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How to Handle a Cheat Meal or a Cheat day | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

When you have that cheat, all I want you to do is have the mindset of "You have to get back on track". You have to understand that this journey, I love to say a "Lifestyle", or some of you say "Diet"... It's not a one size fits all. It is a process of learning, growing and figuring out what works best for you.

Points to Ponder:

01:51 Take your black robe off

02:02 It's not a one size fits all

02:37 Do I ever cheat

03:51 You have to get back on track

04:31 I want more

07:07 We have different goals

08:47 What is your goal

09:14 I drink Ketones

09:48 You are in control

11:07 Benefits of drinking Ketones

13:07 You might be regretting it

13:30 Can I up my carbs, if I'm working on gaining muscle

14:11 Don't eat if you're not hungry

14:26 You're overeating

15:41 Women should eat more protein

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Keto Mom page, my name is Stephanie, and we're going to dive into the conversation of a cheat meal and a cheat day. "Can I have one or can I not?", "How do I handle it, is it going to wreck everything that I've done?" and "How do I get back on track?"... As you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? Let's chat about this conversation because it is something that comes up often. I want to know... what do you consider yourself? Strict Keto, Low carb or Lazy Keto? Where do you find yourself? If you're brand new, post new in the comments, because I'd love to connect with you, figure out your goals and help you on your journey. So we're going to dive into this conversation. And here's the deal, I'm going to pre frame something, I want you to know, I am not a doctor, or a nutritionist. I am a mom, we have four girls, we homeschool by choice. We've always homeschooled our girls, currently they are thirteen, eleven, nine and eight. And we've been on this journey, six years this month.

My husband has been on the journey for eight years, because he started two years before me. We've learned a ton in the last six years, so I'm just going to share with you what I've learned.
If you have a Cheat day, you did not fail

Now, if you don't agree with me, I promise it's okay. What I love about this page, and all of you incredible people is, I want you to know that when you come to my page, you need to take your black robe off. There's no black robes allowed, and you have to understand that this journey, I love to say a "Lifestyle", or some of you say "Diet"... It's not a one size fits all. It is a process of learning, growing and figuring out what works best for you. I don't want you judging, being rude or saying "So sorry, I don't eat those low carb mission tortillas because they're not Keto"... Because they might fall in line with somebody else's goals, if they're low carb or lazy keto.

So no, take your black robe off, that means you're not a judge and there's no judging here. I want you to truly feel like this community is here to support and guide you.

Okay now, this is what I want to talk about real quick. "Do I ever cheat?" Yes, but I don't really consider it a cheat. Everything that I do is a lifestyle, and so there are things in moderation. But I want you to have an awareness of something... So for example, I had a girl message me today, and she's like "I really wanted Chinese food yesterday, but I didn't". So she's already down thirty or maybe it was sixty pounds. She's doing incredible, she's doing amazing. She's like, "I really wanted the Chinese food, and then I decided not to have the Chinese food". And so it's that ebb and flow of I'm doing so great or maybe you're feeling you're not doing great.

Your mindset should be "Get back on track"

What happens if I have a piece of cake at my daughter's birthday party, or what happens if I have a piece of pizza at the pool party... Whatever it is, is it going to wreck everything? No, it's not going to wreck everything.

But when you have that cheat, let's say you do really great all week, and then you decide on the weekend, you're going to have something at the party or you're going to throw in and you're just going to enjoy yourself. All I want you to do is have the mindset that "You have to get back on track".

Here's what happens, if you have a keto snack, or a keto treat that's sweetened with stevia, erythritol or monk fruit, that sugar replacement doesn't hit your body like regular sugar. Like if you eat one Oreo, will you be satisfied with just one Oreo? No right?... If you eat one thing that your body hasn't had in a while, I need you to be prepared that there could be and "I want more". I want more because you're introducing something to your body that you took out for a while, whether it was a week, two weeks, a month or three months, and all of a sudden your body's going "I remember this, I remember the sugar, I remember how I felt. Give me some more". So I need you to know that here's what happens often... When somebody dives in and they're doing so great, they're feeling so great, and all of a sudden they enjoy themselves. Your body's going to go "Whoa, give me that, give me that Oreo, give me that chocolate chip cookie, give me that fifth slice of pizza". All I want you to be aware of, is that's the crazy pull that your body's going to have.

And you're going to have to go "I enjoyed myself tonight, but I'm not going to let it roll over to the next day"...

Because here's what will happen, you get to a Friday night, you're hanging out with your friends, not a big deal. You're sitting by the bonfire, the smores come out, you have a smore and then you're like "Not a big deal, I had a smore. It was great, it kind of hurt my stomach, I felt like crap but not a big deal"... And then Saturday rolls around, you're at the pool and somebody brings boxes of pizza. You forgot to pack your lunch, and you're "It's not a big deal, I'm going to intermittent fast, I'll have a great dinner". But the pizza smell just gets you, and so Saturday at the pool and you have the pizza and you're like "It's not a big deal, I'll start Sunday. I did great and it's no big deal". Then Sunday rolls around, everybody's at the church, there's doughnuts, and you forgot that everybody is celebrating something. All of a sudden there's all this food and you're like, "It's fine, tomorrow's Monday, I'll start on Monday". So you enjoyed your weekend and it's totally fine. Monday rolls around, and you, like me, are around people all the time. I've got four girls, we've got lots of cousins and friends. Everybody's in and out of our home, we have a lake, I'm super blessed. And that means everybody brings over treats, so we're all sitting out by the lake and all of a sudden my favorite chips and dip show up and I'm like "Shoot, it's the end of the month, I'm just going to start on the first, it's fine. I'm just going to enjoy this week, it's not a big deal"...

You have to learn to be in control

So if you have a cheat day or a cheat meal, whatever that looks like for you, because you're focused. And your goals are different than my goals. So when you reach your ultimate goal, then you can ease up a little bit. But if you're really strict right now, because your goal is to lose fifty, sixty or seventy pounds, you're going to be a little bit more strict than somebody who's maintaining.

So do not let your cheat day or your cheat meal roll into the whole day, or the whole weekend, or the whole week, and then the month.

Then you and I are going to chat next year and you're going to be like "I started, I stopped, I've got to get back on track and I don't know what to do"... So it's not that you can't have one, it's not that you can't ever have anything. Because if you deprive yourself forever, all of a sudden you binge, you remember how much you loved it and you don't get back on track, instead you spiral out of control. Then you and I get to chat in one year, when really, you could have had one thing and then got back on track.

So I don't ever want you to think "I can never have", instead I want you to think "What are my goals, I'm going to get on track, and I'm going to feel incredible". For those of you who are like "How do you get back on track?"... You and I can chat about this, but I drink Ketones every day.

So I was talking about a cheat day versus a cheat meal. I'm not going to tell you that it's okay or not okay, but instead, I want you to ask yourself "Is my goal to maintain or is my goal to lose?". If your goal is to lose a lot, you might not have very many cheat days or cheat meals until you get to where you want to be. You might have something here and there if you are craving, just so you're not freaking out and you don't give up. But I'm not looking to lose any weight and my days are going to look different than your days. In fact, I'm looking to gain muscle, which we're going to talk about in a second. But when I have a cheat day or a cheat meal, I drink Ketones the next day and I'm back on track. It's not a magic pill, it's a helper. So whether you do a long, extended fast, or intermittent fast, drink a lot of water and you just have some salads and protein and just be really strict that next day to get yourself back on track. Because that's what I do, often times I'll just grab my 24 hour kit. Which is available, just so you know, every beginning of every week, you can grab this 24 hour kit. It gets you back on track, and it helps you understand that you don't have to be controlled by food.

Ketones are helpers, to get you back on track

You are in control of the food, you're in control of your emotions and your habits. So if you ever want a 24 hour fast kit, it's incredible. It's just fasting with me, I'm going to help you and you're going to drink Ketones, electrolytes and broth. If you want to know more about the fast, just post fast in the comments.

So this is what I do, let's say over the weekend, I had too much treats. So in the morning, I get up, I grab my water, I take my Ketones, I put them in, and I feel incredible, because it gets me back on track.

This is where I started, just so you know. My husband started with the Keto diet for two years, he started eight years ago. I started six years ago, and I started with Ketones, and it placed me in Ketosis in under an hour, and I felt incredible. So however you get back on track, fasting, drinking water, eating lean for a little bit, diving back into your lifestyle... You have to get back on track, otherwise, you and I are going to be chatting in a year. So whether it's drinking Ketones, fasting, or messaging me and I'll give you some ideas. I drink Ketones every single day, no matter what. It puts me in Ketosis, it helps with my cravings, my focus, my energy, hands down one hundred percent all the time. You don't have to start with a 24 hour fast, there's different ways to trial Ketones and there's different ways to utilize this.

But if you want to know more about drinking ketones, you don't have to be strict keto. That's why I wanted to know if you are lazy keto, or low carb, I've got people on here that are vegan, whole thirty and plant based. If you want to know more about my mom fuel, just post three in the comments. You don't have to start with the fast, you can start with just drinking a couple packets of Ketones, and then we can work on your food.

It's as simple as mixing it in your water
Ketones will give you the energy, the focus, the appetite control, the better mood, all of those things, especially if you didn't eat the greatest over the weekend, or at the party, the office, it doesn't matter. You've got a helper to get you back on track, and to help you keep going.

Oftentimes, people will be like, "But your body can make its own ketones". I get it, my body makes Ketones, and I drink them because it amplifies what I'm doing. Some of you drink pots of coffee, some of you live off of energy drinks, but Ketones are incredible. So however you want to start, if you love some food ideas, and are brand new, post food in the comments and I will give you exactly how we started. If you would love to get back on track, because you fell off the wagon, start with the 24 hour fast or start with a five day or a three day. Post three in the comments, and you and I are going to chat about my mom fuel. We can start with the fast, or we can start with food, it doesn't matter. But I want you to be aware wherever you're at now, on your journey. If you decide to have the donut, the piece of cake or to have the pizza, just have that mindfulness that you're going to get back on track. It's not going to control you, or consume you.

You might have crazy cravings, and you might be regretting it at the end of the night and you're like "I'm never gonna do that again". I've totally done that, my stomach was in knots, and I'm like "This is why I don't eat that way".
Do not eat if you're not hungry, you are overeating

Also, for those of you who've been asking, "Can I up my carbs, if I'm working on gaining muscle?"... I had a girl that messaged me today, and she's like "My trainer told me that I should be eating more, so I'm eating to fill my macros"... The only thing I'm going to say about that is, again I'm not a fitness trainer, but I want you to know that if you're tracking all of your food, you get to the end of the day, and it says you still can eat some fat, well "You don't have to eat if you're not hungry". I honestly believe one hundred percent hands down, that is a misconception and it is taught poorly.

You don't have to eat every two hours to keep your metabolism going. You don't have to eat to fill in your macros,! You're overeating, you can overeat good food.

So the girl that I was coaching today, she was like, "My trainer said that I'm working on fat loss, but I'm also lifting weights"... That's great, but you're not going to eat more food, just to build your muscle. I'm going to guess that most of you're probably not bodybuilders. So, everybody goes "I'm going again and I need to pump up my muscles. I have to eat more carbs"... No you don't, unless you're like lifting some weights at the gym and then diving in and being a weightlifter.

I lift weights every single day, so I eat a little bit more protein. I do believe that when you get to your goal, and you want to start building muscle, you do have to eat more food, but I don't believe you're going to dive in and just eat all the bread and the pasta, and all of those things. So I would say for a majority of you, you're not going to change the way that you're eating if you start lifting weights. If you're hungry, your body will tell you and then you'll eat right.

Here's a little tip after you work out, what I was taught was I should be drinking a protein shake within an hour of working out.

So I drink protein, I eat probably too much protein, I'm not gonna lie. That's why I drink Ketones, because this keeps me in Ketosis. I eat a little bit more protein, which I was taught most women should, because we don't eat enough. And so focus on your water, don't eat if you're not hungry, if you still have some fat loss, do not be eating to fill your macros. Do not get to the end of the day, and somebody said that you need to eat more food, if you're not hungry. You absolutely do not need to eat more, if you're not hungry. Here's the book I was looking for ("The Ketogenic Bible" by Dr. Jacob Wilson & Ryan Lowery, PhD) . This is a really great tool, since a lot of you ask medical questions, or recipes. It really walks you through where the Keto diet started, and our friends, Dr. Ryan Lowery, and Dr. Jacob Wilson wrote this. They also made Keto NAT, they formulated this product and hand in hand, they talked about it in the book. Not all Ketones are created equal, so they created the only naturally fermented ketone that matches what your body creates. It will not stop your body from making ketones, so you can make them and you can drink them or you can drink them and just eat better. This book is an incredible resource.

They've got some incredible recipes in here, and any medical question that you have or how to or what ketones are, or if you just want to know some of the science and the research behind it, this would be the book to grab.
Message me about my Mom Fuel

So for those of you who have the book, it's great and for those of you who are looking for a great resource, here it is. Because it's going to give you some doctor, science, medical information, that I'm not going to give you but I can always give you the tools to learn from. I hope that was helpful.

Remember, don't let the cheat day or the cheat meal consume you. You did not fail, you made a choice, and this is a lifestyle so you get back on track and you keep going. Do not eat to fill your macros, instead you eat when you're hungry.

And if you want to know more about the 24 hour fast or drinking my mom fuel, it can be dad fuel, it can be people fuel can be dog mom fuel, whatever you want to call it, however it relates to you. The product is incredible, so post fast below, or post three below. Some of you were like "There's no way I'm going to fast, I want to work with you in creating a healthy lifestyle". So thank you for tuning in press the share button below. Sharing is caring and I'd love to help other people on their journey, so always message me with questions.

I'm here to help and I hope you have an incredible day. Bye, everybody.

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