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RAIN or SHINE (Day 7): There's a Good, Better and Best Option | Keto Mom Book Club

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Keto Mom here!

I just want to say that this page is meant for no judgment, come as you are and learn as you go. Not everybody is super strict Keto, we've got some people that are lazy Keto or low carb or strict Keto... and however you choose to do this lifestyle is up to you. Everybody's different, and everybody's bodies react differently to certain foods. So my hope is that, the page inspires you to just take action, or to try new things

Points to Ponder:

01:28 Everybody's Different

01:52 There's no one size fits all

02:27 Bread, buns and biscuits

03:02 Better options

04:58 The choice is yours

06:27 Collaboration is currency

06:52 Thinking positively

07:23 Alarm clocks

08:06 Having a dial

08:18 "Reticular Activating System"

09:56 What you look for, you're going to find

10:17 Where you came from

11:36 The power of remembering

13:46 Post it reminders

14:07 Take Action

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Keto Mom page, my name is Stephanie, and we're going to talk about two things... Lunch, what are you having for lunch? I got up early this morning, I worked out, but I feel like I'm just now coming up to take a breath. Which means I'm going to talk to you, so we're going to go over "Rain or Shine". So a couple things, where are you tuning in from and what are you having for lunch. The reason I ask is because, oftentimes people love to know what everybody else is eating for lunch to give them ideas of next time when they have lunch. So what are you having, did you intermittent fast this morning and are you just eating... Or did you have breakfast? However you choose to intermittent fast or have breakfast, that's up to you. So I love to say this, oftentimes people will go... "I feel like my coworkers, my friends or my family just judge me on what I do. I feel like some people say I should intermittent fast. Other people tell me, it's not great for me, some people get mad because I am eating healthier".

Welcome to day 7 of our book session
And I just want to say that this page is meant for a no judgment, come as you are and learn as you go. Not everybody is super strict Keto, we've got some people that are lazy Keto or low carb or strict Keto... and however you choose to do this lifestyle is up to you. Everybody's different, and everybody's bodies react differently to certain foods. So my hope is that, the page inspires you to just take action, or to try new things...

"You know what, I can say yes to this", "Oh, I can make some better swaps", "I can take the buns off my burgers, my burger tastes better that way"... So there's no one size fits all, and I want you to know that we are simply here to give you tips and tricks and tools to help you on your journey. Some are going to work for you and some may not, and that's okay. For example, on my story today, I shared that I was making the girls some grilled cheese with the Keto bread from Costco... "Is the Keto bread from Costco, Keto?", some would say yes, and some would say no.

Here's what I'll tell you about bread, buns and biscuits... I used to love them, when my husband started this diet eight or nine years ago, I could not fathom giving up garlic bread. And it's not that I always give it up, but for the most part I was like "There's no way I cannot eat bread, there's no way. You want me to not eat pasta, I live on lasagna, and pizza"...

And I remember slowly incorporating different, better options and trying new things. I was open to the suggestion that I could have a burger without a bun, that I could have the meat and cheese and veggies, lettuce wraps and all those things without the bread.
I never imagined living without bread

And as I've grown, as I've learned... It tastes so much better without the bread. I can't even imagine eating a burger without the bun, what a waste of space. I say all that because I just had a couple bites of the grilled cheese and I was like, even if it's Keto bread, I feel like it just takes up space. I feel like food tastes better without the bread, it's just a holder. So we did have a Keto bread grilled cheese, the Costco bread I think is fine. The kids liked it, some of you might be going, "But there's still a little bit gluten in there". So it's not a perfectly strict Keto, somebody who's doing under twenty grams of carbs macro, but it fits within the parameter of a low carb lifestyle.

Does this make sense? Is it the best option on a Keto diet? If you're doing strict Keto, probably not... Is it a better option on a Western diet, who's really truly trying hard to make better choices? then 100%. So on this journey, you should be thinking to yourself "There's a good, better and best option". And in the moment that I'm at home, at a restaurant, at the office, at a birthday party, at an outing with my employees or whatever the case may be...

Wherever you're at in the moment, your mind should be saying, "Here's where I'm at, what is the best option for me to eat?". So whether you're ordering your food, to have protein and veggies or salads, you're having the dressing on the side, always ordering water instead of soda or you're at the party and you're choosing more salad than sandwich, the choice is yours. You can take and remove things wherever you go, you just have to do it.

So I want to know, what are you having for lunch? We had a grilled cheese, I probably had a third of it and I didn't love it. I'm not super hungry, so I didn't finish it. It wasn't terrible, it was fine, but I seriously don't miss bread because food tastes better without it. So I see a lot of people joining and not a lot of people participating. What are you having for lunch? It gives other people ideas. I would have loved to have a juicy burger with an egg and bacon and peanut butter on it. Yes, I said peanut butter. Our grill has been going nonstop for dinners, because that's just what we do in Minnesota when there's no snow. You've got about this much time in the year to grill before the snow comes, anybody else live in the north?

Share what you're having for lunch

Let me tell you, we love to grill. Big Macs salad, that's good, I love that meatballs. But have you guys ever tried peanut butter on your burger? It's incredible, I take a big old fat burger that is nice and juicy off the grill, I take some natural peanut butter, and just cover the top of that. I usually want cheese on my burger... so I'll do burger cheese, I'll put a little bit of peanut butter on top, then I'll put an over easy egg on top and then bacon, and if I have avocado. Oh my goodness, it is amazing. If you've never tried it, try it next time and let me know what you think. So I love that you're participating...

Collaboration is currency, meaning I want to know what you're doing, this isn't just about me and my family.

So real quick, this is the book ("Rain or Shine" by Scott Alexander) that we have been going through for this month of May. And what we are doing is simply just going through three chapters a day to help inspire you to read. Because if you followed me at any point in time, we talk about the power of our mind, and when we are thinking positively, when we are feeling good about ourselves, we're going to say positive words. We're going to make better choices because it starts right here (in your mind). So all I'll tell you is this, we're on chapter nineteen, twenty and twenty one. Alright, so chapter nineteen, he just talks about an adventure...

Alarm clocks will help you manage time

Alarm clock to go talk to you, if you do not use alarm clocks to remind yourself to drink water, to go work out, to do your LIVE, to whatever it is. Even to little alarm clocks that go "Hey are you hungry?", maybe eleven o'clock or eleven thirty, right before lunchtime, "Are you hungry?". If you're not hungry, maybe wait till you're hungry. I use alarm clocks all the time, just so I don't forget... Okay, so we're going through chapters nineteen, twenty and twenty one. If you're reading the book, what are you loving about the book, how is it helping shift your mindset to think more positively, to help you make better choices in your life.

Chapter nineteen, talks about "You will find whatever you set your belief dial to"... He talks about having a dial, he just talks about, you will find whatever you're looking for.

Have you guys ever heard of RAS? R.A.S? Like your R.A.S is activated, it's your "Reticular Activating System". Have you ever bought in a vehicle, we bought a Pacifica, like a minivan. And I didn't know anybody that had a Pacifica, specially gold one, with straight black tires. I love a minivan, we have a Tesla, I don't drive the Tesla because I love my minivan. But what happens when you buy something that you think nobody else has? Your R.A.S is activated and your "Reticular Activating System all of a sudden goes "Oh my goodness! You have a mini van? All of my friends have minivans". Although somehow I did not notice they all had a Pacifica just like mine, we all have them. We all have matching vans, so when we're all together, it's a whole line of Pacifica minivans. All of us, all the same one, just a couple different colors.

But what's so interesting is you've got something called your Reticular Activating System, and what you look for you're going to find. What you set your mind on getting, purchasing or buying, all of a sudden you're going to start noticing everybody else having the same thing.
"What you look for, you're going to find".

If you start looking for excuses of why not to do something, you're going to find those excuses. So if you're looking for an excuse, if you're looking for a way out, if you're looking for whatever it is, you're going to find it. And your R.A.S., your Reticular Activating System is going to help you find it. So that's what he talked about in chapter nineteen "What you look for, you're going to find". Are you looking for things that are positive or negative, are your words speaking positive or negative. You will get what you look for and what you speak about, good or bad. Okay,

Chapter twenty, he talks about just going through life... "Are you remembering where you came from?"

We have something called a remember wall, I'm going to tell you about it in a second. But he just talks about to not forget about the disciplines in life... Like are you remembering how you felt last week when you made all these amazing choices. I think the biggest thing when somebody is doing a lifestyle or a diet change, is they go really great for a certain period of time, then they slip up, then you feel like garbage and then you have to keep going. But what if you had a piece of paper on your fridge that every time you felt so great, after you ate a meal, or you worked out, you wrote on that little piece of paper, on Thursday, May 13... "I felt incredible after my workout", "Oh, my goodness, I feel so great". Always, "Hey, Stephanie, good job", "Oh, my goodness, I ate this for lunch, I felt amazing"... I remember a journal, something that you can go back and look at.

Because oftentimes, we forget over the course of our journey, how great we felt. And then when you make slip ups, or when you kind of spiral out of control, this is what I hear often "Oh, if I remember feeling so great, I'm pretty sure I felt great". But what happens if you could keep that, and remember how you felt in front of you at all times. He just talks about the power of remembering... Because if you can go back to last week, you did great last week, but this week you spiraled out of control. What happens if you could go back to your journal and remember how you felt all week, would it make you take the extra effort to keep going.

It helps to remember how you felt
We have a remember wall in our home, on our door, of all of the things that happen throughout every month. Of the good, the blessings, we call them the blessings in our family. So when we are blessed, or we are able to bless others so that we don't forget...

If you understand the Bible, we talk about "Wandering", there's a story about wandering in the wilderness for 40 days. What we like to do in our family is, I don't want to forget the things in the past that we have been able to bless other people with or that we have been blessed with.

So that when we have a bad day or working through a challenge, or not seeing the light at the end of this tunnel, I can go back to that remember wall and go "No, there are blessings here and here and everywhere, God is good. And yes, we're going to go after this, it is a challenge but we're going to keep going". We use that in our whole life as a family, but you could use the same concept in your lifestyle, in your journal, in your health and in your fitness. If you need to remember how you felt in the past to keep going, it's just simply journaling how you feel every single day, so you don't forget.

So that was chapter twenty , and then chapter twenty one, he talks about "Why spend your life doing something that is not inspiring to you".... A majority of the book is really finding out why you are here. Why are you working on feeling better?

What is your "WHY"

I'm going to ask you that a lot because people go "Oh, I'm going to get to that. Yep, Stephanie asked me question I'm going to get to that". And then all of a sudden you shut off this LIVE and you go about your day and you never come back to it. For those of you who I told you last week to put something on your fridge that says "Am I hungry?" Did you make the post it notes and put something on your fridge to remind yourself to ask yourself "Am I hungry or Am I bored?", "Am I hungry or am I emotional"... All of these little tips or tricks, things that you learn from other people, whether they're books or podcasts or LIVE, this is the key to anything in life. Taking action on what you've learned, and if you've not done it, then for the next five minutes when you're done watching me, go take action on something that you know you need to do.

That's going to change your life... "Don't resign yourself to a life of just getting by". Basically he just went through and he said enjoy your life, enjoy your journey. Remember how you're feeling right now, journal your journey so you can go back when you have a bad day and celebrate. So I think the book is great, it's a super easy read. I hope for those of you who are doing it with me, you're enjoying it. For those who want to join us in June, we are going to be doing the book called "Miracle Morning" by Hal Elrod. And then I'll go as soon as we're done, I talked about it in yesterday's video. I'll take a picture and post it on my stories today, and you can just go grab it from Amazon. I'm not going to be mailing these ones out, but "Miracle Morning" by Hal Elrod, is going to be incredible. It is a short read, I would highly recommend getting it and then we'll dive into another book in July. So June's book is "Miracle Morning" by Hal Elrod, otherwise thank you for tuning in. Again I would love to know what you're having for lunch and how is your day going... And that's it, I hope you have an incredible afternoon and we'll talk to you soon.

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