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THINK and GROW RICH (Chapter 1): 13 Principles to Riches | Keto Mom Book Club

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Keto Mom here!

"Thoughts are things when they are mixed with definite of purpose, persistence, and a burning desire for their translation into riches or other material objects. You will have a better understanding of the Thirteen Principles, which lead to riches or success" ~ Napoleon Hill

Points to Ponder:

00:15 "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill

02:27 Opportunity to Learn from Andrew Carnegie

03:30 Be Ready for the Secret

04:14 Know What It Is That You Want

06:19 Everything Starts with an Idea

07:15 Thoughts are Things

08:06 A Burning Desire

08:25 What Do You Really Want

09:14 Define Your Major Purpose

10:56 What is Your No Matter What

11:48 The Only Way You Fail is If You Quit

11:59 Gold Rush days in California

13:24 Seek expert counsel before giving Up

14:49 Get back up and Keep Going

16:04 Thirteen Principles you can apply to your life

16:07 First principle: "If You Quit, You will Fail

17:00 "Do you have a definite of purpose?"

18:57 Find an Accountability Group

Full Episode Transcript:

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Keto Mom page, my name is Stephanie and happy October 1st. It's a new month with a new goals, new excitement and a new book that we are going through. It's called "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill. I've read this book multiple times and I've listened to it on Audible. It is an incredible book, and it's not what you think... So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? We are going to dive into what this book is all about, and how in the world can it help you on your Fat loss journey. Some of you might be saying "All right, Stephanie! I'm just going to keep following along"...

My goal every single day is to help you on your mindset. We'll still talk about different recipes, net carbs, total carbs and all of the things Keto. But if you've been here for a while, you know that my goal is to help you every morning, with getting up and having a definite of purpose. Why are you here? What do you want? Where is your mindset? Are you thinking negatively or positively?... That is what we're going to focus on. This book may take us a little while to get through. So I don't have the next book yet, because we're going to go through this book until we're done. We're not going to rush it, instead we are going to read it, we are going to take it in and we're going to enjoy it...

Welcome to Day 1 of our Book 7 session

So, good morning! If you have the book, you can follow along and read it. If you're just tuning in here every single morning, then you still get to listen to my highlights. Here's the basic overview of the book, the author is Napoleon Hill. And in the very beginning, in the author's preface, he talks about the overview of the entire book. So he talks about Mr. Carnegie and about wanting to learn from him. He went to him one day and he said "Hey! I want to learn from you"... So he got the opportunity to learn from Andrew Carnegie.

The only reason he got to learn from him is because he said, "Okay! I'm going to give you a task. I want you to study the most influential, super successful business men". And so basically he said "I want you to study what they did to have success in their life". Most people would say "What did they do to get rich?"...

What you're going to find in this book is, he's going to give you Thirteen Principles throughout the entire book, of the most successful people and what they did, at that time, years and years and years ago. And you would think a lot of them went to school, you would say the first thing they did was probably get a good education. Well guess what? Andrew Carnegie only had three months of education. And he said as you go through this book, every single chapter will give you the secret to what they did. There's a secret and he goes, the only way that you're going to see, understand or actually take the secret in, is you have to be ready for it. So what does that look like getting ready? You've got to have an open mind. You've got to want to see, positive and not negative. You have to be ready to go after better.

So my question to you as we go through this book, as we start a new month, go after some new goals and get refocused is "Are you ready?", "Are you open?", "Do you know what you want?", "Do you know?"... Because it's going to be a great book. He says "Know what it is that you want"...

Because if you don't, if you're wishy washy, if you're not focused, then you're not going to listen. You're not going to hear, and you're just going to go through the motions and let everybody else control your life. If you are ready to put it to use, you will recognize the secret at least once in every single chapter. He shares a ton of stories, I can't read the whole thing to you. So I would encourage you, even if you don't make time to read, get the audible book. It's really great and you can listen to it as you're showering, getting ready for the morning, driving kids to school or as you're driving to work. Listen to the book... So basically he says this "The secret had found its way into the possession of Thomas Edison"... The secret in this book and Thomas Edison, Oh! it wasn't Andrew Carnegie. "Thomas Edison used a secret that they talk about intelligently that he became the world's leading inventor even though he only had three months of schooling"...

So he talks about interviewing hundreds and hundreds of people. He worked for Andrew Carnegie who said "If you will put in twenty years of work without pay, you will find the secret to success"... He talks a lot about riches in here, but he's going to give you Thirteen different steps to riches, but it's not what you think. You can use any of these steps in any areas of your life.

So are you ready? That was the introduction. He said "Remember this as you go through the book, that it deals with the facts, and not fiction. It's purpose of being is to convey a great universal truth, through which all who are ready may learn not only what to do, but also how to do it. And receive as well, the needed stimulus to make it start. Final words... All achievements, all earnings, all riches, all have their beginnings, and they start with an idea"...

Do you have that Burning Desire?

We're going to dive into the first five pages and I'm going to give you just a quick overview of what he talks about. And then as we go throughout this book, we're just going to talk five pages at a time. Whether you decide to read right along with me or you just hop on and listen... I read the very beginning and that was just the intro from the author. He gives you an overview of what he's talking about. He gave twenty years to this research without pay, and he's going into telling you some secrets to success in life... I'm on chapter one, page seventeen. I think every book is a little different and there's a couple of different ways they publish it.

So I'm going through chapter one, it says the introduction and just the first five pages. Here's what he says "Truly, thoughts are things when they are mixed with definite of purpose, persistence, and a burning desire for their translation into riches or other material objects. You will have a better understanding of the Thirteen Principles, which lead to riches or success"...

Riches doesn't always mean money. It could be riches in your health, in your relationship, riches in your finances, riches spiritually. There are Thirteen Principles he's going to go through in this book, that he said schooling won't give you.