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"DREAM IT, PIN IT, LIVE IT" (Chapter 1.3) Start Living your Dream in your Mind: | Keto Mom Book Club

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Keto Mom here!

"The most successful people in the world visualize their desired life. They are very clear about what they want to achieve. Unsuccessful people are lazy, unclear and uncertain. And therefore they don't take action. They don't go after goals. They're not patient. They're not consistent, and they don't achieve what they want"... ~Terri Savelle Foy

Points to Ponder:

02:45 To dream, the Impossible Dreams

03:17 Everything starts right in your Mind

03:31 Power of your Mindset

03:40 Time and Consistency

04:09 Successful people Visualize their Desired Life

06:24 If you're going to do Something, Do it Big

06:51 It Starts with You

07:42 Questions to start Thinking about

09:21 Start Dreaming

09:36 Don't Give Up on your Mission


10:45 You are never too old

10:54 "As I think, so I feel. As I feel, so I do. As I do, so I have"

Full Episode Transcript

Good morning! Welcome to the Keto Mom page. We're diving into mindset, into books and we're diving into visualization. What are your dreams and what are your goals? It starts in your mind before you see it anywhere else. Welcome! It's going to be a great day. Where are you tuning in from and how was your morning? I'm going to start the morning off with a joke. Got a funny joke book of our girls, because my hope is to make you laugh and to inspire you. To help you dream, go after your goals and to help you accomplish them.

So here is the first joke of the morning... 
"What do trees like to drink?" 
Answer: Root Beer! 

I like jokes. 

I think they're funny. Okay, one more... All right! 
"What do computers eat?" 
Answer: Chips! One byte at a time. B-Y-T-E! Get it? BYTE? 
Welcome to day 4 of our Book 6 session

All right! I want to know who actually has this book, "Dream it. Pin it. Live it" by Terri Savelle Foy. Who's physically going through the book? If you're not, and you're just following along, that's awesome! Continue to tune in every single morning. But if you have the book, let me know, put a Purple Heart in the comments. If you're following along, awesome! So we're going through the book, piece by piece, and we're now on page twelve.

What I want you to do from now, until the end of the weekend, I would encourage you just to finish chapter one. I won't be going live, but if I do, it'll be later in the day on Saturday and Sunday. Because we have volleyball tournaments in the mornings, church and all things. I will still do a live, but it won't be right away in the morning.

So my encouragement to you is to take page twelve and finish all of the chapter to get to chapter two by Monday... Going back, what she's talking about on page twelve, and the rest of the book is visualizing your dreams. Actually she's talking about a lot of different things. There's a lot of great stories, but I'm not going to read all of the stories to you. Some of the stories are about her family and there's a lot of biblical stories too. And then there was another great story, that you would recognize. When I get to read it, I'll let all of you know.

But she says this "To dream, the impossible dreams"...

What does that mean? I'm curious over this last few days, are you dreaming? Has this helped you think about different things that you want in your life? Have you written anything down or have you written different things down? Have you started thinking about "What would I want"?, "What are some dreams that I have?"... Think of yourself, imagine yourself and see yourself living your dream in your mind.

Everything starts right in your mind, we talk about this all the time. And in every book that we talk about, in every book that we've been reading, the number one thing that is the same across the board is the power of your mindset. If you can see it, and you can believe it, you will achieve it.

Your Dreams starts in your mind, so start thinking
There is a space in there that's called Time and Consistency. But if you don't see it, if you don't believe it, if you're not patient, and you're not consistent, then there's a space in there that's going to shrink, and you're not going to achieve it.

We can talk about fat loss right here, we're going to work through this and I have a question for you at the end. Going back, she talks about having huge dreams, huge goals and huge visions. She said "The most successful people in the world visualize their desired life. They are very clear about what they want to achieve. Unsuccessful people are lazy, unclear and uncertain. And therefore they don't take action. They don't go after goals. They're not patient. They're not consistent, and they don't achieve what they want"... So I would love to know, are you loving the book? What are you believing in?

Your imagination is extremely powerful, because it is the birthplace for all of your ideas. "If you can't imagine it, you will never have it"...

So right now, what are you imagining for your health or your physical body? Can you see yourself thinner, stronger, and healthier? Because if you can't see it, and if you're not truly believing that you can do it, you're not going to achieve it. It's going to be really easy for you to spiral out of control, to eat unhealthy, to hit the alarm clock, to not do the workout, and to speak negatively about yourself. You've got to stop! You've got to say "I'm going to physically see it!"... I would encourage you to find a picture of how you looked like, in the past. I'm talking physically, because that's why a majority of you are here. So if you can find a picture from the past, like a before picture. Like "Hey, I would love to get back to pre baby weight"... Whatever the case may be, and then we're going to put things underneath that, that will help you achieve your goals. So we're going to start seeing it, so that we can go after those goals.

"If you are going to think and if you're going to do something, do it big"... She talks about big dreams, big goals going after what she wants.
It is never too late to do something Big

She says "Most of the things worth doing in the world have been declared impossible, before they've ever been done"... Fat Loss is not one of them. A lot of you might say "It's too late for me", "I can't do it", "I'm not strong enough", "I don't have the support", "I don't have the accountability"... Yes you do! It starts with you! It starts with you coming in here. Every person in here is basically wanting the same goals you have. It's a huge accountability. You can tune in here, you can comment below and you can encourage others by commenting on their comments.

"Everything begins with your ability to envision, imagine and conceive the image inside".

So for the rest of this chapter, she wants you to start dreaming. Where do you see yourself? and she gives you a whole bunch of questions... Does this make sense? Are you enjoying this book? I'd love to know. Right now, we're talking about health and she's going to ask you a lot of questions. And she wants you to start thinking, for today and the rest of the weekend. She asks "Are you married?", "Do you have children or do you have kids in college?", "Are you working?", "Where do you work or where do you want to work?", "Are you self employed?"...

There's lots of questions to start dreaming about. "Do you want to write a book?", "Do you want to go on a missions trip?", "Do you want to live overseas?", "Do you want to get out of debt?", "How much money do you want?", "Where do you want to live?", "Where do you want your ideal body weight at?", "Do you want to start working out?", "What do you want?"... She's giving you questions and there's lots of them over the course of this weekend that I want you to start thinking, and start jotting some ideas about. If all you want to do is focus on your physical health, and we're going to start there. What weight Do you want to be at? What do you want to look like? What are some things you want to do? Do you want to be able to go on vacation and feel healthy, play basketball with your kids or sit in the bleachers watching your kids play volleyball for two hours and not have a sore back? (we did that yesterday). What do you want? Do you want to be able to get up and go run a marathon, a 5k, or just go for a walk around the block? Do you want to wear a certain size? Do you want to feel good? Do you want to play with your grandkids?...

Your mission on Earth starts with You
So start dreaming and start writing it down. My encouragement to you is just ask yourself those questions. We all have dreams, you just have to go dig for them.

All right! She says "You have a mission here on Earth"... Don't give up on your mission. And part of the mission is living your best life. Taking care of your body so that you can be an encouragement to others. So that you can take care of others. If you can't take care of yourself, how are you supposed to take care of your family?

She also says there's proof that age doesn't matter. Sometimes we say "I'm too old", "My time has passed", "It's not a big deal"... If you're curious where I got the book, go to Go to her menu button and grab it. I'm sure you can get it on Amazon, but I'd rather buy it from the author. So, she also gives you a ton of people that you would recognize. Their ages, and when they achieved their goals, all the way up to one hundred.

A British actress, or swimming a huge distance at the age of ninety. She says "You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream". We talked about this yesterday and then I'm going to end... "As I think, so I feel. As I feel, so I do. As I do, so I have"... You should get up in the morning and say that, "As I think, so I feel" those are my emotions. "As I feel, so I do" those are the actions based on my emotions. Good or bad, positive or negative. "As I do, so I have"...

Alright! So you've got some dreaming to do, some writing down to do, some finishing up your book. If you're just following along, I will do a live this weekend but it will be later in the afternoons. I hope you have an incredible day. Reach out with any questions that you have and I'm here to help you with your goals. Give you some ideas, help you on your keto journey, give you some encouragement. I hope to inspire you. Send me a message and I will help you with any questions that you have.

Otherwise, I hope you have an incredible day. We'll talk to you soon.

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