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Keto Q&A Basics - Must know about Keto Lifestyle | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

Here are the questions that we are covering today.

  • Do I need a protein shake after workouts?

  • Do I have to intermittent fast every day?

  • How to I know how many calories or carb to eat?

  • How do I just get started?

  • What are Ketones?

  • Food and our kids (small rant here 🤣)

Points to Ponder:

01:56 Do I have to have a protein shake after I work out

02:35 Different viewpoints on Keto

03:20 What I love about eating this way

04:35 Everybody's different

04:56 Do you have to intermittent fast every single day

05:43 Benefits of intermittent fasting

06:57 How do I figure out the right amount of calories and carbs to eat for my body

07:39 People's Mindset

08:12 Biggest thing about eating food

08:38 Are you hungry

11:35 Pay attention to how your body's feeling

12:07 How do I get started

13:16 Don't mess up good for perfect

13:35 What are Ketones

14:15 Your body makes Ketones

16:19 I started with a packet of Ketones

17:30 Naturally fermented ketones

18:07 Have you experienced hair loss with a Keto diet

19:53 How I started six years ago

21:33 My goals for my Kids

23:08 It all starts with you

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Keto Mom page, as promised, we're doing a Q&A. I've already got the questions written in the above header of the video, and here are the questions that we are covering today. Do I have to have a protein shake after I work out? Do I have to intermittent fast every single day? How do I figure out the right amount of calories and carbs? How do I get started? How do I stay on track? How do I keep going and what are Ketones? That's what we are covering... So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from, we will dive into the questions. If you have other questions as we're going along, please ask below, I would love to answer those questions for you. Whether it's during the live, or the next one... So my name is Stephanie, again Welcome to the Keto Mom page, we have been sharing our family's recipes and what has worked for myself and my husband over the last six years. We started this page, July 1, 2015, and so we're excited to share with you.

I'm not a doctor, I never went to school for nutrition, I've learned over the last six years on things like intermittent fasting, or how more women should probably eat more protein than the Keto diet allots for, or how to get started. It's kind of been a trial and error, and I've had the opportunity to talk to lots of doctors and scientists in the Keto space. I've learned a lot, so I'm bringing to you what I've learned from a mom's point of view, not a doctor's point of view.

Let's talk about basics

So I am tuning in from a ballet class in Minnesota, right outside as she practices for their performance this next weekend. I've got four daughters, we homeschool not because we were told to but we've always homeschooled and we love to share our lifestyle with you. So we're gonna dive in the number one question was, "Do I have to have a protein shake after I work out?"... And the answer is "It's up to you". I'm not a nutritionist, but what I have been told is after you're done working out specifically pretty hard workouts, I love to lift weights, some people love cardio. I talked earlier today about my non love for yoga, and I get so many messages, saying I love yoga, it's so good for you, you should do it, it helps with longevity of your body. I totally get it, but yes, I love to lift weights.

So when you hear the word Keto, do you automatically think really high fat, really low carb, like zero carbs?

because these days I think a lot of people have different viewpoints. There's cyclical Keto, and a strict Keto, there's ways where people incorporate a high carb day. There's people that use Keto, but when they're running or during their marathons, or they're lifting weights, they add in a specific carbs right after they work out. There are so many variations, so I want you to know something...

What I love about eating this way is you get to figure out what works best for you. Sometimes that frustrates people, because you've got to figure out how your body's reacting to food. Does it fuel your body when you eat things or does it make you feel tired? Does it make you feel good or are you exhausted? Do you feel bloated when you eat all that cream cheese, there's not a one size fits all.

We don't have to intermittent fast everyday

So what I have learned, and I've watched a lot of people who like to lift weights, is it is great to fuel your muscles after you workout. So depending on what your goals are, on how or when you work out, if you like to intermittent fast, there's so many different things. After I work out, I prefer to drink a protein shake but you don't have to do that. I have an acquaintance that is Keto, but after she works out every single time she has a high weight workout, she needs a pop tart.

Because she's convinced that the body and muscles need to be refueled with sugar and then they grow bigger and I don't understand it. I don't think I work out hard enough to earn a pop tart after I workout. So everybody's different and everybody figures out what works out for them. What I would say is you don't have to do anything, but if you choose to have a protein shake, I prefer to have one after I workout.

Intermittent fasting, "Do you have to intermittent fast every single day?".... I'm going to say the same thing, you don't have to do anything. But some of the benefits of intermittent fasting is you've got a period, a window of eating time. Most people do a sixteen - eight, where they are fasting for sixteen hours and they're eating for a window of eight hours. Usually you stop eating after dinnertime, and then you go the next day to about lunchtime, so you basically are having two meals. During your intermittent fasting period, you can have water, sparkling water, black coffee, or things that don't have calories. Everybody's different, if I intermittent fast, I drink Ketones during that time.

Do you intermittent fast? You don't have to, but some of the benefits that people would say is, they find themselves not overeating, there's no snacking period in the mornings, or when they're bored or at night. A lot of people snack at night, but if you follow your intermittent fasting, you're done after eating dinner. And there's no couch snacking, TV snacking, boredom snacking, nighttime snacking, it just mindfully goes "Well now I intermittent fast", so it keeps the extra boredom calories out of your mouth.

Fasting rests and resets your bodies

The doctors and the scientists talk about intermittent fasting, how it rests and resets your body. And it really helps you be mindful of the food that you're putting in your mouth, so I think intermittent fasting is great. I intermittent fast, probably three or four times a week. I love breakfast, meaning I just love sausage and eggs, and I could eat that every single day and I feel great. But it just depends on what works for you, a lot of people intermittent fast, a good portion of their goals is working towards fat loss. And when they reach their fat loss goals, they might add in more of a low carb, high protein breakfast, so it just depends. So it's up to you, and I know you might be going, "I just want you to tell me what to do", and I'm going to do that in just a second.

The next question was, "How do I figure out the right amount of calories and carbs to eat for my body"... Oftentimes, people will go "Okay, I want to lose fifty pounds, tell me how much to eat" and I have to say, that's not how it works. If you want to know the right amount of calories, or carbs per se, or what works best for your body, you're going to have to track your food. You're going to have to go to My Fitness Pal or a carb counter. You're going to put in your age, your weight, your gender, your activity levels, or are you intermittent fasting. All of these things, to give you a number and for it to go, "You should stick to about 1500 calories a day". Here's the biggest kicker with tracking your food, oftentimes people get in this mindset, that if they watch their little pie graph... So it says I need under twenty carbs a day, if you are a strict Keto. Meaning you are doing a Keto diet, not intermittent, not lazy Keto not low carb, but a strict Keto diet which is 80% fat, 15% protein, and 5% carbs. If you're doing that, most of the time, people will go "Well, I filled in my little pie chart, I'm tracking it online, and I've met my carbs and I've met my protein, but I can have more fat".

And the biggest thing I say when you're eating food, or tracking your food, or you're trying to eat the best that you can, I don't care if you're trying to go with calories or carbs. Don't get to the end of the day and go, "Oh my goodness, I've got 300 calories left" or "Oh my goodness, my my pie chart says that I did not eat enough fat today, I'm going to have to go eat some more". My biggest question to you is "Are you hungry?". Do not get to the end of the day, and just eat food because you have leftover calories or leftover carbs or protein or fat. Don't just go eat to eat. Here's the question somebody just asked "How do I know if I ate enough?"... Well, are you hungry? Oftentimes, I think we tell ourselves we've got to be stuffed, you don't have to be stuffed, you over ate. So if you ate an amount of food and you aren't hungry and your body's not growling, drink some water. We're not supersizing our meals, a scoop or two of veggies or a big salad or I think an appropriate amount of protein on average is like five to six ounces, four to six ounces.

Don't eat out of boredom, listen to your body

You can scale everything right? You can go to a carb counter or you can track everything that you eat, you can weigh your food, you can have all of those things set for you.

You just have to do the work, or you can go "I'm not hungry, I don't need to eat right now", "The clock says it's noon but I'm not hungry, so I'm gonna wait another hour to see".

You guys, I really wanted a protein shake today, but I actually did not have one. First of all we're rebooting, but I really wanted a protein shake so bad. So for example, let's say I ate lunch, and let's say after that I really wanted a protein shake. I'd be like "Oh, it's fine. It's a protein shake".

But I'm physically not hungry. I have to ask myself on a daily basis, "Am I grabbing these handful of almonds because I'm bored, or do I need a little snack, do I need to pick me up?", "Am I eating this meat and cheese in the afternoon because I'm hungry, or I'm just emotionally sitting at the office, and I don't know what to do so I need to snack on something"... Don't get to the end of the day with your calories, carbs, your fats or anything and just eat to fulfill those macros. I do drink the protein shake, the Keto Pro, yes, for those who are asking. It's a keto protein, I don't know if I have any samples, but I'll let you know if you ask for the trials of those.

So I hope that helps, in the very beginning we tracked everything that we ate in My Fitness Pal. We like to get a visual of "Oh my goodness, that has a lot of carbs in it, or a lot of sugar". I didn't realize I was eating so much, that was more of a realization of how much food I was eating. Today, I don't do that, but I focus on "Am I hungry, Am I bored". I usually dish up a smaller amount, I don't overload my plate because my thought is if I'm still hungry, I can go back for more, but I don't need to be stuffed. You physically have to pay attention to how your body's feeling, because if you don't, you're not going to know what it means to be hungry. That's why so many of us fast right now, we do a 60 hour or 24 hour fast, so you can go "This is what it actually feels like to be hungry", so that you can figure out what your body actually needs. There's thousands of us doing a reboot right now 60 hours, or some people did a 24 hour fast today and yesterday, and they were done yesterday. If you want to know more about the 60 or the 24 hour just post fast below.

This is not an overnight process

"How do I get started"... So I made a little video of how I started taking it one meal at a time, one day at a time. Talking about drinking more water and getting the sugary drinks out and moving your body. Not the expectation of an hour in the gym, but just physically moving your body. Talking about one meal at a time, one day at a time. What does breakfast lunch and dinner look like, and how I drink Ketones every day. So some fuel sources you can use, if you want to see the video that I made that actually walks you through those steps, post "Food" below, because it starts with your food.

So post food in the comments, I will send you the little foods list and the video that I made to help you on your journey. It's basically going to go, "Here's where I started, here's how I was consistent". And it was an over time, it took me about a year to truly feel like, "Oh yes, this is how I feel and this is what I should be doing and looking for". So if you just need like a starting point, post food in the comments.

"How do I get started?"... That was another question, it's the same thing as one meal at a time, one day at a time. Don't get overwhelmed, don't mess up good for perfect. We're going to start and keep going. You're not going to get to your end result in one week and you didn't get here overnight. You're not going to get there and back overnight, so we're going to work on it. Consistency, time, patience and doing the best that you can, you will get there.

This is my Mom Fuel, and it's incredible

"What are Ketones?" Ketones are everything I have in my car. It's a packet of powder, it's called Keto NAT and I've been drinking it for six years. A lot of people go "Do you need Ketones?"... I would say the answer is variable, I do but you might not. Just so you understand what a Ketone is, your body can make Ketones. If you do the Ketogenic diet properly, meaning tracking your food, really high fat, really, really low carb, you're gonna have to make sure your waters on point and you're drinking electrolytes, for a certain period of time your body will make Ketones.

Your body makes Ketones, the whole scientific way is it uses your stored fat as fuel. It makes a Ketone body and the Ketones are in your system, it becomes a fuel source.

So think about it like this, your body will run off of glucose naturally, as most people eat the way they're eating like sugar, glucose and carbs, or your body can run off of Ketones. So either one, but when you're doing the diet, your body has to make the switch to where it's running off of Ketones. That's where you might get the Keto flu, you feel like garbage while your body's making the transition. Most people don't make it that far because they're frustrated, because they don't feel good. Your body can run off of Ketones or glucose, your body can make Ketones not everybody's does, it takes a period of time. I've heard doctors and researchers talk about how, due to medical reasons or certain things in people's bodies, their body might not make Ketones or a high enough level of Ketones. But Ketones are a long sustained fuel source, and you will feel incredible.

So years ago, my husband ordered a packet of Ketones, and he said, if this works, if it actually moves your Ketone levels, which it does, and if it actually keeps you on point, and it helps you with the energy and the focus and the appetite control, it's gonna change thousands of people's lives.
Ketones gave me the energy I needed

And so I have been drinking them for six years, you will not tell me that they don't work. I'm actually listening to an incredible three day conference or a virtual event on the science and the research behind it. So all I would say is this, this is the only way that I started. My husband started with a diet eight or nine years ago, and he stuck with it for two years. I did not help him at all, he wanted to lose fifty pounds. He accomplished it, but he was up and down and up and down. I had babies at the time, our girls were a brand new baby, two, four and six years old.

I started one day when he handed me a packet of Ketones, I shook it up in some water, I drank it and I felt incredible. All it did for me in that first day was it helped me not snack, and I didn't need a nap that day. I needed a nap every single day as a mom, and so I said, I've never felt better in my life. I would love to help you on your journey, and I'll start making better food choices because I felt good. I wasn't going through the Keto flu, I wasn't dealing with cravings, I had all the Ketones that I needed. And then from there, I worked on my food. So if you want to know more about this, just post three in the comments, because there's different ways you can try it. You don't need it, and some people are going to go, your body can make its own Ketones. Yes, it can and you have to stick with it. So it's incredible, unbelievable and I will drink it forever and ever. Every single day, some of you wake up and drink pots of coffee, I have lots of friends who drink three to four energy drinks a day, and I drink Ketones every single day.

They're incredible, they match what your body creates, we have the only naturally fermented ketone on the market that's patented. And when you drink it, it matches what your body creates, it does not stop your body from making Ketones. It's going to get your body in Ketosis in under an hour, and it's going to help you with your energy, your focus, your appetite control, your mood, sleep all of those benefits. Then we're going to work on eating better...

If you're just tuning in, we covered Do I need a protein shake after I workout? You don't need anything, but you can if you want to or choose to. Number two, I'll throw this in there real quick. Oftentimes, not with the packet of Ketones I drink, but people ask "Hey, have you experienced hair loss with a Keto diet?". What I have learned is women need more protein, I've learned from a couple of doctors that women don't eat enough protein, which can cause hair loss. It's not the Ketones, but the diet, hence, I actually eat a lot of protein, I don't want to deal with the hair loss. Some people would say, if you're doing a Keto diet, and you eat too much protein, it'll knock you out of Ketosis right?. That's why I drink Ketones. I've got Ketones on my system no matter what, and I eat pretty low carb, and I really do eat a lot of protein, I don't measure it. I prefer to eat protein, I feel better that way. I don't have to deal with the hair stuff, so that's just me, everybody's a little different. We also talked about intermittent fasting, do you have to do it every day. You don't have to do anything, it's your choice but I do it three to four times a week. We've talked about calories and carbs, and how to get started. If you want to the basic video of how to get started and how to stay on track, post food in the comments, and you and I are going to chat. I'll give you that foods list, and also if you want to know more about, I call it my Mom Fuel, just post three and I'll give you some ideas of what that looks like and I'll show you some videos.

Don't get overwhelmed, I will help you

Otherwise, I will come back and do some more Q&A. You can post any questions that you have in the comments. I would love for you to press the share button, sharing is caring and I love to help and hopefully inspire other people to not mess up good for perfect, but to just simply take action on their health and fitness. The last thing I'll say is this, if you are a mom or a dad, and if you want to help your whole family eat better, because that was my goal.

I remember the first time that I went to the grocery store, and I was like "Yes, I'm going to help my husband eat better". I had a brand new baby and a two year old, you know two littles in the grocery cart, and I walked around the grocery store. I had never eaten an avocado in my life, this was six years ago. I never ate anything green, never a salad in my life. I didn't eat vegetables, and I was like, "I can surely do this".

I remember walking through the grocery store, first of all, I think I had two kids that were crying. And I started bawling my eyes out, I was like "I don't know how to eat not out of a box, and I don't know how to eat anything that I actually had to prepare". I had this realization that this is going to be hard. That's why I made that video to get you started, I had to come home and I knew I felt good because I was drinking Ketones. But I didn't know how to cook, or how to prepare vegetables. I didn't even understand the value of food is fuel, so I had to learn that.

Don't get overwhelmed, think about things like, "Do I need the donut?", "Do I really need the extra mountain dew", "Do I need to have that candy drawer in my office"... It's little things that you know what to do but you just need a couple little tools to help you.

So in all of that, my goal wasn't to have my kids look at me as, mom is doing a diet or dad is doing a diet. But my goal was to help my kids understand the power of food. My goal was to help other families, I don't want you moms saying "I'm fat, or dad's fat, or mom's on a diet". Because then your kids are going to go "I'm not going to eat that, mom's on a diet and that's diet food", "Dad's fat, he eats that, mom says she's fat so she doesn't eat". You need to give your kids a healthy understanding of what food does for them. When they eat too much cake and they have a stomachache, you should say, 'Hey next time, why don't we eat one piece of cake, because our body actually doesn't like that much sugar. And that probably caused you to have a tummy ache". I'm not telling my kids "No", or not talking about us being fat, but I want them to understand that when they don't feel good, because they eat too much of something, they have to be able to figure out in their own body. I can have one of those or I'm going to have a good moderation with that. Or I actually do feel good with eating more vegetables, or the green things on my mom's plate actually tastes good, I should eat it with her.

And so if you can correlate that into your family and go we all are going to start eating healthier, then your kids will start making better choices. And they're not going to be where you're at today when they're an adult, because they're going to learn how to look at food as fuel. How to drink more water, how to have a healthy relationship with food, and exercise, and their mindset.
We have to teach our kids about Food is fuel

And they don't have to but they get to. And it all starts with you, you're the parent, they're going to watch you. They're going to watch your actions, how you eat food or eat out of emotion or eat out of habit or eat out of boredom. It's a simple conversation of having a habit with with your kids. I am so shocked at how many moms are scared to have these conversations with their girls because they might create an eating disorder. No, they won't. Not if you're open and honest with your kids and you're like, "

We're going to eat healthier, we want to get stronger", "We need to make better choices so that we can think clearer and our bodies are healthy and we can go have fun as a family and we can go hiking and we can go biking and not feel bull".

Mommy's gonna do it, Daddy's gonna do it, we want you to do it with us. When I try a new vegetable, I want you to try one with me. So parents, it is up to you to get your kids healthy, I don't talk about it enough. But I'm so shocked at how many parents are too afraid to have the conversation with their kids, and feel bad for taking away the sugar. I had somebody messaged me the other day that "I'm done". About how she felt so bad for my children, because how dare I take the doughnuts away, and how dare I not let them have sugar and how dare I not keep popping the house. And I was like "How dare you! how dare you?"... Would anybody walk up to you at McDonald's and go "How dare you feed your kid that supersize me frying Mountain Dew and they're three?".

So this is what I'm gonna say, my children are not deprived. When grandma brings doughnuts to the house, my kids eat doughnuts. And when we go to a birthday party, I never ever say don't eat that cupcake, but instead I will say "Hey, why don't you have one, we actually still have random snacks in our home". If my kids are bored sneaking in the kitchen all day long, my question to them is "Hey, we just ate lunch, are you seriously hungry?, can you go drink some water?".

It all starts with us parents

I need them to understand and think about it, because if you ask any doctor, any child doctor, they're going to say that obesity in children is probably the highest it's ever been. We need to teach our kids to look at food as fuel and to not just eat it whenever they're bored, especially since they've been home for a year. It's important, to help them have a good understanding. We don't keep a lot of crap in our house, because my kids get it everywhere else they go.

They're not deprived, they just asked me if I would take them for ice cream tonight and I said No. Because it's raining, I don't want to but doesn't mean I won't take them for ice cream next week. We have a lot of great ice cream places. I don't want them to grow up as a college student and binge. I'm going to let them have some treats, they just don't need it every single day with every single meal. So off that rant, I hope that was helpful. Message me with your questions, I'm here to help you with whatever questions that you have. Whether it was about protein, intermittent fasting, calories and carbs, how do I get started and Post three in the comments if you want more information about my Mom feel. Otherwise, I hope you guys have an incredible day. I hope you weren't offended, but if you were sorry.

I hope you guys have a great day and we'll talk to you soon.

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