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Keto Snacks from COSTCO - Guess how much I spent | Keto Mom

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

Keto Mom here!

I'm going to have a fun little contest that's going to be revolved around guessing how much I spent on this crazy Costco trip that I just took. It is the most I've ever spent at Costco in my life...

Points to Ponder

01:16 Fun little contest

02:03 Hints

03:39 Intermittent Fasting

03:57 Macadamia Nuts

04:43 Almonds

04:47 Quick Keto snack tip

05:03 Portions (a fourth a cup)

06:09 Measure and don't eat out of the bag

06:51 Pre package your snacks

07:12 Coconut Keto clusters

08:03 Costco buys saves you money

09:16 Grain free Granola bars

10:42 The 24 hour fast

11:37 Mom Fuel Trial Kit

12:39 Number one tip, Don't eat when you are not hungry

12:13 Water intake

Full Episode Transcript

Hey everybody! Welcome to the Keto mom page, my name is Stephanie and we are talking about keto snacks today. So as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from, and we're going to play a contest. So we've got a couple things to talk about, we have Keto snacks to cover. I'm going to show you all of the things that I got from Costco, who loves Costco.

Let's have fun, Guess how much I spent?
I'm going to have a fun little contest that's going to be revolved around guessing how much I spent on this crazy Costco trip that I just took.

I will give you a little hint in a second, and I'm going to make sure you understand the 24 fast that I'm doing currently. If you want to join me next week, we're going to talk about that, too. So as you're tuning in where are you tuning in from, and then if you want to be a part of a fun contest, I need you to press the "Share" button below, let me know that you shared it. So first of all, we just got back from Costco, let me know do you shop at Costco? Or do you shop somewhere else? I love Costco. And this has probably been one of the biggest trips that we went from.

So do you ever go to the checkout and then you're like, "Ugh!", that was one of those like "Alright! Take all of my money". Okay, so I'm going to give you a little hint, we're going to do a contest, the prize is going to be mom fuel. And what you're going to do is guess how much money I spent at Costco. I'm going to show you the Keto snacks that I got, we're having a fun get together next weekend.

We're going to be learning with some of our team members, I've got people flying in, it's going to be awesome. I'm going to show you what I'm going to feed them, but here is my Costco list for today, this is how long it was. I want you to guess... Whoever gets the closest, if somebody guesses it right on the dot they automatically win something. But whoever gets within like $50 I'm gonna put your name into some drawings or we're gonna give away some Ketones, so mom fuel. I'm gonna give you a couple hints, I am feeding a good chunk of people, we are having tacos and we're grilling out burgers. I'm going to show you all of the Keto snacks that I got.

It is the most I've ever spent at Costco

We may have gotten a couple life jackets because if you do not know and you're brand new, if you're brand new to the page, welcome post "New" below. But we live on a lake, so I'm looking right out the lake and we needed life jackets. Here's one of them that we got, just so you know Costco is incredible and these are incredible life jackets. So I don't have a... just go to Costco. Okay, what is your guess that I spent? I'm going to let you guess for the next 24 to 48 hours, whoever gets the closest, I don't know if you can see this hold on, you're going to win some mom fuel. Even if you get within the vicinity, I'm going to just put some names in a bucket, we'll do a drawing probably on Wednesday. So I need you to do a couple things, where are you tuning in from, how much did I spend and I'm going to show you some Keto snacks.

It is the most I've ever spent at Costco in my life, my kids were like, "Mom" I was like, "Don't look, just don't look".

And so it's gonna be great, I'd love to know... when I walked through these snacks just so you know, some of them are for sure Keto, some are more low carb, and some are just a better option. But we'll come back to this, what is the guess and who loves Costco? Okay, here's what I'm going to show you, I'm going to show you a handful of snacks on a keto low carb journey. I'm not a snacker who is a snacker around here? I am not. And so I usually stick to intermittent fasting which I've actually been doing really great. Usually I would only do it three days a week, but I think I'm almost doing it pretty close to a good chunk of every day of the week. I think so, and I usually stick to meals.

Our two most favorite Nuts

If I need a snack, my number one go to low carb Keto snack is Macadamia nuts. I get these from Costco, they're absolutely incredible. I have a whole bunch of bags behind me on the counter, so here's one of the snacks I'm going to offer to my guests this weekend. And by the way, they all are coming, they're all on the same journey I am, we are going to be learning together.

And so we're going to be having a Ketone conversation, we're going to be having a business conversation, friend conversation so it will be great, but they all are going to be eating very well when they come here. So here's my number one snack if I need something to eat. What is your number one low carb keto snack. The reason I asked you is because when you share other people scroll through and they go "Oh, that's a great idea". So share your ideas, sharing is caring, right? It's not just about me, it's about you as well.

Number one snack (Macadamia Nuts). Okay, here's my husband snack Almonds, I'm going to give you a really quick tip, the tip is do not set this bag on your counter or at your office or on your desk because it's very, very easy to scoop and then scoop some more and then scoop some more. So the easiest thing to do is look at the back, usually most things like nuts, or something else I'm going to show you is about a fourth a cup, that's a serving. So usually what I do is I actually have a whole bunch of fourth cups and I keep them in the bags. Or I'm actually going to have a whole bunch of Dixie cups sitting out and a Dixie cup is equal to about a fourth a cup, it's a really quick tip for you.

So keep the Dixie cups on the counter, buy these and grab a Dixie cup, seal it up and go on your way. That will keep you on track and you won't overdo your nuts.

These are my favorite (Macadamia and Almond nuts. So again, as you're tuning in, where are you tuning in from? What's your favorite Keto snack? A lot of you are guessing there's some really good guesses out there. It's over $500 I'll tell you that, yes, it is. If you guess you can guess again, I bought a lot of food. Also press the share button because that will give you another drawing in there if you're close. Okay, and let me know that you share it so I can put your name in the drawing. The last thing I have for nuts, oh I've got two more nuts, these are incredible, super easy to overdo.

And then we just like mixed nuts, so again keep a fourth a cup around or Dixie cups. Your tip is to measure them out and don't eat out of the bag.
So who likes these Whisps Cheese

All right, these are not my favorite, but some people that are coming I know really do. Do any of you like these cheese wisps? So we're going to have a salad, I thought these could replace the croutons. Some people just like to eat these, I actually hate them. But we've got plenty of people coming over and I figured somebody would like them in their salad, so they get them. I I hate anything that's fake cheese, hate it don't want to eat it, I think it's disgusting. But these are a great option that replaces croutons. Who likes these?

Okay, secondly these ones... These are a Keto snack, I would say again, it's a fourth a cup. Keep the Dixie cups on your counter, or you can pre package them. So take your fourth cup, put them in snack baggies, put them in your pantry, so that you grab one. The tip is to grab one, and so these are great, these are a good option (Keto snack mix). I don't like them, because I hate the cheesy things but some people will so I have them.

All right, these ones are incredible (Coconut Keto clusters). They're very easy to overdo, who has tried these before? They're very good, and they actually really help with cravings after dinner. Incredible, measure them out... My number one measuring tip, measure your snacks. So these are all just sit on the counter snacks when we have people over for this whole weekend because we're going to be doing a pretty awesome training for straight 48 hours. I'll let them sleep a little bit, but it's gonna be great. But I also have things like hard boiled eggs, I've got pickles. Hey, can you grab me those beef sticks? These are super great, these are from Costco. These are my husband's number one, have you guys tried these? these are really great.

So hard boiled eggs, pickles, beef sticks, cheese sticks, these are good so we've got some of these, have you guys tried these before? All of these are Costco buys and let me tell you if you have a family or not even a big family, like you just save money if you go to Costco, now you have to eat it all and you've got to kind of budget it but I promise you it's worth it. So it's my favorite place to shop, I also get things like almond flour, I grabbed the RAO'S is my favorite spaghetti sauce I get from Costco, anything, I get it from Costco.

Keep guessing and win a Mom fuel

So there's a lot of great guesses, keep guessing, press the share button. I want to know your snack of choice. Now I will show you a couple things that are not quite Keto, but my kids love these. So for those of you, I've actually gotten a lot of questions about my kids. My kids are not Keto, they eat better, I tried to give them more organic, better options, but they're not Keto, they still eat fruit.

You as an adult, I always tell people, fruit is really considered sugar. I get it, some of you're like "But it's natural sugar". I know, and when you reach your goal, you might be able to have a little bit more fruit, but you don't need fruit for every snack and every meal. So here's something that my kids love, they're these grain free granola bars. They're not Keto, but they really do have some good ingredients. And it's all organic, it's mainly honey that sweetened and a little bit of maple syrup but actually these are not terrible.

So if you're looking for some good bars especially for kids you don't want them to have tons of sugar, these are a great Keto option. And then I'll show you my kids number one snack, I do let them get it, I do not touch the bag because if I touch it there's going to be a problem. Here it is (CRETORS), It's not for you adults. But I do think it's a better option for the girls so they don't have the whole bag I give my kids the same thing.

I'm like, here's a cup, here's your snack we don't need to be digging out of the bag because your kids need to learn like a snack as a snack, you don't need to eat the entire bag of anything.

So that is what I grabbed, and then we're going to be making tacos this weekend, we're going to be grilling out burgers and broths, it's going to be incredible. I didn't even have to buy any buns because there's nobody that's coming here that's going to expect a bun.

So it's great, and so if you're just tuning in, I want to know, do you love Costco? Maybe you're the other brand like Sam's, I'm sure it's great. Costco has some incredible organic, and they don't even pay me to tell them this, I should say, "Hey yo, I tell everybody to go to Costco". I'm sure everybody does, so lastly, right now none of this I'm eating, because I'm doing a 24 hour fast. So a lot of you've been messaging me on my stories. If you're on Instagram, my Instagram is ketomomsecrets all one word.

Join our next 24 HOUR FAST

And I am doing this fast, so I just got some more in. And so what it is, is that we stopped eating last night after supper, and we're gonna go till I'll eat supper tonight. And it's just 24 hours of resting your body, resetting your metabolism. If you want to know more about this, it's available till tonight. And then you have to wait till next week to get it. If you just want information about the fast, post "Fast" below. That's all I need you to do, you and I can chat.

If you want to know more about how I started and what I eat, and I have a cool little video that I made just about the very simple basic steps. Post "Food" below because I'm going to give you a foods list, I have a video that I did that walks you through how we started to make it simple. So post "Food" in the comments and you and I will chat, I'd love to know what your goals are.

Lastly, if you want to know more about my mom fuel and you want a trial kit, post "Mom Fuel" below, this is something that I talk about all the time on my stories. I've been drinking it and sharing it for almost six years, it's pretty incredible. So post "Mom Fuel" below and you and I are going to chat I will tell you this, this is what gets me through my every single day.


Some people go "How do you have so much energy? Why don't you take a nap at three o'clock anymore?". And I go

"I drink Ketones, they're incredible. They helped me with my energy, focus, fat loss, appetite control, better mood, all of those things".

And so you can trial it, it's pretty awesome. Let me know what you think, so post "Mom Fuel". If you're not a mom, if you're a dog mom, if you're a dad, you can post "Ketones" below, or just post "Mom Fuel" it's great. And I know what you're talking about and love to chat with you, so that is it. I hope this snacks were helpful, these are all incredible. I'm not a snacker, but if I need one I've got plenty of them. Don't overdo them, remember your tip is to measure them out and my number one tip that I preach and say every single day, probably a thousand times a day as I get messages from you and so many other people, is I say "if you're not hungry, then these snacks should not be in your mouth". Because if you are not hungry, your body does not need to eat. Most people think I've got to eat every two hours, and I've got to make sure my metabolism is running.

If you're not hungry you're fine, your body will let you know if you're hungry, And so the tip is measure out your food if you're having snacks, don't over eat, don't eat out of the bag. Number two, always drink a lot of water, water is important. And number three, do not eat if you are not hungry.

I hope that was helpful, continue to take a guess and I will come back and make sure this was the list, it is massive. I spent more money at Costco than I ever have in my life. Now remember, I am feeding a good amount of people, it's going to be great. Maybe you want to show up? If you're in Minnesota and you want to come to my little party this weekend let me know. Is that crazy? Send me a message. Okay, that's it. If you want to know more about my fast I'm still doing this till tonight.

Follow me on my stories or just check those out post "Fast" in the comments. Post "Mom Fuel" if you want to know what my mom feel is.

Otherwise, I hope you guys have an incredible day and we'll talk to you soon.

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