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CHASING DAYLIGHT (Chapter 1): Choose to Live | Keto Mom Book Club

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Keto Mom here!

We are going to discuss pages 1- 12 today.

       "Somehow, we all know that to play it safe is to lose the game. But by definition, an adventure is an undertaking or enterprise of a hazardous nature. In other words, it comes at great risk and a significant cost. And life as God intended for you to live is nothing less than an adventure" ~Erwin McManus

Points to Ponder:

03:11 Ketones are Brain Fuel

03:51 Work On Your Mindset

04:24 Change Your Habits

04:35 Choose to Live (first 5 chapters)

04:42 Erwin McManus

05:31 You Were Intended

06:12 "I Get To" Not "I Have To"c

06:29 A Happy Heart Is A Healthy Heart

07:56 No Shortage of Education

09:03 Time Waits For Nobody

10:30 You All Have A Purpose

11:08 The Choices You Make Lead You To Your Destination

Full Episode Transcript:

Good morning everybody! Welcome to the Keto Mom page. I was supposed to start this yesterday, but I didn't calculate my week very well. So here's where I'm at, we are somewhere between Dallas and McKinney. I don't think I'm actually in Dallas, but here's where we're staying for a while. It's gorgeous, the house is gorgeous. And so I want to hop on here real quick and go over the first five chapters of the book. As you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? I do want to apologize that I did not calculate right. So we were going to fly down here to meet with our CEO, and we were just having some business conversations. I feel like I need to move somewhere else, it's kind of loud right here.

Welcome to Day 1 of our Book 8 session

Alright! So anyway, we were going to fly down here real quick, have a business conversation, do some business things. And then what happened was our group, we have some friends in Oklahoma because we used to live in Oklahoma, we decided to come down here and make a trip out of it. So I did not calculate my week... I just have to figure out the internet and make sure it works. Here's what I want to do, I went through the first five pages of this book, it's called "Chasing Daylight" by Erwin McManus. I would love to share it with you, and we can chat about it. If you have the book, awesome! All right! We're going to chat, so where are you tuning in from? How was your morning? It is a beautiful morning here in Texas. If you can hear the waterfalls, it's gorgeous...

So here's the book we're going through every single morning. My hope is to come on earlier in the morning, but we stayed up really late. We have gone through different books since last spring, and my hope is to help you with your mindset. My hope is to help you understand that your mindset is super important on your health journey.

I was chatting with a really wise lady here yesterday, her name is Lisa. And she said something, I'm going to have to make it a quote and just type it out. We were talking about the health and fitness industry, and so she's like "The health and fitness industry as a whole doesn't want people to succeed"... A lot of people think that I drink ketones because it's a fat loss or a weight loss product but it's not. Ketones are brain fuel, and the reason that the keto diet, lifestyle, or the low carb lifestyle works, is because you're getting rid of something that your body is intended to.

The health and fitness industry as a whole doesn't want people to succeed
People want you to eat, you crave things, you eat more, then you go back, get another pill, get another shake, blah, blah, blah... I say all of that because the true change in your health and fitness, in the way that you feel your body, and in your fat loss, will happen when you have the desire for it to happen.

But also you change the habit, you change the routine, you change something and you work on your mindset. If you don't have your mindset right, then it's going to be easy to act out of emotions, eat out of emotions, and eat out of habits. Because you didn't change your habits to eat, you're bored or whatever the case may be, and then you use food as a reward. But if you can understand how your body is feeling, take time to pay attention to what your body is saying, and how you're feeling, if you can think before you eat, you will make better choices. You will change your habits and therefore you will see the results that you want overtime...

So here's the book that we're reading, again it's called "Chasing Daylight". And it just so happens the first five chapters are about choices, it says "Choose to Live"... I'm not going to read the entire thing, but it's basically Erwin McManus taking you through his life. He is a pastor of a church and it's called "Mosaic" in L.A., California. I underlined a couple of things, he said "Somehow we all know, that to play it safe is to lose the game"... He's talking about the game of life, about making choices. Are you going to go after things? Or are you just going to sit back and let life happen to you?. He said "Somehow we all know that to play it safe is to lose the game. But by definition, an adventure is an undertaking or enterprise of a hazardous nature. In other words, it comes at great risk and a significant cost. And life as God intended for you to live is nothing less than an adventure"...

The Choices we make will get us to our destination
You were intended to be healthy, to take care of your body, and to do great things. All of you here have a reason, a purpose, and a calling. It's the choices that we make every single day that will either get us to that or take us away from it.

And one thing very simply is, "Are we working on controlling our mindset?", "Am I getting up in the morning with ambition?"... I get to go to work, I get to love my babies or my kids, I get to work out, I get to choose better, or I get to eat healthily. It's "I get to" and not "I have to"... What am I thankful for? I'm thankful that I got to come on this trip with my husband. I'm thankful that we actually made a road trip out of it, dropped our kids off in Oklahoma with our friends, and we're going back there tomorrow. I'm thankful! What are you thankful for? A happy heart is a healthy heart. When you have a thankful happy mind, you're going to make better decisions.

He said "Somehow we all know that to play it safe is to lose the game, the game of life. Yes, you can choose to play it safe. You can choose to settle for less. But never forget, you were born to live a great adventure. You were created with a divine destiny, and you are called to fulfill a great mission. You were designed for a unique purpose. Now you are called to live it out"...

He talked about taking a moment, "If you could capture one moment of your life, which would it be? However mundane a moment may appear, the miraculous may wait to be unwrapped within it. What if there was a moment, a defining moment where the choice you made determines the course and the momentum of your future? How would you treat that moment? How would you prepare for it? And how would you identify it?"...

There is No Shortage of Education

There are moments every day. There are little moments like, "Do I eat the doughnut, or do I not?", "Do I work out, or do I not?"... There are different defining moments in your life that will ultimately set the course of your life choices.

I tell people there is no shortage of education anywhere. If you want to know how to do something, all you have to do is Google it, YouTube it, or even TikTok it. You can figure out how to change a part in an engine, or even figure out how to put on new gutters.

I'm saying random things like, "If I had to, I could go replace this toilet"... I want to eat healthily, I want to work out, I want to get my mindset right. There's no shortage of education out there, we just have to do the action and want to do it. Little choices, every single day you make thousands of them. Good or bad, One percent (1%) better or one percent (1%) worse. And ultimately those choices are going to get you to your destination. It just depends on what you choose.

So that's what we were chatting about, he said "When a moment is missed, you have a glimpse of an opportunity lost. Moments move in timely manners and Time waits for nobody"...

Moments move in timely manners, you've got certain times that you get to choose. And if it's gone, sometimes it's gone and you never get it back. He said, "The Jonathan effect factor, is the explicit results that occur when we step into a divine moment and unleash its full potential. How we view God, dramatically affects who we become". Then he talked about little factors like Adam's, and moving towards your destination, catapulting yourself into the divine calling that you have.

The quest is to live the life God created you to experience.
So this is the last thing I underlined, he said "God calls us to give our lives for something greater than ourselves. The path is thick, with mystery, danger, and the unknown. The quest is to live the life God created you to experience. The journey begins right now at this moment. And whatever you do, don't underestimate what you may find"...

So I would say it's pretty deep. We're going to pick back up on page twelve (12). Here's what I want you to know, you might say "We're supposed to be talking about food". Yep, we do that all the time. You want a recipe, scroll through the page. If you want to see a Keto tip, I missed it yesterday but most of the time I'm here in the afternoons doing a live video on Keto tips. You all have a purpose, you all have a calling. You all have people that look to you, you all inspire, and you don't even know it.

You don't even know who's watching you, so don't underestimate yourself. Don't underestimate your health. Don't think that everybody else is more important. Don't put yourself last. I'm not saying be selfish and not take care of your family and your kids. Like "I have to take care of myself"... I'm not saying it like that, what I'm saying is, it is important to work on your mindset. It is important to know that your health is important, and your life is important. You are valuable, and the choices that you make are important.

Every single day, they lead you to your destination, good or bad, right or wrong. And if you just control the way that you react versus respond, we talked about E.Q. and having a high level of emotional control. Instead of reacting to things every single day, choosing wrong, and reacting, if you can just take a step back.

You are valuable, and the choices that you make are important.
I actually have the book that we're going to read next after "Chasing Daylight", it's called "The Five-Second Rule" by Mel Robbins. We're going to read the book, we're going to use it for what it's intended.

But I've also taken her concept and reversed it. It's an incredible book, I don't know why I didn't think about that one before... So anyway, with that, I hope you enjoyed the book with me. Continue to tune in, in the mornings. I hope I can find the internet for the rest of these couple of days while we're in Oklahoma. But we're still going to go through with it, we're on page twelve (12). If you want to, just tune in here, I appreciate you. Know that you are valuable, and I'm always here to help. You can send me messages with any questions that you have. Otherwise, I hope you guys have an incredible morning and we'll talk to you soon

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