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RAIN or SHINE (Day 10): The Reboot | Keto Mom Book Club

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Keto Mom here!

What I love about a fast is that it helps you understand that you don't have to be controlled by food, you control your food. You can control your cravings, or eating out of habit or mindless eating. That's what I love about helping to reset your metabolism, rest and reset your body. You don't ever have to do one, but if you want to know more about it or if you just want help on your journey, I'd love to know what your goals are.

Points to Ponder:

02:08 Get your mindset right

02:42 Your words become action

02:55 Power of fueling your mind

03:46 You control your food

04:17 Intermittent fasting

05:20 Set a course and stick with it

07:08 Perspective is everything

07:51 Stop being a cow

08:25 Have Resolve

09:09 How successful are you determined

09:46 Define Success

12:35 Keep going

12:55 Motivation is temporary

Full Episode Transcript

Good morning! Welcome to the Keto Mom page, happy Monday. We are going to dive in and we are going to talk about "Rain or Shine" by Scott Alexander, which I did not do yesterday, but I hope you still read it. And the 24 hour fast or the 60 hour keto reboot, which a lot of you are doing right now. So, as you're tuning in, this is what we're diving into... My name is Stephanie, Welcome to the Keto Mom page and it is going to be a great week. So where are you tuning in from, and what is the weather outside like? Is it raining or is it Sunny? We live in Minnesota, and it is beautiful outside today, I'm super excited to get out. If you go look at my stories I just shared, we live on a lake, our house is built right over the lake. So right off of our deck today was tons of fish, so you have to go look at the stories, it's super cool.

It's going to be a great week, it's going to be a great week because I said it's going to be... Perspective.

So if you were watching, I did not do the live yesterday, but I'm going to briefly cover the three chapters that we were reading. It does not mean that I didn't read them, it just means we were outside playing all day. So what did you do this weekend, did you stay on track? How are you feeling, how is your journey going?... We are in the middle of May, some of you that live down south, it's swimsuit season early for you. My children think it is here, we do live in southern Minnesota, way south like an hour above Iowa. So we joke and we say we live in the south, southern Minnesota. It's the warmest where we are at in Minnesota, but for real my kids are ready to dive into the water. They have been a couple times, I think it's too cold.

Welcome to day 10 of our book session

So if you're brand new to the page, post "New" below... We have been going through this book almost all month. The point of going through a book together, whether you have it and you're reading it with me, or you're watching every single day just to take some little golden nuggets, is to get your mindset right. To help you understand that you can go after your goals and you can achieve it. To help you gain some thick skin and to help you achieve what you want. Because most of the time, I can tell you what to do, how to do it and what to eat. But if you don't think that you can do it, then you're going to get what you think.

So if you get up and your mindset is constantly negative, like "I have to", "I don't want to" and "woe is me"... then that's what you're going to get in your life.

Your thoughts become things your thoughts become words, your words become action. So if you don't have the right mindset going into this lifestyle, then you're probably going to quit and give up. My goal with a book is to help you understand the power of fueling your mind with something that can truly empower you.

Right now a lot of you are going to the 24 hour fast, so real quick, I'm doing the 60 hour Keto reboot. Something that we've been doing for the last few years, we have a reboot system which is 60 hours. It is legitimately resetting your metabolism. We also have a new 24 hour fast, whichever one you want to know more about, let me know. So if you want to know more about the fast, whichever one, just post fast in the comments. I will tell you more about the 60 hour Keto reboot that we are doing or I'll tell you more about a 24 hour fast. Whatever would work for you, if you want to get your mindset right.

What I love about a fast is that it helps you understand that you don't have to be controlled by food, you control your food. You can control your cravings, or eating out of habit or mindless eating.

That's what I love about helping to reset your metabolism, rest and reset your body. You don't ever have to do one, but if you want to know more about it or if you just want help on your journey, I'd love to know what your goals are. Private message me whenever you want, and we can chat about whatever goals that you have. I will help you, give you a foods list of where we started. I can help you understand intermittent fasting, or help you understand why I do a 24 hour or a 60 hour fast. So I'm doing the 60 hour right now, for those of you who are doing that, or the 24 make sure you're in the reboot group. We have a customer group but, if you're not in there, private message me and I'll get you in there. Send me a message if you need the link for the private group, because we do coaching in there for the next 60 hours. If you just want to know more, post 24 or post fast and then we'll chat.

Let's catch up on our discussion

Okay... Yesterday, you should have gone through chapters twenty eight, twenty nine and thirty. The basics of twenty eight is, he talks about making a wish. Oftentimes people wait for the magical time. Do you wait to see a shooting star before you make a wish or to go after things... So he just says "Don't wait, the time is now". Chapter twenty nine, he talks about

"The toughness in yourself is measured by your ability to continue on, whenever conditions are rough". So he talks about the power of "Can you set a course and stick with it?".

How many of you have quit after a couple weeks of this lifestyle, because it wasn't going fast enough? He said "When the rain comes and the winds blow, will you stay up on the deck and keep sailing on the ship, even when it's tough?"... Will you keep going when you're at the birthday party and you can smell the cake. Will you keep going when somebody's like "Oh stop it, you don't have to do that, join me", and then they want to shove it down in your mouth.

Can you set a goal and keep charging at it every single day..."When the jungle brush is so thick that you can no longer see the front of you, will you keep moving?". That is being tough, he talks about being a Rhino. He has another book called "Rhinoceros Success".

Then he just talks about keep feeling fascination. People often tell him he's got a super interesting life, so he just talks about his life. He just has really great quick stories, and if you're reading through it, I just think it's great. He talks about torpedoes, and then coming after you, about having thick skin, celebrating difficulties was chapter thirty two. He says, "You are trying to change the world"... So he talks about mindset... "Do you have to go to work, or do you get to go to work?", "Do you have to do something, do you get to eat healthy, do you get up in the morning with excitement about your life?". Are you excited or are you like woe is me...

Charge towards your goals like a Rhino

Perspective is everything, and it's going to change the course of any goal that you go after. If you have a positive mindset, which is depending upon on what you read and what you listen to. He says "Everything is not always going to go as planned, that's why you need to keep the attitude that you are a rhino charging through the jungle". I love that he gives the analogy, because sometimes me and my kids will sit around and if I asked them "Hey, can you take out the garbage?" or "Hey, let's go do this", we use that analogy in our home. Are you a Rhino or your Cow?

We're not going to be cows, not that cows are bad, but in the analogy of charging after things in your life, are you going to be lazy or are you going to get up and go do it. Stop being a cow, there are things that you want in your life and you've got to take charge. You've got to go after it with the mindset that "I get to do this, I will do this, I'm not going to quit"... The only way you fail is if you quit. So I thought it was super great. And then in chapter thirty three, he said "Do it or die trying...

Being motivated is a great start for achieving what you want in life. But at some point, it is going to take more than just being motivated, you are going to need to have resolve". He says "There's a difference between being motivated and having a resolve, which is a determined firmness of purpose". The best definition of resolve comes from his favorite motivational author, speaker Jim Rohn. "He describes a mountain climber who said that he would be seen waving from the top of a mountain or be seen dead on the side trying that his resolve". He will not quit on his goals period, he said

"You have to let yourself be free of every doubt every fear that may hold you back, in order to achieve what you want". "How successful are you determined, is determined by the definition of success"

What is your definition of Success

That's a super great question and that's something that we talk about with our kids a lot. You hear these young kids, I'm around a lot of youth or teens... "I want to be successful, I want to be successful in this diet or in my marriage or in my job". The word successful is not defined, it doesn't have an exact definition and it's pretty broad. So if you come to me and you're like "I want to be successful in this lifestyle, I want to be successful". I would challenge you to define what success means to you. That's what he's saying, everybody has a different definition of success.

What is your definition of success, in the area that you're going after right now. Most of you are here for fat loss, what is success to you in the area of fat loss... Is it a number, is it a way that you feel, or for you is it something that if I don't reach success in two weeks, I'm going to quit. That is a really great conversation just with our kids and technology, and what they're seeing versus what is real, comparison.

It's something that comes up in our home almost every single day, because there's so much fake, like "Oh, I'm just going to get rid of this little line", "I'm going to make it look and filter this", etc... I'll tell you guys something, a kind of not definition of success, but my daughter wants to be a speaker. She wants to inspire and motivate and speak life over her teens. She's a teen right now, she's thirteen, and we were sitting in an airplane sometime last year. It had to have been within these last couple months, and we were talking about comparison, going after your goals and dreams. And can you do it, and how do you keep going even when you're not perfect. And then all of a sudden, a girl right in front of her, had a picture of the vacation they went on, I think they were in Florida. She watched this girl take this beautiful picture of her with a sunset, and she watched this girl change the entire picture. She changed the way her body looked, she changed under her arms and the thinness of her frame. She watched her change the color of the background, and by the time the picture was done, it wasn't the real picture.

My daughter, she's thirteen and she's like "Mom, I'm so sick of people feeling like you can change whatever you want by adding a filter, that's not real"... Or you can get whatever you want in two weeks, that's not real. She's had to work through "How do I start motivating people", "I'm gonna have to read if I'm going to inspire young teens, I've got to go put in the work in order for me to learn how to speak".

And even when she has done her couple videos, they're not perfect. I'll say are you open to suggestions, and we'll talk about how she spoke and the things that she could do better. It's the same with your lifestyle or your diet, you can watch somebody on social media and you don't know what was changed, what was cut out, the colors that were added. You have to keep going and you've got to have the thickness of a rhino, you've got to have the fierceness, the focus and the determination. That is dependent upon how you see success, "Are you going to quit if you don't see it in two weeks or are you're going to keep going?". Do you want it bad enough because he said, "Motivation is temporary". You've got to have it within you, in order to keep going.

Let's drink Ketones and have a great day

So I hope you're having an incredible Monday, I feel quite happy and I feel great. I'm doing the 60 hours, I did not get to work out or I did not sleep very well last night at all. So I slept in an hour late, and I have not worked out. But I'm drinking my ketones, I'm going to be drinking my electrolytes and water all day long. Continue to tune in, I am here to help and my kids are doing their school so I need to go help them. But I am here to help you on your journey so smile, it's it's a part of life. I hope you guys have an incredible day, private message me with any questions that you have.

We are here to help, we meaning sometimes my husband hops on and chats, but usually me. I'm going to go drink my Ketones, homeschool my kids and enjoy the sun. Part of our school day is going to be cleaning up the garage, we call that practical life school. We all live in this home and we want people to enjoy it, so we're going to do some practical life school today and get our home in order. Starting with the garage and after Math and Reading. So I hope you guys have an incredible day.

We'll talk to you very soon, I appreciate you all, Bye everybody!

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