to walk through that door.

"Greatness is always grown in private. If you want to do what no one else has done before, you must be willing to do what no one is doing. If you need the applause to be great, you will never survive the process. The crowd will meet you at the finish line, they don't need to start with you. And don't pay the price of greatness for the praise of people. Do the work that no one sees, do the work so that you can look at yourself in the mirror and know that you gave it your all, and everything that you had".


So we moved to Florida for a few different reasons. We love Florida and it was also for our children. I talk about our girls being involved in the youth. And they even helped set up the church for Wednesday night. So we moved here for our children, but we also moved here because it's a bigger city and there are more opportunities. My hope is to grow our business, and we love the weather here too.

I told my husband that when we were in Minnesota, I felt like I was a whale in a fishbowl. I knew everybody, and it was this teeny little town. But when we got to Wellington, Florida I told my husband, "I feel like an ant in the ocean". The amount of people here made me feel a little overwhelmed and super excited at the same time. So, Monday, I got a text message from the girl who helped us get this home and we haven't talked since we moved in.

She said she would love to grab some coffee with me, to meet and chat for a little bit. And I instantly made an excuse because Steve and I are actually heading out on a trip tomorrow with our company. But my husband said that it was an open door, and I was fine if we met on Tuesday. So I messaged her Monday night to tell her and she said yes.

I love people, but sometimes I still get nervous even when I come on the Keto Mom page. I love people, and yet I'm still think about "What if she doesn't like me?", "What does she want to talk about?", "How can I help her?", "Is this a good connection?"... I was actually praying for connections for our business, so I went and met with her. She asked me about ketones, and what I did. We actually have a ton in common. We both have teenage kids, we both homeschool, and she's also a realtor.

And and as we were chatting, I said "Hey, how are you connected in this town? What are some things I need to do? Tell me the best way to get connected?". And she said, "Hey, you need to go join the Chamber of Commerce for this town". I went home and the first action I did was to type in my information and submitted it, and in less than a minute somebody called me. A girl named Mikayla called me and said that she wanted to connect with me. It was amazing!


So she said, "Tell me what you do?"... I told her about PRUVIT and ketones. I told I want to coach women, I want to help women be healthy and live healthy, faith-filled lives. I just want to be me. I want to connect with other women in the city. She was like, "Oh my goodness, I do the keto diet. I need some of your ketones. We're having a meeting at eight o'clock in the morning, can you please come in and meet with us? You don't even have to join yet. Just come in and chat and hear what it's all about"...

Another door was opened for me, and so this morning I went and met these women. I believe the Lord opens up doors for us. We can either walk through it, or we can shut it down. From the beginning, I could have easily said that it was inconvenient, or not right now. But I realized that I have been preparing and praying for this. We have been asking how do we get connected, and I could have easily shoved that opportunity off to next week. I would have then missed the eight o'clock meeting this morning.

All I'm saying is if an opportunity presents itself, and you feel like you can do it even if it might be inconvenient, you have to be adaptable. I've been looking for this, therefore I need to walk through it. It doesn't matter if I'm afraid. I can switch the fear to being excited. I'm going to do it because I've prepared for it and I'm ready for it.

So I went to this eight o'clock meeting, met these people and as I was sitting around this table, the the first thing that popped into my mind was "I'm so unqualified to be here". There were some incredible, powerful business women in this room. They are confident and excited about their businesses. I wanted this, I wanted to connect. And it turned out that the ladies were actually so fun.

I just want you to realize that sometimes there are doors that are open to you, you just have to have the courage to walk through it. You don't need to be perfect, do not compare. You don't need an audience to prepare whatever it is that you're working towards. You're going to do it in private. You're preparing for your greatness in private until that door or the opportunity is opened, and then you've got to walk through it.

So I got the opportunity to do that and I'm super excited because it opened up so many other doors for business, which is what I was asking for. I wanted to be able to connect with other women in this town where I feel like an ant in a huge ocean.

This book is going to help you open your mind to things that you've never seen or realize that you had that perspective. That's what I want to help open up to you here on the Keto Mom page.

So today's lesson is, "Preparing in private for when the door opens, you're going to be ready to walk through it".

The book called Mind Shift by Erwin McManus. Thank you for tuning in your presence matters. Have a wonderful day and we'll talk to you later

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