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THE 5-SECOND RULE (Chapter 13): Beating Fear | Keto Mom Book Club

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	"These anchoring images are powerful reminders of simple truth. As you think about the anchors, your body will calm down. By using the technique over and over again, I cured my fear of flying. And by using them, I mean using it over and over again. It will get easier and easier until suddenly, you won't be afraid anymore. You'll have to train your mind to default to the positive. It's excitement about what you're about to do, instead of fear"... ~Mel Robbins	

Points To Ponder:

00:07 "The 5 Second Rule" by Mel Robbins

00:33 "Goals" by Zig Ziglar

01:37 Five Seconds Of Courage

02:34 Beating Fear

03:17 Anchor Thought

04:07 What Is An Anchor Thought?

05:16 Don't Create Fear

05:53 Divert Your Mind Into Positive Thoughts

06:19 Manifest Positivity

06:37 Over and Over Again

07:34 Don't Let Fear Control Your Life

08:56 Remind Yourself

09:18 Awareness

10:14 Set Alarms as Reminders

Full Episode Transcript:

Good morning! My name is Stephanie. Welcome to the Keto mom page. Today, we're going to dive into "The 5 Second Rule" by Mel Robbins. If you've been tuning in, I hope you're enjoying the book. I hope you're using the 5 Second Rule. I actually would love to know if you have used it. And if you are using it, how is it helping you? We're almost done with the book and my goal is to be done by Wednesday...

There is this new book that I really want to go through with you. This was given to me and it's called, "Goals" by Zig Ziglar. I don't expect you to grab it or buy it, but it really has some incredible insight to help you set goals.
Welcome to Day 14 of our Book 9 session

I calculated it out, and if I started on the 23rd, we can get through the nine specific action steps to help get your mindset ready and to create your goals. That way we don't just start in January, but we're going to get a head start... Alright! I'm going to share this book with you in the next couple of days., you can just tune in. I'm going to