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THE 5-SECOND RULE (Chapter 13): Beating Fear | Keto Mom Book Club

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	"These anchoring images are powerful reminders of simple truth. As you think about the anchors, your body will calm down. By using the technique over and over again, I cured my fear of flying. And by using them, I mean using it over and over again. It will get easier and easier until suddenly, you won't be afraid anymore. You'll have to train your mind to default to the positive. It's excitement about what you're about to do, instead of fear"... ~Mel Robbins	

Points To Ponder:

00:33 "Goals" by Zig Ziglar

01:37 Five Seconds Of Courage

02:34 Beating Fear

03:17 Anchor Thought

04:07 What Is An Anchor Thought?

05:16 Don't Create Fear

05:53 Divert Your Mind Into Positive Thoughts

06:19 Manifest Positivity

06:37 Over and Over Again

07:34 Don't Let Fear Control Your Life

08:56 Remind Yourself

09:18 Awareness

10:14 Set Alarms as Reminders

Full Episode Transcript:

Good morning! My name is Stephanie. Welcome to the Keto mom page. Today, we're going to dive into "The 5 Second Rule" by Mel Robbins. If you've been tuning in, I hope you're enjoying the book. I hope you're using the 5 Second Rule. I actually would love to know if you have used it. And if you are using it, how is it helping you? We're almost done with the book and my goal is to be done by Wednesday...

There is this new book that I really want to go through with you. This was given to me and it's called, "Goals" by Zig Ziglar. I don't expect you to grab it or buy it, but it really has some incredible insight to help you set goals.
Welcome to Day 14 of our Book 9 session

I calculated it out, and if I started on the 23rd, we can get through the nine specific action steps to help get your mindset ready and to create your goals. That way we don't just start in January, but we're going to get a head start... Alright! I'm going to share this book with you in the next couple of days., you can just tune in. I'm going to go through each goal every single day, to help walk you through how to set specific goals and how to reach those goals. We're going to talk about lots of different things...

For now, we're going to finish "The 5-Second Rule" in the next two days. So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? I'm tuning in from lovely Minnesota, and the sun is actually out but it's still pretty cold... Alright! We're already at the last part. If you have not been tuning in, The 5-Second Rule is five seconds of courage, and it's counting backward.

The author talked about how she could not get out of bed and her whole life was out of control. She just needed to have a little bit of hope. She watched something on the TV and she realized that a rocket ship launched into the sky in 5-4-3-2-1. And so she said, "I need to launch myself out of bed so that I can take care of myself. I can make my kids their breakfast. I can get them to school. I can work on my marriage and I can find a job". She used it for herself, (5-4-3-2-1) she attacked the day and it worked.

She thought, what if I could use these five seconds in lots of different areas of my life? And we've been talking about all of that, so I would highly recommend just getting the book and going through it. It's a very simple read. Today we're going to talk about "Beating Fear". She said that it's not just about getting out of bed or, (5-4-3-2-1) going to the gym. But it's also about other things that hold you back from getting what you want.

Let's help conquer your fears, by creating anchor thoughts

Today, she will talk about how she was afraid of flying. The author of the book is a well-known speaker, her name is Mel Robbins. She shared her whole story about getting on the airplane and being afraid. She said, "I need to use the five-second rule to beat fear"... What are you dealing with in your life, that you need to conquer, beat, or get through, in order to get or accomplish those goals that you want?

Here's what she's going to help you create. She says, "I'm going to help you create an anchor. This five-second rule is a form of what researchers call, "If-then-planning". It's a way to keep yourself in control, by creating a backup plan in advance"... Plan "A" is to not be afraid in lots of different areas of your life. Do not get nervous, anxious and do not let anxiety control you. Plan B is using the five-second rule. You've got an anchor thought and you're going to conquer your fear...

She said, "If I got on an airplane and I started feeling nervous, then I have my plan B. I'm going to count backward (5-4-3-2-1), and I'm going to use my anchor thought to beat my fear of flying"... She goes on and she explained an anchor thought like this... Whatever you're afraid of, for example, Mel had a fear of flying. So before she got on the airplane, she would think of the things she was excited about. Her anchor thought would be, getting off the airplane and hugging her parents. Or the dinner that she was going to that night. It was something she was going to get to accomplish or get to do, after that initial action...

What's holding you back from believing in yourself?
She said, "On the airplane, at a moment's notice something might make me nervous"... At a moment's notice, something might make you nervous or afraid. Why do you feel like you can't hit those goals? Why can't you go to the gym? Why are you afraid of truly believing in yourself? What's holding you back?...

So she said, "I will count backward (5-4-3-2-1) to flash it out of my head. I'm going to activate my prefrontal cortex and pull myself into the present moment. And then force myself to anchor a specific image of where I'm flying to, where I'm going, or the next thing I want to see"...

She would try not to create fear in her mind, instead, she would think of the dinner tonight. She would picture herself at the dinner, and she would think of hugging her family. She would just tell herself, "I'm not afraid of this moment", "I'm excited for that next moment"... Who deals with fear? And what fear is holding you back from going after your goals? We're going to talk a lot about goals in the next couple of days.

Why are we setting goals? How do we get them specific? We're going to do that, but first, you might have to conquer some little battles in your mind...
The key is doing the action over and over again

Going back, she said, "These anchoring images are powerful reminders of simple truth. As you think about the anchors, your body will calm down. By using the technique over and over again, I cured my fear of flying. And by using them, I mean using them over and over again. It will get easier and easier until suddenly, you won't be afraid anymore. You'll have to train your mind to default to the positive. It's excitement about what you're about to do, instead of fear"...

Did you hear what she said? It's over and over again, and it's no different than you, starting your diet or your lifestyle. It's over and over again until you have a default. You're automatically thinking positive, you're not afraid and you believe in yourself. Things like going to the gym, until you find yourself enjoying it. Or you will find yourself enjoying taking the buns off the burgers, over and over again...

She said, "I can't believe how much I was missing by being afraid. That thought keeps me grounded, present and powerful. When you enter a conversation managing fear, you cannot be your best because part of your mind is busy trying to manage the fear in real-time. When you have an anchor thought it allows you to disappear the fear, and at that moment that you notice, your mind drifts"...

How many people are living in fear and it's controlling your life? It's not okay!... Alright! I love what she said here, "Master your mind and anything is possible" And that is what we talk about every single morning, "The power of your mindset"... My husband woke up this morning, and he has a whole bunch of routines that he does. He got his red lights and all sorts of things. He said, "Man! I've never noticed how important it is to master your mind". It's so funny because we always talk about that. He was like, "I really just thought about it"...

"As I think so I feel". "As I feel so I do". "As I do so I have"

I say this quite often, "As I think so I feel". It could be negative or positive. If I'm feeling positive, encouraging, or unafraid, I'm going to go down an action route so I do. I'm going to do the things that are going to excite me, things that are on my goal list, or things that I want to do. If I'm feeling negative emotions, I don't believe in myself, then I'm going to go down the wrong path. And I'm probably going to do the things that are more destructive. "As I think, so I feel" Which way are you going to go? "As I feel, so I do". The way you feel will result in the actions that you take.

Again, "As I think so I feel". "As I feel so I do". "As I do so I have"... You are going to get the results, whether you want it or not, based on the things that you're doing. Which is caused by how you're feeling, which starts with how you think. It's super important! It's an awareness of where your mindset is at, and how you're going to shift it.

Five seconds is a powerful tool that you've been given. (5-4-3-2-1) I'm done. I'm not going to talk negatively about myself anymore. (5-4-3-2-1) I'm going to go to the gym. (5-4-3-2-1) I have to get out of bed. (5-4-3-2-1) I'm not going to be afraid. I'm going to have that conversation. (5-4-3-2-1) I've got an anchor thought in my mind, I'm going to keep going and that is one tool...

Our next book: "Goals" by Zig Ziglar
There are a lot of books that we've gone through. Those books will give you different tools to help you accomplish your goals. In the next couple of days, I'm going to go through this book, "Goals" by Zig Ziglar. I'm super excited about it because this book will help set you up for success.

We're going to discuss it here, in the coming days. I shared a little bit of it the other day, I wanted to see what the chapter was called... But anyway, I hope that this is helping you. I have lots of them and I'll give you another tool. Set yourself alarm clocks throughout the day, to help you drink more water. Or to remind you of all the things that you need to do, so that you don't fall behind. It really does help, I have alarm clocks going off all day long...

Alright! "Nine steps to setting goals", that's the chapter we're going to go through. We're starting very soon. I hope you have an incredible morning, I'm always here to help. Continue to tune into the page for different tips, tricks, recipes, and all of those things that will help you with your goals. Mindset is in the morning and all of the food things are later throughout the day. Send me a message, I'm just here to help. We'll talk to you very soon. Have a great day!

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