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"DREAM IT, PIN IT, LIVE IT" (Chapter 2): "There's Power in the Pin" | Keto Mom Book Club

Keto Mom here!

"Writing your dreams and goals enables you to stay focused so that you are more likely to avoid distraction. One of the best ways to get started is simply to identify your desires. It's very important that you get clear on what you want. Clarity about your dreams is the single most important step to success. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish in your life, if you get clear on your dreams and your goals. There is no hope of success for a person who does not have a central purpose or defined goal" ~Terri Savelle Foy

Points to Ponder:

01:01 Happy Labor Day

01:51 Mindset Matters

02:34 Why talk about Mindset on a Keto page?

03:59 Consistency and Discipline

04:37 There's Power in the Pin

05:34 There's No Secret to a Positive Mindset

06:20 Start Putting Pen to Paper

08:27 Putting Your Future in Motion

10:52 What Excites You?

11:48 Identify Your Desires

14:20 How You Get Started

15:51 "As I think, so I feel. As I feel, so I do. As I do, so I have"

Full Episode Transcript

Good morning! Happy Labor Day! My name is Stephanie, welcome to the Keto Mom page. We are diving back into this book, "Dream it. Pin it. Live it" by Terri Savelle Foy. Today we are going to get strategic, and start writing out your dreams. So I hope you're ready. As you're tuning in, where you're tuning in from? It is a little bit later today than usual, we slept in. We have had a crazy week, a good week of waking up early every single day, even yesterday for church. So all of my kids, and my husband, we all voted and said we were going to sleep in. So we slept until almost nine, but we need to take our daughter to get her foot checked. If you've been following along in our stories, we had a little bit of a slip up in volleyball, and we need to go see the doctor. So that is what we're doing super soon.

Hello! Happy Labor Day Everyone!

So as you're tuning in, I just want to say Happy Labor Day! For those of you who work hard, for those of you who love what you do, or don't love what you do, I hope you have a really great and blessed day. A relaxing day, I hope you feel loved, empowered and I hope you feel like whoever you're working for or whatever you're doing that the people around you, are thankful for you. If you're brand new to the page, I want you to post a new below. Every morning, if you're new and you're just watching... For months we have been going through books, because mindset matters.

Mindset is important, and my hope is every morning around seven to seven thirty Central time, I will be going live and walking you through a book. We've already gone through four or five books. And my hope is that you go through the book, and join me. If you don't have the book, just join me here and tune in. This book, "Dream it. Pin it. Live it", is creating vision. This book is incredible! It's going to help you think, and help you grow. Why do we talk about mindset on a Keto page?

Because most of the time people come here and they want to get fat loss. If you want some fat loss, that's awesome! But you have to believe that you can do it and I need you to see it. I need you to not only create a diet, but I want you to be here to create a lifestyle.

So that you don't reach your goals and stop. And then next year come back around, because you didn't create systems and habits and you have to start over again. That's not the point. The point of a Keto diet in my version is not to create a goal in six weeks and then give up. So it's shocking to see how many people don't read. They don't listen to good podcasts, they don't surround themselves with people that believe in them. Or they're even going after goals. You become like the five people that you hang out with the most.

Welcome to day 5 of our Book 6 session

And you might be going "I don't know, I probably need to find some new friends"... You don't need to unfriend people, but I would challenge you to look at what you are listening to. What are you reading? What are you watching? And who are you surrounding yourself with? And then look at your goals and ask yourself "Am I accomplishing my goals?"...

If I've been stuck in this rut for years, and not gone where I want to go, it's time to change something. And that's going to require some consistency, discipline, and some hard conversations.

So we've been going through a vision board book, because we are going to create the vision board at the end of this month. The things that we've read so far are "You're never too old to set dreams", and "There's no dream that's too impossible, you got to put in the work"... We're on chapter two, for those who are reading it with me. If you're not, then I'm going to give you an action step today. If you don't have the book, you can actually continue to follow along. So step two, "There's power in the pin. It's time to put your words on paper"... What does that mean? She tells us a ton of stories, but I'm not going to read the stories to you. In every story, there are individuals that had the courage to write their dreams down. She talks about Jim Carrey, and about a whole bunch of other famous people. Just people that you know, so that you can realize there wasn't an overnight success. They had a vision board and they wrote their goals down.

There's not a secret to the Keto diet. I can tell you exactly what to do, and if you do it over time, with consistency and action, you will see your goals come to pass. Same thing with dreams and goals, with vision boarding, and with mindset. There's no secret! There's not a secret to a positive mindset.
Start digging deep, and writing about your desires

But what are you listening to you? What are you watching? What are you reading? Who do you surround yourself with?... If you look at people on where they are today, they didn't get there overnight. They got there by getting their mindset right, being thankful, having a heart of gratitude, by writing their goals down and getting a clear and focused vision. What do you want and are you ready? So we're kind of splitting the chapters up, I'm going to go over chapter two, for the next five pages.

My hope is that you get to the point where you start putting pen to paper, that's what we're going to do. So she says, "Thinking that you can keep your goals in your head is just an excuse for not writing them down. Something powerful happens when you put pen into paper"... I want you at the end of this live and throughout the rest of the week, to get a piece of paper and start writing your goals down. Our pastor had us write 101 things, but I only got to eighteen, I need to keep going.

So I want you to get your pen to paper. Get a piece of paper out, and your goal is to just write. I'll talk to you about what you're going to write in a second. Writing your dreams and your goals is the clear key to success.

So she talks about a psychologist, Dr. Gail Matthews, a psychologist from the Dominican University. She did a study of goal setting using 267 participants and found that simply by writing down your goals, you are 42% more likely to achieve them. She also talked about a crazy shocking study they did for Harvard. They said that only 3% had written out their goals. They talked to all of these other students, they did not have a clear vision and they did not write their goals down. They came back ten years later, and only 3% of the people that wrote their goals down actually achieved what they wanted. It is super important to get very clear and very focused.

What do you want? "I want to lose ten pounds", "I want to lose fifty pounds", "I want to get stronger", "I want to be able to run a marathon", "I want to go for a walk without being out of breath", "I want to play with my grandkids", "I want to plan my meals every Sunday", "I want to become a better cook", "I want to feel stronger", or to whatever... It's not just fat loss goals, I just say those here because you're here, and because it's a Keto Mom page. "I want to have better relationships", "I want to go on a date with my spouse once a week"... What do you want? I want you to dream, like "I want to get out of debt"...

You need to get a clear vision of what you want in life
So she's going to walk us through this. When you write something down, you are setting your aim and putting your future in motion. The actual act of writing down your goals makes them real and tangible.

We're going to write, that's what you're going to do today. It's Labor Day and I know there's people that are working. My mom, my parents work in the medical field, they work every holiday. I'm super thankful for them and thankful for you if you are working, because you're probably doing a job that we need you for. Thank you! So I would encourage you, when you see people working today, if you're out and about, tell them Thank you. "Thank you for working hard", "Thank you for serving me", "Thank you for blessing me"... We really should be more thankful to people and you should tell them. All right, so before you design your vision board, you simply need to write. We're designing boards at the end of the month. Right now we're getting a focus, and we're figuring out what we want. We're going to dig down deep in your hearts, and we're going to figure out what your desires are. So when somebody says you can't do that, you write it even bigger.

"Writing your dreams and goals enables you to stay focused so that you are more likely to avoid distraction. One of the best ways to get started is simply to identify your desires. It's very important that you get clear on what you want, but don't treat it like homework, this is supposed to be fun"...

I don't want you to say that Keto Mom gave me homework. No! This is like "I'm going to start dreaming", or "I'm going to write down goals for me and my family"... Are you enjoying the book? If you're not reading the book, I would love to know, do Mindset Mornings help you? I know a lot of you are enjoying it. Okay! So she talks more about different people from the Hall of Fame, and different books. So she just gives you an action step and she says "Stop being a spectator of your life. Let's get in the game. Don't let life pass you by. How do you discover your destiny? Your destiny has to do with what you're excited about"... What excites you? What makes you say "I'd love to do that", "I'd love to give to that organization", "I would love to be able to go to these places, do these things, support this cause, do this with my family or achieve this goal"...

Allow yourself to dream big, do not think of the work yet

We're going to start thinking about that. "Write it down. Write it as big as you can. Write from your heart, do not let your mind tell you that it's impossible. All you're going to do is write"... You're not going to say "That's too expensive", "I can't do that", "There's no way, I'm too old", "I'm too young, I'm not in shape"... You're not going to do that. We're not going to look at the challenges, or the work that we have to put behind it. We're just going to dream.

Alright! Here's how you identify your desires. Do you want to be debt free? Do you want to lose weight? Do you want to travel? Do you want to design clothes? Do you want to go on a missions trip? Do you want to graduate from school? Do you want to adopt? Do you want a music record? Do you want a boat? What do you want?... Your action step is write down a hundred things. I just say a hundred, you might not make it to a hundred or you might make it over a hundred. But what do you want in life? By the end of your life, where would you like to go? What would you like to do? What would you like to see?...

"Clarity about your dreams is the single most important step to success. You will be amazed at what you can accomplish in your life, if you get clear on your dreams and your goals".

"Napoleon Hill (who wrote the book "Think & Grow Rich) did a study on a major cause of failure. He concluded that failure was due to the lack of well defined purpose in life. Ninety eight out of a hundred people he analyzed, had no aim on their future, and suggested that that was the major cause of failure. There is no hope of success for a person who does not have a central purpose or defined goal"... If you don't have a defined goal and you come here every day, and you say "I just want to lose some fat", or "Hey, I just want to lose some weight"... It's not specific enough, you need to write it down and you need to get very clear.

You owe it to yourself, sit down and start writing your dreams
Sit down for a second, you owe this to yourself. It's not selfish. Get out a piece of paper, get out a pen, sit down for ten minutes outside and write down some goals. Write down some dreams, write down some desires.

And if all it is right now is about your health, awesome! We'll start dreaming about more things later. Write it down! Without putting your dreams in writing, you are wandering year after year without realizing you've even done it. How many of you have gotten to the end of the year, started out with new year's resolutions and forgot what I you had dreamed for this year. You clearly didn't write it down. You thought you could remember it, and you did not accomplish anything.

That's why we're doing this now and not waiting till January. There's no reason for that. So maybe you had dreams, goals and visions for the beginning of the year. Let's revisit them. Let's write them down. Let's put some clarity behind them. Or maybe you've never done this and it's time to do it.

So here's how you get started, we're on page twenty nine of chapter two. If you're going through the book with me, it just simply write down the things that you want. "I want a house on a lake", "I want to lose fifty pounds", "I want a speedboat", "I want to go on vacation", "I want to be able to run that 5k next month with my daughter", "I want to be able to go up and down the stairs for five times without being out of breath", "I want to be able to fit in that dress", "I want to be able to do my job", "I want to cook a meal four times a week, at home for my family", "I want to be able to meal prep every Sunday"... What do you want? That's your goal for today. We've made it to page thirty. Remember the saying "As I think, so I feel", which causes your emotions, so when you think you feel. "As I feel, so I do", that's your actions. "As I do, so I have". If you're thinking negatively, you will feel bad. And if you feel bad, you might grab the donut. And if you grab the donut long enough, or all those not good habits, then you have the extra weight. "As I think, so I feel. As I feel, so I do. As I do, so I have"...

Feel free to always reach out, I am here to help

Pay attention, your mindset isn't a joke. I can coach you on food all day long, but if your mindset isn't right, I'm going to ask you "What are you reading?"... We got to start there first. What are you thinking about yourself? What are you speaking over yourself? Who are you surrounding yourself with?... It is not a joke!

And as soon as people can figure this out, you're going to see the harvest of the seeds that you've planted, and of all the things that you've wanted in a positive manner as soon as you get your mindset right.

Alright! I hope that's helpful and continue to tune in. Usually I do these between seven or seven thirty, after I'm done working out in the morning. You can catch the replay, and continue to tune into the page. We share lots of tips and tricks and all the fun things. I'll let you know what the next book we'll be doing after this book, soon. I hope you have an incredible day. Reach out with all of your questions, and we'll talk to you soon.

I appreciate you all!

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