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Keto Basics for starters | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

This journey is not an overnight journey, and you may have started this twenty years ago and had great success. Now you're restarting, it might be different and that's okay. So this lifestyle is not hard, it's not. So we've talked about breakfast, the basics. Lunch and dinner, get rid of the pasta, bread and potatoes and eat some more veggies and salads and meat, done. Drink some more water, move your body, Ketones for me are a must, and you will never tell me otherwise, I've been drinking them for six years.

Points to Ponder:

00:19 Our history with Keto

00:54 One day at a time

01:45 Consistent comments

03:51 Fishing

04:55 My friend caught a fish

06:09 Fishing Journey vs Fat loss journey

07:00 The harder work

07:41 Comparing your journey

08:02 Needs vs. Wants

08:30 Expectations vs Reality

09:48 Keto Basics

10:06 Breakfast

10:23 Lunch & Dinner

10:41 Drink more water

11:02 Move your body

11:21 Ketones

12:18 Mindset

13:29 Survival mode

13:55 Action

15:21 Accountability

16:19 This takes time

18:20 Don't Quit

Full Episode Transcript

Good morning! Welcome to the Keto Mom page, we're going to dive in to the Keto basics. It's probably not what you're gonna think, but hold tight I've got some stories for you. So, as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from, my name is Stephanie. Our family has been on this journey for almost six years. It'll be six years in June when I joined my husband, my husband has been on this Keto, low carb journey for probably eight or nine years. So it's been a long time, and we implemented into our home, Keto or low carb. I would say we decided to eat better, and it looked low carb Keto, it was Keto and low carb. But it wasn't probably what you thought, I didn't dive in and clean out the pantry and try to do everything overnight.

It's all about Mindset, fuel your mind

I took one day at a time, one meal at a time, we tried something new, we tried a new recipe, and we really worked on our mindset. 

So I want to talk to you about something, that I had this "Aha" moment in the shower. I just got done working out, we did yoga today. Does anybody like yoga? It's a challenge, and challenges are good. So let's just say that, I don't love it but I did it. Not the best that I could do, but anyways, I like to lift weights.

So here's what I want to talk about, is I had a couple different stories I wrote down, and I'm like "These are so good". Because the consistent questions or comments that I hear, almost every single day revolves around, "This isn't working, how long is this going to take to work, I'm going to give up, I don't know if I want to keep going, I did it years ago and it's different today, I'm above 40". Excuses, blaming, shaming or justifying for whatever reason you feel like it's not working. I'll give you an example... If you haven't been following our story, if you're brand new to the page, post a "New" below, I'd love to get to know you. Second of all, I share a lot in my stories, so whether you're on Instagram or here and if you flip through the stories, you're going to see not just recipes or Keto tips.

But we have four daughters, we homeschool, we have four dogs, our life is usually crazy and full of laughter. So if you know me, you know we live on a lake, we bought a house, it'll be two years in August. I'm looking right outside and right off the deck, it's right over the water. I know, there are fish in this lake, because we have friends that come out and fish and they catch these huge fish. Last year, we did a couple of fish fries and we pulled out two hundred fish, between us and all of our friends. And I know there's fish in this lake, I know there is because we had some friends out last weekend that caught this big a fish. Tons of Bass tons of Sonny's, I know there are fish in this lake.

I have a question for you, "Do you know this lifestyle works, is there somebody in your mind that you know low carb or Keto works?". Whether it was you ten years ago, whether it's me, I'm going to guess you probably watch a whole bunch of people on social media, so you know, this works. So yesterday I go "We should go fishing", I'm not a fisherman at all. Even that last year when we did the fish fry, I didn't catch one fish, I let everybody else do it. I cleaned the fish when somebody else cut them. I have a point with this okay... So I do love to eat fish, yesterday the girls were like "Let's go fishing" and I was like Okay, that'll be fun". My expectation was to catch a fish in five minutes, because I know there are a fish out here, I know it. Do you want to know what happened? I cast in my reel, and I did not catch a fish in five minutes, so I was like, "That's fine". I think our bait was disgusting, it was old and that worms are all dead, so I did it again. I casted the reel or fishing line, and after five minutes I was like "This is not fun". We need to move spots, so I made a pivot. We walked down the bank of the lake, we cast it for probably another twenty minutes. My friend caught a fish, Tony caught a fish. I think he caught a couple but he went way further than I wanted to go. I was like, "I don't want to walk over there, it's too far", he was like "There's fish over here".

My fishing journey VS. Fat loss journey

And in my head, I'm like "I don't want to do that, but I'm gonna stay right here". So I stood where I was at, I did not catch a fish. I caught a lot of seaweed, but didn't catch a fish. 

So I was like, "Babe, let's go in the boat. Of course, we're going to catch a fish in the middle of the lake because all the big fish are on the other side of the lake". I was convinced we were going to catch a fish. So it's probably been maybe forty five minutes. We got in the boat, got all the kids in the boat, went across the lake, tootled all the way there. And I'm like, "Where are the fish, what are they doing?", we got about halfway around the lake and I said, "I'm bored, I won't do it". I'm not gonna do this anymore, I'm not a fisherman. So I reeled in my fishing pole, and I started talking to my friend Kelly, because I was done. So we got back to the house, and I went "My fishing journey is like most people's fat loss journey", or the expectation thereof. How often do you watch somebody's journey and you see the before, and then the better, and you go, "Oh, I can do that". Then you start with all greatness and ambition, and you dive into this lifestyle. And within, maybe a week, just like my fishing journey was a couple hours, maybe it's been a week, and then you're like, "This isn't working, I'm bored". Maybe you saw what your friend did, and maybe your friend is like my friend Tony. Tony took the longer path, he went up into like... First of all, I hate ticks, so I refuse to go over there. There's ticks over where he's standing, and I'm not going there. But he did the harder work, he would have been more strict, he did more work, and with that, he caught the fish. And I was like, "I did a video of me casting my line and I can't catch a fish today". It's on the gram, I already put myself out there that I was doing this. If I don't catch a fish, then I failed.

And then I was like, "I could post a picture of Tony's fish", because nobody would know. How often do we try to perceive things, or how often do you watch somebody on social media and compare your journey to theirs. And then all of a sudden, quit because you're journey doesn't look like theirs's. 

Here's another quick story... I want you to know something, I'm going to give you the Keto basics in two seconds, bear with me. My girlfriend and I, well two of my girlfriends, we all said, "Hey, we're going to do something today". Yesterday, I talked about doing things that are like needs, and then there's also things you want to do. One of the things we want to do is just get our environment more put together so that we feel empowered. That means I had to clean my kitchen, one corner of my collect all spot. So I cleaned it out, but what I actually did is I took a whole bunch of stuff and I moved it so that I could go through it, and put things away and throw the stuff away that I didn't want. But when I did that, my whole corner,

looked clean. And I thought to myself, I could take a picture before of my kitchen, and then I could take a picture right now. It would appear on social media like I cleaned it, and I would look very successful. People would go "Oh, I wish I could do that", "Oh my goodness, good job", "You dedicated yourself". Even to my friends, I would have never had to tell them. If you look behind me, behind the camera, you can't see the mess. And I want you to know something, things aren't always as they appear. You don't know how long somebody has been working on their journey. You don't know the ups and downs that they've had. You don't know if the yuck is behind them or on the sides of them, outside of your visual reach. I could have easily taken a picture and nobody would have saw all the stuff that I took, and moved.

Everybody needs to start somewhere

I want you to know something... This journey is not an overnight journey, and you may have started this twenty years ago and had great success. Now you're restarting, it might be different and that's okay. So this lifestyle is not hard, it's not. 

I wrote down some very basic... if you're doing the Keto basics, here's what you get to do. You can either get up in the morning... I wrote down breakfast, you're either going to intermittent fast, which is your not gonna eat breakfast and you wait till lunch. You can look it up in Google why it's so important, why it's so great for your body. And breakfast is simply bacon eggs or sausage.

That's all you need to know, without writing things down and getting overwhelmed... Bacon, eggs or sausage, grab some avocado, some good fat, there's your breakfast or you intermittent fast. For lunch, and for dinner, buns off the burgers, croutons off the salad, grab a lettuce wrap. Get rid of the pasta, the bread and the potatoes and add some more protein and veggies and salads. If that's all you know, you can do this. Next, we're going to get rid of the sugary drinks, and we're going to drink water or some black coffee or tea. Maybe you want to Google what fat coffee is, but you're going to get rid of the pop and the juice and you're going to drink some water. These are the very basics. Next, you're going to move your body. If you are physically able to work out or go for a walk, or shoot some hoops with your kids or go on a bike ride. It is so great to move your body.

Next, I am a firm one hundred percent believer, I'm not going to tell you why, but I have been drinking Ketones for six years. If you don't want to drink Ketones, you don't have to. They have helped me on my journey to keep this consistent, and I've never felt better in my life. It is a helper, not a magic pill.

If you want to know more about my Mom Fuel, post three in the comments, that's all I will say. I think every Thursday I'm going to do a Thirsty Thursday, where I'll really talk about the power of Ketones or if you can follow me on my stories, I talk about it all the time. That is a need for my journey,, done. So we've talked about breakfast, the basics. Lunch and dinner, get rid of the pasta, bread and potatoes and eat some more veggies and salads and meat, done. Drink some more water, move your body, Ketones for me are a must, and you will never tell me otherwise, I've been drinking them for six years.

Fuel your mind with only positive things

Next I talk about this a lot, is Mindset. If you don't believe that you can do this and you are constantly running this negative voice in your head about what you look like and what you think about yourself. And "Oh, I could never look like her on social media", "Oh, I could never do what she does". Then you're going to get what you think, you are going to get what you think and what you speak. 

It is biblical, people talk about it in the business world. Your words have power, your thoughts have power, because your thoughts become words in your words become outspoken and that's what happens in your life. So you're going to hear me talk about reading all the time. I just listened to an incredible podcast while I was showering and throwing on some makeup. If you don't get up in the morning, and you're not thinking of something you're thankful for, and you're not putting something in your mind that is going to fuel your mind, you're not going to have that yes, and that you can conquer the day. If you get up, because you hit your alarm clock, or your snooze and you got up and you're crabby. And then you stepped on the Legos, then your kids are screaming and you're trying to survive, like you are in survival mode. If you are, it's okay. You have to work on creating those little habits, so you're not in survival mode, but you're thriving, and it takes time.

Continue to tune in here, I'll help you with all of this stuff. But you can't take what I teach you and then just store it back here and expect it to work. You have to take what what I'm teaching you or anybody else and you have to put action behind it. No different than me in the fishing, if I never get back out and cast that fishing line, and all of a sudden I dive into the YouTube videos. How am I going to fish? What lowers do I need? I learned that word yesterday. What kind of bait do I need? How long do I have to fish? where's the best place to fish? If I learned all of this stuff, and I don't put it into action, what was the point?.

If you sit on here and you learn all of the things... "I shouldn't eat the bagel for breakfast, but I should have bacon eggs or sausage, I'm going to do that today", that's taking action. If I grabbed that Mountain Dew, but you heard Keto Mom, Stephanie say put them out and do down and grab the water, if you don't do it, you didn't do the action.

If you have time to go walk around the block during your lunch break, or sit at the computer and search for a million dollar homes on Zillow just because you want to look and dream. That's great, but if you need a walk, and you didn't take the action, what's the point? Action... Take what you've learned and put it into action. If you want to know more about Ketones, which a lot of you are asking, post three in the comments, and I'll send you a private message when we're done. Lastly, so we've got breakfast, we talked about lunch, we talked about dinner, we talked about drinking more water, less sugar and moving your body, drinking Ketones, mindset.

Who are you accountable for?

Two more things, Accountability is important. Who's who's watching you? Do you have a friend that you're doing it with? I text some of my girlfriends every day. "How are you doing, did you clean your closet?" I just text them an entire long message of the things that I learned in my podcast. I'm like, "You have to listen to this podcast, It was so great". Who are you accountable to, and if it's here on the Keto Mom page, I'm here to help you. 

You have no idea how many people messaged me every day, "Here's my food, here's my water intake", "Can you look at my macros, do these look right, what is a good lunch option?", "Can you tell me more about Ketones". The people that messaged me every single day, get my attention every single day. So if you don't have somebody in your home or in your phone that you're holding accountable to, It's okay, I'll help you. But you have to message me, that means taking action, Accountability is important.

Lastly, this takes time. Remember, you're not going to compare your social media journey to somebody else's social media journey. Remember all the things that can be moved and hidden.

I watched another girl, she does Keto on Instagram, and I loved her picture yesterday. She had this beautifully composed swimsuit, and she looked all gorgeous and skinny. And then she said 30 seconds later, same spot, same picture, but she was like front over. She had the mom roles, she had the skin that all of us have, because we are human. So she had this gorgeous composed picture, and then she said, "Don't be fooled". I feel great, I do look great, I've come a long way. And if I slouch just enough, you can see the picture of me that you probably look at yourself and you go, I don't like that picture. Same thing, and so don't be fooled by social media. This lifestyle will and can work if you don't give up.

This journey takes patience and time

And I'll give you one more example, my daughter is going through Algebra one, let me tell you she has been doing Algebra one this entire year. And yesterday, her and I got into a little bit of fight, mom daughter bickering, of why she needs to do it. And she doesn't want to do it, I said it takes time and patience. And I want you to do it because I need you to finish it because I need to give you a grade so that you can graduate high school.

"Why do I have to graduate high school,  I know everything". That's a whole another story, but I said "It doesn't even matter if you're never going to use it in your life right now. It's about the dedication and the time, and just finishing what you started". 

So she's been doing it for a whole year, she's not going to quit. We're not done. Don't quit, you're not done. This takes time, and if you did it when you were twenty, and now you're forty, it might take a longer time. Our bodies are changing, and so be patient with yourself. If this isn't right, the words that are going to come out or not right, you're going to not take action and you're just going to watch this and hang up and they'll gripe about something at the night. I don't know how else to help you. You can do this, you have to believe in yourself. 

Somebody asked me who it was, don't hate me, I don't remember her name. I just type in the hashtag Instagram, on Facebook, it's like what looking at people's before and better pictures. I don't remember so I can recreate it, because I have the same thing going on. If I remember who it is, I'll post it in the comments, I'll have to go look through my Instagram stories. But keep it simple, continue to tune in here, I'm always here to help. Don't stress yourself out, I started six years ago by simply going buns off the burgers croutons off the salad, Lettuce wrap, Am I hungry. What's the best thing that I can choose in this point in time. All right, so I'm here to help, thank you for tuning in. I will reach out and answer any questions that you have. For those who asked about my mom fuel, just post three in the comments, I'll come and send you a message.

Otherwise, have a great day and we'll talk to you soon.

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