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THE 5-SECOND RULE (Chapter 16): Pursuing Passion | Keto Mom Book Club

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	"Not once have I ever been asked to help somebody think about their passion. That's because finding your passion is an active process. And you'll find that five seconds is an incredible tool as an opportunity starts to appear. What stops people from finding their passion is they can't get out of their thoughts and move into action". ~Mel Robbins

Points To Ponder:

01:29 I Don't Feel Like It

02:05 Septic Tank Issues

03:47 EQ and AQ

05:09 Your Feelings Are Liars

05:37 Pursuing your passion

06:28 How To Find Passion & Purpose

08:29 Pay Attention To Envy,

08:51 What Are You Passionate About?

09:01 Action steps

10:59 Am I Ready To Commit?

12:37 Follow Your Instinct

13:32 Be Patient

14:07 Nothing Changes Overnight

15:55 Discipline

16:51 Don't Tell You Dreams, Show Them

17:37 Make A Plan

19:49 Make Better Choices

Full Episode Transcript:

Good morning! Welcome to the Keto Mom page. My name is Stephanie. And we are almost done with "The 5-Second Rule". I'm gathering all of my favorite books, and I actually share them often in my stories, you can follow me on my Instagram @ketomomsecrets. People ask me all the time, what books should they be reading. I probably should just make a little note somewhere so you can always go and look at it the titles. But this is what we're talking about this morning, "The 5-Second Rule" by Mel Robbins. We are going to talk about "Pursuing Passion" and five seconds of courage... If you're new here on the Keto Mom page, welcome!

Welcome to Day 16 of our Book 9 session

If you are new to reading, or maybe you've just been tuning in, to help you with your mindset, that's awesome! My encouragement to you is, to buy yourself a book. It doesn't have to be this book but has a book that you can circle, underline, read and refer back to. I love this book because it really puts you into action and we are going to talk about that in a second... So where are you tuning in from? We're tuning in from Minnesota.

I often say you're going to learn something, you're going to put it into action. You're going to learn something, did you put it into action? What are you doing? Oftentimes people will say, "But I just don't feel like it", "I'm just not in the happiest mood", or "I don't feel like it"... I'm going to tell you that sometimes, I don't feel like it either.

But I've gotten into a routine in the morning of getting up, chatting with my husband, working out, drinking my ketones every morning, drinking some water, reading my book and I do my morning FB lives. I just have a routine, so that even if I don't feel like it, I still do it... Like this morning, we found out last night that we have septic tank issues and it's overflowing in our yard. The septic man can't come until later this afternoon. This means our girls can't use an ounce of water, no shower, everybody has to go to the bathroom in a toilet that can't be flushed. How would you like that?

Our morning did not go too well, but we adapted

This morning, I really should be cranky. I can't use any water, and I actually didn't even brush my teeth yet. But good thing this isn't a scratch and sniff. So our septic system is not working, we were not able to use any indoor facilities, no indoor plumbing at all, I have not brushed my teeth, I haven't gone to the bathroom yet, just so you know. What I am trying to say is, this is real life and real-life happens.

Regardless of whether I feel like it or not, I still want to show up. I still want to read and I still want to do my morning routine, because it gets my mindset right. And yesterday as I was working out, I pulled a muscle in my back. So besides not being able to brush my teeth, I can't work out, because I'm going to the chiropractor in thirty minutes to help relieve the pressure on my back. It would be easy for me to go, "Hey, guess what? I don't feel like doing it. I don't feel like reading. I'm just gonna sulk in my day".

There are a couple of other things that we're dealing with, that I don't even want to talk about. But something that I've learned over the course of six years is EQ and AQ. So AQ, meaning adaptability. How adaptable are you? We are just rolling with the punches and I was like, "If we have to go to the gas station, then we'll go to the gas station". Then there's EQ. How well do you handle your emotions, to be able to respond versus react, and just keep going? I want you to think about that, as you go into the new year...
We should not let our feelings control us

What I love about this book, as what Mel Robbins often says is that we let our feelings control us, when we can just count backward (5-4-3-2-1) and take action. "I don't feel like it". If you don't feel like eating healthy or going to the gym, then you need to revisit your "Why", you need to buck up and just do it. I know that's hard, isn't it? But just do it...

I know we are all going through different things. Like this septic man, this poor man, it's freezing here and he's got to come in and help us. We've got to suck out the septic system, figure out if we need to buy a new pump. What is the problem? Why is it overflowing in our yard?... Anyways, "I don't feel like it" if you catch yourself saying that to yourself or saying it to other people, sometimes your feelings are liars. If you have big goals, dreams, visions, and things that you want to do this next year, then your feelings are going to have to go to the wayside, and you're going to have to do what you know you need to do. For me? I still did everything I needed to do this morning, except for working out, until I go see the chiropractor...

Alright! We're going to talk about "Pursuing your passion". I think this is a great topic because we're going into a new year. And everybody's like, "Man, I want to do this", "I want to write a book", or "I want to have better relationships". Most of you want to look a certain way, or you want to have a healthy body. Maybe you want to look better in the summertime so that you can go on vacation, sit by the pool, and feel good about yourself. Not your feelings, but the feeling of being healthy...

Alright! Here's what she said about pursuing your passion. And your passion can be your health, your relationships, finances or it can even be a job. She said, "Over the years I've received lots of questions about how to find your passion and your purpose"...
Let's start exploring our purpose and passion

This is great because we're going into New Year, and people are asking, "What is my purpose? Whatever it is, I want to do it and I'm going to start right now". I actually did the same thing... So going back, she said, "Not once have I ever been asked to help somebody think about their passion. That's because finding your passion is an active process. And you'll find that five seconds is an incredible tool as an opportunity starts to appear. What stops people from finding their passion is they can't get out of their thoughts and move into action. When you use the five-second rule, (5-4-3-2-1) to push yourself to start exploring and leaning into opportunities as they appear, you'll be shocked at where they will lead you"... How do I start exploring my passion? Or what am I excited about, this new year? How do I pursue a passion? How am I going to start exploring what I really want to do?...

So she said, "First of all, you're going to hire the best guide that you can find. Your curiosity is how your instinct gets you to pay attention to what your heart is really caring about. If you can't stop thinking about something"... So for some of you that might be losing weight, getting healthy, looking a certain way, being able to play with your grandkids, go on that vacation, pursue a relationship, or whatever it is. If you can't stop thinking about it, then that certain something is going to become your new hobby...

She said, "Pay close attention to envy. Not in a bad way, but if you find yourself jealous of somebody else, then explore the feeling. Find out what aspect of that person's life are you jealous of. This may give you a clue into what you really want for yourself"...
Pursue what you have been longig for, take action

Next, here's the action step. What are you passionate about? What is something that you can't stop thinking about? What are you seeing in other people, that you want? And then push yourself to take the simple steps to explore that subject. Here's what you need to do. You read about it, watch people talk about it, watch something about health, watch video tutorials, talk to people that have done it, take a class, or write a plan.

You'll be surprised what happens over time, as you pursue what you are longing for, especially in this next year. It's identifying what you're longing for, something that you can't stop thinking about. And then take action to learn about it, and just keep learning. So she shared a whole bunch of stories of people who pursued what they were longing for.

She said, "It will start as just an instinct and then it always does. First, you will take a class, a class leads to a certificate. A certificate leads to a conversation. Conversations lead to opportunities. Small opportunities lead to larger ones. Maybe you will want to share something that you've learned with people at work. So use the five-second rule to push yourself to do it"...

Are you ready to commit yourself?

And then the momentum kicks in, (5-4-3-2-1) I'm going to enroll in a class. (5-4-3-2-1) I'm going to buy the book, it's probably fifteen bucks. I'm going to invest in myself to learn something. I'm going to go search for a YouTube video, not to get stuck scrolling and just watching silly or funny videos, but to truly learn something. I'm going to invest in myself...

And then she said, "There's no magic formula for when to pull the trigger and to turn a passion project into a Passion-Driven career or a major life change. It requires planning, some slow deep thinking, and if you are anything like the rest of us, you'll torture yourself for a while until you can't stand it any longer. And you will turn it into your present life. You need to ask yourself the heartfelt question. Am I ready to commit to this?"...

So are you ready? Yes, you are ready! Why not? We have so many free materials and resources, that if there's anything that you're passionate about, you can go find free resources, free videos, free tutorials, how-to's, and this entire Keto Mom page is free for you. You can even check my website for free recipes, So she said, "So many people say 'Do I feel ready?' You're never going to feel ready.

It takes patience and hard work to reach your goals

The moment you answer 'yes' to the question, 'Am I ready to commit?'. You will need to use the five-second rule to give yourself that final push"... (5-4-3-2-1) Buy the book. (5-4-3-2-1) Go to YouTube and find a tutorial of something you're passionate to learn about. To enroll in a class, ask somebody to mentor you. (5-4-3-2-1) Have a conversation. (5-4-3-2-1) Get the gym membership. Do it before everybody else does it in January, so you'll be ahead of the game...

She said, "Even when you are ready, it's not going to feel good when you do it. I believe you can make anything happen as long as you listen to your heart, do the work, and give yourself a timeline"... Follow your instinct and do the things you're passionate about. If you're excited, then you have to do the work, even when you don't feel like it. And then you have to give yourself time... I was talking to a sweet girl yesterday and she actually looks great. She's doing incredible, except she's really frustrated and she's mad because it's not going as fast as she wants it to.

I told her, "Listen, you didn't get to where you are today, and you don't get to go where you want to go, overnight. You're doing amazing and you actually look great. You don't need to lose"...

She actually wanted to lose ten more pounds. I told her to have some serious patience and know that there's more than just the outside. What's important is she actually feels great, excited about how she feels being a mom, and just to stop comparing herself to girls on social media, or the way how a person looks that's not even real. So I told her to have patience, to do a little bit of a different workout, tone up a little bit, or maybe make an extra little tweak. But nothing is overnight.

We went through so much to get to where we're at right now

Even if you look at our family, oftentimes people message me saying, "I can't believe you get to live on that lake", "I can't believe the home that you live in"... I'd be like, "You're right and I'm so thankful. I'm so thankful for the hard work that we've put in for almost seven years. For the relentlessness that my husband and I had. We did so much mindset work, we have mentors and coaching. I am so thankful for where I'm at today"...

But if you saw where we were at, seven or eight years ago, with no job, living off the state, which I don't think is bad if you need it. Some people might not believe it. We had babies, we moved back to be with our family was, and my husband didn't have a job. But we felt we needed to move back across the country. There were just so many things that we had to go through. And we were always thankful. I just need you to know, nothing happens overnight.

Oftentimes, you look at people's success, and you would wish you had that luck. But my husband and I, we've worked our butts off and I've loved every minute of it. Growing, learning, failing, growing more together, and that's just financially.

Our health? We've worked on it. We've had ups, downs, feeling good, and working on things. My husband probably is down ten pounds after the reboot, and he hasn't done a reboot in a while. He's feeling great now, but it took a lot of work. It takes discipline, patience, work, putting in the time, and doing the research, and all of this requires action. You don't have to know the timeframe necessarily. But if you keep going, you're going to get further ahead...

Don't stop, and just keep going!

Have you ever seen that visual? The man was digging a hole and he stops three feet right before he hits the diamonds or gold. Don't stop short. Clearly, you know, you need to go forward. You're not happy where you're at, maybe you're like, "Okay, I need to do something". Staying in the same place will never work. You never just stay stagnant, you're either going forward or backward. So if you decide not to work on it, you're going to eventually go backward. Everything is up to you. Don't tell people your dreams, show them. Everything requires action, patience, discipline, and time...

You are worthy of your dreams, so take action!

So we're going to finish this book tomorrow, and then we're going to dive into the new book. We're going to talk about nine goal-setting activities to set yourself up for an incredible new year. Alright! I hope you're enjoying the book. As always reach out and ask questions. I'm here to help and to answer your questions the best that I can.

Just know that you're worth it, and this is not an overnight thing, but it's all a process. If you really want it, you're going to have to get past your feelings, make a plan, learn some new things, take some action, no matter how you feel...

All right! That's all for today. I get to go conquer some challenges today with a thankful heart that I get to do so. I'm still going to do all of the things that I need to do... We're going to go through the book, "Goals" by Zig Ziglar. And then by January, the next book is called, "The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth" by John Maxwell. It'll take a little while to go through but it's actually a really good book. My goal is to help you with your mindset in every area of your life. This is not just about health, but if you want keto tips, tricks, recipes, and all the Keto things, you can scroll through the page. You can also go to, all one word. It has a lot of recipes for you. And there is always new stuff flowing through the page every day.

Next book: "The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth" by John Maxwell
"The 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth" is going to help you with your life, and it will overflow into your health or vice versa. Just like when you're feeling better, you make better choices in your overall health. If you feel like everything else is going well, hopefully, that will help overflow and help you make better choices, in your health and fitness...
Alright! I'm going to go to the chiropractor. We're going to take care of a whole lot of poop around here, but just continue to tune into the page. My husband today had to take a couple of deep breaths, things are challenging. But these challenges will make you grow, and give you an opportunity to be stronger.

Alright! I hope you guys have a great day and we'll talk to you later!

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