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CHASING DAYLIGHT (Chapter 6): Will You Advance Or Retreat? | Keto Mom Book Club

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Keto Mom Here!

          "Life is full of high boards, the place that we stand where we realize that the altitude is higher than we expected. In a place where there is no neutral, we either go forward or we go backward. Many times this becomes the dividing line, the line that separates those who see their divine opportunity and those who seize their divine opportunity. At this stage of the game, you're close enough to taste it. You've made significant decisions to live out your divine adventure. But now you have to make a choice, will you advance or will you retreat?" ~Erwin McManus

Points to Ponder:

02:11 Quote for Today: "Starting & Keep Going"

02:52 Chapter 6: ADVANCE, "Go Unless You Get A No"

03:09 Erwin McManus

04:01 The Crazy High Dive

05:47 What Assignment Does God Have On Your Life?

06:32 He Had To Jump The High Board

07:04 Life Is Full Of High Boards

07:49 Will You Advance Or Retreat?

08:20 Make Choices Every Single Day

09:04 The Church in L.A.

10:06 Make A Pivot

11:05 Things You Are Called To Do

12:30 "Don't Blame, Shame, or Justify"

Full Episode Transcript:

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Keto Mom page. My name is Stephanie, actually, I should call myself marshmallow today. I have many layers on because it's very cold and you might ask, "Why aren't you heating your house?". We are, but I'm still cold. Our friends make fun of me because I will wear multiple layers of clothes, even in the summer, I probably wear a sweatshirt ninety percent of the time. So in the winter, even with fire and heat on, I am cold. I wear so many sweatshirts all at the same time. I'm in Minnesota, where are you tuning in from?

Welcome to Day 13 of our Book 8 session

We are going to dive into our mindset mornings. We're reading a book together and here's the book, "Chasing Daylight" by Erwin McManus. We'll probably be done with this book next week, and then I'll just talk about some different things until December. We're going to go through the next book, "The Five-second Rule" by Mel Robbins... So if you want to grab that book that's awesome, or if you just want to tune in here every single morning to get your mindset on track, that's awesome too. I hope your morning is going well. We thought today was supposed to be nice so I put the dogs out, but it is windy and very brisk. So I was like, "I need another sweatshirt on". I have another layer on, lots and lots...

Alright! I have a fun little quote for you this morning. I grabbed it out of my "Crush your goals" quotes box. And it kind of lines up with what I'm going to talk about right today.
It says "The only way to get something done is to start to do it"...

You have to start! It's going to line up with exactly what I'm going to tell you... "Then keep on doing it, keep on doing it. And finally, you'll finish it!". It doesn't say win, you got to keep on going no matter what. So that is the thought for today, "Starting and you have to keep going"... That is sometimes hard, like yesterday we talked about the middle. Not wishing the middle away, not having the super exciting beginning or the happily ever after, but enjoying the middle. Making memorable moments in the middle. A lot of you are probably in the middle of whatever you're going after. Don't get bored, don't quit. If you get bored, don't quit. The only way you fail is if you quit, so don't quit. All right! We just ended chapter five, and he shared a couple of basic stories to end the chapter...

Chapter 6: ADVANCE, "Go Unless You Get A No"
I'm now going to start on chapter six. It's called "Advance", and it says "Go unless you get a no". We are on page one hundred fifty-four (p.154), and I'm going to read one paragraph to you out of the five pages. The author's name is Erwin McManus, and he's a pastor in LA.

I actually really enjoy his podcasts, so if you are a podcast listener, I have the podcast app and I listen to many podcasts. A lot of you asked, what do I listen to? I listen to books on audible, I read books, I listen to podcasts. If you have a really great podcast that you listen to, I'd love for you to post below. The podcast that I usually listened to, they're all pastors. Some of you were asking for some keto podcast, but I don't really listen to anybody, just some really incredible pastors around the world. If you want that, I can send you some pictures and if you don't, it's all right...

Okay! He shared a story of when he was young, I think he grew up in Miami. He said everybody has to learn to swim, and he was at a pool one day as a young boy. All the kids were going up to this crazy high dive, and finally, he didn't want to be the only person not doing it. So he climbs up to the high dive, he gets to the end of the diving board, looks down, and realized it was too high. He said, "Nope! Not going to do it"...

Basically, it's just like anything in your life. Everybody's doing it, so you're like "I want to do it", "That's what I have to do to make the change", "I've got to get the gym membership", or whatever it is... It's not even about your health, and I want you to know that this page, while it helps you on your keto low carb health journey, my intent is to help you think outside of that. It's all about your life and your health. Your life is a reflection of so many different things and not just the food that you eat. You might be working on your health, but you also have another big call on your life. You've got something that's only for you, something that's so important. It's an assignment for you to do. You might be here because you don't feel worthy, or you don't feel like you can do it.

What Assignment Does God Have On Your Life?
It might just revolve around making some different choices and changing your habits, but I bet many of you have something so deep inside that you feel called to do. Like you feel you're meant to do this, and for whatever reason, you haven't taken that step.

I need you to know that I will coach you on health and fitness all day. I love to encourage people to go after what they are called to do, and what is deep down inside of them. What is the assignment that God has on your life? You might say, "But the way I look or appear, I feel is holding me back". So let's fix that! We can fix that with a couple of little tweaks of some habits and changes of how you look at food, the things that you eat, and the lack of exercise.

All of those things can be changed, and you will feel more confident to go after whatever it is that you want to do.

I hope that makes sense... I love what he said this morning, he said that he wanted to go off the high dive board. He looked down and he goes, "I don't want to go off the high board. No way!". So he turned around and walked back to the end of the platform, but there were two problems. Number one, there were kids all up the ladder waiting for him to go, so he couldn't get down. Number two, his big brother, who said "You will not come back this way". So he had no choice but to take the high dive, he had to do it. And then he said it was fun, it was exhilarating, and he was glad he did it... Oftentimes you don't want to take that scary step, but when you do, you're happy that you did.

Make A Choice, Will You Advance Or Retreat?

So he said, "Life is full of high boards, the place that we stand where we realize that the altitude is higher than we expected. In a place where there is no neutral, we either go forward or we go backward. Many times this becomes the dividing line, the line that separates those who see their divine opportunity and those who seize their divine opportunity. At this stage of the game, you're close enough to taste it. You've made significant decisions to live out your divine adventure. But now you have to make a choice, will you advance or will you retreat?"...

And that was the chunk I wanted to read to you. Some of you are on a line, sometimes people say "You're on a fence post, you've got to get off one way because it hurts to sit on a fence post, so get off!". Which way are you going? Are you going to advance, or retreat? Are you going to watch everybody else, or seize your moment? Are you going to seize your opportunity? Nobody can do it for you, only you can do it. You have to make choices every single day, and I'm not talking just about food.

I know there's some of you here who feel like, "Yes, I know I need to make a change", "I need to take that next step", "I need to make the phone call", "Go meet with that mentor", or "Write the book or do a podcast"... I'm actually just preaching to myself because there are things that I've been wanting and longing to do.

I make little advances, I stop and make some more advances. I write down some ideas, but I don't actually seize it but I see it... So what is it that you need to dive off into? He also told stories about his church in L.A. but they wanted to plant a church north. And so he shared about how they didn't have the building. But they asked for the volunteers, so they had the people, they had the band, and they had everything. It had gotten to two weeks prior to the launch date, but they still didn't have a location. He said sometimes you don't have all the answers, and you don't have everything lined up perfectly. But you know what you're supposed to do, so take the next step and make that decision. It's every day, it's your everyday life like today. You're going to come up with so many decisions and choices you have to take and make.

We Need to Make Choices Every Single Day

Choices like "Yes", "No, this is my best", "Yes, this is my best", "No, that's not serving me", "I'm going to choose this", "It's a little bit harder, I'd rather choose that but this is serving me right now"...You make choices every day, and if whatever you're doing isn't serving you, or it's not helping you meet your goals, then you're going to have to make a pivot.

You're going to have to realize that this isn't working. Like you love the coffee there, but you don't love the donuts. And you know that if you walk in there, you will smell the doughnut, grab the donut, and don't get the coffee.

It's a pivot, right?. Things like if you always hit your alarm clock, you need to keep your phone out of your room. It has to go in the bathroom, so it's super loud. You need to make the pivot so that when you hear the alarm clock, it drives you crazy you have to get out of bed to hit the snooze. So now that you're up, might as well work out. Or you go to the office, but there's always food in the employee lounge. You didn't pack your lunch, so you're just going to fast today. But then you smell the food and say "No, I'll fast tomorrow". You eat the food that's there because you didn't plan and make the food that you should have brought to work. You would have been set up for success, but now you have to eat. You're not going to fast because you're hungry... You have to make choices every single day, whether it's about food or whatever the case may be. Only you know the things that you are called to do. What is it? I know what mine is, I know the things that I have slacked on, and the things that I've said "No" to. The things that I've put on the shelf because it's too hard, I don't know what the end looks like, or I don't have all of the details so I don't do it...

We always say, "Don't Blame, Shame, or Justify"

Pastor Erwin McManus said he did all the things that he knew to do. He was like, "Okay, who wants to volunteer?", "Who wants to do this?", "Who wants to be on this board?", "Who wants to do this?". He said, he just needed to trust and have faith that the other things will come as he needed them. Two weeks prior to the launch date, the building came and everything else is lined up. He was worried that they didn't have a building, but he knew what he was supposed to do. So he took the next step and the next step, and then things just came when he needed them...

I don't know who needed to hear that, it's just totally random, but I thought it was really great. Will you advance, or retreat? If all you're thinking about right now is your health and fitness, will you advance or retreat? There's no such thing as perfect. If you messed up yesterday, you have today. If you messed up today, then you have tomorrow. If you make a choice that doesn't serve you in the day, it doesn't mean your whole day is ruined. Keep going, don't make an excuse, and don't blame other people.

We say, "Don't blame, shame, or justify". Don't blame other people or your past. Don't shame other people, or yourself and don't justify it. Just keep moving forward. You should go, "I shouldn't have done that, I'll make a better decision for lunch or dinner", "I'll make a note on my phone, I need to plan my meals", or "I need to go to the gym". Whatever the case may be, so that was totally random. But I hope that you got something out of it. Whatever it is, I hope you go after it. I hope you advance and you don't retreat. This is the book we're going through, "Chasing Daylight". I will continue to go through this book, or wrap it up in the next few days or so. I hope you have an incredible day, I'm always here to help. Continue to tune in to the page for keto tips and tricks. And as always, I appreciate you. Your presence matters. I do love it when you hop on because it encourages me as well. I hope you have an incredible day and we'll talk to you soon.

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