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Keto Tip (Day 45) Inner Check Time | Keto Mom

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	If you looked at everything from the outside, it looks great. But then your inner check could be that your self esteem is not where it needs to be. You don't believe in yourself. You may have failed a couple times in your life, and therefore you believe that you're a failure. It's the inner voice, what are you going to listen to?

Points To Ponder:

00:17 Inner check

01:36 What Does Inner Check Mean?

01:41 We have an ongoing project

02:26 The Outside Could Be Perfect

03:07 What Could Be My Inner Check?

03:50 The Best Time Is Now

04:21 Take A Look At What's On The Inside

04:49 You're Created For Greatness By Greatness

05:05 Get Your Mindset Right

06:50 The 5-Second Rule

07:25 Foods List

08:29 Be Thankful For Where You Are At

09:07 Good Better & Best

10:08 Who Is This Community?

11:27 It's Important To Connect

11:50 You Are Not Alone

12:19 It's All About Growing Together

Full Episode Transcript:

Hey! Welcome to the Keto Mom page. My name is Stephanie. Today, we are talking about getting healthy. I'm going to shake up ketones and as I walk into my home, I have a thought for you on your inner check. My husband actually had this idea. I asked him, "Hey, what should I talk about today? What should be the Keto tip of the Day?". And he said, "Why don't you share what's going on in your home? And why don't you talk about the inner check"...

Time for some Inner Check!

So it's like having an inner check. You might look really good on the outside or maybe you don't love the way you look on the outside, but we're going to be checking the inside. Especially going into the holiday season, this should be a time of happiness and joy for most people. And whether it's holidays or not, always be happy for everybody...

I am going to let my husband share. Tell everybody why you think we should do an inner check? What does that mean to you? But before that, I'm going to shake up some ketones in a minute, like I always do. I also have some books to give away to the winners. I'm going to post the winners after the video because I don't have them picked yet. So if you pressed the share button, sharing is caring, your name will be put in for the drawing. Alright! Inner check! Going back to my husband, what does it mean to have an inner check? Like looking on the inside of you?...

"When you look at it, we have an ongoing construction project outside. So just tune in, just wait, because you're going to see what's happening right now. And this would be an example of an inner check... If you looked at the outside of our house, everything looked remarkable. But when you stand next to the window, and you feel the wind blowing your hair all over the place, it had to be replaced. And then when we pulled the surface exterior off, it was just rotten and the wood needed to be replaced. So the thing that I want to encourage you with is, sometimes in life, everything from the outside could be perfect. I mean, when you watch movies, what typically happens? It's like the rich and the famous, although that isn't the point. But you could have your Gucci bag, Prada purse, all those fancy stuff, all the right kind of face stuff going on, and the right kind of injections in your eyebrows. Everything from the outside could be perfect with the pumped-up lips, and all that stuff.

Identify what that inner voice is telling you?
So if you looked at everything from the outside, it looks great. But then the inner check could be that your self-esteem is not where it needs to be. You don't believe in yourself. You may have failed a couple of times in your life, and therefore you believe that you're a failure. It's the inner voice, what are you going to listen to?

And just like us, as we're going through this project, there's an eighty mile per hour winds that are on their way. It's almost the end of December, and we're going to have a tornado here in Minnesota. It's crazy!... And so the inner check would be spending some time with yourself today, and identifying what that inner voice is telling you? What is it that you're believing about yourself?

There is never a time in your life better than today, to reinvent yourself. You can do it at any given moment, you can reinvent yourself and do reconstruction at any time. The reality is it doesn't have to be from an appearance standpoint, because all that truly matters is what you believe on the inside...
I tell Stephanie she's beautiful all the time

I tell Stephanie, she's beautiful because I believe that wholeheartedly every single day. I love her for her appearance, but I love her for the inside. And so what I want to encourage you is to take a look on the inside, do an inner self-reflection check, do an inner check. If there are places where you're not a ten? Then let's come up with a game plan, in that way you'll believe you're a ten.

You have greatness in you because greatness made you. And so I just want to encourage you that today's your day to do that inner check and to know that you're amazing. To know that you're freaking awesome, you're magnificent, and just the way that you are. You are created for greatness by greatness.

So today is the day when we may have to come up with a plan, to execute that greatness. To take those dreams and those desires that are written on your heart, and put them into action"...

Part of that is tuning in the mornings, to work on your mindset. Reading, finding mentors, and following those people who've already done what you want to do, but in a positive light... Alright! We want to show you what we're doing. We are tearing apart a whole wall and redoing windows in the middle of winter. Because our friend got a really good deal on some sliding doors, and he said, "Hey! You want these doors?".

We are doing construction in the middle of Winter

And Steve said, "Yeah! It's supposed to be sixty degrees tomorrow, so why don't we just tear apart the entire house and just put the doors in?"... And then all of a sudden, Minnesota said, "Hey! Guess what? You're in a storm warning, there's a tornado is coming". But we'll show you what we're doing, we have holes in our wall. So that's the hole where doors are going in. And their goal is to get it all done today, and we're believing in no tornadoes. We're making a really big mess over here and yes that is our construction...

Alright! Going back to what my husband said, I love the