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Updated: May 29, 2021

Keto Mom here!

We always have pickles in our fridge, because it takes cravings away. And all of our kids love them and they're very easy snack. Pickles are huge. We also like to have beef sticks, some of you don't. There are a lot of these sticks out there, even jerky that's full of sugar, but we get these from Costco. I usually cut them in a lot smaller pieces. So I'll cut them, these are great snacks. We also like the Dukes beef stick, these are great snacks. We have these on hand all the time and it's super great.

Points to Ponder:

00:50 What are your kids snacking on

01:30 How do you make your chili

01:53 Keto, low carb snacks

03:15 Keto snacks on hand

04:59 Label your eggs

06:21 Average serving size

07:24 Frozen veggies in your fridge

07:41 My kids aren't Keto

08:09 Teach your kids how to eat

09:12 Make a list

09:28 Teach our kids to eat better

09:44 Drink plenty of water

10:02 Pre portion your snacks

10:55 My children are not deprived

11:58 Put it into action

12:48 Do a little bit of planning

13:00 Create systems

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody! I hope you're having a great day, Welcome to the Keto Mom page. I am making some chili and tacos. Partially because some of my kids want chili, although I feel like it's ninety degrees here today, and my husband wants tacos. So I'm just making the meat for all of it, sitting over here on the stove. As supper is being prepared, I want to walk you through some summer snacks, or just snacks that you keep on hand, because that is the question of the day. So we're going to talk about Keto, low carb snacks that you keep in your fridge, especially for those families who are working on helping their kids become healthier. \

I get this question all the time "How do I help my kids choose better options?", "What are some options my kids can have to snack on?", or "Stephanie, what are your kids snacking on?"...

Let's talk about Keto and low carb snacks

It is a question I get every single day. So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? I'm tuning in from Minnesota and it is a beautiful day. I've got chili cooking, this is the sauce that I use for my chili and yes, I am making chili on an eight seven degree day, it's marvelous. Why? Because I can, and because it's what our kids want, and tacos. So this is the sauce that I use (RAO's), if for those of you who are like, "How do you make your chili?". It's so easy, and I like to make it very meaty. So I put a ridiculous amount of hamburger in a pan and then add whatever vegetables you want, season it however you choose to I use a lot of chili powder. And then I use this and garlic, any veggies and then that's it. I just make it as chunky as possible and that's our chili. There's no rhyme or reason to it, we just dump, pour, dump, taste and season until it's good. Super simple, and that's what we're having tonight.

But the question is Keto, low carb snacks. Maybe some of you are going to be... I was going to say home more because of summer, but I think a lot of you've been home for the last almost two years. So here's what I did years ago, we started our journey almost six years ago. And when we started, the only thing that helped me was to take one meal at a time, one day at a time. And this is what I honestly did...

I got out a piece of paper, I had a marker and it was a colorful piece of paper. I wrote on the top of it. I had one for breakfast, lunch and dinner and then snacks. I took this piece of paper and I taped it to our fridge. So that mentally, I didn't have to think of what are some low carb options, what are we gonna have for breakfast, for lunch, and for dinner.

Pickles is a must have

The reason I did this is, if your goal is to help your kids have a great summer, a lot of you were like "We'd love to eat healthier as a family". I would encourage you to pick the snacks you're going to have in your home, get a piece of paper, write it down and paste it to your fridge... it should say "Snack options when you're hungry". So I'm going to show you some of the snacks that we keep in our refrigerator. What are some Keto, low carb snacks that you always have on hand and what do you like to eat. I need you to share below because it helps other people share and get ideas besides just mine. So...

We always have pickles in our fridge, because it takes cravings away. And all of our kids love them and they're very easy snack. Pickles are huge. We also like to have beef sticks, some of you don't.

There are a lot of these sticks out there, even jerky that's full of sugar, but we get these from Costco. I usually cut them in a lot smaller pieces. So I'll cut them, these are great snacks. We also like the Dukes beef tick, these are great snacks. We have these on hand all the time and it's super great. I want to know what you have for Keto, low carb snacks on hand so that you can give other people ideas, press the share button below. Sharing is caring and lots of other people need some ideas as well. My kids also like to have pepperonis on hand.

So for those of you who are like, "I'm not doing Keto because all I'm going to eat is bacon, butter and pepperonis" and I'm like "No... you need to eat a whole lot of greens, veggies and salads. It's also okay to have pepperoni.".

We love beef sticks, and Duke's sausages

So my kids will keep that on hand. I don't have these hard boiled, but I love to have hard boiled eggs in the refrigerator. So it's a super easy quick grab and go snack. Just make sure that you label the ones that are hard boiled, so that you don't go in the morning to make an overready egg and you grab a hard boiled egg.

So label your eggs, but hard boiled eggs we keep in the refrigerator all the time. I also like to have just cheese, we've got cheese sticks that the girls like. Or I just like this cheese and cut it up with some salami.

I prefer this kind of cheese rather than shredded, because shredded cheese actually has, some people say, sawdust. It's got stuff in it... So the more you can shred your own cheese, it's way better for you and it tastes way better.

These are some snacks... I often keep deli meat on hand because our kids can grab some meat and cheese, roll it up and they're out the door, back to the lake they go. We've got a lake, right on the other side of you, and I've got two kids in the lake. So that's a super easy afternoon snacks, meat and cheese. You can also make your own little nut mix, but here's the kicker... I share this often, and I want to make sure you know this. When you are snacking on nuts, I love macadamia nuts and I love almonds. But whatever nuts you decide to grab, make sure that you don't just sit outside by the pool, or you don't just sit outside by the lake or wherever you're at, and eat from the jar. Because if you do that, you can overeat these babies real quick.

So the average serving size of most nuts is 1/4 cup. And if it helps, when you come home with a big container of nuts, take these out. Take your fourth cup and just scoop them into a baggie and already have them pre-set. Super simple, and then you can grab one baggie and then go sit by the pool, or by the lake or outside by the swing set. So don't take the entire jar out with you pre portioning them.

Lily's chocolate chips for baking needs

Then it's easy for your kids to grab as well, and then sometimes, you could grab some of these Lily's chocolate chips, or any of these types of chips. You can use them for baking but you also can make a couple little mixtures of some fun things. Add some nuts, and there's a fun little snack that you can take with you on the go. So just pre make them, super simple.

What do you guys like for snacks and it doesn't have to be complicated, super simple. You can keep frozen veggies in your fridge or freezer. Like cauliflower, broccoli, my kids still eat carrots. Some of you are like "How do your kids eat?"... I'll share different things, and then they'll be like "Carrots aren't Keto", and then I got "My kids aren't Keto, I want them to eat better". And a carrot is better than a potato chip, so yes, they're going to eat carrots with peanut butter. My kids still eat plenty of fruit, we keep apples and oranges. Not orange, just those little tangerines, apples and grapes. They'll eat watermelon all summer, your children are running around way more than you are.

Sometimes people go "I want my kids to eat how I eat". That's not the goal, the goal is to teach your kids how to eat when they're hungry. How to understand how to eat and not munch on food if they're bored. Teach them the difference between Whole Foods and junk food.

So I don't like fruit, somebody who's doing Keto or low carb would not eat a lot of fruit, but my children still eat fruit. And they also are diving into the lake from morning until night, running around, sweating profusely, and having a great time while I'm sitting on the deck watching them peacefully. I don't need the fruit and they can have it, make sense. So I also like to keep some nut butters or some natural peanut butter around and some low carb wraps. These makes for a super simple, in between meal snack especially for your kids.

Keto Clusters are also delicious

So these are the things that we keep on hand... We've got pickles, beef sticks, nuts, cheese and hard boiled eggs. I'd love for you to press the share button so other people can get some ideas and also share their ideas. But I would encourage you one hundred percent hands down, to honestly make a list so that your kids can see it. So that when they come into the house and they're like "I'm hungry, can I have a cookie?"... You could be like "Hey, why don't you look at the list of foods and grab something in the fridge".

It'll help them feel better and it'll give them more clean energy. It'll not make them feel like garbage. If we can teach our kids to eat better, it's going to help them as they grow into adults. They would not have to deal with the same things that most adults are dealing with today. Lastly make sure you're drinking plenty of water, especially in the summer and electrolytes for those of you who are doing a strict Keto or low carb lifestyle.

I had these out (Keto Coconut Clusters) too. Have you guys ever had these? These are from Costco, anytime we find a Keto snack, I'll sometimes grab it. These are actually really good, but you have to pre portion because you can overeat them.

So any of these things are super simple and easy to keep in your home. If there are things that you're like "I wish I didn't eat the cookie or the ice cream or I wish I didn't snack on the candy bar"... I'm going to tell you something that you might not like "Get it out of the house, your kids don't need it".

My children are not deprived

I had a girl messaged me the other day and she was like "I feel so bad for your kids, because they don't get to be raised up like an average American and on and on". And I was like "Man, do you live in my house? Do you see what my kids eat twenty four seven?"...

There is no shortage of sugar, anywhere. Grandma's house, friend's house birthday party, the dentist office has cookies. My children are not deprived. But there are things that I do not need to keep in my home because they have it everywhere else.

If it's in my home, like the Oreos that used to be years ago, it's easy to eat the entire sleeve. But if we go to a party, it's rude to eat the entire sleeve, so you don't do it, you eat one or two instead. Same thing with a birthday party, you're not going to go eat the entire cake, but if it was in my home, I would. So don't feel bad for my kids, they have plenty of sugar elsewhere. I do not deprive them. But my goal is to help them understand, "Are you hungry, are you not, or are you bored, are you thirsty?"," What is a better option for you to eat so that you can go out and swim and have a great day?"... "Don't do it or do it", when I come on here to help people and just give you some tips and tricks, I do live almost every single morning about mindset. And the number one thing I coach people on, I just gave you a whole bunch of tips, I just gave you a whole bunch of different tools and snack ideas.

Now here's what you get to do, you get to put it into action. How do you successfully reach your goals, you take action, you have to do it. You can't just keep watching people, hoping and wishing that the scale would get lower if you don't do it. So you might have to suck it up, get out a piece of paper and a crayon, maybe for you and not even your kids. Put it on a refrigerator, and if it's not on the list, you don't eat it.

My Mom fuel, is a must have daily

If you think that you're hungry, grab some water. It's okay for your kids to learn to eat healthy, I promise it is actually good for them. If you're not going to take any of this to heart and actually do anything with it, then just don't expect to have the results that you want in a month. You have to take action, you've got to put what you learn into play. And actually sometimes do a little bit of planning preparing, you might have to get out your measuring cup and a baggie.

Take ten minutes and prep all of your food, and if you do, you're going to create a discipline. You're going to create systems, you're going to feel better, you're going to teach your kids, and you're going to lead by example and have a great summer.

So that's all I have for you, I hope it was helpful. Let me know what questions you have. I'd love to see a list of all of the snacks that you keep in your fridge or your pantry. What are you having for dinner? We're having chili and tacos. Otherwise, I appreciate you all I'm here to help with any questions that you have. And I always have Ketones, I'm looking at my Ketone bottle, this is my number one mom fuel. So every single day, no matter where I'm at, I drink Ketones and they're incredible. If you want to know more about my mom fuel post mom fuel below.

Otherwise, I'll talk to you soon. Have a great day.

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