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Overeating Good Fats - Paying attention to Calories | Keto Mom

Keto Mom here!

Have you ever found yourself in a position or a thought where you're like, "Oh that's Keto I can eat it".

Here's the biggest thing that I think people get slipped up on, I truly believe people overeat even good food. There are more calories in a fat gram, so it's not that you're eating bad food you're just eating too much, your body just doesn't need as much food

Points to Ponder

00:49 When I started Keto

01:37 Are my kids Keto

02:03 Birch Benders Cookie a la cup

02:26 Drawing for the 24 hour reboot

02:39 My recipe for Chili

05:35 Thoughts on Calories and Fats

06:26 What people usually do with snacks

07:37 How I coach people

08:24 Kinds of Keto

10:16 Difference between Low carb and Strict Keto

11:38 Don't EAT when you're not hungry

11:59 Make conscious decisions

12:03 Don't overconsume food

13:25 Some easy tips to help you

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Keto Mom page, my name is Stephanie and we're going to talk about the topic of "Can I overeat good fat, or do I have to pay attention to calories". That is the question of the day. Do I have to pay attention to calories, can I overdo good fats? This question comes up a lot, so as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from I'm actually making dinner. I don't think you can see that I'm making dinner, I'm making chili and I was going to tell you how I'm making chili because it's super simple. I clearly need to fix this, but as you're tuning in where are you tuning in from, I am from Minnesota. If you are brand new post "New" below, I would love to connect with you, get to know your goals, help you on your journey.

I am a mom who has been on this low carb Keto journey for almost six years, my husband it's been well over eight. And when I joined my husband on this journey, mine looked very different than a lot of other people.

And I just simply walked into this lifestyle, taking it one step at a time, one day at a time, trying a new vegetable, drinking more water, moving my body.

So there's so many things, it took me about a year to get comfortable with what we were doing. It wasn't an overnight, clear out the fridge and have everything in place. I love to say don't mess up good for perfect. This is not about perfection, it is about a lifestyle and we have since created a lifestyle over the last six years. So oftentimes I get people that ask "Are your kids Keto?", No my kids eat better. They eat what I make them, we just eat simple and they don't complain, my kids are actually great eaters. So here's what I'm making right now real quick and then we're gonna dive into the conversation of "Do I have to pay attention to calories and can I over eat Keto foods or good fats?". Actually, we tried one of these earlier, I'm going to talk about these in a second.

Has anybody tried these desserts (Birch Benders Cookie a la cup), we just tried the cake one and the brownie one, we have not tried this one yet. Have you tried these (Birch Benders Cookie a la cup) and what do you think? So also, I did not do the drawing yet for the 24 hour fast mainly because I forgot, so for those of you who shared the video yesterday, your name is going into the drawing for the 24 hour fast. If you press the share button below let me know, post share below and your name will go into a drawing for mom fuel the next time I do a video, which will probably be tomorrow and I won't forget the people from yesterday.

So here's how I make the chili, I make our chili very hearty chili. You guys I don't love vegetables, I will eat vegetables, I don't love them. So I love asparagus and I like cauliflower and I will eat broccoli, I don't like a lot of vegetables and I will eat them if they have garlic and butter on them let's just say that. So for example with the chili, I love meaty chili so what I did is I actually made a pretty small pot for tonight because we have a big weekend coming up.

I have all of my meals planned we're feeding a handful of people, but for tonight I took three pounds of hamburger for our family. So there's six people in our family, we like it super meaty and here's the sauce that I use. I just grab a simple marinara sauce it's RAO'S, I like to get it at Costco because it's the best price. So I just take this, I mix it in to three pounds of hamburgers. So I have one, thirty two ounce can of this with three pounds of hamburger and then put whatever vegetables you want in there.

I actually blend it all together, not the meat but if I were to put any vegetables, the only type of vegetable I like in my chili where you can have the chunks is celery. Otherwise my kids like pepper so you can chop up whatever you want, don't overthink this. Oftentimes people go "How do you make your chili?" and I go

"I just ground up a whole bunch of hamburger, I seasoned it with garlic, I put in the marinara sauce, you can put in whatever vegetables you want and then I season it with chili powder until I like the flavor".

That's it, then we top it with some cheese and sour cream, it's so simple you just season to taste. And as you go about this lifestyle you're going to learn, I don't measure a lot of things I dump and I add and I dump and some people go "I'm so irritated with you (me Stephanie)". Because my recipes don't have the carb count and the macro count and I go "I know", most of them are dump add taste dump add taste.

Don't over complicate your meals

I use all low carb ingredients, all better ingredients but I don't count my food like we did years and years ago. So the chili is on the stove it is cooking, we should be set and I do love this sauce. Just so you know tomatoes in general, the reason I like this is because it's a super simple ingredient and it has the least amount of carbs and sugar that I've ever seen marinara or tomato sauce have. So that's why I use this one, I know it's more expensive, but it's super great I like the flavor too. So that's how I make my chili, what are you having for dinner I would love to know, and I like it to sit on the stove for at least an hour or two. So that's why I'm making it early, so it can get all the seasoning and it's going to be incredible.

So anyways, here's my thought on calories and fats. And I'm going to tell you what I thought of these, I tried them in my story so if you follow us and you follow me on Instagram, or you just check out the stories on Keto Mom, we tried two of them we shared with you what we thought of them. I'll just talk about this first, I actually was impressed I would say of course you pay for them. Some people go, "Oh you just paid $2.50". I know, price aside I had to because I actually wanted to know what they (Birch Benders Cookie a la cup) tasted like. I would say this, my girls all four of us and me all shared one and I would have been just fine. The cake and the brownie were actually good, I have not tried these (Birch Benders Cookie a la cup). I like their pancake mix, I guess if you want something to go. Here's what I want to talk to you about snacks in general and calories and just over consuming fat, oftentimes people do this...