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Eating too much Fat | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

If you're constantly eating all this fat, it keeps you full but if you're eating an excess amount of fat, you're going to have a crazy amount of calories that you probably don't need. We get so fixated on the food that we have to eat for our body, "Oh my goodness, I only had this tiny little meal for lunch, I should be eating more", question is Are you hungry?

Points to Ponder:

02:00 Am I Hungry

02:11 Tracking Food

02:39 Overeating good fat

03:40 Fat keeps you fuller longer

04:55 Portions

05:27 Hitting a Plateau

05:47 These 3 things

07:00 Types of Keto

07:29 Eating Better

08:35 Some Tips

08:43 The Five second rule by Mel Robbins

09:22 60 HR Reboot

09:42 Benefits of drinking Ketones

Full Episode Transcript

Good morning. How are you doing? We are currently in Oklahoma, so for those of you who are hopping on, where are you tuning in from? I have a quick Q&A this week, and so as you have questions throughout the week, ask them below. I have consistently the same questions every single week and every single day, but the number one question that I get often is, "Am I eating enough, am I eating too much, or how do I know how much I should eat?".

A quick Q&A for this week

So real quick, as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? We are tuning in from a hotel in Oklahoma, we're visiting some friends these next couple days and then we're going to Oklahoma City for a funeral, which is our dear friend's daughter. For those of you who've been joining us on the Keto Mom private customer groups, for those of you who are drinking ketones, we've been doing an accountability every single day. For those of you who are not, how is your month going? You've got about a week of October left, we're going to dive into the holidays. I think a lot of people get to this point, and they just go, "I'll start back up in January". That's not going to be you, so here's the deal...

Here's the number one question I often get and I want you to think about this, before you eat any meal, I want you to just simply ask yourself the question, "Am I hungry?".

So there's a lot of you that track your food, some of you do not. I personally do not track my food in a tracker. If you do, where do you track your food? Some people use "My Fitness Pal" or a carb counter, do you feel like it helps you?

In the very beginning of this journey, my husband, he did like a year, two years and then once you know what to eat, you listen to your body. You don't have to track as much, if you can stay disciplined and stay on track. The biggest question I want you to understand... You can overeat fat and you can over eat good Keto food. Oftentimes I find people that go, "I was bored, I went to a party or I was at the office. People had a whole bunch of food out, so I just ate the cheese, the meat and all of the better keto options". But just so you know, if you are not hungry and you're eating, you're probably going to overeat. Oftentimes I get a lot of women, I'm sure there's some men on here, but oftentimes they'll message me at night and they'll go "Oh, my goodness, I'm tracking my food. I still need about X amount of fat. I didn't get all my fats in today, or my protein. How do I equal it out?" Do not eat if you are not hungry.

A lot of people tend to overeat Keto Foods
If you're hungry, then your body needs some more food, the reason people eat really high fat and low carb is because Fat keeps you fuller longer.

So let's say you ate lunch and you feel great, but then all of a sudden people have snacks out, you go somewhere, you're like "It's not a big deal, it's Keto, there's a Keto cookie I can eat it, it's fine". Then you continuously snack on almonds, as you eat handfuls and handfuls of almonds or macadamia nuts, it doesn't matter what it is.

The concept is simply this, people have in their head that if it's Keto they can eat it, if it's low carb they can eat it. "I can totally eat that pound of bacon, it's bacon, it's not a big deal". But maybe you've reached a plateau, and you're like "This is not working". You're eating still because it's a habit, you're bored.

Just be aware of how often you are eating and think to yourself, "If I'm not hungry I don't need to eat, I like to eat, everybody else is eating, but I do not need to eat if I'm not hungry. My body will just tell me".

We get so fixated on the food that we have to eat for our body, "Oh my goodness, I only had this tiny little meal for lunch, I should be eating more". Are you hungry? Because the portions that we get at a restaurant or even ourselves, are ridiculous. I don't know where you're tuning in from, there's a lot of people on here, let's just say the United States for example. I've been to many other countries, I feel like the portions are a lot different, but let's just say for the United States. There's no shortage of supersize, massive meals, you do not have to eat that big of a meal. Somebody asked, "What happens if I hit a plateau". Did you know that a plateau isn't truly a plateau, if it hasn't been longer than six weeks, I learned that from Dr. Ryan Lowery.

What to do when you hit a Plateau
So he said, "You will know you hit a plateau, but it's got to be a six week stall, and then you have to relook at things". So we just talked about "Overeating", "Eating because it's just Keto", "Eating when you're not hungry", those three things for sure.

Try intermittent fasting, that'll help you immensely. You might be shocked at how much I drink water ketones and that's it. Are you drinking a whole bunch of fat coffee? So that is a huge one, people may go, "Oh my goodness! I'm on my fourth cup of fat coffee". Do you know how many calories that is? Not that eating Keto or low carb is counting calories, but think about this real quick. One fat gram has about nine carbs, I think approximately, one carb gram has four calories. So one fat gram, because you're eating a lot of fat, has nine calories. One carb gram has four calories.

If you're constantly eating all this fat, it keeps you full but if you're eating an excess amount of fat, you're going to have a crazy amount of calories that you probably don't need.

The reason somebody eats 80% fat is because they're eating 20% carbs (strict Keto), some people are lazy Keto, low carb, dirty keto. If you're eating like fifty or sixty carbs a day, buns off the burgers croutons off the salad I grab a lettuce wrap. I don't want to count the calories, I don't want to count the carbs in my broccoli, I don't want to obsess about a perfect Keto diet, but I'm eating better. I'm the same way, I drink Ketones every single day, they're amazing, and I consciously make the best decision possible. But if you're doing that, you do not want to eat all of that fat, you're going to eat some fat but you cannot have a low carb lazy keto lifestyle and eat 80% fat, you're eating too much. So if I was you, I would clean the slate today. If you feel like you're hit a plateau, ask yourself if you're hungry, drink a glass of water before you eat your next meal. Are you hungry, are you thirsty, are you eating because you're bored or are you really eating? I'm not a snacker, I honestly feel great eating three meals, two meals and maybe a light snack but I don't snack all day long. So pay attention to your body.

Count to five, before you decide to eat

For those of you who have also reached a plateau, we do a reboot every month so we can talk about that in November. Otherwise intermittent fast, don't eat if you're not hungry, drink more water. If you find yourself snacking, go for a walk, get out of the kitchen. Think quick, give yourself five seconds... Has anybody ever read the book "The Five second rule by Mel Robbins". So Mel Robbins uses this five second rule to do anything in life, she'll say "Be brave, five, four, three, two, one go".

I like to use it the opposite way and say, before you eat, before you do something, before you grab the doughnut, before you grab the extra bacon, before you put the extra food in your mouth, give yourself five seconds and go "Am I really hungry?", instead of regretting it.

I know it sounds kind of common sense, but I hope that makes sense. So the next reboot that we're going to be doing, it's like a 60 hour faster a cleanse but it's a reboot, it will be in mid November. If you want more information about the reboot that you can join us, just post "Reboot" below. If you want to know more, we have a really cool new 10 Day Challenge kit that just got launched.

Drinking Ketones definitely changed my life
So lastly, I drink Ketones everyday, they help with my appetite, my cravings, my focus, my mood, energy, it's phenomenal, I've been drinking them for five years.

So the last thing I would say is we have a cool new pack that has some incredible flavors. It's already on sale and you can try a variety of flavors. There's ten caffeine, ten caffeine free, to give it a shot to see what you think. So if you want to know more about this, just post five or ten below, and we'll get you some information out.

But besides that, please reach out, ask all of your questions, post questions below. I'll pop on here every single day and try to give you a Keto tip, or trick or just something like today. I just want you to think if there's anything that you learned, think to yourself and ask yourself, "Am I hungry?". I want you to ask yourself that, and then we'll dive into some other Keto, low carb tips later this week.

So I hope you guys have an amazing afternoon. Ask all of your questions and we'll talk to you soon.

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