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CHASING DAYLIGHT (Chapter 3): Uncertainties in Our Lives | Keto Mom Book Club

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Keto Mom Here!

       "If we are going to seize divine moments, we must accept the reality that we have no control over many things. We have no control over when we die, and how we die. We must instead take responsibility for what we do have control over, and that is how we choose to live. If we had waited for everything to fall into place before we initiated, we would have never gone". ~Erwin McManus

Points to Ponder:

01:24 Chapter Three: Uncertainty

02:46 Are You Choosing To Live with Purpose?

04:09 Money Doesn't Depict Our Choices

05:08 Just Start Something, Take Action

06:31 Take That Faith Step

07:12 Take Responsibility For What Can Control

07:43 You Can Say NO

08:56 You Don't Have To Make A Scene

09:25 You Are In Control

Full Episode Transcript:

Good morning! Welcome to the Keto Mom page. My name is Stephanie, and we are diving into our book club. The book is called, "Chasing Daylight" by Erwin McManus. So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? Ignore my stuffiness, I'm not sick. I just sound very stuffy, but I feel great. If you're concerned, I think it's from a specific type of wood that's in our fireplace, but all is good... Okay! What are you thankful for, and how was your morning? We are diving into chapter three. It has a lot of stories, I'm not going to read it all to you. But there are two sentences that I underlined, and I thought it would be good. I hope you're enjoying the book. If you don't have the book, and you're just tuning in, I hope you're enjoying the live videos.

Welcome to Day 7 of our Book 8 session
I hope you're taking something out of it, to be able to help you with your own mindset or your journey. My hope is to help you just be better, whatever your better is, and whatever it is that you're looking for... So chapter three is called "Uncertainty"... He tells a ton of stories, and he basically just talks about, "You don't know, what you don't know".

There's a lot of uncertainty in our life. I think we all could agree that we don't know what's going to happen today. We don't know what's going to happen tomorrow. Sometimes people don't start a journey because they don't know the outcome. They easily get frustrated if they don't see the results they're wanting, in a specific time. It's just uncertainty, how people have lack of faith, and not wanting to put the consistent hard work into it. So he talked a lot about taking hold of moments, making choices, and having faith. The book is great and he said,

"If we are going to seize divine moments, we must accept the reality that we have no control over many things. We have no control over when we die, and how we die. We must instead take responsibility for what we do have control over, and that is how we choose to live"...

And I thought it's good. Not that you're thinking "How will I die right now?", but he talked about the power of "Are you choosing to live?". Are you choosing to live with purpose? Which means you are in control of most things, like the choices that you make. If you get up or you sleep in, if you make good choices with your food, how you talk to other people, or the places that you go. Are you living a life that's worth living? Or are you letting the world define who you are? Are you letting the world depict your actions and you're just sitting back, letting life happen to you?... And so he said, "We must instead take responsibility for what we can control and how we choose to live"...

Just Try to do something, even if you don't know how it ends

How are you choosing to live? Let me see if I can relate this to you in the environment that we're in. He was teaching a class at a college and one of the girls said, "I wanted to go plant a church in this country, but it wasn't what I was called to do". And Erwin McManus said, "Wait? How do you know that you weren't called to do that?". She responded, "Well, the money never came in". And answered, "Who told you money depicts everything?". And the she goes, "My parents and my pastor". Then he said, "Listen, money doesn't depict the choices that we should make"...

He really was just saying, sometimes we have to step out in faith and do things. Even if we are uncertain, and we don't know how it's going to end. Even if all of the finances haven't come in...

This was what he said and I thought it was great. I'm saying this because I want you to know that oftentimes, a lot of you might be sitting back and waiting for the perfect time or the perfect circumstances. Waiting for the perfect foods, or the perfect environment, just to get started on your journey to get healthier. Like "Oh, there's holidays around the corner, so I have to wait till January". "Oh, nope. I can't start today, I've got a birthday party this weekend". "I'm not going to not eat cake. How dare you?", "I'm going on a date, I want to enjoy myself can't start now"...

You should just start. That message is woven in this entire book. "Just start something", do something, take action, and take initiative. Don't mess up good for perfect, but take action on what you're wanting. Live your life, don't let your life or other people overrun you.
Don't wait for the perfect time, there is no such thing
Alright! Here's the last thing I underlined. "If we had waited for everything to fall into place before we initiated, we would have never gone"... He's saying don't wait for a perfect timing, you need to take action. Most people just sit back, wait, and pray. I'm not saying that that's bad, but there comes a point where you need to just step out.

Say "I'm going to get stronger", "I'm going to get healthier", and "I'm going to take take control of my health". If you're reading this book, then it might be changing your life in other areas, like physical, spiritual, emotional, relationships or finances. You might feel like, "I need to do something different", "I need to have conversations", "I need to save", "I need to go reach out", "I need to go date my spouse", "I need to be kinder to my children", "I need to know who my children are"... What is it that you need to do? It's taking the action that's going to step you into that next phase. But you've got to take the step, you've got to go take that faith step. Even if you don't know how it's going to turn out, because you know you need to do it.

All right! He said "We all want miracles, and then spend our lives avoiding the context in which miracles can happen"...
Always remember that you can say No, you are in control

You need to take the action. I actually was reading chapter three. I've read all of the stories all the way up to page 72. If you're following along, it's a lot of stories, and I'm not going to read them to you. But I hope I gave you a little nugget to think about. I think the biggest thing for me was "We must take responsibility for what we have control over and we must choose to live"...

So if all we're talking about is food, I know a lot of you here has that focus. You have control over every single thing that you put in your mouth. You might say "No I don't, not at the birthday party". Yes, you do! You can bring a salad, you can eat before you go to the patry. You can take the buns off the burger, you can choose not to have the dessert.

You can actually say "No". Did you know that? You have a decision, and you have a choice. If it's just merely you, and the decision, then you can choose not to do something because you are on a journey to better.

It's not like you're hurting anybody's feelings. We just had a birthday party for my sister, and I did not eat the dessert. I didn't eat anything. I didn't even say anything, I didn't walk up to the cake line where there was a whole aisle of cake. I mean it was late, I wasn't hungry, and I knew I would feel like garbage if I ate it.

So I didn't draw any attention to me, I didn't say I wish there was a Keto option. I just simply engaged in conversation, didn't take any cake, and it was fine. I was fine.

I hope this gives you a tip for the upcoming holidays
I know that sounds silly, but for real. You don't have to make a scene. You don't have to dive into these holidays, and announce that you're on a diet.

You can just choose, because you're in control of the foods that you eat. You're in control if you work out, if you sleep in, or if you get up. If you go through the drive thru, or if you don't. If you drink water, or if you drink soda. If you eat a snack in the candy jar, or if you throw that candy drawer out the window. You are in control. So I hope that gives you some type of little tip today, and maybe helps you think.

This is the book we're reading, it's called "Chasing Daylight" by Erwin McManus. We'll continue to read on tomorrow. We have some people come in for the weekend, and it's going to be great. Our company is doing a virtual event, so I got a handful of people coming to do it with me. Otherwise, thanks for tuning in. I hope you guys have an incredible day. You can always reach out, ask questions, I'm here to help. Continue to tune in, I do live video in the afternoon too. I never know what time it is, I wish I could say it was at two o'clock, but it just depends on how our day is going to be. I hope you have a great day, I appreciate you all and we'll talk to you soon.

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