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True Hunger Vs Eating out of Habit | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

Physically ask yourself, "Am I hungry, am I eating all of my groceries in three to four days, am I making good choices?". Put the notes around your kitchen, I can promise you if you visibly see yourself opening the refrigerator and it's telling you "Am I hungry?", you'll just mentally walk yourself through and physically feel what the difference is between true hunger and eating out of habit.

Points to Ponder

01:18 Eating at home

01:48 Cooking vs Drive thru

02:12 Downside of Eating at home

02:46 Control your meals at home

02:58 Mindset

03:15 Awareness

03:29 Post it Notes

03:51 Are you hungry

04:52 Listen to your body

05:12 Overeating

05:39 Ketones

05:49 Benefits of Ketones

06:09 Track your water intake

07:05 Drink your water

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody! It's Keto Mom Stephanie, how are you doing? Happy weekend, if you're just tuning in, where are you tuning in from? I'm tuning in from the office, my office. No, I'm kidding, but Welcome to the Keto Mom page. If you are brand new, post a "New" below, and I kind of joke about it but my family has been in Florida, we've been in Kentucky, we've been in Minnesota for the last month. And when we are in Minnesota, the internet's not always the greatest, and so I drive in town to my office which is the Lowe's parking lot to talk to you.

The tables have flipped

This is going to be be short and sweet, I wanted to dive in and just give you two thoughts real quick and let you know there's a fun promo going on on my mom fuel. My mom fuel is almost gone but I like ketones, and so if you want to know more about my Mom fuel drinkable ketones, if you want to know what the promo is for the weekend, post promo below and we're going to chat. And here's my one question I want you to think to yourself, as you're going throughout this weekend and going throughout the rest of however long we are in our homes. It's so funny, because prior to us being at home, most people would have said to you, "Well, if you eat at home you'll eat healthier, if you eat at home you'll make better decisions. If you eat at home and you don't go out to eat all the time through the drive thru, you're going to save money. You're not going to eat as much, you're going to eat better foods". Well, it's kind of flipped itself right? So all I wanted to say to you is, a lot of us are eating at home more... Who's been cooking more, every single meal and so I want to give you a really quick understanding of eating at home and making homemade food, low carb and eating better foods is wonderful, versus driving through a drive thru.

But I want you to think about this, if you are eating your two weeks, three weeks or your months worth of groceries in five days, or if you find yourself snacking in the kitchen because you're bored or you're eating out of habit, eating just because you're eating, then you're eating at home probably has not helped you very much right now.
You don't have to keep eating all day

So prior to this whole quarantine I would have said, "Well of course, eating at home you're gonna save money. Of course eating at home, you're going to eat better foods, you're going to make better choices". Now we need to say, "Hey just because you're at home doesn't mean you need to eat six meals a day, just because you're at home you don't need to have those snacks on the counter". So I just wanted to give you this little mindset "Your groceries for the week or two weeks, however long you shop should last you a week or two weeks. Do not be eating all of those snacks in five to six days".

So just be very conscious and aware of when you're eating, and the one question I wanted to give you and then I'm gonna let you go is this... I want you to write it on a post it note, write it on multiple post it notes and post it around your kitchen. Put a post it note on your kitchen, refrigerator, microwave, stove... Where else would you snack? maybe put it on your TV, because I feel like you sit down to watch TV and you kind of get the munchies. And all I want to say is am I hungry, or are you hungry? I know it sounds so simple, I know it and people go "How's that gonna help me?". It's gonna help you, because before you open the fridge, you're gonna see the little sign that says "Am I hungry" and you might go "Oh, I'm not hungry, I actually just ate an hour ago. Maybe I should drink some water". You might go to microwave something and it might say, "Are you hungry?" And you might go "Why am I eating? Oh, because I sat down to watch a movie and I'm gonna make this popcorn because we always have popcorn, but I'm actually not hungry". So just be very aware that yes, a lot of us are home, a lot of us are emotional.

Always remember to ask "Am I hungry"

A lot of people are just going "What else is there to do but eat?" You do not have to eat. So when you feel like you're hungry, but you've already eaten or you feel snacky or you feel bored or the clock says ding ding ding ding ding it's lunchtime.

I want you to simply ask yourself, Am I hungry? Go drink a glass of water, wait to see what your body's telling you because you don't have to force feed yourself six meals a day.

You don't have to force feed yourself breakfast, breakfast was made up by the cereal company by the way. You do not have to eat, If your body physically is not telling you to eat, you don't have to... What happens is you overeat, so just be aware.

I hope that's helpful, I truly think putting little notes around your kitchen that says, "Am I hungry?", "Am I bored?", "Put the food down drink more water". And I'll tell you the one hack that helps me every single day especially being home for these last 60 days, and going on into for who knows how long is Ketones.

So I drink Ketones every day, puts me in ketosis in under an hour, regardless if I'm Keto or strict Keto. I've got the ketones in my system, and the benefits are energy, I tell people it's my mom fuel, I haven't taken an app in five years. The focus, the mental clarity, the appetite control, helps with cravings.

So that when you're going to grab that popcorn, I'm going "I'm actually not hungry, I'm gonna grab some water because I feel great". So don't laugh at my rubber band, this is how I track my water by the way. So here's another hack for you, however many water bottles you want to drink put that on and I have to go fill mine up, and then I'll take one rubber band off.

Track your water intake
Once these rubber bands are gone my water intake is good for the day, you should be drinking about half your body weight in ounces of water.

So with that, I'm going to let you go. So there's a promo going on with my mom fuel, with ketones all weekend long, post "Promo" below and we're gonna chat. Pay attention if you're hungry, don't eat if you're bored, don't eat because the clock says to eat. Physically ask yourself, "Am I hungry, am I eating all of my groceries in three to four days, am I making good choices?". Put the notes around your kitchen, I can promise you if you visibly see yourself opening the refrigerator and it's telling you "Am I hungry?", you'll just mentally walk yourself through and physically feel what the difference is between true hunger and eating out of habit. And then drink your water it's so important, most the time you think that you're hungry and guess what, you just need some water. So with that, I hope you guys have an amazing day. Happy Saturday or Happy Sunday if you're on the other side of the world. Whenever you decide to watch this I'm here for you reach out ask questions this Keto Mom page is here to support you, guide you, help you with accountability. If you're the only person in the family doing this, guess what...

You can tune in here for tips, tricks and ideas. I appreciate you all have a great day and we'll talk to you soon.

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