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Some good reads to get your mindset right - What are you grateful for | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

"I want you to get up every single morning and for the first 10 minutes as you're walking around your house, as you're making your coffee as you're making your Ketones as you're getting breakfast ready. As you're just getting ready, make sure you have a notebook by your bed, as you're walking around I want you to legitimately write down the things you're thankful for".

"The Noticer" by Andy Andrews

Points to Ponder

01:31 What are you thankful for

02:10 "The Noticer"

02:24 The power of people's mindset

03:36 The power of Self destruction

03:57 What people worry about

05:38 First thing in the morning

06:58 "Is it truth, is it trash?"

07:17 Choose the people around you

07:57 The list of books we read

08:09 "The Circle Maker"

08:51 "Think and Grow Rich"

09:09 Our kids are reading the same books

09:30 "Outwitting the devil"

10:29 "The Go Giver"

11:26 "The way of Life"

11:33 Words of encouragement

12:21 Don't worry of what others think of you

13:25 Steve's point of view

13:48 Getting better everyday

14:18 Focus on the next thing

15:32 You've got it, Be a better version

Full Episode Transcript

Good morning, how are you doing? Happy Monday or happy whatever day it is, as you tune in. My name is Stephanie, and Welcome to the Keto Mom page. We are going to talk about something that I just read in a book, but it has to do with self destruction. And you might be going, "Why in the world are you talking about that on your Keto page?".

So if you know me at all, if you've been here for any amount of time that you know that I talk about the value of reading, and your mindset. Because if this isn't right, then the rest of this probably is not going to get to where you want it to go. So as I was reading, I was like, "Oh my goodness, this is so good". Because in this book that I'm going to share with you, he talks about the path of self destruction.

"Write down the things you are grateful for"
And it has to do with your mind, and it has to do with why people don't make decisions or why people worry so much, or why they can't do something because they're so worried.

So I am also going to share with you I just grabbed a stack of books off of my shelf, because I keep getting questions about... "What are you reading, What books should I read, What books should my children read". If you saw the video last week, our daughter's got on and they shared with you a book that they were reading and what they learned. This is an incredible book, not reading from this this morning. But as you're tuning in, I want to know where are you tuning in from, and let's do something fun.

What are you thankful for today? Are you thankful? Did you get up? Did you get up this morning and the hustle bustle of life with a to do list already like running fast paced? Or did you take time to be grateful and thankful?

And so here's the book that I'm reading, so where are you tuning in from, what are you thankful for. I'm thankful for you, I'm tuning in from Minnesota it is very windy today. We live on a lake, and it looks crazy, it's crazy. But I'm thankful that the sun is out. So here's the book that I'm reading... Have any of you read this, it's called "The Noticer". It's a pretty easy read I'm about halfway through a little less, it's really good. But I wanted to share something that he talked about in this book today, and I wrote it out for you to see. But he talks about what happens and just the power of people's mindset, right? Hey! Rocky, Ranger... we have four dogs and four daughters, our house sometimes can be crazy. I've got one daughter who goes and takes one class at a private school up the street. So she's going to do that right now, I've got three that are sleeping, we homeschool. So our day starts whenever we want it to, we had a crazy weekend so they're sleeping until they get up. And then four dogs, which sometimes are crazy but anyways, that was a side note. Okay, so what are you thankful for? And the book that I'm reading, it's a super great book.

But I think people underestimate the power of mindset, right? And if you don't believe that you can do it, if you don't visibly see that you can do it, if you're not fueling your mind right... How in the world are you going to make those better decisions every single day?

How are you going to encourage yourself to go work out? How are you going to tell yourself I don't need the donut, I should choose a better option. How are you going to make those better decisions if your mindset isn't right. So I saw this book on my husband's shelf I grabbed it, it's been so great. But just this one chapter, he talked about the power of self destruction and how many people worry about things... (hold on, hey! Our dogs are so loud) How many people worry about things they truly can't control and he broke it down and I wanted to share it with you really quick, and I thought it was great.

He said forty percent (40%) of the things that people worry about, they will never happen (forty percent). Thirty percent (30%) of the things that people worry about have already happened in the past and they're still worrying about it, it's done it's over with. Twelve percent (12%) of people's worries have to do with their health. "Oh my toe hurts, is it cancer?", "Oh I have a scratch, do I need to go to the hospital?", "What if, What if, What if, What if. What if". What if the twelve percent (12%) of the health worries are the "What ifs". What if I have this... And it just consumes people, Ten percent (10%) of the worry are what other people think about you. Whether it's on social media, people at your office, family, ten percent (10%) is what people think about you. And Eight percent (8%), so if you add all of that up... Eight percent (8%) of what is going on in your mind whether it's worry or the reason you're not taking action, is legitimate concerns.

"Stop worrying so much"

But there are things that can be taken cared of. Here I wrote it out for you if you want to look at it, I thought it was super cool. So most of the things that are probably on your mind when you wake up in the morning, do not need to be there. You might be worrying or trying to figure things out, and it's something that happened in the past. Something that you're worried about, because somebody is thinking it about you, or something that you're making up in your mind, it's never going to happen. And eight percent (8%) is something that actually needs to be taken cared of. So in the book, the man was like, "How do I take care of it?" And he said,

"I want you to get up every single morning (and this is why I asked you what are you thankful for) and for the first 10 minutes as you're walking around your house, as you're making your coffee as you're making your Ketones as you're getting breakfast ready, as you're just getting ready, make sure you have a notebook by your bed". And he said, "As you're walking around I want you to legitimately write down the things you're thankful for".

Don't think about it don't just think, but he said write it down. Because if you dive into your day which I do often too, I flipped open my phone, I'm trying to fix people's problems, answering questions, teaching people how to eat. I mean your day can easily be started by other people's worries, or fears or questions, or concerns or judgment. But if you get up in the morning, my husband's really great at this, he says "Every morning before my feet hit the floor, I tell myself and I say what I'm thankful for".

This man would say write it down, carry the notebook around with you because it gets it in you. What are you thankful for? What are you thankful for? And are you reading to fuel your mind right? I now more than ever talk about this a lot, whether it's on my stories, or whether it's here. Our family really understands the power of mindset. "Is it truth, is it trash?" Are you really digging yourself a hole with self destruction, and things you're worrying about that don't need to be worried about? Or are you fueling your mind with truth, and reading good books and listening and watching and even the people that you're around? Did you know that you are like the five people you hang around with? So if you don't feel like you are where you want to be? Look at the people that you're around, it doesn't mean you've got to get rid of friendships.

But are you around people that are going to grow you, and do they inspire you, do they encourage you. If not, you need to find a coach, you need to find a mentor, you need to find a community that is going to grow you.

I hope coming here grows you. our hope is that we can inspire you and help you. But it's not just going to be here like "Who do you spend your time with?". So this book is great, if you're looking for a new book, I was going to also show you a couple more books. For those of you who've been asking, so this book my daughter read, she gave you guys a little speech the other day. It's awesome. This book I love, it's called "The Circle Maker". I love this book, and I will tell you something, one of my friends messaged me her name is Tisha the other day and she said, "You're always telling us to listen to things". And I'm like, "listen to a podcast, listen to a book", but I do love to own the books so that... maybe I didn't make time to read that day, but I can scroll through and I can just look at all the highlights and all the things that I've done that day and it might just reminded me of something.

"Choose what you fuel your mind with"

So I love to physically own the books as well, I have not read this book, my husband has read it and he thinks it's great, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad". There's a book I don't have on my shelf that's coming this week, and it's called "Think and Grow Rich". The author is Napoleon Hill, which I have the other book right here. Okay, you might go "Think and Grow Rich?", it's not what you think. It's incredible, our girls will be reading that book.

Some of you asked "What books are you having your kids read?". Our kids are reading, even at 13 years old, all of these books that we are reading. Because I want them to grow up with a positive mindset so they can take control of their situations and not have other people control their life. So "Think and Grow Rich" Napoleon Hill, he also wrote this book this has a powerful message in it, it's called "Outwitting the devil". This book actually was not allowed to be printed until him and his wife had passed away.

His wife thought, "I don't want people thinking things of me", remember that ten percent (10%) of worrying about what people think of you, she had that ten percent (10%). The wife would not allow this book to be printed until she passed away. It's incredible, so "Think and Grow Rich" and "Outwitting the devil" unbelievable books. I haven't read this one but I think my husband has, "The compound effect". He keeps getting these books, he's building up our library for our children. This one, a lot of people told us to read "The power of moments", super great.

Here's one that my husband said this morning, he was super excited for our girls to read "The Go Giver". Do you want to share anything about these?or do you not want to come into my LIVE today. He's gonna find something to share with you... "The Go Giver" is great, I talk about this book probably every week on my stories every week. I will tell you this the number one book is my Bible, everything else comes after this, this is probably number two. It is incredible, listen to it read it, listen to it once a month, have it just playing while you shower or do your makeup or cook, unbelievable book. This one, one of our daughters just read, super easy read... Scott Alexander he's awesome, he came to speak at our event before, awesome book. And then Bill Johnson is one of my favorite pastors, he is in Redding California. So "The way of Life" this is a really great book as well, and there's so many more. If you have a great book that you're reading that you feel like people should read, share it below. What are you reading, what do yo fuel your mind with. All I really wanted to come on here and just give you perspective of things, I just wanted to encourage you.

If you woke up with worry or you're anxious or you're fearful or you feel like you're going down a path of self destruction...

If you're going down that path I want you to remind yourself this, here's the last thing I'll say and I'll remind you of it. Forty percent (40%) of the things that you worry about will never happen, Thirty percent (30%) have already happened in the past. Twelve percent (12%) has to do with your health, how many of you worry about silly things about your health when you're like "It's just a scratch, it's just to hurt toe, it's probably gas" right?. Ten percent (10%) of worries is what people think of you and it doesn't matter what people think of you because if they really are worried or if they're really being judgmental then they're not your friends.

There are lots of people on here that love to tell me what they think of me and I love to press the delete button and say I don't need you in my life and they get banned. I'm not offended, I've grown a lot in that area especially when you are in social media you've got to have some thick skin, it's not a big deal they don't have to be your friends. And then lastly eight percent (8%) are things and concerns that maybe you're worrying about, so write your gratitude list and then write the things that have to get fixed and you can fix them. So that's all I had, here's another book that Steve handed over, he does not want to talk to you guys today. I make him come over here, "Winning the war in your mind" is what our daughter's reading right now she's 13. So this is the next book that she's reading, do you want to say something amazing?

"Focus on the next thing, don't be overwhelmed"

Okay Keto Moms from all over the world... is there any dads on here today? Okay do you want to say anything about reading or what you're reading? I think it's important because you're saying all the things that we worry about, I really think it starts with your mind. So this is from our pastor Craig Rochelle "Winning the war in your mind", change your thinking, change your life.

Amelia is going through this one right now and i think in anything in life, you could even look at the stack of these books and you may even feel overwhelmed because you're like "Oh my goodness this whole list of books". But just remember it's about getting better every day, it's about getting just a little bit better every day. Don't get so overwhelmed if you're looking at your tasks your to do's, the things around the house that you haven't yet finished, the stresses at work.

All of those things just take one step at a time, I think Stephanie's mentor said it best a few years ago when we learned this but you can get so overwhelmed with a lot of things and you can worry about so many things but just focus on the next thing. Focus on that next thing and after that just focus on the next thing, don't worry about the whole entire list.

We always talk about habits, we love habits. This is a book that's really fun, this is what Annie is reading right now... So Annie is our seven year old called the entertainer. So they even have great books for kids at a young age to help them understand the power of their mind. I guess the other thing that i would say is don't get so... with this whole list of books i would say there's books in this pile that we've read, I've read 12 times. I've read "The Last Arrow" probably every month, gonna read it again and again and again. And because the reason is remember, you're always at a different level in life, you got a different perspective in life. Sometimes when you go through some of those worries, or you overcome some of those things that never happened it gives you a different perspective. It gives you a different outlook, it gives you a different lens to look through. And what's so great is you come back to the book, or you come back to a lesson and you're like, "Oh, I see it completely different". And so I guess my encouragement for you all tuning in today is just know that you've got it, know that there's more in you, everyday do a little bit more, do a little bit more to become a little bit better, and plug into the community, share this community with others.

"Let's all be better versions of ourselves"

Reach out to Stephanie, she's awesome. I mean, I love the fact that she gets to help thousands of moms all over the world become a better version of themselves. And so it's neat, because your stories, your inspiration, your life change, it inspires her to do more to be more. And I think that's what's really cool is the more you grow, the more she grows, the more she grows, the more you grow. That's a really great system. And so I just wanted to say thank you to all the moms and the dads who add value to this community. And if there's anything that you ever want to learn or grow from, let Stephanie know she's an open book.

She's always open to feedback, and I know she said, "I'll delete people" but the reality is... I just delete the really mean ones. Don't be a mean person. Life is too good, and most people live on $2 a day I just think about that. So it's not like you have to delete people, I joke about that but some people can be mean. I won't tell them nicely what I say and if they can't handle it, then they have to be deleted. I think you're great, so Keto moms all over the world. become a better Keto mom. Anyways, so thanks for sharing babe. Okay, so we're gonna let you go.

Start your day off with gratitude and perspective, right perspective contains a lot of things. So this book was about perspective. That was great. Don't pigeon yourself, he's like a Keto mom doesn't even have to eat Keto. So thanks for being on here. Mom or not mom, person, dad, business owner, runner, athlete, kid.

So we appreciate you have a wonderful day and we'll talk to you soon.

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