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Keto Mom here!

There's a good option, there's a better option, and there's always the best option, which is naturally organic, home grown, have your own cows, and have all of your own vegetables, but not all of us have that so we do the best that we can. We keep it super simple, we'll have deli meat, sometimes I'll throw mayo, pickles, mustard, any type of wrap that you want to make. We usually have beef sticks in here, different types of beef sticks or jerky, pickles or veggies. You could have some dip also, so don't overthink this.

Points to Ponder:

01:42 Strict Keto

02:35 There's no one size fits all

02:52 Good, better, best option

03:17 Contents of my cooler

03:46 Hard boiled eggs

04:06 Seven layer salad

04:23 Don't overthink

05:29 A lifestyle

05:50 Keep it super simple

06:08 My mom fuel, our journey

06:53 I helped him fail miserably

07:38 I was a tired exhausted mom

09:47 Benefits of Ketones

11:02 Pay attention to food

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Keto Mom page, we are going to dive into summer picnics. What do we take to the zoo, the beach, the pool or to the park... What do we take with us to stay on track? So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from, my name is Stephanie and welcome again to the Keto Mom page. We have been on this journey, sharing our life and sharing all of the things that work with us for almost six years this month. I started the Keto Mom page July 1st, but I started drinking Ketones and this journey, I think it was June 23rd. So I'm excited to share with you some more, and we're going to dive into some very basic ideas of what you could take with you on a picnic. Today, we went to the zoo and to a park, and my kids are on the lake playing outside. We'll probably have some friends over and we grill all summer long, but what do you put in your cooler or your picnic basket for you to stay on track? Who's excited for summer?

We keep it super simple, so anytime that we're going to go somewhere, or like earlier today we packed a lunch, all we did was threw in our cooler... by the way for those of you who don't like low carb wraps, I get this question a lot, and no these aren't Keto. There's two ways to look at it, most people that are doing this lifestyle are probably more low carb or they would say lazy Keto or dirty Keto. Someone who is really strict Keto, tracking all of their macros on every piece of broccoli, their goal is under twenty carbs a day, and strictly no gluten. I totally get it, everybody's different, but there's no judgment on anybody else's journey. So for those of you who are working on eating better... Take the buns off the burgers, the croutons off the salad, grab a lettuce wrap or a low carb wrap.

We use these (Xtreme Wellness low carb wrap), throughout the summer a lot. I'll throw this in a bag with some nut butter, almond butter, or natural peanut butter, and it's the easiest thing to take with you throughout the entire summer. All you have to do is grab a wrap and throw some peanut butter on it, super simple for the kids and yourself. So for those who would say to me "Stephanie, those aren't keto"...

I'm going to say it depends on how you do Keto, because there's not just one way, there's no one size fits all. I like low carb wraps and we utilize them. We use them a lot when we are traveling or when we're on the go, and it's a simple option.

It's going to keep you out of the drive thru, it's going to give you a better option. We talk about good, better, best. There's a good option, there's a better option, there's always the best option, which is naturally organic, home grown, have your own cows, and have all of your own vegetables, but not all of us have that so we do the best that we can. So these are an option as you're going to the zoo, the picnic or to the beach. I have them with me often, I'll use these wraps and we pack a lot of deli meat.

My girls like meat with cheese sticks

So we'll have deli meat, sometimes I'll throw mayo, pickles, mustard, any type of wrap that you want to make. Oftentimes my kids will just eat meat by itself as a snack, especially when they're swimming. I'll just say "Hey, grab a chunk of meat", and they'll wrap meat around a cheese stick and they're on the go.

So we do cheese sticks, different types of meat, low carb wraps, super simple. We also love hard boiled eggs, you can get these at Costco, they're already pre made hard boiled eggs. I love egg salad, so I'll put that in my low carb wrap or I'll just eat these by themselves.

Of course you can make your own hard boiled eggs, but I only grabbed these for a salad that we had this last weekend, in which we mad an incredible seven layer salad. I'll post the link in the comments because it's so good, just incase you missed it. So you can make your own or buy them, eggs are super great. Okay, I usually pack nuts, a Keto low carb bar, those are all different. I should show you my favorite low carb bar sometime. And then we usually have beef sticks in here, different types of beef sticks or jerky, and pickles or veggies. You could have some dip also, so don't overthink this.

Anytime that we are going out and about, I grab a cooler, I throw some of all of that stuff in there. I usually pack up some berries and for the kids or myself, it's super simple... So maybe you felt like you've reached your goal, you're like "I've got to this summer, it's summertime, I've reached my goal. Now I'm going to throw my hands up in the air and do whatever I want". If that's the you, I would encourage you to not throw your hands up in the air and go "I can do whatever I want", for the next ninety days because in September, you and I are going to be chatting again to get back on track. You can eat great and feel great all summer long, or all year long. There's different tricks and things you can do, so you don't feel like you're deprived. But you don't have to go binge eat because it's the summer or because you've reached your goal weight. The point of this is a lifestyle, so that you get to keep moving forward, keep feeling better, keep on this whole entire journey so that you don't have to go backwards and start over. So when you go to the zoo, the park, the beach, the pool or go on a summer vacation... What do you pack in your cooler? We keep it super simple, a lot of water, I always pack water and we never pack juice. We never pack pop, we never buy pop, we're not pop drinkers. Do you say pop or soda? We're from Minnesota, so we say pop.

Sharing with you all my Mom fuel

Okay, secondly, I want to talk about is my mom fuel. This is where I started, it'll be June 23 2015. My husband handed me a packet, just so you know, my husband has been doing the Keto diet, eight years ago maybe nine years, when a lot of people were doing it. He was pricking his finger and tracking everything he ate, and weighing his food. We have four daughters, and at the time our girls were babies. So we had a brand new baby two, four and six, and I was like, "Baby, this is crazy". He wanted to lose fifty pounds, so he did the diet. He was trying to diet and he would get his body in Ketosis, and then I would make a lasagna and then he'd eat it. So I helped him fail miserably for years.

And one day, he said "I ordered something online and I don't know if it's going to work. But if it works, it's going to change thousands of people's lives".

And I was like, "Alright". My husband would try lots of different drinks, and usually they would taste like mud, grass or disgusting. And I was like, "Awesome! You do what you need to do, and I will support you". So he handed me this little packet, it was orange at the time and he said "Stephanie, I want you to drink it". For me, I have actually never struggled with my weight. I have wanted fat loss for sure, I have four daughters and I got the biggest with my second. So I've been up, you know, forty or fifty pounds, and I had to lose it. But that was not my ultimate goal.

I wanted something better for myself
I was a tired exhausted mom living off of macaroni and cheese, cheeseburgers, chicken nuggets and Debbie snacks.

So when I tried this little packet, and all I did was rip it open, you put it in some water, you drink it and you're in ketosis in under an hour. I was like "Alright, I'll drink it and support you. But don't ever, ask me to try it again, because I probably won't like it". I went away to a homeschool conference and I snuck in the bathroom, peed on a stick and it turned purple. I called my husband and said "What did you give me, I feel great. I'm the only mom at three o'clock awake in this conference. My energy's incredible, I feel like my mind is alert and awake. I don't know what these Ketones are, but I need you to make sure I have some when I get back". Fast forward to six years, I drink this every day. Oftentimes I get the question, my body can make Ketones. You're right, and most people live off of pots of coffee, energy drinks, protein shakes, meal replacement shakes, something to get them through their day but I drink Ketones. I love them, it's a long sustained fuel. Your body can make Ketones if you're doing the diet pretty religiously, or you can drink them. So if you want to know more about my mom fuel, or if you want a trial kit, I would just love to chat with you, one on one, to figure out your goals. All I want you to do is post three in the comments because you and I are going to chat, we're going to chat about your goals. I'm going to give you some research to look at, I want to chat with you specifically. So I can lock arms with you and help you reach your goals.

There are so many benefits to drinking Ketones

Whether you're using Ketones or not, but if you want to know more about my mom fuel, all I want you to do is post three in the comments. It's a powder, you put it in water and you're in ketosis and under an hour so you drink it. There's lots of different flavors I want you to try all some of them and you get to have incredible energy. I haven't taken a nap in almost six years and that's why I call it my mom fuel.

I've never felt better my life, the energy is incredible, the appetite controls incredible. You're not craving sweets, you're not going to go binge eat. Ketones are mom fuel, or dad fuel, brain fuel, it's incredible.

Energy, focus, fat loss, better mood, better sleep and I drink it every single day. It's not a magic pill, but it's going to put you in Ketosis and I'm going to help you with your food, You do not have to be doing a strict keto diet, because the point is to eat better. I've got people that are whole thirty, vegan, low carb and people that are strict keto, and some people that just want to eat healthy, whatever their healthy is. But Ketones are their fuel source, and it comes in caffeine and caffeine free. So when you and I chat, we're going to talk about what benefits you're looking for. Are you doing Strict keto, are you eating low carb, or how can I assist you in your food. We're going to work on drinking more water, moving your body, whether it's just going for a walk, or just being mindful of getting up and moving if you can, but it's not a need.

post three in the comments and we will chat
Most people go on this lifestyle journey for fat loss, and they think they've got to go to the gym for an hour and they've got to sweat for an hour. No, you have to pay attention to the food that you're putting in your mouth.

How much water are you drinking, and what fuel are you using to get you to where you want to go? The workout is a bonus, it's to lean up, to tone up, it's to gain muscle, and to shed some fat, but ultimately we've got to get your food under control. And that's what the product does, it's incredible, that's why I love it. I would love to share more with you, and if you're just tuning in... We talked earlier about snacks for the summertime, whether you're going to the zoo, or the lake or a picnic. I shared some different things that would be in my cooler. So I'd love to know what would be in your cooler, what do you pack and then I drink ketones every single day. So if you want some more information, post three in the comments, I would love to share more with you. Get a trial pack in your hands so that you can trial it and see it doesn't take ninety days to feel the product. My very first day, I felt incredible. I didn't need a nap and I have not skipped a day since. So I hope you have an incredible day, reach out with your questions. I'm going to go with my kids. They've had a great day, we went to the zoo, the park and now playing on the water.

So have an incredible day and we'll talk to you soon

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